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“Oh Mrs. Potato Head tell me,
Is it true that pain is beauty?
Does a new face come with a warranty?
Will a pretty face make it better?”

Bonnet ds by @mobox87

(So sorry, I’ve only just now realized I drew her wrong ;-; I didn’t look up her drawing reference so I based this off of your last drawing of her)
Five Nights at Freddy's is quite possibly the SCARIEST GAME OUT THERE.

I’ve played a little of this game and, let me tell you, it is quite possibly the smartest and scariest horror game ever created.

To those of you who do not know about this game, Five Nights at Freddies places you in the shoes of a new night-shift worker at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza (essentially a Chuck E Cheeses) and your job is to stay in a single room and monitor the place with a screen that connects to the security cameras in building. The room has limited power; the doors themselves take a LOT of power to operate. This being said, you can only use the doors in extreme cases. 

The extreme cases comes from the animatronic animals you have to monitor on top of general monitoring. You are told via phone call that the animals have a ‘wander’ mode and are pretty intelligent. This being said, if they see you in wander mode, they might mistake you for an endoskeleton of an animatronic and will forcefully try to stuff you into one, thus killing you. Your job then is to stay alive from 12AM to 6AM while monitoring these animatronic animals.

This game is VERY smart on how it plays with horror. You cannot hide. You cannot escape. You are stuck in a single room with only doors and a screen to protect you. This limits your options of survival. The main things that psyche you out are the noises from the ambiance around you and the fact that you cannot monitor all the cameras at once, thus limiting your chances of figuring out which animal is coming for you and when they are going to appear at your door.

The other thing that adds to the horror is when you DO catch them on camera outside of their posts. They have lifeless eyes and steel auras alone. Add the fact that they love to stare at the camera when you catch them, drilling their already terrifying gaze into your soul, and your instincts go frantic. Psychologically, this is perfect maneuvering of a stalker to prey. It is, in essence, the killer letting you know that they have the power and that they WILL kill you WHEN they catch you; not IF, WHEN. As the prey, you instantly go to fight or flight. With no flight, you fight. Your only weapons; the doors. The effects of this psychological trauma will make you use the doors instinctively to protect yourself without taking into consideration the power usage. If you run out of power before 6AM, the animatronics go into hyper drive and come at you full force, killing you and ending the game.

This game was constructed PERFECTLY. It used aural triggers to make the listener tense and easy to frighten. The visuals are dark and very creepy, adding to that tension and fear. The limitations the player has puts them in fight or flight, making players think instinctively instead of logically. As frightening as this game is, this game is absolutely fantastic. I applaud Scott Cawthon for this amazingly well-thought out game.

This being said, I will never take a night-shift job at a kid’s party ground.




( markiplier playing Five Nights at Freddy’s)

For those who just got over the feels from the newest chapter spoilers, I AM SO SORRY. 

For those who didn’t know yet… WELCOME TO THE SIDE OF PAIN AND FEELS. 

But yeah. I was listening to “Balloons” by MandoPony and I feel it suits the Reapers really well now. The deaths seen here are based on my own headcanons, considering IDK what is in canon yet for how each of them died. I did try to base some of it off what was shown in the spoilers though. 

From far left to right:

William - “bite the bullet” (I think that’s what it’s called?)
Grell - slit wrists
Ronald - shot himself
Alan - blunt object to the head… or walked off the building based on the shoes in the picture
Eric - drowned himself
Sascha - hung her/himself
Rudgar - poisoned himself (I think I saw a poison bottle or something in the spoilers? IDK)

And Undertaker I am not sure on so I’ve left that up to the imagination. 

[You know what I actually really like about Mike?

No, not my Mike. The actual Mike Schmidt.

Mike is the only night guard that we play as that we get even an inkling of appearance from.

Jeremy and Fritz’s death screens are from their point of view, so we just see Freddy staring at us. The FNaF 3 night guard doesn’t even have a goddamn name.

But with Mike, we actually get a glimpse of his appearance

Mike canonly has blue eyes, and those are his little teeth poking out.

So that could mean that this

is Mike seeing his own eyeballs on Freddy cause he understands the consequences if he loses after Phone Guy told him about his eyeballs and teeth popping out of the front of the mask and he’s scared. The guy’s so scared he’s basically hallucinating what his corpse is gonna look like.

It’s such a small thing but the fact that we actually have a little glimpse of what at least one night guard looks like is just pretty cool to me.]

“…something un-explainable overcame me…
…and Fritz doesn’t believe in monsters.”

I pulled off an all nighter to finish this one, I hope you guys appreciate it!

The guy getting attacked is named Kurt. He is to blame for unauthorized changes to the animatronics, and threatened Fritz’s life. Josh one day had enough, and possessed his own corpse. …

Crying child cries with happiness because they have best friends.  

Even if they’re not real people…

I-I have real friends too! 

I DO! Really! They’re… they just go to another school! 

In another state! 

That might not exist! 

Crying child isn’t crying with happiness any more.