tw: extreme fangirling

You know those times you get further and further into a fandom until you’re too deep into it and can’t stop fangirling about it? Well, it happens to me very often, but I’m currently fangirling helplessly about Superman. Sorry about the excessive fangirling that follows, but I like to share it with you guys :)

I randomly decided to rewatch Superman Returns because it had been so long since I saw it and I remember I really enjoyed it despite it being a bit messy and sloppy, especially Brandon Routh’s portrayal of Clark/Superman. That was my mistake, which started it all. 

I thought I could watch the original Superman movies because I never did, and since I loved the character and the world so much… worth a try, right? And they blew my mind. Christopher Reeve’s portrayal is my definite fave of them all because he does such a convincing Clark and Superman and I’m so fond of him!! Like, Clark is adorable and such a lovable dork. Superman is extremelly charming and a smartass, and Chris did amazing on both! And I can’t stop rewatching some scenes from his Superman movies.

Also Brandon Routh did very good imitating Reeve’s Supes and they look alike and they’re such great Superman, I swear. They are trully what I like about Superman.

And I recently watched Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman as well as Henry Cavill’s Mal of Steel and I feel like rewatching Smallville because Tom Welling was great as well and because childhood nostalgia and ugh. Seriously, why are all of them so attractive as well? Like, it’s not even fair and it doesn’t help me stop fangirling, okay?

I’m just in an endless spiral of Superman/Clark feels right now and can’t stop fangirling about Superman. Help.