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Hello there! Can i have a teen wolf imagine? Maybe a baby derek hale one where the family fire just happened and he spends the night at my house cause we'd been dating and something just cute and fluffy please? Thank you!

I actually wanted to do one of these, so thanks so much for the ask/request! I hope you like it!

Where We Go

You’d just walked into your room when you saw him sitting there. He was hunched over, elbows on knees, head in hands. 

The moment his gaze lifted to yours the world stopped. Something had happened, something bad. There were so many tears gathered in his eyes, so many words trembling on is lips and every second you stared in shock and concern he seemed to be breaking. 

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Teen Wolf Imagine: Young Derek

     You jump into the pool ready to attack. Your playing sharks and minnows, the game where one person is a shark and everyone else is minnows and to turn someone into a shark you have to pull them up from under the water and tag them. At first your the only shark but you manage to get a few other girls and one boy in the first round which leaves only five more minnows, one including Derek.

     “I’m going to get you!" You shouted playfully to Derek and he smiled brilliantly to you and dove in barely even making a splash in the water. You dove under attempting to get him and as you reach him he looks at you and winks. He was only about halfway through the pool so you wrap your arms around his waist trying to drag him up. You could tell he was letting you win but you didn’t care.

     "Gotcha!” I exclaimed when we got up gasping for air. Everyone played a few more rounds then quit and got out except you two. You swam into the shallow end of the pool Derek following behind. You pressed your back against the wall of the pool and he put his arms on each side of you so you couldn’t move. He slowly started leaning down to kiss you with a huge smile on his face. As soon as his lips were almost at yours he whispers quietly to you.

     “I let you win.” And you can’t help but laugh right as he kisses you. At first he just kisses you once softly and sweet but then he gets confident and kisses you more as if he would never have another chance. He pressed closer to you and you smiled and broke the kiss.

      “What did I do wrong?” Derek asked worriedly and you laugh at him and assure him he did nothing wrong. He flashes you his bright blue eyes that you love and he picks you up out of the water puts a towel around your shoulders and walked you home while the rain starts to sprinkle down lightly. As you open your door he stands on the front stoop to make sure you get in and quickly you turn around and kiss him on the cheek then shut the door. You see him blushing through the window and go to sleep with the blue in your mind.

Prompt: hi can you do one where Derek Discanio is y/n’s long time boyfriend and they get into an argument bc y/n gets jealous over small things that Derek does, let’s say she isn’t his top snapchat best friend and another girl is so she starts interrogating him [for example], thanks in advance c;

(I didn’t use that exact situation)

“Derek, I love you!” A small girl standing beside you screamed at the top of her lungs. “You love Derek, huh?” You laughed a little at your own question. The girl shot you a strange look and then went back to being fixated on the lanky boy singing “Remedy”. “He’s super cute when he sings, isn’t he?” You asked out loud. The girl looked at you again and said, “you sound like you really like him.” “Just a little,” you lied through your teeth. You liked Derek a lot more than you were leading on, considering he’s your boyfriend.

"I once snapchatted Derek and he actually sent me one back,” she smiled at you. “Oh really?” You asked out of curiosity. “Yeah and the best part was that he was shirtless. It was great. He’s a god amongst men,” she boasted. That’s weird. Derek doesn’t normally send half naked snapchats. “Do you know if he snapchats a lot of fans?” You had so many questions at this point. “Well he gave out his snapchat on twitter and tumblr so yeah, he probably gets pictures all the time from girls,” she explained, “I also think I heard something about band members getting really inappropriate ones. He probably gets a ton of those too considering he’s a babe.”

“Do people know he has a girlfriend?” Your jealousy started to show in your voice, but it was masked by the loud sound of Tyler’s guitar. “Oh, he does?” She seemed startled by this discovery, “no, he never talks about her.” Hearing that kinda took a hit to your heart. “Oh,” you said softly and tried to fade out of the conversation. Derek and his band were having a signing afterwards, and their set was almost over, so you decided to head over there early.

About fifteen minutes later Ryan and Evan walked up, slowly being followed by Tony, Tyler and the “god amongst men” Derek. Even though he had on sunglasses it was easy to tell that Derek’s face lit up when he saw you. “Hey babe,” he came over to you and gave you a peck on the lips. “Hey Derek, can we talk after your signing?” You asked shyly. The smile on his face faded for a moment. “Sure, is everything okay?” He asked. You shook your head yes.

About 45 minutes later their signing was over. Derek made his way over to you. “You wanted to talk..?” He approached you slowly. “Yeah, it’s about your fans,” You said in a bitter tone. “What about them?” Derek half-smiled and you could tell he was nervous. “Do you get gross snapchats?” Derek’s body shifted after you asked your question, showing he felt some sort of relief, “No, why?” “Derek I swear, if you’re lying to me—” Derek interrupted you, “Why would I lie about something stupid like that?”

“Some girl told me that band members get them,” You wanted to feel hurt, but you didn’t have enough information yet, “Do you send out snapchats without your shirt on?” Derek furrowed his brows, “(Y/N), I’m on tour. I want to keep in contact with my fans. I’m not always going to be wearing a shirt. The fact that you’re asking this is really ridiculous.” So it was true. “Babe, I’m just worried—” you started to defend your actions but Derek interrupted again, “No, you’re just jealous.”

You took a step back from the argument. Derek scoffed, “You’re jealous of the thirteen year old girls that have no chance with me.” You didn’t want this to turn into a scene in front of everyone, but you were pretty angry. “Derek, you haven’t even told your fans about me,” you sighed. “I don’t need to tell my fans about you. My private life is private.” Derek put his hand on his forehead and rubbed it out of frustration. “I don’t want to fight,” You said. “Then don’t. Let’s not fight about this,” Derek paused, “You’re only here for a day. I want to enjoy my girlfriend.”

Even though you were a still a little angry at the situation, you decided to let it go. “Since you’ve been here I haven’t gotten a single hug,” He very timidly smiled at you. Derek held out his arms. “You’re a huge dork, you know,” You said before walking into his hug. He was sweaty and gross, but at least he was yours, and that’s what mattered.


Won’t Leave You

“Your leaving aren’t you?”

He just stood there, body stiff as a rod. His eyes darted all around the floor but they never met yours even when you asked him to. He looked worse than he did since the last time you saw him. In the fast blur of death and loss, three days had passed since he held you that night. 

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Hi anon,

Thank you so much for this trilogy request/ask, i loved writing it and i hope you like reading them! If you want to read the other two parts, here are Part One and Part Two


The Boy You Knew:

You were in Seattle when the text came in, a simple two worded message from your mother.

Come home.  You didn’t know what it meant but the more you looked at those eight letters, the more your heart raced. Something was wrong, you could feel it. So you excused yourself from the meeting, stuttering a family emergency that your boss seemed to understand. You raced to your apartment, grabbing the duffle bag and shoving clothing into the bag all the while ringing your mom. She didn’t pick up.  Your heart was hammering now, mouth drying with all the possible scenarios that pooled your head. None of them ended well. 

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Not Under My Roof (Derek)

Requested: So I was hoping that you could write about Stiles’ sister and Derek where her father and Stiles found out they are together and all hell breaks loose, they disapprove.

You let out a laugh and shook your head at the werewolf. “Derek you’re crazy.” You said, giving him a smile. He returned the smile and slid his hand on your waist. He pulled you close, tugging you off the street and onto him. He was leaning against his car, that cool bad boy persona just oozing off. “I’m crazy about you.” He said. Your cheeks flushed pink and you rolled your eyes. “That was stupidly cheesy.” You murmured. Derek let out a light chuckle and nodded his head, “Believe me, I know.” His fingers slipped under your shirt and rested on your skin. He brushed back a stray strand of hair and cupped your cheek. With a smile he pressed his lips onto yours. You were only too eager to kiss him back. Derek rarely kissed you in public. Which was fair enough considering that only a few months ago he had been accused of murder and was locked up. A throat cleared behind you. It took a few moments for you and Derek to stop kissing so you could see who was interrupting you. You turned around, eyebrow raised in a ready defence. Your face dropped when you saw it was your father, Sheriff Stilinski, glaring at the two of you. “Da… Dad…” You stammered. “Derek. Let go of my daughter.” Your father’s voice was gruff and threatening. An extremely angry look was on his face. You felt Derek’s hand leaving your waist but you quickly gripped onto it. Derek cautiously murmured your name but you shook your head. “Dad, let me explain-“ “No. No you do not get to explain. Not here. Not in the middle of the street. You’re coming home, right now.” You shook your head and saw his fury deepen. “Not if you’re like that. I’ll be home later.” He let out a growl yet you stood firm. He glowered at you for a moment longer before cursing under his breath and storming away. You stood there, not knowing how to react. You didn’t think your father would be that made at you dating Derek. “Holy shit.” You whispered. You felt Derek gently turning you around and brushing your face, trying to get you to look at him. “It’s okay,” he said, “It’ll be okay.” You took a step forward and fell into Derek’s embrace, burying your face in his chest.

The two of you drove around for an hour before heading to the Stilinski household. “Are you sure me coming in is a good idea?” asked Derek. You half shook, half nodded your head. “There’s no way this is going to turn out okay. I’d rather have you here with me.” Derek nodded his head and linked his fingers with yours. He gently kissed you before the two of you entered the house. You turned to the living room to see your father sitting there on the couch, glare on you. Before anyone could say anything Stiles had come down the staircase and was about to greet you. He stopped when he saw that your hand was intertwined with Derek’s. “What… Why are you holding Derek’s hand?” Stiles slowly moved into the living room, looking between all three adults. “I have the exact same question,” said Sheriff Stilinski, “how long have you two been together?” Before you could answer Stiles’ eyes widened. He began spluttering and it looked like he was about to explode. “Together?!” He exclaimed. You took in a deep breath and bit your lip. “Both of you need to calm down-“ “Calm down?! He’s a werewolf!” Exclaimed Stiles. “You know! With the fangs! And the claws! And the glowing eyes! And the fur!” You felt Derek tense up with every word that left Stiles’ lips. “Stiles! STILES! Calm down okay! I am very aware of all those things but something you need to understand, what both of you need to understand, is that Derek and I are dating. We have been for quite a few months now and both of you will need to get used to it.” Your father shook his head and stood up from the couch. “No. You are not dating a fugitive under my household.” He said. “But dad! He’s not even a fugitive anymore! He was wrongly accused! By Stiles!” You pointed at your younger brother, meaning that your hand ripped from Derek’s. He took a step closer to you, trying to get you to calm down. His fingers brushed your waist and then your shoulder. “That does not matter. I don’t want you dating him.” “I’m an adult. I can choose who I will and will not date.” “Then you can find somewhere else to live. You’re not staying under my roof if you’re with him.” That hit you, hard. You fell back into Derek, shock all over your face. Even Stiles was shocked. “Dad… Don’t you think that’s a bit-“ Stilinski shook his head and pointed to the door. “Leave. It’s him or us.” You gaped at your father, trying to fight back your tears before shaking your head and stepping into Derek. “Him. I choose him. I choose Derek.”