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hi~ i was wondering why jin and rapmon are called the "wings"? just asking since i saw it in the gif set of them playing ddr lol

in the dance formations, they’re both always the “wings” or at the leftmost and rightmost side of the formation. So they’re the wings of bangtan. ^_^ but I feel like now that both their dancing improved so much they’re not always the wings side anymore hehe~

Married adult Kacchako arguing:

U: “There was literally no need to punch that guy in the face Katsuki!”

B: “No need? That shitface was catcalling you Ochako!”

U: “That’s why I was about to send him to space until you decided to use violence! AGAIN! It’s harming your reputation even more!”

B: “Which I don’t regret”

U: “Fine! No boobies touching for you tonight!”

B: “Oh come on!”

U: “Hmpf!”

B: “Then you are not allowed to touch my abs either!”

U: “Oh come on!”