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BakuDeku prompt : "He looked my demons in the eye and smiled. He fell for the very thing I thought he'd fear."


Oh, you’re in my veins

and I cannot get you out.


Kacchan’s eye at the last page doesn’t look like it’s his orz.

And btw I have been listening to that song in repeat for the whole duration I was making this.

Thank you so much for this lovely prompt, anon. I enjoyed drawing it T wT. What Katsuki did in the past cannot be overlooked no matter how precious he is hhhh. 



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Pairing: Ivar X Reader
Word Count: 1700
Warnings: My woobie side is showing, also these boys were god damn vicious to each other so, bullying

Anonymous Requested Can you write an imagine where Sigurd was never killed and instead was saved by Ivar’s wife? Later Ivar thanks for her preventing something he would’ve regretted.

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“Truth is Sigurd, I would not piss down your throat even if your lungs were on fire.”

Your brow furrowed and you kicked Ivar’s chair, him looking at you with an innocent smile. “That was uncalled for.” You chided in a whisper. He waved you off, oh it was all in good humor.

“You have been so jumpy all day.” He teased, tapping your knee while you leaned back and hid your frown behind your hand. “We have won today, the battle is over, relax.”

Sigurd shifted back in his seat, starting with a mock caution, “Well, maybe that’s because… you are not really a man… are you, Boneless?”

You immediately sat up, tense even as you tried to smile. “Now now Sigurd, let’s not be feeding empty rumors. I am not the kiss and tell type but,” You cheers a cup and winked, “I can certainly attest in our consummation.”

“Is that why you are not with child yet?”

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A Drabble with Lance saying replying to something actually horrifying with "Don't worry, I'm used to it."

AHHH I’m so sorry this took me so long, I couldn’t think of anything for this! 

I’m not sure how I feel about this tbh 

Mentions Of Bullies 

Lance had always grown up with bullies. Throughout elementary school, to middle school, to high school they were always there. 

They only started getting physical in high school. Lance hide it from his parents, he would make sure that they never found out. He knew that they wouldn’t be able to stop them and they didn’t have enough money to move Lance to a new school. I guess I better get used to it. And he did. 


Moving to the Garrison was the best decision of Lance’s life. He had the best roommate ever, a strange communication buddy and he was far away from his old bullies. However his bullies were quickly replaced by his officers. 

It wasn’t hard for Lance to learn about the pilot prodigy Keith. Every teacher and officer made sure Lance knew he was a replacement to Keith. Everything Lance did was always “Keith did better” or “Don’t forget you’re only here because Keith dropped out.” Lance never got “Good job Lance!” 

Oh well, better get used to it. 


Lance didn’t have to deal with ‘bullies’ when he became part of Voltron, the team and Alteans were usually pretty good at being nice to him. 

However not everybody was nice to Lance. 

They had just gotten done saving a planet when the all landed to meet the aliens. Each alien was about 9 feet tall and looked like they could lift a schoolbus. They also didn’t look the friendliest.

As soon as Lance stepped out of his lion he was targeted by them. He didn’t know exactly what they were saying all he knew is he flew too close to their sacred tomb.  

Lance tuned them out as they scolded him, maybe I shouldn’t save everyone.

After about 10 minuets of them telling him what he did wrong and how they didn’t understand why Voltron pick him out of everyone, Lance walked to his lion and flew away.  

The rest of the team immediately followed Lance, barely even saying goodbye to the aliens they recently saved. 

Once up in their lions the team tried to speak to Lance, who hadn’t said anything the entire time 

“Lance don’t believe what they said. You’re a fantastic pilot and a great asset to the team.” Shiro prayed that his words reached Lance. 

“I agree with Shiro, even though we fight I still believe that you amazing.” Keith flew Red around Blue to try to get a response. 

“Lance you’re like another brother to me. You can’t believe what those freaks said about you.” Pidge attempted to keep their hands steady as they fumed with anger for what happened to Lance . 

“Lance, buddy, you’re my best friend. I know you and you are amazing. I need you to understand this, okay? Lance? Can you answer me?” Hunk was trying not to freak out, but he was starting to freak out. 

After a few moments of silence Lance finally spoke “Don’t worry, I’m used to it.” Lance turned his coms off. 

The team was speechless. How could Lance be used to being yelled at? How could he easily take the blame for something he didn’t do? 

“When we get back to the castle, everyone report to the common room, we need to discuss what to do with Lance.” Shiro watched Blue fly in front of the group and narrowed his eyes. He wasn’t sure why Lance was like this but he would fight to make sure Lance was happy. 

Like I said I’m not very happy with this.

I hope you like it though! 

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I has a prompt. I saw people talking about the houses the sides would be in when the new sanders sides video hadn't come out yet, but this person said that Patton might be in Slythrin and I was like "what?? Why would he be in slythrin? He's not evil" But then I saw their explination and I was like woah that does make sense and I was wondering if you could write a tiny fic about how the sides would react to Patton being put into Slythrin? Just like a Hogwarts au style thing

i love this sooooooooo much

this is one of the worst things I’ve ever written. I’m so sorry this turned out so bad. 

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Fandom(s): Sanders Sides, YouTube, Thomas Sanders, Harry Potter

Warnings: Self-hatred, bullying, and neglect/abandonment

Ship(s): Platonic LAMP

“Sanders, Patton!”  

The youngest Sanders boy walked nervously up to the stool, trying to smile as he searched the crowd for his brothers. His oldest brother, Logan, stared at him intently from the Gryffindor table. 4th year Roman was standing up at the Ravenclaw table, his eyes shining with pride. 6th year Virgil wasn’t watching Patton but was already moved over so that there was an empty seat for his brother to sit in when he was sorted into Hufflepuff along with Virgil, just like everyone expected. Patton wasn’t so sure though, and his nervousness grew, even more, when the sorting hat was placed on his head.

“Ah yes, Patton, I’ve heard about you. You’re the supposed destined-to-be-Hufflepuff everyone’s been talking about,” the sorting hat mused, and Patton almost felt hopeful. The hat tsked, and his heart fell again.

“Are you sure you want to go there? Wouldn’t you rather go to a house where you could progress and grow, and become the wizard you were meant to be?” the hat said wisely to the anxious eleven-year-old boy. Patton blinked, thinking about it for a moment. He supposed the hat was right. Just because everyone else wanted to be a Hufflepuff didn’t mean he was actually going to be one. He let out a teeny smile and nodded.

The house hummed in approval before saying, “Then it ought to be….Slytherin!” The last table to Patton’ s left erupted into cheers and claps, and a few students even stood up to greet their newest house member. Patton hopped down from the stool, trying to smile as he searched the crowd for his brothers once again. Virgil was talking to a friend, Logan was looking down at the table in shock, and Roman was glaring at Patton with such a ferocious anger that the young wizard was sure holes had been burned through his body. Tears welled up in his eyes and he ran the rest of the way to the table, fighting back those gosh-darn-ding-dang tears in his eyes as he sat down on the bench. He was immediately clapped hard on the back, engulfed in hugs, and greeted so many times he lost count. He smiled once more, looking at the other boys and girls with dull eyes.

The rest of the week was hell. Every time Patton tried to talk to his brothers, they would turn away from him, acting as if he didn’t exist. Virgil was the only one to cast him the occasional pitying glance or squeeze his hand as they passed by one another in the halls, but Logan and Roman made no move to accept Patton’s horrifying stance as a Slytherin. Their father, Thomas, had always taught the four brothers that Slytherins weren’t always evil (he’d been close friends with Scorpius when they went to school), but it seemed that Patton and Virgil had been the only ones to listen to that lesson.

“Hey, snake-face! Where are you going in such a hurry?” Patton walked faster, clutching his books tightly to his chest as he was followed closely by a group of older students, his brother Roman included in the mass.

“Just get to the dungeons. Just get to the dungeons and it’ll be fine,” Patton whispered to himself, trembling a bit as the taunting voices of the older boys began to creep closer.

“He asked where you were going!” Roman shouted, and the comment was quickly followed by a chorus of hideous laughter. Patton’s heart leaped into his throat and he was about to break into a run when he was grabbed by the back of his robe and shoved against the wall, his head slamming against it with a sickening crack. He groaned, black dots dancing in front of his eyes. Through the haze, he could see that the boy holding him wasn’t his brother, but a 7th-year boy from Gryffindor.

“P-Please let me go, I need to get to potions,” Patton said hurriedly, keeping his eyes cast down and praying that the older boy would show him some mercy. Instead, all he got was a laugh and his feet being knocked out from under him. Patton saw Roman’s surprised face before a foot came flying towards him, and his head snapped back with the force of the kick, a loud crack sounding as his head smacked against the wall and his nose broke, blood flowing freely. Patton groaned in pain and curled up into a ball, tears welling up in his eyes as kicks and punches continued to come his way.

“Stop! Stop it, leave him alone!” someone shouted. The pain kept coming and Patton let out a quiet moan, tears dripping down his face and nose onto the floor. Roman was there and he wasn’t doing anything. Logan didn’t care. Virgil was too scared to help. Patton was alone. He was destined to be evil, to be a monster, to hurt people, and he was getting what he deserved. He cracked an eye open and saw Roman looking down at him, surprised, amused, even happy, as one of his friends kicked him again. Patton screamed and cried and tried to curl up tighter, hiding his face in his hands.

“Crucio!” another person said with glee, and Patton shrieked, eyes blowing wide with pain as his body jerked and twitched. Every atom felt as if it were on fire, burning his flesh away and rocketing through his veins like poison. He couldn’t even scream anymore, his mouth gaping open silently, beads of sweat on his forehead.

“I SAID STOP IT!” the person howled again, and Patton gasped in surprise as the pain was suddenly gone, and someone grabbed him by the collar and yanked him upwards. He screamed and flailed blindly at the person holding him, only to be dragged away and then clung to like a lifeline. Still sobbing and shaking in terror, Patton looked up to see Virgil looking down at him with a stricken face, trails of moisture that matched Patton’s already on his face. He glanced at the boys who had been kicking him, his breath hitching in surprise as he saw Logan repeatedly punching a guy he had pinned up against a wall, his eyes filled with blind rage.

“STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY BROTHER!” Logan roared, throwing one last hit before letting the poor student go, watching him run off in terror. Breathing heavily, Logan turned back to face Patton, who was clinging to Virgil and crying openly, his knuckles white from clenching his robes. Roman hung back as Logan knelt down on one knee and opened his arms up to their youngest brother, who sobbed and flung himself into Logan’s arms. Swallowing hard, he bowed his head in shame.

“T-Thank you! Thank you s-so much!” Patton wailed, his voice muffled since his face was buried in Logan’s shoulder. The Gryffindor held onto his brother tightly, his heart filled with regret as he saw the blood and tears smeared on the front of Patton’s robes. This was their fault.

“Don’t thank us, Pat. If we had just…accepted you in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened. We could’ve protected you,” Logan mumbled into Patton’s hair, rocking slightly back and forth. Patton sniffled and nuzzled into the crook of Logan’s neck.

“N-No…i’s okay. I understand. Y-You don’t…you don’t have to pretend. Roman isn’t,” Patton said quietly, his voice sounding so broken. The three other brothers were silent, and Virgil glanced at Roman coldly, eyes looking his 14-year-old brother up and down judgingly.

“You told me you’d help him.”

“I-I know, but-”

“You promised me. You swore on your honor you’d try to accept him.”

“I know I did. I’m sorry! I didn’t know they were going to hurt him!” Roman said with his eyes clenched shut. “That’s no excuse, I know, there isn’t any, but I promise that I didn’t want to hurt Pat.” Patton’s shoulders trembled and he shook his head.

“I deserved it. It’s fine,” Patton muttered.

“No,” Virgil said, his voice sharp. “No, you didn’t. God damn it, Pat, why do you have to think like that?” Patton blinked and looked at his older brother, watching as he scrubbed frustrated tears out of his eyes. “Everyone….everyone thought I was going to be a Slytherin. I should’ve been there for you more. I should’ve d-done something,” Virgil choked out.

“We all should have done something. Pat, if this is anyone’s fault, it is ours. Can you forgive us? Them, at least?” Roman asked quietly, unable to meet the other boy’s eyes. Patton kept his head against Logan’s chest, dazed and confused at this sudden exchange of guilt and blame.

“I…I forgive you. I forgive all of you. It’s okay,” Patton said. Roman burst into tears and Virgil scooped Patton up into his arms, swooping him away from Logan and hugging him tightly as he spun around. Patton laughed for the first time in ages as he hung onto Virgil tightly, forehead pressed to his, eyes closed in content.

“W-We…We should take you to the infirmary, Patton. Can I take you?” Roman asked as Virgil set Patton down and ruffled his hair. Patton glanced at the other nervously, biting his lip and twisting the sleeve of his robes in his hands.

“Okay, Ro…” Patton said, holding out his hand for the other to take.

You Were In Screaming Color, Pt. 1

Stan Uris x Bill Denbrough

Word Count: 3.5k

Warnings: Angst, swearing, bullying by antisemitism

Requested: No

Author’s Note: This fandom has an abysmal lack of stenbrough and I intend to remedy that. I’ve been trying for a while to get this idea down on paper for a million different ships and even some of my OCs. But you know what, I have finally found the perfect ship: Stan the Man and Stuttering Bill! The title for this piece comes from Taylor Swift’s song Out Of the Woods. A huge thank you to @biilldenbrough for reading this and letting me hurt her feelings with this. (Thanks, Kait!) This is a soulmate!au (because I’m always a slut for soulmate!aus) and modern day!losers club so please enjoy!

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a/n: please remember if you are being bullied, you don’t have to suffer in silence. please tell someone, i promise it will make things better, don’t let anyone dull your sparkle. you’re perfect just the way you are, no matter your orient, sexuality, size, gender etc. make sure you smile today :) you deserve to be happy x

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Concept: Lance with glasses. He always wore contacts so no one knew. Maybe people used to call him 'four-eyes' so he doesn't feel as comfortable wearing them around other people like Pidge. Then one day his eyes really hurt or are dry from lack of sleep so he has to wear them. Queue everyone being like: 'Whaaaattt?? You have glasses?' Or 'Why do you have Pidge's glasses?' and poor Lance is just so uncomfortable.

My poor boy :( 

Mentions of bullying 

Lance was around 6 when he first got his glasses. His eyes weren’t the best and he would always get his family members messed up and couldn’t read the board in class, no matter how close he sat to it. 

His father took him to get his eyes checked and even helped him pick out a pair of glasses. Lance thought that that they were the coolest thing ever. 


“Move it four eyes.” Lance was shoved to the ground. His books and glasses scattering around the school yard. Lance started to stand up but was ‘accidently’ pushed back down by the kids. 

Lance fought back tears as he tried to stand up. He started to move to his glasses but as his hands reached out the them he heard a crack. Lance squinted as the boy that was towering above him, his foot on his glasses. 

“Whoops, sorry about that Lance.” Lance started crying as the boys laughed at him. 


Lance went home that day in tears. He didn’t want his parents to know but they obviously knew. His mother demanded to know what happened but Lance wouldn’t tell at first. He didn’t want to be labeled as weak to his own parents. However he eventually broke under their pressure and he told them about his bullies. He begged his parents not to tell the school or his siblings. 

His parents looked at him with sad eyes and told him they will do what needs to be done. 

The next day Lance was taken to get new glasses and contacts. 


Lance always tried to wear his contacts, he didn’t want people to know about his glasses. The only person on the team that knew about Lance’s glasses was Hunk. After all they did share a room together at the Garrison, Lance couldn’t hide it from him. 

Unfortunately homesickness consumed him to the point where he started to lose sleep. It wasn’t uncommon for Lance to wake up with dry skin and eyes, everything hurting from his head down to his toes. 

Lance rubbed his eyes and walked into his bathroom. He stared down at his contact case then shifted his eyes to where his glasses sat. 

He debated putting his contacts in, but his eyes hurt that morning. The light seem to make his eyes burn and his eyes felt dry no matter how many times he blink. 

He stared at his glasses, They team won’t care. He grabbed them and got changed and walked to the dining room. 


He heard the team before he saw them. They were all laughing and talking excitedly. Lance smiled to himself, just like his family. 

Lance entered the room and sat down in his usual seat next to Keith. 

Keith glanced at Lance then looked at Lance. He just stared at Lance. 

Lance shifted in his seat uncomfortably. “Umm good morning?” 

“Why do you have Pidge’s glasses?” Keith asked, his eyes staring at the metal that surround Lance’s eyes. 

“I don’t, they’re mine.” Lance looked down at the table. Damnit I knew this would happen. 

Something that Lance wanted to keep in a small conversation turned into the topic of discussion among the paladins. 

Keith looked at Pidge “Hey Pidge, do you have an extra pair of glasses?” He gestured to Lance. 

“No…Oh my, Lance you have the same pair as me??? I guess that makes you a nerd just like me!” She smiled brightly at him. 

Lance bit his cheek. Everyone was gushing over his glasses, except Hunk who was staring at Lance with concern. 

Lance started to fold in on himself slightly, they were just glasses. 

Hunk took notice to how Lance was reacting and cleared his throat. “Good morning Lance! How’d you sleep?” 

Lance looked at Hunk and smiled. “I slept alright, what about you?” 

“I slept pretty good, ready for the day?” 

Lance smiled “Yes! I’ll beat you to the training deck!” Lance took off running. 

Hunk smiled and looked at his teammates who looked confused? Maybe that wasn’t the right word but the looked off. 

Hunk exhaled and faced the team. “Guys Lance is really insecure about his glasses, he was bullied a lot for them in school. Just don’t bring attention to them when he wear them.” Hunk gave a small smile and ran out of the room. 

The team looked at each other and the all mutually agreed to act like Lance wasn’t even wearing glasses. 

I honestly hate how I ended this :/ 

Sorry it took so long

I relate to this a lot. When I got my glasses last year everyone thought they were fake and would always take them during class. I hated it. 

Thank you for this 

What’s Destructed ‘round You

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Pairing: Jaime X (Tyrell) Reader

Word Count: 1600

Warnings: none

-Part 1- -Part 2-

With the better half of your family dead in a fiery blaze at the Sept of Baelor, you are now Cersei’s prisoner, the focus to take out her hollow frustrations, the prophecy inching her further into madness. Jaime can only stand by to watch, as his duty would bid him, for so long.

Jaime had never known what to think of you. Margaery and you were like night and day, Margaery joyful and bright, you reserved and stiff. Though you did have that shifty eye all Tyrell’s seemed to have.

And maybe in another time it would have been strange to see you crying, but Jaime heard about the destruction of the Sept of Baelor. How Mace, Margaery and Loras had been in there when it blew. At court you never shed a tear no matter how Cersei taunted. You were her prisoner now, but you held so strong in the face of her abuse. Jaime supposed he was witnessing a moment meant for no one, if anything he was being cruel just having stumble upon it.

All alone in the garden, sobs only coming in little gasps, Jaime wasn’t sure if he should just leave. But seeing you cover your face and somehow look even smaller tugged all the right strings. Giving a hard sigh, he quietly made his way to you. If you heard his approach, you didn’t show it, remaining by the small murky pool, trembling into your hands.

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Between Earth and Hades

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Pairing: (Teacher) Erik, (Student) Reader

Word Count: 2000

Warnings: Tiny bit of bullying in the beginning

-Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4- -Part 5- -Part 6-

Nearly old enough to be leaving high school, your mutant abilities have yet to manifest. In a school rebuilt and starting anew, filled with battered mutants, some are very prejudice against humans the way humans are prejudice against them, bagging a relief for their frustrations on you, the most human of them all. Professor Erik Lehnsherr spots the bullying and decided it’s time you found yourself.

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You can choose to write this or not but consider! :0 a bully shoves Jeremy against a locker which causes his nose to bleed and then protective Michael

I’m not going to write a really big thing for this, but I’m going to write a thing. 

Setting: Freshman Year (It’s okay if you sang this in Rich’s voice in your head because I did too)

High school, Michael thinks, is far too big and far too confusing for a mind that is still trapped in the comfort of middle school. He’s spent the better half of five minutes trying to navigate around students far larger than himself in order to find Jeremy’s locker. 

When the masses of students begin to dwindle, Michael realizes he’s running short on time, but he has to find Jeremy first. They made a pact on the first day to always meet up after every class no matter what. To them, this isn’t just high school; it’s also survival. 

Now that there aren’t what feels like thousands of students crowding around, it doesn’t take Michael long to spot Jeremy at his locker, but Jeremy’s not alone.

In front of Jeremy is a towering red-head who does not appear friendly at all. Michael watches as the red-head shouts at Jeremy, but then the next few seconds appear to Michael’s narrowed eyes as if in slow motion. 

Jeremy turns his back on the red-head to open his locker, but the red-head doesn’t leave. Instead, he shoves two palms against Jeremy’s back, forcing the brunet face-first into the locker. 

Michael’s blood begins to boil, and a dangerous red colors over his normally welcoming eyes. Time shifts back to normal just as he starts toward the two. 


Both Jeremy and the red-head look toward Michael, and Michael allows a brief moment of fear when he spots the blood seeping out from Jeremy’s hand that’s cupped over his nose before anger takes center hold within his chest once more. He stalks up to the red-head with his hands curled into fists at his side, and then he swings. 

Here’s a perk of being left-handed: people never see a punch coming. Michael’s knuckles crash against the red-head’s cheek, and said boy stumbles backwards, eyes wide in surprise. 

For a moment, no one moves, and the three fall deathly silent, save Michael’s harsh panting as adrenaline courses through his body. But, after a few moments, the red-head laughs. 

“You’ve got some serious balls, freshie.” 

Michael steps around until he’s planted in front of Jeremy as a human shield, and he narrows his eyes, staring dangerously at the red-head. 

“Chill, dude. I’m leaving.” 

Michael and Jeremy watch as the red-head turns on his heel and walks off, and it’s only when the guy is out of sight that Michael spins around pushes up slightly on his toes to get a better look at Jeremy’s nose. 

Despite the blood and bruising, Jeremy smiles, and Michael frowns at this, briefly wondering if perhaps Jeremy hit his head. 

“Dude, that was so awesome! Thank you.” Jeremy says, voice a spitting image of someone in awe. 

Michael rocks back on his heels, and his lips curl up into a wide smile. “I’ve got your back.” 

Shadow People

For today’s Caffeine Challenge #13 (prompts here), I tried to branch out a little with a character a bit different from my usual. This is a little bit horror, too, which is not generally my thing. Warnings for: bullying, physical violence and misgendering.

Leo ran to the side door as soon as the bell rang, shouldering his way through the crush around the lockers and slipping around the corner. The sun—oh thank god—was streaming through the big glass doors as he skidded to a stop and turned to face the white-painted cinderblock wall.

An observer, if such person had existed, would have been interested to see that his shadow was not that of a curly-haired teen. On the wall before him a grey shape stretched and wavered, and baggy jeans became the smooth straight lines of dress slacks. The wrinkled shirtcollar straightened to crisp points, and a hat formed atop the narrow head, wide-brimmed tilted just to one side.

“I’m sorry,” Leo said, clutching his notebooks to his chest. “I know you said not to do this at school, but I saw his truck outside. I think he’s waiting for me.”

The figure on the wall twitched, the shoulders rolled and long-fingered hands splayed wide.

“I know,” Leo said. “I know, but I can’t fight him alone, and if I don’t show up he’ll just go after Jack again, you know he will.” He bit his lip, looking up and down the hall. “I’ve only got a little more time before history, I don’t know what to do.”

More twitching, a ripple traveling up the wall. The hands folded, waved, cupped together like an empty bowl.

The minute bell rang, setting off shrill echoes.

“I’ll do it,” Leo said. “I’ll do anything, you know I’m good for it.”

The figure tipped its hat, then faded, until only Leo’s own outline remained.

He went to class.

He couldn’t concentrate. His leg shook under his desk, his knee jumping up and down like it had a will of its own. He dropped his pencil once, then again, then a third time. The fourth time Frances handed it back to him with a scowl. Leo tried for an apologetic smile, but it didn’t feel right on his face. Too thin, too full of teeth.

He couldn’t take any notes. He worried metal spiral on his notebook instead, flicked the corner of the paper until it turned soft-edged and pieces started coming off. His eyes kept seeking the windows, looking for some sign, but Dallas’ truck would be by the back door, on the other side of the building, and there were too many trees for the Hat Man to get enough contrast for a message.

“Leo,” Mrs. Garner said, “Can you tell me the year President Reagan took office?”

“I…” Leo tried to think. He’d studied this. He’d done the homework. He knew this. But all he could think of was the look of rage on Dallas’ face when Jack yelled back at him, and the shock of the fist in his ribs when Leo had gotten between them.

Half the class was looking at him. Someone sniggered.

If he could get to the hall he could find a good spot and at least check in.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I don’t remember. I think I might be sick.”

Mrs. Garner frowned. “There’s only thirty minutes of school left,” she said. “And if you go to the nurse you’ll lose participation points for today,”

“I know,” he said. “But I really think I might throw up.” He tried to look pathetic and nauseous. It didn’t take much effort. He could feel sweat sliding down his temple.

“Alright,” she said. “Josephine, please escort Leo to the nurse’s office.”

No, no no.

“I can get there myself—” he tried, but she shot him a quelling glance.

“You know the rules, Leo.”

He did. He did. Leo knew all sorts of rules.

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The Host Club would later have a sleepover and watch movies. After he got hit though, the Host Club would constantly cling to Karou for months.

(Just to remind you bullying is not okay! If you bully someone or hurt them in any kind of way, that is not okay. And if you are the victim who is getting bullied, tell them to stop, and if they don’t reach out to someone please! This has been a PSA by a fellow OHSHC lover who has been bullied before.)


For an organization of supposedly compassionate beings, the Jedi Order sure has a lot of bullying. What’s especially interesting is that most of the perpetrators are ‘righteous’ or ‘popular aggressor’ bullies. While many bullies are low status people looking for attention or a measure of power, righteous bullies are usually higher status individuals reinforcing the existing social order. More over, they often do so with the tacit approval of authority figures.

Based on the Kanan comics, Caleb Dume was bullied during his time at the Temple. Caleb asked a lot of uncomfortable questions to the visible annoyance of his instructors and his peers took advantage of it. 

In this scene Caleb asks a question and his classmate physically assaults him while turning it into a ‘lesson.’ Yoda breaks it up when Caleb starts bleeding, but he doesn’t reprimand his attacker, he just sends Caleb off to get medical attention. She continues to bully Caleb throughout the arc, calling him names, belittling him, and spreading malicious rumors about him and his mentor. The narrative heavily implies that she’s jealous that he’s such a gifted student despite being younger and is bullying him to reestablish her ‘rightful’ authority over him. 

The same thing happens to Obi-Wan & Anakin comic. 

Anakin is a more talented Force-user than these kids who’ve been studying it there whole lives, so they remind him of why he’ll always be beneath them. Once again, their instructors are present, but it is Anakin who is reprimanded and made to apologize when he tries to retaliate. 

The bullying doesn’t stop when Anakin becomes a knight, although it does become more subtle. All throughout The Clone Wars, Anakin is bullies by his Jedi colleagues, yes, including Obi-Wan. During the war, his fellow Jedi: force him to do certain things because they are triggering (the movie, 2.04, 3.11-13); humiliate him in front of his superiors (1.02, 2.05 ) and subordinates (1.06, 2.17); spread malicious rumors (2.06); and belittle him (too many instances to count, thanks, Obi-Wan). Of course, it’s all done in the name of giving him a lesson, reminding him of his place, or testing to make sure he belongs there. Righteous bullying at it’s finest. 

its-complicated-isnt-it  asked:

Hey, I love your writing style, and I just saw the movie It. Your description says to send in requests, and I would absolutely love it if you wrote some more Stan x Bill because not enough people ship it (maybe with some side Richie x Eddie)! Thank you for everything you do! If you want a prompt here's one: In highschool Eddie comes out as being gay and gets bullied for it, so Bill (who some how became popular) pretends to be gay with Stan to make a statement and now Stan is feeling /things/

The Popularity Peculiarity

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: Swearing (honestly, if you’re reading anything of mine, there will be swearing), bullying, homophobia

Author’s Note: Listen, I thought and thought and thought about how to write this and honestly, I love this request so much. Please enjoy!!

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The thing about little brothers

It was far too late to be up on a school night, but even as Link fell asleep - looking peaceful and still wearing his glasses, Rhett couldn’t stop his nagging brain. 

He was far from a violent person. He didn’t start fights or watch them, and most of the time he kept to himself. So he’d never experienced the rage and protective instinct he felt when he caught sight of Link on the ground, with John Carson’s boot kicking into his side. 

That was the one and only time that Rhett realized he could punch someone. Or even beat the crap of them. For the most part, Link was fine now, but Rhett could still feel the anger when he closed his eyes and pictured the smug look on Carson’s face. He’d had to work to stop Link from joining in after he’d slammed a fist into John Carson’s gut, breaking that smug look as it sunk in. 

It took the lure of bacon bits to woo his friend into coming over afterward. Link was so sure he was fine and wasn’t keen to face mama Di’s fussing, which Rhett knew from experience could be worse than Sue’s. Unfortunately, the scraped knee and large bruise spoke for him, and Rhett managed to talk him down. 

Giving up on sleep, Rhett hopped out of bed when he saw his brother’s shadow passing by the door - bearing Cole’s broad shoulders.

“What are you doing up?” Rhett asked in surprise, stepping out of his room as he spoke.

Cole scratched his head sheepishly. “I uhh… just got home. Don’t tell mom.”

Out of curiosity he then peered into Rhett’s room at Link. “How’s Neal?” He deflected.

“Fine.” Rhett said, all too quickly. Unfortunately he could tell by his brother’s face that he didn’t believe it. 

“Some jerk he plays with got to him after soccer.” Rhett admitted.

Cole took another look at the sleeping boy in his brother’s room, clearly trying to hide how pissed and concerned his expression now was. “How’d he hold up?”

“I stepped in but he was complaining about not getting a punch in all night.” Rhett vented. 

Cole chuckled in amusement. “That’s the thing about little brothers. They don’t usually need help, but then they figure out you don’t give a shit if they do or not. You’re gonna be there anyway.”

“But what if he’s really annoying?” Rhett asked teasingly, his eyes resting fondly on Link as he leaned against his own door frame.

Cole shrugged. “You’d still be there. Hate to break it to ya.”

Rhett laughed quietly, allowing his brother a rare grin. Their smiles died the second they heard Link stir in his sleep and roll over, resulting in his shirt riding up high enough to reveal the bruise on his side.

“Did you beat the dudes head in?” Cole asked, gritting his teeth at the sight.

Rhett was surprised by the anger in the question, even more so when he looked at his older brother’s eyes and saw Cole staring at Link with the same protectiveness he’d only ever looked at him with. 

“I don’t think he’d do it again anytime soon,” Rhett assured him, lowering his voice when he heard Link make another noise. “I reckon if the rest of the team wasn’t there Link would’ve had a chance.”

“Still don’t give a shit.” Cole growled suddenly, making Rhett raise an eyebrow.

“Hey.” He said in mock defense. “He’s my brother back off.”

Cole snorted. “Oh please. I’ve got both of y’all on my hands.”

Rhett sighed but didn’t deny it as Cole clapped him on the back. “Good going Rhetty boy.”

The talk apparently over, Cole walked off without another word, heading for his room down the hall. Still too wired for sleep, Rhett figured he might as well try anyway, and slipped into his own room. 

Careful not to wake up his friend on the way to bed, Rhett reached his long arm down to gently take Link’s glasses off his face, placing them on a night stand.

“Welcome to the McLaughlin’s, little bro.” He whispered, before finally rolling over to sleep.

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