tw: bullying


I grew up Catholic, and homosexuality was never really talked about, negatively or positively or even neutrally. Or perhaps it was discussed through innuendos I didn’t understand as a kid. “Oh you know, he’s one of those people.” I was pretty confused about my feelings for certain girls until I finally heard the word lesbian for the first time.


I got bullied by my WHOLE Republican family today.

Every one of them is a conservative religious Republican*, except for me.

We are having a family gathering for my brother, since he now has another “level” of priesthood. This gathering is still going on as I type this. Said people include my grandpa, grandma, uncle, step dad*, mother, 2 brothers, and a cousin. (*My step dad is a democrat but keeps this secret during such gatherings, for reasons I hope will be apparent.)

So, everyone’s eating, having a good time, right? Then it turns to making fun of Caitlyn Jenner. I already knew what was going to happen, but I said that she was extremely brave for doing what she’s done and has brought a lot of awareness to trans people. 

I’m chastised, shut down, told I’m wrong, the conversation moves on.

So a little while later my grandma brings up a FB picture of Dr. Carson that says something along the lines of “You believe you came from a monkey, I believe I came from God. Frankly, I’m starting to believe you’re right.” (Not exactly that word by word, but the jist of it was that evolution is false and that the question-guy was an atheist monkey.) So I am a science student. This is something that i happen to know a lot about, which gives me confidence. I started by saying that you can’t disregard evolution due to it being fact. Then, rather than debate with intelligence, she calls me an atheist and that God’s divine hand is what has created everything. I brought up how fossil record proves evolution, that there are irrefutable documented changes of species throughout time. Once again, I’m told that I’m an ignorant atheist to God’s wonders. (I was literally taught evolution at BYU. Brigham Young University, the Mormon school, teaches that evolution is a scientific fact.) 

I’m chastised, shut down, told I’m wrong, the conversation moves on.

Then it moves to Obama. Now, I like Obama. I think he’s done a great amount of good for the country. But I know that I don’t know facts. That makes me nervous. They brought up how much “Obama has pushed us into debt”, and I brought up that much of that debt is inherited, and that he has been slowing down the amount that’s its growing. I’m chastised, shut down, told I’m wrong, the conversation keeps going. Then there’s a remark about how he’s a Muslim SOB. I get a little angry but don’t show it, say that he’s not, and religion has nothing to do with presidency. I’m chastised, told I’m wrong, talked down to, the conversation keeps going. Then they talk about how he’s driven the country into the ground. (I disagree- I’m chastised, told I’m wrong, talked down to, the conversation keeps going.) How liberals are going to destroy our nation. (I disagree- I’m chastised, told I’m wrong, talked down to, made fun of, the conversation keeps going.) How Trump would at least get things done. (I disagree- I’m chastised, told I’m wrong, talked down to, made fun of, the conversation keeps going.) Etc.. Etc…

This keeps going on for a long time. And I was really starting to be hurt. I mean, I’m a cool headed person, and I knew that any emotional response would just make it into “Oh, look at the little liberal, crying over her cause.” But it hurt. My whole family was just talking down to me, not letting me speak, and making fun of me. I mean, they were literally calling me names. Every single person (except my step dad) was making fun of me. Even my 9 year old brother.

If my friend were to tell me that this was happening to them, I would tell them that not only are they being bullied, but abused.

I mean… I’m never allowed to have my opinions. My mother has forbidden me to talk to my little brother about my beliefs, even if he asks me. I am chastised whenever I have a “liberal” opinion (and I’m really careful at voicing them). I cannot even have honest conversations with my mother, in fear that if I were to be honest, she’d deem me too “problematic” to live in her good Christian household. (Did I ever mention how if I don’t go to church I can’t live in her house?) Even earlier today, I was wearing a new dress I bought that I thought was adorable and about to go to church. She basically dress coded me, told me it was WAY too inappropriate, that my butt was practically hanging out, and that I’d have to change. (It was short sleeved, showed little-to-no cleavage, and went to my mid-thigh.) And during the politics “conversation” she urged my grandparents on in making fun of me.

I feel so bullied. By my own family. By my mother, especially. I know she loves me, but she has a damn stupid way of expressing it. 

I’m literally typing this and holding back tears.

How is that okay?

I hate Tumblr because when somebody makes a mistake

They get dragged down for their mistake and bullied out of tumblr. It’s fucking immature and you should all think what the teachers used to say to us at school, when you gave a wrong answer and some little punk laughed at you. The teacher would ask them stop laughing and told you that your answer is wrong _AND EDUCATE YOU_ not drag you down in front of the whole class. It’s okay to make mistakes and we all make them, but it’s not okay to fucking bully people because of it.

For example tumblr user cheekyanthony made the mistake over two years ago to comment on hid friends post about her periods as a joke that periods aren’t that bad. It was a joke. And ever since the joke he has been getting hate mail. For two and fucking half years. He has apologised many times and he has been educated and shit I bet my ass that he knows more about periods than some girls in here. Personally I don’t know Anthony but it’s easy to see that he regrets it. For two and half years tumblr users around the world has been bullying him because of this. What fuck happened to forgiving people once in a while? Just let the man fucking live and leave him alone.

Be the bigger person and educate who ever has made a mistake and don’t bully them, because we are all growing up and sometimes tumblr can be great place to grow, but because of shit like this tumblr can be toxic as hell.

Things you don't point out about people:

• acne
• cuts
• scars
• body hair in places you’re not used to it being
• fat rolls/curves
• how much/how little they’re eating
• how skinny they are/what bones they can see because of how skinny they are
• how fat they are
• if they have crooked or misaligned teeth maybe even yellowed
• if they sweat a lot

Don’t do it.

You know what kinda pisses me off though? The same people that are like “you can’t blame Harry for being a dick in the 5th book!!!!! He had a a hard life!!” are the same people who are like “Fuck Snape that abusive asshole! He felt so entitled to Lily!l As if Harry’s parents dying and being abused by the Dursley’s excuses him but Snape’s child abuse and relentless bullying is no excuse

OK so I heard a rumour today

There is, apparently, a trans kid who just started at my school.

I go to a Catholic school. Most of the faculty is homophobic, transphobic and generally LGBTQ-phobic.

This kid is 12. If the school finds out, they will die.

So, if you are 12 years old, live in Australia, and started at a Catholic high school this year named after Australia’s first saint


let me know

because if it’s you who’s at my school

I swear to god I will protect you form every single asshole at the school. Which is mainly the RE teachers, but still.

I’m here, queer, and I’ll make everyone fear what happens when they mess with one of my people. yes you are my people, you are my tiny duckling