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El amor no es abrazos, besos o sexo; eso es deseo. El amor es contarle tu día, exponerle tus miedos, mostrarle lo tontito y frágil que puedes ser sin temor a que se burle o lo use en tu contra.
—  B-P
– blackpink reaction to you finding a hickey they left on you ✧.

– ✧ = nsfw

– request = Hallo, i love your reactions!! Do you think you could do one where bp react to their gf finding a hickey they left and didnt tell them? Thank youuuuu

JENNIE → jennie would love to give you hickeys like even at random times, you walking in front of her ? she would pull you and give you a small hickey at your collarbone you wouldn’t mind unless if it was so very obvious and visible you might whine a bit making her smirk teasingly.

“ what do you mean ‘very visible’ come here and i’ll show you what is really visible ”

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JISOO → jisoo wouldn’t mind giving you a hickey but it isn’t that important for her to do like she might do it when both of you are in a heated situation but she doesn’t make it THAT visible until one day she did and honestly you were annoyed but happy because everyone will know that you belong to her only.

“ im sorry jagi !! put i mean you can mark me too, you know as a ‘pay back’ ”

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LISA → i see lisa being so chill with the hickey thing she wouldn’t care if the hickey she made on you is so visible in fact i see her being so proud and high fiving herself privately, if you got mad she’ll remind you of that ‘time’.

“ well remember that time you gave me a very big one and made me wear a turtleneck on a very hot day so my manager doesn’t get mad ? yeah i didn’t forget ”

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ROSÉ → chaeyoung would like to give you hickeys but it depends on the occasion if she knows that you have work she won’t give you one until one day she did in a very obvious place, she would keep apologizing awkwardly not wanting to make you mad.

“ i’m sorry i just got so into it !! ”

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That song where the guy keeps saying “once I was _ years old” is objectively not the worst thing to come out of 2016 but it’s definitely in the top 3