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Drawing Fat on the Body by Kienan Lafferty

Pros and Cons of an Hourglass Figure


  • Waist may be small but  motherfuckin ribs are not
  • Shirts that fit our waists do not fit tits or hips
  • Shirts that fit tits and hips do not fit our motherfuckin waist
  • So all shirts baggy
  • HIgh-waisted anything SHOULD look good on us but nothing that fits our hips are tight enough to fit waist
  • Everyone thinks this is ideal body type??????
  • It is not
  • Belts are good but must have seperate belt collection 1.belts that fit waist 2. belts that fit hips
  • Thighs thick as mountains
  • no bras fit boobs/ribs
  • so no bras????
  • nothing???ever???fits????waist????
  • Your ribs will always hurt for some reason and you never really know why
  • You’ll always want to take a photo from the side so that no one can see your hip size but instead sees waist and boobs, makes for limited photo options 


  • Bikinis are the
  • lingerie is our thing
  • everyone thinks this is ideal
  • awesome fucking center of gravity, we are walls, cannot take us down
  • amazing waist to ass ratio
  • Corsets are our thing, like seriously, no squeezing required
  • Shirts tied off at waist are the beast
  • After wearing only baggy clothes can shock everyone with magical tiny waist
  • Everyone will overestimate your waist size and will never succeed in poking you in the side
  • Joints tend to also be small, therefor best wrist to arm ratio, perf for all bracelets 
  • Literal Greek Goddess proportions here 
  • All statues will look like you, make you love your floofie parts
  • All people will deem you “Curvy” not “fat” except assholes but its a-okay cuz you is a Greek Goddess(see above)
  • You will always feel sturdy despite waist
  • Waist does not grow even if everything else does
  • You grow out, not sideways, this makes for cutie tummy pudgy but not tummy rolls(which r cute too u other floofie girlys)
  • Have I mentioned all historical goddess figures from around the world have your body shape????
  • If this where ye oldin times, you would be the best women in the village, produce nice strong children, from nice strong hips
  • viking princess of dragons you are

I really hate how this whole “plus size” girl, “love all body types” movement is SO limited.

All these “chubby” and “thick” girls STILL fall into the categories of typical beauty standards.

And these girls have proportionately large breasts, and small waists. Not to mention completely smooth skin and unrealistic fat distribution altogether.

How about some girls with actual BELLIES, girls with CELLULITE, and large girls with SMALL breasts.

Also, many larger girls have flat asses, I wanna see y'all glorifying that.

Movie Thoughts

I was rewatching Mulan ( for like the thousandth time) and I notice a type of representation I hadn’t before. Body/health type. All five of the main characters have different body types and yet are all clearly  healthy individuals. 

You have your stereotypical “buff guy” with  Shang

And a stereotypical female body with Mualn  

But, unlike most movies were the fat chick gets thin and healthy(????), we see a reverse were the thin girl has to get healthy. All wile binding her chest and dealing with periods. 

You have short and thick set (not muscular but not fat either) Yao

Though believable that he’d be a soldier, and a good one, his height is what’s odd. A short man, taken seriously, as a capable fighter is not common. 

Chien-Po is fat. (This not a negative, just a fact.) He’s got a belly and is a large man.

but he’s easily the strongest 

and is very agile 

His body type and health are almost never seen in conjunction with each other. in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fat man advertised as able to do what Chien-po does except in this movie. Talk about breaking the “fat people are lazy” stereotype. 

And we have Ling, the bean pole. 

He’s got the kind of body that makes everyone say “You need to eat something!” and you’d never believe he has muscle because his muscle never shows. Yet he can break a cinderblock with his face.

And here’s the kicker: the only one to get insulted for his body is Shang. No one ever mocks any of these characters for believing their body types can’t cut it as fighters. (Yes, Mulan gets insulted for being a girl but no one says she can’t be soldier because of her body type). 

This movie only seems to get better as I get older. 

Heather Heights, Weight, and Body Types

Mac: 135lbs 6'0"

Duke: 190lbs 5'1"

Chandler: 140lbs 5'6"

Veronica: 125lbs 5'5"

(For Duke the reason I make her more Chubby despite her being Bulemic, is because most Bulemics end up looking more bloated from the body feeling starved and holds and nutrients it may have into body fat)

This is all based on how I like to draw them and write them, my Head Cannons for Height, Weight, and Body Type may not be the same as yours.

You may use this as a refrence for your art, if you decide to include the chart in a post please credit me. Thank you!!

thecouchwitch  asked:

I have trouble finding lolita tops that look good with my body type. I have wide shoulders and a wide torso, and i have a wide short neck and a round face, so high frilly collars and puffy sleeves turn me box shaped. Do you know of any specific shirt styles more specific than "lolita" that i could look for that would make me look more streamline?

You would definitely want to avoid high collars as you said because they will make your neck look shorter and your face rounder. Something with a scoop neck will be a good option as it stays away from your neck and also they’re said to make broad shoulders appear more narrow. They’re also pretty popular in Lolita right now so they aren’t difficult to find and if you’re using a good neckline like that you may even be able to get away with a slightly puffy sleeve, especially if the puff is more prominent at the end of the sleeve instead of at the shoulder.

Also, if you really accentuate your waist it can help you look less boxy. Lolita tends to do this as it is since dresses and skirts are meant to sit at the natural waist but you can push it even further by wearing a skirt and blouse that are different colors. You could even wear skirts that have prints or embellishments to draw the eye down.

If you are overweight and you are working to change that: I am so proud of you

If you are underweight and working to gain weight: Good job beautiful

If you are overweight and love the way you look: You are gorgeous

If you are underweight and love the way you look: You are lovely

If you are around average but working to get more fit: Keep it up darling gorgeous person

If you are around average and love your little imperfections: I think you are amazing

If you are any body type: YOU ARE PERFECT AND I LOVE YOU

If you are an asshole who thinks people should lose or gain weight because of your own personal opinions, if you are a person who judges people on their looks rather than their character, if you are someone who always has to make that comment of “Ew, now that’s gross” about anybody else’s body type or how they dress, If you think people shouldn’t wear certain clothes if they are over a certain weight: GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU SUPERFICIAL ASS-HAT