tw: binarism

no nonbinary person should ever feel obligated to say that they’re aligned with a binary gender. your gender does not have to be described in relation to binary genders, nor do you have to feel more closely connected to one of the two.

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is bisexuality transphobic? idk as a non binary person I feel nervous&confused exploring relationships w ppl who identify as bi (but express interest in me)

*Cracks knuckles* Alright Anon you just found a cornerstone of the bi discourse from, like, 2015, so I’m going to settle this.

Bisexuality is defined by the bi community* as attraction to two or more genders**. This can be confusing because of the existence of polysexuality (attraction to several genders) and pansexuality (attraction to all genders). Unfortunately a lot of people assume that bisexuality means you’re attracted to cis men and cis women, which is false and also inherently transphobic. Bisexuality is not inherently binarist or transphobic. In fact, I know a lot of nonbinary people, myself included, who identify as bisexual.

*Obviously not a monolith. Other definitions include attraction to one’s own gender and also other genders, which still doesn’t exclude trans people.

**Dividing up by genders seems kind of ridiculous to me bc of gender expression things but y’all get it.


me normally: its cool, characters with no explicit mention of their gender or sexuality can be headcanoned any way you want, just don’t be mean to other people about their headcanons and everyone can play this awesome game and relate to these characters :)

me after seeing this shit: actually you know what fuck you Blanche is totally agender now, Candela is a trans woman and her and Blanche are FUCKING MARRIED and Sporky my son is a bisexual trans boy FUCKING  F I G H T  M E

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According to this, user gothhabiba believes NB identities are a joke.

EDIT: I was mistaken about that, but she does believe that making fun of someone for not being attuned to English non malevolent sarcastic humour is good and not racist, and she also believes that it’s better to drag people through the mud for not getting English language humour and sic her fans on them who apparently really worship her (which is pretty twisted) than admit she was wrong for being bigoted, however incedental, and her and her fans like to gaslight people who have already admitted their own wrong into believing they haven’t. I’ve also received a tip she might be engaged in “trans men are just poor, duped lesbians,” but I’m unsure. The rest, you can see on this blog. She does believe in NB identity, but she’s still a horrible person.

Stay safe.


Hello fellow tumblers!

Are you familiar with the term “transage person”?

Most of you probably aren’t, but don’t worry it’s not your fault, it’s the fault of normative CIS binary-oriented society. Recently you probably saw brave people declaring theselves as trans* or genderless people.

But did you know that age, just like gender, is just a social construct. Ever felt that you are not 15 years old, but actually 68 years old? Or maybe you felt ageless, and you couldn’t actually say how old are you? When introduced you and said “Oh this is Mark, he is 23.” did it trigger you and you felt very uncomfortable because you knew that deep down you are actually 7?  Or did you wake up one day and felt like you are 75, and then week later like you are 13?

Don’t worry, that’s completely normal, you belong to the group of transage people. 

This blog will cover various topics regarding social justice and rights of transage, chronofluid and ageless people and you, my friend, are welcome to read it.

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This is probably a complex issue, so apologies in advance if I have to send multiple asks, but I'm white l, and recently I have been identifying as Maverique, it is the best way I've found to describe my gender and it sits very well for me, but I had someone who was a POC tell me it was appropriative of POC cultures and was basically just 'white people taking it and making it okay to id as a third gender' and, while I disagreed with them and it was very upsetting, (pt 1)

I know it is not my place to argue with them over what is and isn’t cultural appropriation. I’m not really sure what to do, because they told me it would be racist of me to continue id'ing as maverique and that I should use neutrois or something similar instead, but neutral terms aren’t really accurate for how my gender feels, and it’s not a absence of gender like agender is. (pt 2) 

 I’d figured I’d come to you, since you coined maverique and all, but in general i’d just appreciate another perspective on this issue? Because maverique is the best way for me to describe my gender, but I feel like it would be racist for me to ignore that I have been told it’s cultural appropriation for me to id that way. (pt 3/fin)

oh, anon…. i’m very sorry to say that you are but the latest of many who have found themself in this situation that you’re in. it is a complex issue, although not necessary in the way that others are presenting it as. this claim that white people identifying as maverique is appropriation of “POC cultures”, with inevitable references to “third gender”, is a common one. it is a claim that people have made since the day i coined the word “maverique”; it is a claim that in fact goes well beyond maverique– having most likely always been a thing within non-binary communities, used time and time again against any and every term / identity that has sought to distinguish itself from any and all connections to the gender binary.

this claim / accusation is so prevalent that i have already written a number of posts about my stance on this, both in regards to maveriques and in general:

※ anon: maverique kind of reminds me of third gender.
※ me: …yeah, no.

※ anon: that one term that’s like third gender is appropriative. use maverique instead, it’s coined by a PoC.
※ me: …yeah, no.

※ anon: …but aporagender is racist because it’s the same as third gender, coined so that white people can use it too.
※ me: …people keep recycling these claims and arguments, but yeah. no.

※ me: here, have a rant re: maverique, aporagender, aliagender and third gender because i’m tired of this shit.

※ anon: thank you!
※ me: *shrugs* the elephant in the room that is the non-binary community on Tumblr is annoying as fuck, so.

in short, identifying as maverique as a white person is not appropriation and anyone who disagrees can come fight me. no, seriously. they are entitled to have opinions that differ from mine, of course, but that does not entitle them to police someone else based on their opinions. the next time someone questions your gender identity or accuses you of appropriating “POC cultures” by identifying as maverique, by all means do reference or refer them to any of my posts. better yet, literally point them my way because i am more than happy to disagree with them on your behalf as well as my own and i couldn’t care less whether they’re white themself or not. when it comes to maverique specifically, i am beyond Tired of people spreading misinformation,trying to talk over me or use my race as a means of justifying usage of one word over another.

actually, i extend the above to anyone who finds themself in a similar situation as anon, be it in regards to maverique or aporagender, etc. while i am beyond Tired of dealing with this issue, i also have zero fucks to give anymore and will rehash my feels (and links) at whoever happens to be on the receiving end of them. also, ain’t gonna lie, for whatever reason i hold out hope that eventually someone will actually have an original opinion on this topic rather than simply repurposing the same old arguments all the time.

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heyo so at school and official announcements and letters, people have been saying gender expansive and gnc in place of nonbinary, im wondering if anyone here knows the deal with that

ppl love using gnc so they can include quirky cis white girls with undercuts and cis men who decided that showering wasnt gay

it oversaturates any group with shitty gender abolitionist* and gnc cis ppl

its also straight up binarism* from cis ppl and binary trans ppl
a way to say we’re not trans we just like flannel or skirts

its trash

idk about gender expansive tho? idk like one on hand i like it more than nonbinary bcuz nb assumes the binary is default and normal whereas gender expansive just kind of feels like “LOTS OF GENDER EVERYWHERE” but also kinda still feels the same like “ur so DIFFERENT and beyond all gender”

which i mean yes, fuck gender, but also yikes

idk if binary trans ppl werent so shitty to nb folks we could just say trans

which is way easier

but lateral violence *finger guns*

-Mod Virgil
*Gender Abolition is the sociopolitical stand point that desires the abolition of all gender, no men, no women, no nb ppl. which sounds great in theory but it often gets used to invalidate trans feminine ppl and trans women(see TERFs: how they love women with vaginas, trans men, but somehow hate gender?). its often used by white TERFs in order to weasel their way into trans spaces so they can cause harm, take over organizations, and stay beyond criticism. fuck gender abolition, stop killing our sisters, give us healthcare, use my pronouns, and then destroy gender.

*Binarism is a term that is exclusive to PoC to describe our unique oppression caused by the western european gender and gender roles forced on us cuz of the whole colonialism jawn, the word for white ppl is maybe…nonbinary phobic? truscum?(idk there are nb truscums but ehhhh)

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hey i was wondering if you could clear up the terms "binarism" and "exorsexism" for me? are these forms of transphobia?

Binarism is a term that is exclusive to PoC to describe our oppression caused by European gender roles which were forced on us because of colonization.

Exorsexism is the belief that nonbinary people don’t exist/aren’t valid and that there are only two genders.

I would say both of them are forms of transphobia.


And just to add, all “exorsexism” is transphobia and cissexism. It’s not a necessary term (imo) to designate our oppression because transphobia and cissexism are the systems “exorsexism” functions under. The term was created more as a separtism from transgender politics; which is unnecessary because all nb people face transphobia and/or cissexism.-Mod Dave

Idk why enbies arent allowed to exist in the queer community without having to align themselves with a binary gender, as if that makes their queerness more valid. Like, its 2018, we dont have to tack on “woman” or “man” to our gender identities bc of some outdated ciscentric notion of what’s required to be queer.

Like, enbies who identify as lesbians are not and do not have to identify themselves as woman-aligned. It’s incredibly gross and disprespectful to try and force a binary gender on someone like that without their consent. Someone’s identity is not up for debate, even if and especially if u dont like it.


Pronounciation:(bine-air-is-m), Snynonym:enbyphobia


1.The belief in the inescapability of the gender binary, and that gender is determined by biological sex

2. Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against the non-binary  

I thought I’d finally think of a word for this disgusting kind of prejudice. Join me in trying to end it once and for all!

my fave thing is ppl on tumblr who think they know more about me than i do like, its so funny…
i said im latinx and they go “yeah but if ur latinx ur probably descendant from white people”
YES. THATS THE POINT. im a MIXED person outing my own ancestors and their privilege as oppressing the other side of my heritage like literally is that so hard to get?

I always feel weird about any sort of politics/discourse that encourages women to become non-women or that views womanhood as somehow less ~radical~ or ~cool~ than other genders? 

like yes there is always important work to be done in realizing how much our current gender system is arbitrary/artificial/oppressive, but I think there also needs to be an acknowledgement of the structural misogyny in our society? Like, recognizing how gender as a system of exploitative labor primarily relies upon women being the exploited class? 

and I think a lot of ~liberal~ ~queer~ individual identity-based theory seems to completely ignore this, and somehow place womanhood as being equally as oppressive as manhood?

idk I’m having trouble wording this.

I feel like the discourse around “binarism” has shifted from “the gender binary is a western white colonialist invention that has been violently imposed on marginalized people” to “women are somehow oppressive for continuing to be women” and that’s fucked up

I feel like there’s a lot of misogyny at play too in all of this, since women are again being blamed by non-women for perpetuating the systems of violence that target women? kinda like how trans women are blamed for “perpetuating” gender.

idk this kinda goes back to my feelings about how maleness is a more harmful structure than “cisness” in general