tw: bieber

unpopular opinion

so not everyone will agree with me but

it pisses me tf off to still see iheart gifs and pics going around

it was four years ago

billie’s sober now??? he’s worked so hard to get to this happy, healthy point in his life and we’re focusing on something four years ago???

billie doesn’t like it. he’s kinda laughed it off in interviews but it’s very clear that he’s embarrassed by it

he’s done so much amazing shit since then

he was basically killing himself in 2012 cause of all the drugs and alcohol and the meltdown at iheart is what opened the band’s eyes to his condition

anyway. billie joe armstrong is an amazing guy and it really makes me sad to still see iheart gifs


❝can’t get out of my head and i need you to save me.❞ 

the feeling // justin beiber ft. halsey