tw: anti blackness

I’m really confused as to why people can’t leave black girls/women alone. Everyday it’s something new on twitter. “Black girls want your hair”. “My happiness started once I decided to stop dating black women”. We’re literally just here minding our own business and people just feel the need to put us down outta nowhere and for no good reason.

holes (2003) is an amazing film for a million reasons and one of them is that in manages to represent ant-black racism in a pg-13 film as something that’s prominent in both the fabric of american history and shaping contemporary society WITHOUT using a single racial slur, or gratuitously violent scene like a massive part of the plot revolves around racial profiling, lynching and unjust criminalization - the way mr sir, the counselor and the wardern treat armpit, x-ray and zero is much harsher than the way they treat the non-black boys to the point where they’re entirely prepared to let zero die in the desert instead of looking for him, stanley manages to get away with a lot of things he is blamed for while the black boys are deprived of their shower privileges also it is worth noting that the film makes the point that (in the flashbacks) katherine (a white woman) is not prosecuted for being with sam, who is killed for it (because he is a black man) despite it being a consensual relationship between them both and the reason this is so amazing is because this is a KIDS film that dealt with these themes and did so with respect and a happy ending and i love that


The American criminal “justice” system is a fucking joke. They’re not even tryna hide it anymore. 30 fucking years for weed??? If he was white they probably woulda offered to help him open up a marijuana shop in Colorado or something. LMAO police and judges need to trade their badges in for slave patrol emblems. Just go on Fox News and publicly admit you hate black people and be done with it.

It's wild because at every turn you're reminded as a Black person that your culture is a disposable plaything that non Black people like to wipe their hands all over, and in the same moment let you know how they don't want you anywhere near their culture and it really is something that is obvious and ubiquitous especially in these times.

Just saying.

I think Arab Supremacy is not talked about enough and it is something I feel strongly about. Racism in Arab countries against South Asians and East Asians, as well as black people is seen as common and expected. It is normal for staff to treat customers who aren’t white or Arab themselves poorly, and not to mention the horrific treatment of the domestic workers and construction workers, who are completely ignored and basically have very little rights once they start working for Arab families. Racism in Arab countries is swept under the rug and tolerated. Arabs adopt a mentality similar to white people and develop superiority complexes, this has a lot to do with their skin colour, as anti blackness is rampant in Arab culture as well. It is so common to see blatant racism from Arabs openly on twitter and there seems to be little to no backlash. Why are they excused from their racist views?  
There are documentaries made about racism in Arab countries, Lebanon being infamous for it’s racism as well as the Khaleeji states (U.A.E, Qatar, Bahrain) whose ugly truths are hidden behind their attempts to constantly show off their country as luxurious resorts. White people visiting these countries (especially Dubai) will LOVE the way they are treated, because they come only second to Arabs and retain their white privilege. However, people with more melanin (especially Asians) will find their situations are not the same. 

Can South Asians (and many other Asian communities) realise that whilst shadeism was historically at large due to classism/casteism, nowadays anti blackness also plays a massive part in it and has been for quite a long time now?

It’s literally nothing to do with “US-centrism” or anything. Shadeism is a massive problem in our community and we cannot turn away from the fact that anti blackness is a major reason for it.

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73% of Dominicans are mixed race (mainly of European and African descent). Only 16% are White European. Dominican is a nationality and an ethnicity, has nothing to do with skin color or hair type. Ya black, honey. I did a project on the Dominican Republic in high school for Spanish class and anti-blackness there is off the charts. No one wants to be black and the Haitians are hated because of their blackness, yet most Dominicans are at least partially black. It’s sad.

what i really hate about how some nonblack asians are discussing anti-blackness in asian communities is that there’s this implication that anti-blackness is just about poc “being turned against each other” and being “tricked by white supremacy!!” when we need to OWN THE FACT THAT WE BENEFIT FROM ANTI BLACKNESS AND ITS NOT BEING “SEDUCED BY WHITE SUPREMACY” IF WE ACTIVELY BENEFIT FROM ANTI-BLACKNESS. which we do.

we may not reap the benefits of white supremacy but we do reap the benefits of anti-blackness. just something to remember. anti-blackness is not a product of the white man. it’s ALWAYS BEEN HERE and everywhere in asia independent of white ppl. not that the desire to be white doesn’t contribute to the desire to distance yourself from blackness, but PLEASE REMEMBER. anti-blackness is not a product of whiteness. we have to root it out HERE, not just deflect by implying that white ppl are the sole beneficiaries of anti-blackness.


“ur Concrete argument is invalid, shes a gem, not human, she has no race uwu”

look at me in the eye as we watch We are Siamese and tell me those two cats, not humans mind you, weren’t stereotypes Chinese people

Look at me DEAD in the eye and tell me the crows form Dumbo, though not human, are not stereotypes of black people

The centaur from Fantasia? That had no purpose other than to be a young black centaur serving the oh more gorgeous looking obviously white-coded centaur? Even though??? They’e both not human?? They’re centaurs!! uwu (Also don’t come at me saying she’s not in Fantasia, she was in the original releases. You see, due to well oh lookie here CRITICISMS, she was removed)

Compared to the more ~exotic~ Zebrataurs (who don’t appear in this video), both black coded, how come the little black coded girl gets removed? Oh yeah cus she was a fucking caricature. The zebrataurs was pretty darn fucked up too but they deliberately made the little black an ugly caricature, while the zebrataurs looked like your typical Disney style, why? cus she’s not ~exotic~ she’s just some n*gger, n*ggers aren’t beautiful. 

And this is shit I grew up with so of course I’m fucking heated, this shit is beyond SU Criticisms™ 

Like ok I get it, she didn’t make it in canon or whatever. But someone looked at this and said… “Weeeeell Concrete looks alright enough we can put her in a KIDS ARTBOOK” and the fact that not one but TWO people of the Crewinverse had the audacity to draw and write that shit and thought it was ok. 

you know what really pisses me off ? When artists re-imagine Disney princesses in other universes or with other designs, and they draw literally every princess except Tiana. All these Disney princesses series, and 9 times out of 10, Tiana isn’t there even though the artist took the time to include Rapunzel, Elsa or Merida (who were created after Tiana so there’s not even the excuse of “oh i’m just drawing the old disney princesses not the most recent ones”).