tw: animation


The first feature-length animated film in the US, Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was first released on December 21, 1937.

There is a common misconception that the ink and paint girls used makeup to add blush to Snow White. However, everything they tried–airbrush, dry brush, rouge, lipstick–didn’t work. What did work was red dye, inspired by techniques used in Donald Duck shorts (blue dye was used for his sailor clothing). (x)


Background designs from the final episodes of Book One: WATER, Episode 18: The Waterbending Master / 19 & 20: The Siege of the North (Part 1 & 2). By Elsa Garagrava, Bryan Evans, Mike van Cleave (not sure about Konietzko, or others). Scans from ”The Art of the Animated series“ (order)

Bryan/Mike: The Avatar is a travelling road show, we rarely spent more than one episode in any given place. Being in the Northern Water Tribe for three epiosdes gave us the oportunity to further develop a complex location and explore it from many different angles. || Much consideration was given to what materials the Water Tribe would use in their architecture, due to their limited resources. In many places throughout the city, the structural supports were fashioned from whale bones, while Waterbenders formed the ice into beautiful buildings, bridges, and sculptures. 


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