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Andy and Juliet.

I had to say this. You’ve probably heard the story already but if not: Andy and juliet were flying home, where they began arguing. Juliet was drunk (😒) and Andy was sober. Apparently, she got louder and louder, screaming that she lost a baby last week. Which is absolutely heartbreaking. and after ten minutes or so, an “OW” was heard. From andy.

30 minutes later it was heard again.

Juliet punched Andy several times in the face and allegedly, in other places too.

He was extremely calm despite being hit:

Everyone who watched it happen has reported that Andy never touched her, despite her accusations.

And I had to say this:

•I don’t care how hard she punched him

• I don’t care that she was drunk

•this was domestic abuse and that isn’t okay.

Someone asked me “have you never had a fight with a friend or sibling before?!” - no. Not a physical one. Literally never. If you hit your siblings or friends in any matter besides a play fight or a game, you have issues. That ain’t normal. And it’s not alright.

It sparks the question. How many doors has he really walked into? How many times has she injured him?

What makes me angry is the response from the fans. It was disgusting. Excuses were made for her. I can’t make assumptions about her abusing him before or ever again but everyone is pretending they know what it’s like to be abused when they don’t.

I have experience in this and It’s a sensitive topic for me. Let me make something very clear.

•you can be in love with your abuser

•you can marry your abuser - or the abuse can start after you are married.

•long paragraphs on Instagram prove nothing - Juliet could’ve been stood there with a gun to his head for all you know so don’t fucking make assumptions you doorknobs.

I don’t know that she’s been abusing him before, however;

•he didn’t react which indicates he’s used to it now

•she would never have apologised like she did had she not been caught which is also an indication of abuse

•you don’t get drunk and say or do anything that isn’t already in your character somewhere.

•she didn’t have a heat of the moment swing at him and then break down because she had done it. She hit him more than once on separate occasions and didn’t seem to be upset about it whatsoever until she realised she had been caught.

•Andy gets injured a lot. And don’t tell me he wouldn’t lie about it because Juliet could’ve been telling him she’ll beat him up if he doesn’t post that it was a car door.

So we can’t make assumptions.

And the reaction to a man being abused in the fanbase disgusts me. Simply because the fact it was Juliet does not mean that it’s fucking okay. It isn’t.

Stop belittling and assuming by saying “he wouldn’t have married her if-” and other bullshit, because it’s not how relationships work. You wouldn’t understand unless you’ve been abused or seen abuse.

That will be all. Don’t be cunts. I’m fucking livid. Thanks.

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Happy Halloween!!! (x)

  • Random person in GSA: my grandmother says pansexuals, asexuals and bisexuals don't exist.
  • Ace friend and me(bi): *miserably fail at giving one another a high five while attempting to celebrate the fact we don't have to pay taxes*
  • GSA Leader: Welp, that proves it, your hands went right through each other. They don't exist.

Heart broken over the reaction of the BVB and Juliet Simms fandoms over the recent events. Until the situation on the plane I respected both of them. Now after looking at everything that went on I hope that Juliet gets some serious help and Andy gets away from the negativity. Yes, I understand she lost a baby. Even drowning your sorrows with alcohol is understandable, but being drunk is not an excuse for hitting your significant other. People are in pain all the time and they don’t take it out on others.

As far as the posts that have been made on Andy and Juliet’s Instagrams about this it is typical of abuse. Juliet shifting the blame to alcohol and Andy apologizing for letting it happen. What happened on the plane was not Andy’s fault. If you watch the video he is calm the entire time and just trying to make it through the flight. Juliet is beyond belligerent and claims that Andy broke her ribs which is definitely not true. She also hit herself in the face to try to make it seem like Andy hit her.

People are trying to make excuses for her because she was drunk because she was upset because she lost her baby. If the situation was the other way around. Say one of Andy’s parents passed away. He’d be upset. He might drink. If he hit Juliet there would be no question that he would quickly become the most hated person around. Just because she is the wife and he is the husband that doesn’t mean that he cannot be abused.

There are two things I know about abusive relationships:
1. If it happens once it will happen again. That means that if Juliet hit him she either has hurt him before or has it in her to do it again. The alcohol just made her show her true colors in public.
2. Abusers are masterminds at manipulating people, especially their victims. That explains Andy’s Instagram posts. He shifted the blame to himself. It was his fault for letting it happen. Then with his later post he pushed it to the side like it didn’t happen. Chances are that he’s ashamed (he shouldn’t be) and he’s trying to look like the man in the situation and make it look like he’s in total control.

My prayers are with him and I hope that he makes good decisions and is safe.