Your abuser’s trauma does not justifiy them abusing you.
Your abuser’s disability does not justify them abusing you.
Your abuser’s gender does not justify them abusing you.
Your abuser’s illness does not justify them abusing you.

For everyone that needs to hear this: there is nothing you could ever do that’s punishable by abuse, and there is NOTHING anyone could ever say to justify the abuse you experience(d).

You won’t touch my son and I’m not talking about James.

the sentence that saved Sirius’ life

“I suggest you stay out of this Euphemia, this is none of your business.”

“Oh, you made it my business when this boy showed up in my living room, barely breathing,” shot back Euphemia with all the rage that had been building up in her. Sirius was hiding behind her, careful not to catch Walburga’s piercing eyes.

“You are exaggerating,” she replied. “Nothing wrong with a little tough love.”

“I know an Unforgivable Curse when I see one Walburga,” she hissed just loud enough for people around them to hear, Walburga was turning purple with anger. “If I could, I would take Regulus from you, too, before he ends up dead from your tough love.”

“How dare you speak to me like that?”

“The same way you dare torture your children Walburga,” she said without blinking. “Now let go of my wrist and stay away from my sons.”

Repeat after me: you are not obliged to love your family. You are not.
If they don’t have respect for you, if they make you feel inferior, if they bully you, ignore you, abuse you in any way: you are not a bad person for not loving them, or not wanting to stay around. You dont have to do any of those things. You can go and build a family with the people who truly love you and respect you. Okay?
Stay safe, my darlings.

Friends can be emotionally abusive.
Friends can be emotionally abusive.
Friends can be emotionally abusive.
Friends can be emotionally abusive.
Friends can be emotionally abusive.
Friends can be emotionally abusive.
Friends can be emotionally abusive.
Friends can be emotionally abusive.
Friends can be emotionally abusive.

I spent a lot of time thinking that the only abuse you could experience was from significant others and family. I don’t know why, but I assumed people who call themselves your friends wouldn’t do such a thing. I was wrong. Friends can hurt you. Friends can make you second guess everything. Friends can make you hate yourself. Friends can give you PTSD. friends can be fucking emotionally abusive.

Unpopular Opinion

Actually those two pictures gave similar vibes/concerns towards mc’s safety despite phrasing it differently
In other words they are saying just like what jumin said:
“I’d rather you hate me than put yourself in danger”

In seven case, when he pushed mc away he wanted mc to hate him to leave him so she would be safe. While in jumin case, he begged her to not leave his penthouse to stay with him for a while so she would be safe.

Yet, I am quite impressed at how the fandom mostly gave a whole different reactions to this as:
1) Tsundere angsty boy despite he words it with sarcasm
2) Creepy abuser despite he words it pretty nicely



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Mother's Day is coming up and...

I’ve been seeing a lot of shit implying you should “love your mom unconditionally”, or those posts “reblog if u love ur mom!!!1!!” and I just wanna say to all of you with not-so-great or even abusive mothers; It’s okay if you DON’T love your her.
You DON’T have to call her,
and you DON’T have to get her something.
You don’t have to do anything you don’t feel like she deserves or that you aren’t comfortable with and shouldn’t be guilted into doing so by this website, her or anyone else.

Its really important when dealing with trauma that people remember that trauma is not always just one life changing event. Its also microagressions, put downs, neglect, emotional manipulation, etc. This type of trauma very rarely gets brought to light in the general public because we don’t necessarily understand how its going to affect humans down the road. We constantly tell people that they can rise above how they were brought up, negating that they have been affected by these things.