tw: ableist word

Nobody is obligated to forgive RM just because YOU did so stop getting mad people who are still rightfully upset with him. It’s up to the individual whether they want to forgive him or not it’s not your choice to make. One person does NOT speak for everyone else. People have reasons to dislike him and Idgaf if he “apologized” or “changed” or “learned” it still doesn’t change that he still did what he did and I wouldn’t be surprise to turned around and did some dumb shit again. Nobody is hating on him just hate so get the fuck over yourselves.

FYI, Stop saying he made “mistakes” it’s so annoying. He’s not a little fucking kid, he’s old enough to have a mind of his own and knew damn well what he was doing. Nobody was holding a gun up to his head and forcing him to do anything. Everything he did was all him.

Heya friends! So this is the anti-sj troll anon hate I got yesterday bc of my support of #BaltimoreUprising. Note how they both take different tactics, but neither of them relies on any evidence to make their “points” but rather fallacious ad hominems, misdirection, racism, and ableism (btw, I’m white). How pathetic and sad. If they think this shit’s gonna get to me, they’re sorely mistaken lol. 

Definitely hitting that big X sign on both of them tho and blocking them from my existence lol.