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Cry in my blocklist because that’s where you go when you crap on autistic headcanons.

(General “you”)

[Still image of Autistic!12th Doctor glaring at the viewer while holding his stimmy chalk. The word “listen” is written on the chalkboard behind him. (Doctor Who)]

Call autistic headcanons “fucking stupid” all you want.

But as soon as you go into the autism tag and publicly say “people who make up autistic headcanons are fucking stupid because they pick out one trait and call it autism” you are automatically blocked. I have zero respect for people who put down others over a headcanon.

I once had a private discussion with someone who disagreed with pulling one trait and basing a headcanon off that. It was an interesting discussion. The key point is it was in private and it wasn’t insulting anyone for having headcanons.

I personally don’t go on just one trait to call a headcanon, but I won’t gripe at people who do. I scroll by and leave it alone because it makes that person happy to have that headcanon and they are likely seeing something that I’m not. 

And that is a-okay.

[Still image of Autistic!Drax giving someone a cold side-eye. (Guardians of the Galaxy)]

Autistic headcanons hurt nobody, but insulting people who make autistic headcanons is…

1) Ableist
2) Shitty
3) Hurts people
4) Tells people they’re not allowed to see themselves in characters they love.

That’s bullshit. 

People are allowed to see themselves in any character they want. They’re not hurting anything as long as they aren’t going around demanding everyone else in the fandom abides by their headcanon or hounding the creators to “make” their headcanon canon. 

So, you hate autistic headcanons? Too bad, they’re not going away, and insulting people for having them only makes you look bad. 

An easy way to solve the problem is blacklist the ‘autistic headcanon’ tag, block anyone who doesn’t tag their autistic headcanon posts with ‘autistic headcanon’ and leave people alone.

[Animated gif of Autistic!Groot rocking and squinting at the viewer. (Guardians of the Galaxy)]

anyways, as someone with a mental illness who tends to type really badly when I’m dissociating/having a panic attack, the “crytyping” meme has far outgrown its original purpose of mocking racists and is now specifically being used to target mentally ill people for being mentally ill. it’s gotten to the point where i’m afraid to reach out to people while dissociating/panicking because i make a lot of spelling errors and i’m scared of being made fun of while i’m in a vulnerable state.

if you want to make fun of bigots, i’m sure there’s a way to do it that doesn’t throw mentally ill people under the bus. 

I'm really not surprised at all…

But I found out that districts around here reject nonverbal autistic kids who don’t have severe behavioral problems (throwing chairs/biting/hitting/etc) because they don’t want to buy AAC apps, learn to program AAC apps for each individual student, maintain the apps and iPads, pay for the profession development to train teachers/tech staff how to program and use these apps.

So these students lose out on opportunities to learn with their abled bodied peers because the administration is cheap, lazy, and ableist. The ironic part is this would be cheaper than sending them to private schools.

even if a fat person has an illness that’s definitely linked to their weight, that doesn’t mean their existence is an invitation for anyone to come along and comment. being constantly shamed and lectured on your poor health, especially by people who don’t even know you, doesn’t make you healthy

All y'all able-bodied folks please know that you should never ask to ride in a person’s wheelchair, even jokingly. If they genuinely are okay with you trying it and are comfortable with you using it at all they will offer it, but don’t ask. It’s pretty rude and can really throw off someone who might actually need to use it, especially if they have a hard time saying no.

able-bodied folks can reblog

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm one of those autistics who kinda want a cure. I know that even if the world was 100% accomodating to me, I'd still suffer. I'd still have anxiety over not Understanding stuff and people.. Am I internally ableist for wanting a cure for myself? I'd never advocate for a cure for All Autistics obviously.. I kinda feel like we're not "allowed" to want a cure sometimes? my autism consists of 99 negatives and 1 positive and for me its never gonna b worth it. id rather not exist to be honest lol

It is not ableist to want a cure for yourself. Any way you look at it, autism is a medical thing and whether or not it gives you more negatives than positives or more positives than negatives is going to vary widely. Sometimes even those of us that have more positives find that the negatives are just not worth it.

Part of the reason that we are autistic is because our neurology is different to the point it causes problems in our life. Wanting those problems fixed is not ableist.

The only time it is ableist is when you are trying to force that choice on others, or when you look down on others who do not want it.

You are the only person who can weigh the pros and cons, and you are the only person that can weigh the risks and the benefits.

You are the only one that gets to decide for you, and as long as it as about your wants and needs and nothing more, will never, ever, be ableist.

- Sam

I’m just really really hating all abled people right now. Like, I’m a queer mentally ill trans woman and I’ve never felt like I hated cis people, straight people, or neurotypicals. Hatred feels really fucking gross in my body, like the energy it creates is just nasty like some kind of toxic sludge. My life is like 5000 times harder because of even just the shit abled people do out of ignorance; maybe it’s that I feel really helpless to do anything about it because, you know, *I’m not fucking abled.*

Anyway, it’s really clear to me that the kind of hatred I am harboring is going to be bad for my spiritual health but I’m not really sure what to do about it. I’m not a hateful person at all and I’ve never really felt like this before except about two of my abusers, which was a very different scenario. :/

while im at at? here are some more things non-psychotic people REALLY need to stop fucking doing:

  • using the fucking “what if it was a mentally ill person’s fantasy the whole time?” trope.
  • equating psychosis to violence because guess what? Those two things are usually unrelated.
  • using psychosis as Angsty Ship Fuel Angst Because Psychotic People are Unworthy Of Love So It’s Angsty™
  • Using psychosis to make ur characters “~~Edgy~~”
  • Using psychosis to make ur plots “~~~Spicy~~~”
  • Treating psychosis like a joke.
  • Acting like there aren’t psychotic people out there, right now, consuming content, who are already demonized in their day to day lives over something they never asked for, things that are constantly misinterpreted to make some mediocre non-psychotic person’s media “”better”” and “”spookier”” for other mediocre non-psychotic nuerotypicals, who may see this shit and be further hurt by it.
  • acting like people don;t abuse psychotic people for their psychosis.
  • being fucking dicks about psychosis.

I encourage non psychotic people especially to reblog this.

as someone whose hands do shake and make it hard to type properly when I’m very upset I always figured that the crytyping meme was about the utter insincerity of the pattern and the consistency of when it comes up

like I have never, ever seen anyone stereotypically crytype except in exactly the type of situation that the stereotype is depicting (“im sso sssssorr y i didnnt t meesn tto ssayyy soekmthimh rrracust And nnpow eveeryomes mmad at meeeee gjjddvblryjkbs”, etc)

and frankly, *AS* someone who does produce typos when I’m upset because of weakened motor control- I had to go looking back through my messages to find a decent example, but during an anxiety attack (which for me can build into an actual seizure) a few weeks ago I sent this:

“dorry I’m not doing. Very we’ll right now. give me a moment pleade"

and the difference is… obvious. more to the point, I see non-post-fuckup-breakdown posts from other people on here that look like that all the time for loads of innocent reasons. the pattern we call crytyping only ever seems to come up because someone’s angling to look pitiful after saying something disgusting and then you guys try to drag those of us who actually do have motor control issues while upset into the mix to defend it, and I’m getting REAL tired of it.

As an autistic person, PLEASE refrain from reblogging content of us where we are aggressively referred to as “pure” and “good” and similar terms.

We’re no more or less good or pure than anyone else, and implying that a developmentally disabled person is somehow pure is incredibly ableist and suggests that we aren’t capable of understanding things that are bad, complex, gritty, or dark because our minds aren’t developed enough to do so.

This is the same type of thinking that enables our abuse, because people think we don’t understand what happens to us when we really do have a conscious perception of the abuse - people who think we can’t possibly know what abuse feels like don’t believe us when we say we’ve been hurt.

It’s especially dehumanizing when attached to a video, because comments like “GOOD AND PURE” are put onto videos of cute animals, and tacking the “GOOD AND PURE” comment on inspiration porn of autistic people - and other developmentally disabled people - is treating us exactly like those animals and no, it isn’t cute at all.

Have enough empathy/sympathy/decency to curate the videos you reblog please, and if a video of autistic people is treated like a video of cute kittens keep that shit off your blog for fuck’s sake.

oh my fucking god i have anxiety, ptsd & probably bpd and i’m absolutely sick of the “crytyping jokes are ableist” posts. get over your damn selves. the jokes aren’t ableist. they’re not. they never were. crytyping is a performative manipulation tactic designed to engender sympathy for the performer and make their accusers into aggressors. like… i’m sorry but “i’’’mmm sosorrrryi ddidin’’tt’ mmean ittttt ii gugugeesss ishoulud jjjuustt ddienooww .” is performative manipulation. it is. the fact that it might be coming from someone who has a mental illness doesn’t make it okay, and it doesn’t make it “ableist” to make fun of it. because, as i’ve said, it’s performative manipulation

anonymous asked:

Not a writing question but I was wondering what your opinions on the organization Autism Speaks were.

Ah, thank you for offering us an opportunity to share something very important to us. For those who aren’t aware, there is an organization in the US called “Autism Speaks” which claims to be a charity working to help autistic people. They are not a charity. They are a hate group.

Autism Speaks is not run with the help of any autistic people. It’s run by allistic people who think of autism as a horrible disease that needs to be eradicated. They run propaganda ads talking about autism like a plague which is destroying lives. They compare it to cancer. One of their propaganda videos famously shows a member of their board talking about contemplating killing her autistic child - while the child is in the room listening to her. Their goal is to “cure” autism - to wipe it off the face of the planet. They don’t see autistic people as people, but as tragic burdens to those around them. They want to take care of all the poor moms and dads whose lives were so tragically ruined when they found out their child was autistic. And they support organizations that torture autistic people and call it “therapy”, like the Judge Rotenberg Center.

This is not a charity. They think of us as broken, inhuman monsters who should be expunged from society. They are not helping us - they’re trying to exterminate us.

Their propaganda is a big part of why there is so much misinformation out there about autism and autistic people. The average person is likely to believe their claims that autism is a horrible disease, that the best way to help the people who have it is to cure them and make them “normal”. Especially the parents of autistic children might like the idea of “fixing” their kid.

News flash: We’re not sick. Autism is not a disease. At worst, it can be considered a disorder or disability, depending on your definition of such, but the vast majority of autistic people are perfectly happy being who we are. Our biggest hurdle isn’t some terrible defect in ourselves - it’s the negative attitudes and lack of understanding in those around us, and the expectation that our primary goal in life should be to act less like ourselves and more like the “normal” people who make up the majority (pro tip: there’s really no such thing as normal). Autism cannot be cured, because it’s not an illness. Our brains are hardwired differently than others, and that is a fundamental part of who we are. If you asked me if I would like a cure, I would look at you the same way as if you asked me if I would like to remove the color from my pizza, because it makes the same amount of logical sense.

Imagine if someone asked you if you would like to stop being (insert your nationality here). Like, just completely remove it from yourself. What would that even mean? Removing all your memories and experiences from that country? Erasing your native language and replacing it with another one? How would that even work? That’s the kind of thing that’s being proposed here.

What autistic people need is awareness, education, and sometimes assistance, depending on our individual needs. We dream of a world where seeing a person rocking back and forth gently and not making much eye contact isn’t met with indignation, disgust, or pity, and where our strengths are valued (and we have many!).

It should be noted that recently, Autism Speaks has changed their official platform slightly, supposedly focusing less on a “cure”, but I’m afraid I don’t buy it for a second. Anyone whose goal includes a “cure” at all is not advocating for our rights, and even if they did have a different mission now, the damage is long since done. Many of us may struggle, and many of us may wish there were certain problems we could do away with, but a “cure” is not possible and our goal should not be to eliminate autistic people from the world, especially given how much we contribute to society. Very few autistic people would actually desire a “cure”, even if one were possible.

So what does this have to do with writing? If you’re writing an autistic character who gets help from a charitable organization, do NOT make it Autism Speaks. That’s not what they do. If your character has any interactions with Autism Speaks, it will be more along the lines of being told they are broken and must be fixed, having the people in their lives treat them as less than human (or as deformed or defective) because they have believed the propaganda, being told they have no right to speak for themselves, and possibly suffering abuse and even torture at the hands of those who think they are “helping”.

There are plenty of good charitable organizations to help autistic people with what we actually need. If you want your character to support an organization in your story (or support the organization yourself by giving them positive exposure in your story), try one of these (and a little Google-fu can help you find a local one for you if you don’t live in the US or UK - search terms like “autism advocacy” and make sure it’s run by actual autistic people). We strongly recommend contacting them, letting them know what you’re writing, and asking how you can include them in your story and represent their work accurately:

Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN)

Autism Women’s Network

Autistic Rights Movement UK 

-Mod Aira

It’s not appropriative to stand up against Autism Speaks or do #REDinstead

Like, please do so.

Autistic people are, too often, fighting a culture of hate and dehumanization on our own. It’s hardest when everyone is saying these things about you. And it’s just. so. tiring.

Yes, please stand up for us.

Yes, please post that cute selfie of you wearing red.

Yes, please link ignorant people to descriptions of why “Light it up blue” is harmful.

Yes, please draw a picture for autism acceptance month. It would make an autistic person’s day.

It’s lonely fighting stigma alone. And it really hurts, especially when it feels like no one else cares about us. The blue lights and sob stories and talk about cures just isolates us.

If someone who cared would be willing to reach out, to say something, to make it stop… it would mean the world.