Watch: “Flying While Fat” is the short documentary on YouTube you NEED to watch showing what plus size people go through when they travel by air

If the plane doesn’t physically accommodate your body type, flying can turn from an uncomfortable experience into a humiliating one. That’s why London-based artist Stacy Bias made the new documentary Flying While Fat: to get to the heart of just how pervasive people’s fat phobia on planes is.

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How do you feel about James Potter? Personally I just can't see the appeal.

So I’ve talked about James many times, I hate having to be negative again, but okay, let me just settle this so you all know where I stand, and that will be enough of James talk on my blog.

So yeah, I don’t like James as much as a lot of other people do. I definitely CAN see his appeal, James IS appealing: he’s cool, smart, handsome, rich, genuinely in love, dorky, an extremely good friend, caring and loving, heroically courageous, etc etc.
But, man, his arrogance, his ignorance… he’s just one of those people that taunt another and think that it’s just an innocent joke that could in no way affect anyone. Bullying for his own amusement. I know he only bullied those who, from his perspective, deserved it, who were against what he believed in, but I’m a diplomat, and I find it personally difficult to accept that as an excuse good enough to justify bullying. He’s too full of himself. I don’t approve of a lot of things Snape was and had done, but I can see why he was bitter. I’d be bitter too (and I am!).

Sirius is the same way, and that’s why he’ll never be one of my favorites, but I still find him very appealing because he’s an outcast, he’s different from his family, he’s broken, in a way, and his life was a bloody mess, which makes me feel so sorry for him and appreciative of how, after going through so many terrible things, he still finds a reason to smile. Meanwhile, James is gone, and we didn’t get a chance to learn more about him, and so I can’t find it in myself to connect with him from what we know. I don’t actually dislike him very much, he is a good person, he never meant bad, but I can’t and probably never will be invested in him and genuinely supportive of him. He’s just a kind of person who I would have to but wouldn’t want to be around in real life, in school, and that’s why James doesn’t inspire me.

And I know I probably sound butthurt, but yeah, I think I am. I’ve never really been a bully victim myself, but I’ve seen other people’s identities being ruined by “innocent” jokes like James’ (because they begin believing those jokes), and it offends me personally. Just because a person is more easily manipulated doesn’t mean you have a right to take advantage of that for your fun.

Of course, I’m not comparing James to the more morally ambiguous, more “evil” characters, but I’ve never personally met people who are “evil” in my life, while I have encountered “James'es,” so that probably makes me a tiny bit biased, but I hope you can understand why.

Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 4 Full HD

Scott and Liam protect the lacrosse team from an attack; Lydia searches for clues in Stiles’ disappearance.

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Like what that anon just said. I'm curious if you think that if someone was abused by a black person or person of color does that justify them being scared of all black people?

Okay I’m white so like, I feel really uncomfy commenting on this.

But what Id say is there’s a big difference between been scared of a certain group and saying they’re all scary. It’s not at all their fault if their traumatised brain made a strong association between fear (from their abuse) and a trait of the person who caused that fear (in this case a person of colour), so they now feel fear when they’re exposed to that trait. So, it’s valid if they’re scared- that’s not their fault, and i would say they shouldn’t feel guilty for something that their abuse caused as they have no control over it.

Ofc, if they went on to say that all black people are scary, people should be scared of them etc, that would be bad as it maintains a very harmful and dangerous stereotype. There’s a big difference between “im scared of X because of a past history of abuse” and “X is scary”

Sorry if This is Ramble-y But...

I like Serirei partially as an “opposites attract” thing, what with Serizawa being shy, sweet, honest, and naive and Reigen being a charismatic trickster jerk with a heart of gold and all. 

But also there’s a lot of things you could do with it. Like Serizawa being all flustered and Reigen being all flirty or Serizawa being all nervous and Reigen’s oblivious as to why or most importantly, Reigen being nervous but trying really hard to play it cool. (Seriously, there isn’t enough of that last one and don’t tell me he wouldn’t. He tries to play it cool at work all the time, like you can very literally see the sweat drip from his face.) Plus, there’s always the possibility of Reigen comforting Serizawa or them protecting each other.

But mostly, I just find the idea of these 2 men, who have been really lonely at some point in their life and taken advantage of by people that they thought were their friends, finding company in each other whether as friends or lovers is just really sweet to me. Granted, their situations were very different. Reigen’s only real friend was a 14 year old kid and managed to realize his “friends” at the bar were only using him for advice on his own. Meanwhile Serizawa hid in his room to protect others from his powers and got tricked into working for a terrorist organization by having his own desire for control over these powers used against him. But now they have a 2nd chance. Because of Reigen, Serizawa can now integrate back into society by helping erase evil spirits and because of Serizawa, Reigen can now have more friends.