Archaeologists believe that the Whale Bone Alley of Yttygran Island, Siberia was built as a shrine and sacred meeting place by the Inuit in the 14th century. At the time, there was a temporary Ice Age that resulted in a prolonged winter, and food shortages that could have led to conflicts between Inuit tribes. Whale Bone Alley may have been the neutral place where they could come together to discuss their problems, take part in sacrificial offerings, and store their meat in the square pits that once existed between the bone walls. 

Triumphant Tarantula Survives Being Eaten by Toad
The amphibian was no match for the arachnid in Arizona's Sabino Canyon.

Bogan leaned down and took some pictures of the toad, waiting for the unlucky arachnid to meet its fate. But the tarantula wasn’t ready to go peacefully into the night.

As the spider struggled, Bogan witnessed the toad close its eyes, wincing with pain, and its elastic throat stretched out in the shape of spider fangs. It appeared the tarantula was trying to bite its captor from the inside.

Redamancy | Stiles Stilinski (Part 5)

Author: @adriannahobrien09

Fanfic Part Five Summary: Stiles would’ve usually ignored you or pretended you didn’t exist after your first one night stand since that’s what he did with every other girl, but he didn’t. In fact, he wanted you more. He craved you. Lydia is having mixed feelings about Stiles and she thinks he isn’t a good influence. Well let’s be honest… he isn’t. And you know it.

Warnings: Smut, oral(female on male), cursing/strong language, and arguing(ish?)

Pairing: [Fuckboy]Stiles Stilinski X (Reader)

Fandom: Teen Wolf (kinda)

Word Count: 3,572

(Y/N) = Your Name

[GIF is not mine ((:]

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What’s Wrong With Fishing?

Fish, contrary to popular belief, are sentient beings who do experience painRecent research shows that fish are extremely intelligent and have complex inner lives. Fish have been shown to be capable of complex communication and cooperation within schools, and even of deceiving others and making social judgements as to the trustworthiness of other members of their group. Fish are often considered to be mindless, but if other animals are not mindless, then we must conclude that fish are not either, since the level of mental complexity fish display is on a par with most other vertebrates

Many communities are dependent upon fishing as a food source, and while this is necessary for them, for most of us fishing is little more than a sport. While many fish caught are eaten, most people who go fishing kill and eat fish because they find the experience pleasurable, not because it is necessary. Fish caught by line usually die from suffocation, when they are dragged from the water their gills often collapse, and their swim bladders can rupture because of the drastic and painful change in pressure. This cannot be considered humane under any reasonable definition of the word. Considering that this is a species we know feel pain, it is utterly illogical to assume that these animals do not suffer during their horrific and often prolonged death. Anyone who has ever watched a fish caught by line will attest to this, they struggle and fight, the way that any stressed animal does when they are frightened and in pain. Putting fish through this for the sake of a meal when alternatives exist is unjustifiable.

Some people believe that fishing is acceptable, so long as the caught fish are released back into the water once they are caught. However, this justification fails to realise that many released fish die when put back in the water; at least one out of three fish caught with bait will die after release, as will over 60% of deep hooked fish. The most common cause of death for caught fish is stress, though many also die from rough handling, exhaustion from struggling, or injuries to their highly sensitive mouths or internal organs making them unable to eat, causing them a slow and painful death due to starvation. When animals are dying from shock and stress due to being dragged out of the water, it cannot reasonably be denied that even for those who do survive, the experience is painful, traumatic and utterly cruel.  It is not only the fish who are effected, since many other marine animals and birds die from swallowing discarded or broken fishing lines and hooks from recreational fishing. The removal of large numbers of fish from natural stocks due to recreational fishing has a direct impact on local ecosystems, particularly on fish dependent predators. Recent studies indicate that recreational catches account for nearly a quarter of the total take of over fished populations.

Regardless of whether it is being done for the pleasure of sport or a meal, recreational fishing, like hunting land animals, is a blood sport, where animals suffer purely for human entertainment. To attempt to justify this activity is to openly admit that human pleasure and amusement override the right of animals not to be hurt or killed unnecessarily. If we believe that the suffering of animals matters at all, harming or killing them for sport simply cannot be defended, irrespective of whether the victims are lions, deer, bulls or fish.

Sherlock’s bargain with the devil...

Last night I watched TRF with a friend and noticed a few more things. (Well, I say friend. She made me re-watch Reichenbach last night, but on the other hand she also showed me how to do some cool inversions in the yoga hammock she has suspended from her living room ceiling, so I almost forgive her.)

The rooftop scene caught my attention a little more this time. It seemed to go through a few odd transitions. Sherlock is ordinary, Sherlock’s on the side of the angels, Sherlock’s a doofus, Sherlock’s going to jump. Sherlock isn’t going to jump, he’s not ordinary, he’s Jim, he’s no angel, he’s going to shake hands with Jim in hell.

Which is when I realized, Sherlock was willing to sacrifice a lot more than just his life to save his friends.

Think about it. He steps back down off the ledge because he’s just realized that Jim can call off the snipers anytime he wants to. He also knows that torture doesn’t work on Jim. Look:

JIM: You can have me arrested; you can torture me; you can do anything you like with me; but nothing’s gonna prevent them from pulling the trigger. 

In fact, Mycroft has already tried the torture approach, and it didn’t get anything out of Moriarty that he didn’t want to give. 

But Sherlock still thinks there’s something he can do to make Moriarty change the ending to his story:

SHERLOCK: I don’t have to die … (his voice becomes sing-song) … if I’ve got you.
JIM: Oh! (He laughs in relieved delight.) You think you can make me stop the order? You think you can make me do that?
SHERLOCK (still circling him): Yes. So do you. 

What does Sherlock think he can do? That Mycroft couldn’t?

JIM: Sherlock, your big brother and all the King’s horses couldn’t make me do a thing I didn’t want to. 

So what can Sherlock do that Mycroft couldn’t? Well, what does Moriarty want from Sherlock? In TGG he said he wanted Sherlock to back off, to stay out of Moriarty’s business, but then he spent a great deal of time bringing himself to Sherlock’s attention for someone who doesn’t want Sherlock’s attention. It has always seemed more likely that it was Sherlock himself that he wanted, as a partner and counterpart and intellectual equal–hence his disappointment when Sherlock turned out to be ordinary. 

More than Sherlock’s disgrace, Jim wants his soul. It is the worst kind of treachery he is asking for. His friends (”John?” “Everyone.”) believe he’s for real, so it would crush them to think he was a fraud. But they also believe in his potential to be a Good Man, so how much more crushing would it be for them to see him join Moriarty? 

But that’s what Sherlock offers, if it will protect his friends:

SHERLOCK (stopping and getting into Jim’s face): Yes, but I’m not my brother, remember? I am you – prepared to do anything; prepared to burn; prepared to do what ordinary people won’t do. You want me to shake hands with you in hell? I shall not disappoint you. 

But it gets even worse. Every villain in this show carries an overtone of sexual coercion. It’s worse with Magnussen, in some ways, but it’s definitely present with Jim. There’s always been a creepy kind of flirtation in all of their dealings (the underwear, the phone number, “…or are you pleased to see me”,”Daddy’s had enough now” and this is before the fellating of the pistol in TAB). 

Jim is as interested in Sherlock sexually as he is in his mind. Sexual access and control is what he wants. He wants to own Sherlock utterly.

Sherlock knows this. If he’s going to convince Jim that they’re the same, that’s what he has to offer.

Look at what he says:

SHERLOCK (his voice becoming more ominous): Oh, I may be on the side of the angels, but don’t think for one second that I am one of them.

And that’s when Jim decides that Sherlock is in earnest, and is willing to offer him exactly what he wants after all. “I’m no angel” can refer to the state of Sherlock’s soul, but also to what he chooses to do with his body. 

“Prepared to do anything.”

Sherlock is offering himself to Jim here, body and soul, to save John. 

And we know that this is nothing short of Sherlock’s whole self, don’t we? He loves dancing, he’s always has, he lives in hope of the right case, but he’s going to throw it all away and dance with the devil instead, if it means saving John.


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Late Nights

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Request;  7- Theo Raeken

Prompt; “C’mere, you can sit on my lap until I’m done working.”

People paint a very different picture compared to the reality of moving in with your other half. Of course there are the good things like making breakfast in the mornings, coming home to someone who loves you, always having his giant shirts to sleep in, and there was always the sex. But, what no one ever tells you about were the things that aren’t as pretty of a picture. 

There’s bickering over almost everything: closet space, who is doing the dishes, who’s supposed to cook that night, the temperature of the apartment, and then there was the whole “was it really necessary to stir up more problems with that rival pack” argument that seemed to be more apparent than most. These things were always solved easily, but there was still that one thing that kind of bothered you. As much as your lives were so intertwined, Theo still kept his secrets. It’s not like it bothered you too much, you had your own skeletons in the closet. But, sometimes his skeletons seemed to overflow and he was barely able to keep that door closed. 

His secrets made you feel this sense of loneliness at times. Sometimes he’d come home and not even bother to say hello; he’d just walk through the door and straight to his work room, staying locked in there for hours. At some point you’d feel your bed dip and a strong arm curl around you, but it usually wasn’t until at least two or three in the morning.

Tonight was no different either. You were sat on the couch curled up in a blanket and flipping through the TV channels when you heard him unlock the front door and shuffle in. The rain was pouring heavy outside and you could hear his shoes squeak against the hard floor as he walked in. When you hear him come closer, you lift your head up and give him a sweet smile. He’s soaking wet from the rain and his hood is still over his head as he walks past. 

“Hi baby”, he mumbles once he sees you and then bends down to kiss your forehead. 

You’re about to ask him how his days been, until you realize he’s walking away again and towards his room. Your smile starts to curve into a frown and you’re left alone again once his door slams shut. With a sigh, you bury yourself deeper into the couch and under the blanket and glue your eyes back to the TV. 

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fentysdesperado  asked:

Hi, I just wanted your opinion on something. Do you think someone can be Christian and Jewish at the same time without being messianic Jewish? Do you think it's possible to follow multiple faiths at the same time? Just wanted to know if you think it could work or not

There’s a lot to unpack here, but I think you’ve come to the right place, at least for one single opinion on a topic that involves a lot of issues and people.

However, to begin:

“Do you think someone can be Christian and Jewish at the same time without being messianic Jewish?”

Messianics are not Christian and Jewish - they are Christian. They merely call themselves Jews and appropriate our culture. This is complicated, of course, by the fact that there are actual Jewish people (ethnically speaking) who have been recruited by them, usually through lies or misinformation, or just general pressure or emotional manipulation.

So I don’t think a Messianic can be Christian and Jewish - they’re just Christian.

If you’re asking if someone can be Christian and Jewish at the same time (just any old someone, let’s say), my short answer is: culturally, most certainly; religiously, as a method of exploring identity.

However, all of my response concerns interfaith people - those who are born into families with multiple religions or areligions present. That includes siblings and extended family as well as parents. As far as someone being non-interfaith, I’ll get to that later.

To begin, as someone who comes from an interfaith family, I want to tell everyone out there who’s like me, especially kids, that it is absolutely possible to culturally celebrate Judaism and Christianity. That is, for instance, celebrating Christmas and Pesach. Or going to church and to synagogue. People who say you (an interfaith person) has to “”””choose what””””” you identify as are fucking ridiculous. Interfaith people are not appropriating or disrespecting either of their faiths (or among many of their faiths if there’s more than two involved); they have a right to be part of both communities.

That doesn’t exempt them from doing things that might be harmful to those communities, just as it doesn’t exempt people within those communities from doing harmful things. A Jewish person from a completely Jewish household and a Jewish person from an interfaith household are equally capable of saying and doing things that are harmful to the Jewish community, for example.

This comes up a lot with patrilineals - I was actually thinking a lot today about an ask I once received after I made quite a few posts defending patrilineals in the Jewish community. The ask went along the lines of, “What about patrilineals that haven’t been raised in the community?” People try and gatekeep and reject people when they aren’t in a position to do so.

As far as whether a person can be religiously Christian and Jewish, the general is consensus is no, you can’t actually do that. But the relationships that interfaith people have with their spirituality isn’t just as simple as “choose one.” In a way that’s different than religious people questioning their religion or converting, interfaith people have often been raised equally in two or more faiths, and so are in the position that those theologies are part of their identities.

I think non-interfaith people are quick to jump on interfaith people for not being sure or taking part in religious ceremonies from multiple faiths because they need to “””choose””” one when those religions are theologically all part of their identity. So an interfaith person might, for instance, have a bat/bar mitzvah as well as being confirmed in a church. To a lot of people outside of the interfaith community, that’s hella weird and borders on faithlessness or heresy or betrayal or what have you, but for a lot of interfaith people, our relationship with our faiths is very complicated. It can take a long, long time to figure out how we want to express ourselves or our spirituality. Some of us never figure it out.

In addition, a lot of interfaith people are actually obligated because of cultural or religious tradition to take part in their faiths. This might be an internal obligation - they might have a strong personal conviction that their identity requires them to be active in multiple religious communities - or it could be from external pressures. It’s ridiculous how many times interfaith people are criticized for taking part in multiple religions when it is more than possible (and often common, unfortunately) that the parents involved are pushing or forcing them to taking part in multiple religions. Some interfaith people don’t have the option of not believing (or at least not appearing to believe) in their parents’ religions.

So in the sense of discovering one’s identity, fleshing out who you are, or observing tradition, it’s also more acceptable that interfaith people could be religiously (in addition to culturally) Christian and Jewish.

However, this only concerns interfaith people. If a Christian is just deciding to push into Jewish spaces and start appropriating Jewish customs, that’s unacceptable. You cannot be Christian and Jewish religiously if you aren’t interfaith. This is because Christianity and Judaism have not only dissimilar qualities but qualities that are in direct contrast to one another. You cannot be a Jewish person who believes that Hashem is a single, all-powerful being and also believe a Christian who believes in the Trinity. Those are contradictory principles (and just one of many dissimilarities between the two).

This obviously excludes converts, who often practice Judaism before they’re fully converted, something I don’t have a problem with. They’re going to be Jewish in just a sec, and I personally can see why it would be important to quite literally practice things before you fully enter into your new life, just to ease your anxiety. However, at the same time, unless they’re forced to, they’re not supposed to be practicing Christianity at the same time, so it’s not really a situation of practicing both at the same time. The only situation I can think of that would involve that is if their conversion would then make their family or loved ones part of an interfaith unit (as in, one parent converts to Judaism and one to Christianity, for instance).

So to summarize and answer your questions:

Messianics are not Christian and Jewish, they’re just gross Christians.

Yes, it’s possible to take part in multiple faiths at the same time, both culturally and religiously, if you’re an interfaith person.

Yes, it can work, and it’s actually often beneficial for someone who’s interfaith or potentially interfaith (as in, someone who is seriously considering converting to another religion) to take part religiously and culturally in multiple faiths as a way to explore their identities and find out who they are and find peace in their life.

There’s probably a lot I missed but I think this is at least a good start.