I was fighting with my parents because they were trying to get me to accept this creepy porcelain doll as my new baby sister, and my younger sisters were on their side. By oozing through the wall into their room that night, I found out that they were actually only pretending to accept the doll into our family so that they could keep all the presents and treats my parents would give it.

tadhdfw you spent so long not knowing about rsd that you legitimately started to wonder if you have a personality disorder bc the fear of rejection colors so much of your behavior and having it flare up feels a lot like how people describe splitting. but now that you know it could be “just an adhd thing” you dont know what to do with this part of yourself. why didnt anyone tell me adhd can get THIS BAD


Nobody has been maimed this week.

Nobody has lost a finger on kitchen duty.

Nobody has had their brains beaten to a pulp by a carelessly unattended mop

Nobody has been squirted with modelling glue in the TV room, and had lit matches flicked at them until they were engulfed by tiny screaming flames.

It has been a very good and fortunate week so far, reflects Raj. And the fact that Mia is coming to see him tomorrow might make it one of the best weeks he has ever had.


In honor of LGBTQA+ Pride Month, I’ve written what was supposed to be a short snippet that quickly turned into a monster.

Quick shout out to my boo thang @catastrophicfawn. Here’s the H2OVanoss I promised you, even though its not the one I sent you initially. Lmao

And To my wonderful and amazing girlfriend, @heidipoo-xox, who reads everything I write to make sure it’s not garbage. I love you babe. Happy Pride. <3

Last note, there is a part where there is homophobic language that may be triggering to some. It’s quick and its short, but it helps with the message and I just want y’all to be aware.

That’s it! Love you guys and I hope ye enjoy! <3

In small towns, the likelihood of a person coming out as a member of the LGBTQ community was rare. More often than not, these individuals will remain deep in their own personal closets, afraid of the persecution that comes along with being themselves, until they can move away and pursue the life they’ve always wanted. There were other times however, where they would express themselves, come out with the thought that they could never live in a world where they were in a lie. These ones decided to deal with the dirty looks, the mean words, and the nasty rumors that circled about their own personal lives. It was hard, and trying on their mental and emotional states, but sometimes, they were able to find the support they craved.

For Jonathan Smith, it was all a reality.

He was thirteen when we understood that he wasn’t attracted to women.

At his best friend’s birthday party, he found himself ironically locked in a closet with a female classmate. When she leaned in to kiss him, as the game insisted, he hesitated. In the end, he did kiss the girl, but it left him asking questions about himself. He should have been happy, elated even, to have the opportunity to kiss one of the most popular girls in school. Instead, he found himself wondering what it would be like to kiss his best friend. It didn’t help when the intense feeling of jealousy bubbled up from his gut when Evan went into the closet with who would turn out to be his girlfriend for the next four years.

It took a year of soul searching, of crippling depression, of always thinking that there was something wrong with him. It wasn’t until his older brother, Luke, took him to a Pride parade in Washington DC and confided in him that he himself was bisexual, that Jonathan finally had what he was looking for.

He was gay, and he was proud.

Evan was the first person he told, and cried heavily when his best friend said that it didn’t change anything, and that he’d always love him.

So he started living a little more freely; within a month, the entire high school knew. And while he had earned some support, he had also gained some enemies.

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I’m just going to put it all out there honestly. Until tonight I have never even fucking heard of this Thomas Sanders person. I talked to another mod about this and she hasn’t either and as far as I can tell, all active mods tonight have not heard of this guy. 

You anons accusing us of spreading a smear campaign against him are seriously fucking ridiculous trying to start some shit because not only have we never heard of him, we’ve never made an original post about him or reblogged anything about these accusations against him. The FIRST TIME his name was even brought up on this blog was by an anon who brought him up randomly in an ask about something completely different.

Someone on anon accused us of being against aces because there was “a big aphobe trend in the notes of these posts.” Which, 1. we do not have control over our notes and 2. we have no idea what you were initially talking about. THEN we got another anon (possibly the same person) saying that we were “against aces,” which, again, I asked how are we responsible for what happens in the notes. Then we got this anon ask:

you reblogged 1 terf-y post from moon-boob, and just a few posts down on that blog is this post: moon-boob. tumblr. com/post/161629535365/ so with one click I saw both terf and aphobe nonsense straight from your blog. To fill in the Thomas Sanders details: he stated he was ok with NSFW fan art from his fans. An underage fan drew such, he was unaware of their age and shared it - and as soon as he learned they were underage he removed it and clarified NSFW had to be of-age as well to be OK by him.

So you accuse of this stuff yet don’t even link something from our blog, instead you link some random shit from another blog who we reblogged from. And for some reason bring in this Thomas Sanders guy, who this random blog has apparently posted about. So somehow that means WE are smearing him somehow??

Then we start getting a wave of messages about this guy saying that we need to police our followers responses and people telling us about this whole Thomas Sanders pedophilia accusations. Which, ONCE AGAIN, we know nothing about this guy and nothing about any of this stuff regarding him so, AS WE SAID BEFORE, we are not in a position to talk about this because we literally know nothing besides what a few people are randomly feeding to us in a limited word ask. Like, this involves some pretty serious topics so we’re not going to act like experts on the goddamn subject when we know nothing about it. 

And then now we’re getting asks like this:

No, people are sending you information about what happened with Thomas Sanders because you shared a smear campaign that was literally made because people didn’t like that he supports aces/aros. That’s what everyone has been trying to tell you. Maybe try to get more information on what happened surrounding an event before sharing stuff like that??

And like, how the fuck are we sharing a smear campaign against this guy when we’ve LITERALLY NEVER TALKED ABOUT THIS GUY. You’re telling us to get more information before we talk about the subject and like… we haven’t. So what the literal fuck are you all going on about?
Demonstrators Block Pride Parade In Protest Of Philando Castile Verdict
March organizers are urged to help "combat state violence."