TW9 - Kew Gardens

I know, Kew isn’t  a SW postcode, I have been cheating a little bit here.

It is still part of London though and it is geographically South West - It has to be included into the South London wonders list.

Those victorian greenhouses are something indescribable. The light was just magical.. 

Actual things said by Kankri Vantas in [S] ACT 6 INTERMISSION 3 Part 2
  • To Porrim:D9 I l99k like a wiggler t9 y9u, P9rrim? N9, I d9n't. It's 6een three sweeps, plus eternity, f9r, excuse me, "fuck's" sake. [...] #micr9aggressi9ns #n9 wait #MACR9agressi9ns m9re like
  • To Porrim:P9rrim, please d9n't hit 9n my re699ted kid ancest9r-desendant. It's really weird. N9t t9 menti9n, he l99ks exactly like me? I mean, kind 9f 96vi9usly? S9 when y9u're hitting 9n him, it's like y9u're hitting 9n me at the exact same time, which like I said. It's weird. #It's weird
  • To Porrim:I always preferred t9 lead a relatively chaste existence [...] Alth9ugh staying "relatively" chaste t9 y9u I supp9se is n9t saying much.
  • To Porrim:#TW #Derailment #Train wrecks #Ch99 ch99 catastr9phes
  • To Karkat, regarding Porrim:#Village tw9 wheel device
  • To Porrim:I fail t9 see h9w gender fact9rs int9 the discussi9n in a way that can 6e effectively and rati9nally pr96lematized. Where is the r99m f9r unexamined privilege in the dich9t9my? I d9n't see it.
  • To Porrim:#Fr9wned up9n #Fr9wns all ar9und #Welc9me t9 fr9wn t9wn
  • To Porrim:Sh9uld I g9 fetch y9ur m9irail t9 help settle y9u d9wn? And if s9, wh9 exactly w9uld 6e filling that quadrant t9day? #It's the may9r, right? #G9tta 6e the may9r
  • To Porrim:In the future, I'll thank y9u n9t t9 em6arrass me in fr9nt 9f my new disciples. Friends. I mean friends. #Wait, what did I say? #Definitely meant friends
  • To Porrim:#I mean... #en9rm9us in pr9gressive virtue
  • To Porrim:N9! n9, st9p. D9n't t9uch me, I g9t it! #SEE??? #It's fine [Kankri proceeds to wipe his face with his sleeve]
  • To Porrim:I keep telling y9u, I have n9 interest in 6ef9ran p9ssessi9ns. #9r Alternian #9r Earthly [...] I was perfectly happy with9ut the sweater! T9 6e h9nest, I'm less than thrilled with h9w it 96scures my pant line. #Y9u can't even see my nice 6elt
  • To Meenah:Karkat and I were 9nly a few h9urs fr9m wrapping up 9ur first 9f what I'm presuming will 6e many, many sessi9ns t9geter. #s9 many
  • To Meenah:#Herding all these g9ddamn w99l6easts #Fuckin pain in the ass

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I'll givwe you a skink for a kiss doll. ~hopeless-seahorses

are y9u sure? s9metimes my kisses turn pe9ple int9 tricksters. i think there was like tw9 times where it didnt happen, which w9uld 6e with a terezi ive met ( @askoppositeterezi ) and 9ne 9f the times with Kra6cakes.