[Battlefield Commentary]

Jeff Davis: Now, here’s a scene that I love and that I was very nervous about writing. I knew that if we were going to create Isaac, Daniel Sharman’s character, as a villain mostly throughout this season, that we were gonna have to redeem him at some point. And the way we choose to do that, is through a puppy.

Christian Taylor: Mmm, that’s clever…‘cause people fall for it. They fall for the dogs. 


Jeff: Now, I told hair and make-up that Isaac needed to look absolutely angelic in this scene. He needed to look beautiful because this is the scene that was going to redeem his character and make him a hero. 

Christian: And it’s like transitioning him into being one of Scott’s sort of…

Jeff: Pack. 


Jeff: And look at that dog! If you want a character in the audiences’ eyes? Put him with a cute dog. 

[Battlefield Commentary]

Jeff Davis: Now, what the people at home should also know is that we’re recording this commentary track at a sound studio called “Margarita Mix.” And we’ve just been served margaritas. So if the quality of our commentary goes downhill? Blame the studio, not us.


[13 minutes in]

Christian Taylor: If you’re hearing clinking ice, it’s because we’re drinking Margaritas. I’m sorry.

[Battlefield Commentary]

Jeff Davis: We love to do titles that have double meanings. Battlefield, as in, they’re going to be in a full-on battle. But also battlefield, as in, a good bit of this episode is going to take place on the lacrosse field, where Stiles is going through his own battle.