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Do you prefer Yennefer or Triss?

If you asked me this question when I was beginning my adventure with The Witcher 3, I would yell YENNEFER!!!! because I really like her in the books. I actually did yell about Yen a lot, because people asked me about this.

But now… when I’ve finished TW3…

Triss. Definitely Triss. I wasn’t fond of her in TW1 and TW2, so I really kept my distance from her in my first playthrough. But I spent some time with both, Triss and Yen and now I can tell you that Yen landed on my list of the most irritating video game characters. Don’t get me wrong here, I still do like her in general and I don’t cringe when I see other fans shipping her with Geralt (it was a destiny after all, right?). But she really got on my nerves in this game. A couple of times. Or more like… most of the time. While Triss suddenly became a very likeable character for me. I can’t explain why… Maybe because The Lodge didn’t exist anymore?

But tbh, I chose neither of them in my first game and I got a very satisfying and a little bitter-sweet ending for Geralt. Exactly how it should be imo :P

I also should mention that I really don’t like when I am forced into a relationship with some character in video games. It’s different when I read a book or watch a movie. But in a video game? No. That’s why I dislike most of romances in AC games. I don’t have any control over it. And that’s why I appreciate ME and DA where I have full control over it. I kinda expected a similar approach in TW3 since it’s an RPG, even if we don’t create our own character. Yeah, right… it’s based on the books and in the books Geralt and Yennefer were bonded by a spell and destiny. OKAY, I GET IT. But Yennefer with her ‘I do what I want and Geralt is just my puppet’ attitude put me off. REALLY put me off. Then she was shitless scared when I broke the spell and told her that I have no feelings for her, while she definitely still felt something for Geralt. Somehow even after that she felt entitled to keep her irritating attitude B(

So here we go… Here’s my small rant about TW3, because I can’t only praise the game :P

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I know you said you wouldn't, but perhaps you might reconsider doing a Witcher 3 review or just rant? It's rather sickening to see the media make it the next messiah, after taking the piss on TW2, when in every way it's a dumbed down game compared to it's predecessor. But hey "greatest game EVAH!"...until Fallout 4 comes out of course.