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in honour of graduating in less than two weeks i wanna make a basic summary of the shit i pulled off in high school

  • drank vodka straight from a mug in latin class without the teacher noticing and when she asked me to do some task i nailed it by saying “scio me nihil scire”
  • got pizza for money collected from class with my friends. multiple times. 
  • had an energy drink every single day of senior year. each one.
  • asked my history teacher if i could leave to get coffee (a coffee machine is right outside our history classroom) and left to starbucks. 
  • skipped class to make blingees
  • when secretary approached me to tell me that tattoos are against school regulations i pulled my sleeves down and said “what tattoos”
  • got a principal’s reprimand for leaving school grounds (it’s important for the story i’ll write later on)
  • right after harambe happened i started a Harambe Movement at my school which was basically just putting harambe pictures and memes around school
  • one of the memes was making fun of our principal for giving reprimands to adult students leaving school grounds and i won’t be exaggerating if i say that every high schooler in my town knows this meme.
  • the funniest thing- i was threatened with principal’s reprimand for sharing a meme making fun of our principal for giving reprimands for stupid reasons. the fanpage is annonymous tho so i didn’t have any consequences.
  • after time harambe movement somehow turned into a Communist Student Party, now everyone knows that people who put memes around school are angry communists who fight for students liberation. 
  • i have a habit of drawing in maths and once in test i drew a hundred chairs just to picture it better. got additional points for drawing skills and patience for drawing a hundred identical chairs.
  • every single project i had i made sure there was one slightly disturbing thing on my pendrive (”blood kink fanfics”, “michael jackson & booze”) and watched my classmates look at it in terror
  • had a detailed plan to vaporize booze on my prom (which failed only because i got a tattoo appointment for my best friend 7 hours before prom and didn’t have time to get everything done)
  • did my friend’s full face make up in history class. when my teacher asked what i was doing i just said “makeup”
  • forced my biology teacher to tell us about zombie ants and spent entire hour asking questions about that topic. (honestly research that, metal as fuck)
  • got very stoned before my social studies test and it was the only time when i got a good grade. my teacher wanted to become a philosopher as a child.
  • when it snowed my friend and i wrote “bio-chem sux” in snow on our school’s court, each letter was like 3 meters tall. we are bio-chem class.
  • when in additional bio class (starting at 7:20) our teacher asked me to explain photosynthesis i just answered with “i don’t know, the only thing that matters is that it works, why do we even have to look into that” while drinking coffee
  • learnt definition of personal space by heart and said it to everyone who tried to hug me on “national hugs day” because our school hosted some kind of fucked competition on number of hugs.
  • went to a gay bar with physics teacher on a school trip
  • threw a birthday party for my friend in school basement, with champagne, birthday cake and candles
  • brought cards against humanity to each english class for two weeks straight. after that we gave our teacher a cake as an apology for not paying attention to her subject, she was so happy she let us play CAH for one more class and while she was listening to pink floyd
  • went to church with class because we were all supposed to go and complained about “shitty karaoke equipment” for the whole mass

i still have a few days left and i’m thinking about making my “vaporize vodka” plan real. 

5th Year Masterlist

Absolutely Giddy by sugar4ndroses

Fifth-year SnowBaz

Dating Agatha Wellbelove by andonewillbringhisfall

Simon is dating Agatha, but he’s obsessed with Baz. Pretty standard.

Fifth Year by asknatashapitch

I found this journal in an old box of my mother’s possessions in the Mage’s office. The Mage must not have taken down my mother’s wards if I can still enter.

Fire and Blood by qiu-jin

He’s plotting something. He always is—I just know it.

Improvise by arituzz

That moment in fifth year.

lost boys (tw) by sagemb

simon snow’s brains are bleeding out. and baz is laughing because he feels cold for the first time in ten years.

not anymore (tw) by memiinger

Simon Snow dies in the snow.

This universe has the worst sense of humor.

Out of Reach by okbutbaz

fifth year!snowbaz

Sore Loser by carry-on-kissing-snowbaz

Baz doesn’t realize yet that he’s in love with Simon

That Couldn’t Have Happened, Right? by theinsidiouscinnamonroll

Baz was about ready to snap. He felt claustrophobic, not able to take a second to breathe. Everything was just crushing upon him, causing problem after problem, none of which he could fix. He felt like a rabbit being cornered in by a ferocious wolf, and he was powerless.

two can keep a secret (if one of them is dead) by animeangelriku

AU in which Simon and Baz have been best friends since their first day at the Watford School of Magicks. Before their fifth year ends, Baz confesses a deep, dark secret that might just jeopardize their friendship

When You Lose, You Lose… by carry-on-kissing-snowbaz

Baz knew that he was waiting for something to go wrong. Every day he was around Snow, wanting him or wanting to kill him, he knew that he would lose something. His sanity, his heart, his hope…Baz was going to lose, he just didn’t know how yet.

The Snow: Chapter 8

Sansa covered her mouth just in time to muffle the startled shriek that burst out of it.  She whirled around to check on Jon, who only moaned and shuffled his body a quarter of a turn toward the wall.  But it was the most movement she’d seen from him since he had stomped out of the kitchen after their shouting match two nights before, and Sansa smiled wanly.  Then she remembered that someone might just have broken into the flat.  She frantically pawed through Jon’s chest of drawers to look for a hammer or a pocketknife or anything she could use to defend herself.  When she came up empty, she opened the door and peered out cautiously before scampering into the laundry room, where, after all, she had found the tarp, bucket, and other purely utilitarian items.

Before she had gotten halfway across the hall, it occurred to Sansa that, for one thing, even if there were in fact any burglars idiotic enough to risk going out and plying their trade with the sheer amount of snow on the ground outside, they would be doubly and triply idiotic to try it in such a well secured community.  For another, she could not be entirely sure that the noise had not come from the neighboring flat.  None of that stopped her from rifling through the drawers of Jon’s utility shelving, though, or from grabbing the first hammer she could find.  She realized belatedly that the sound, if it had originated from Jon’s flat at all, had come from the utility area behind the laundry room, which meant that any intruders present in the flat had had more than enough time to attack her already.  That, however, did not stop her from brandishing the hammer, inching open the door leading out of the laundry room until she could reach the light switch, and hitting the switch as hard as she could while kicking the door back into the wall.

To Sansa’s utter relief and embarrassment, the light revealed a few boxes arranged in neat stacks against the opposite wall and nothing else.  She leaned her head back against the wall behind her and let out a long sigh.  

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But what now?

So, no kiss but snow cones. The last episode of Season 11 was a Will it…? episode - and a little predictable in a way. Will it?s are always guaranteed to entertain, and they are funny, but I have to say I was hoping for a more special finale somehow.

I’ve never had a snow cone - they are not common around here. We have real snow (which I have eaten) five months out of a year, so maybe that explains why we prefer not to have snow in the summer. It doesn’t explain why Finns eat more ice-cream in a year than most other nationalities, though…

The first cone sounded ok, but I have to agree with Rhett - it seems like just an ice-cream without milk, and I think all the ingredients of the first cone would have been better in ice-cream format.

I was probably even more grossed out by the bbq and sushi cone than I was with the blood cone. Over 20 years ago, when I was still a carnivore, I accidentally ate a frozen piece of ham. It was very unappetizing and weirdly watery. Frozen rice is nasty, too, so eww at these.

The shaving cream cone must have been horrible. I get a migraine from strong smells, too, and putting something as fragrant into my mouth would probably be very traumatic.

In Finland, blood is a fairly common food item. I can think of at least three blood dishes which all are popular here. There’s the black (blood) sausage, blood pancakes, and blood pudding. All quite the opposite of gag worthy

There are so many crew members these days! When they mentioned their favourite moments in season 11, I would have liked to hear more answers from everyone. And I probably would have shouted my own answer, kissing through hands, from the top of my lungs.

This has been a truly enjoyable season, with several episodes worth rewatching. Right now, August seems so far away, but Rhett and Link deserve a chance to relax and have a vacation after such a hectic first half of the year. I can’t wait to see season 12! Thank you for all the mythicality, @rhettandlink !

But what am I supposed to do with my spare time now? 😣

Hogwarts in the winter

Hogwarts in the winter is the smell of a warm meal as students push their way inside after hours outside in the snow. It’s stories of childhood and misadventure told long into the night to friends drunk on Firewhiskey. It’s pink fingers that burn in the sudden heat of the Great Hall’s fireplaces, and snow-crusted eyelashes. It’s heavy cloaks and house scarves hiding giggling faces. 

Hogwarts in the winter is a distracted History of Magic Class when a sixth year Ravenclaw realizes that it’s snowing and points it out to the whole class. It’s small puffs of clouded air as students head to Hogsmeade, and the small trail of footprints they leave behind. It’s icicles hanging from the roof and two foot essays on pincushion transfiguration. It’s peppermint frogs, and mugs of hot chocolate, and a snowy white owl that fades into a blizzard.

Hogwarts in the winter is hallways lined with wax-dripping candles and students up past their bedtimes in chunky home-woven sweaters. It’s the howl of the wind outside the window, and ghosts drifting through the walls of empty classrooms. It’s smoke rising from the castle’s many chimneys, and snowball fights in the early morning snowfall. It’s the moon hiding behind storm clouds, and a single light in the Gryffindor common room as a young girl curls up with a book and a large white cat.

Hogwarts in the winter is the branches of the Whomping Willow weighed down with snow. It’s cold basements and mis-performed heating charms that lead to full grown fires. It’s mittened fingers struggling to grasp a quill, and Quidditch games that last for nine hours due to poor visibility. It’s the sound of bells, and song, and laughter, and a Slytherin prefect telling the first years to watch themselves on the ice.

Hogwarts in the winter is the whistle of a train far off in the distance. It’s friends holding each other close and falling asleep beneath a shared blanket. It’s letters from family for some and nothing for others. It’s a time where the students watch for downcast eyes, and present a lonely face with their last chocolate frog and an adventure in the library. It’s a time of warmth, and comfort, and hope.

It’s Hogwarts. It’s winter. And it’s full of love.

Autumn / Spring / Summer

Baz!POV Masterlist

Baz Visits the Catacombs by flirtybaz (tw)

“How could you?” I whimpered to the dark, cold space around me. “How could you leave me like that?” 

Be My Religion by arituzz (tw)

Baz is desperately in love with his roommate, Simon. But Simon thinks homosexuality is a sin.

drunken texts by carryonsnowflakes (tw)

It was sent by accident. Something that was never supposed to be seen, except by the eyes of the author. It was simple enough, a small happy birthday text addressed to one Simon Snow. It sat unsent for quite awhile, destined to be a draft in his phone for the rest of eternity.

Idol by arituzz

Simon Snow is a pop star. Basilton Pitch is a lesser-known singer and violinist. Obviously, Baz loathes Snow. Or does he? 

lost boys by sagemb (tw)

simon snow’s brains are bleeding out. and baz is laughing because he feels cold for the first time in ten years. 

On the other side by bazwearsjeans (tw)

Simon Snow is a Shadowhunter assigned to Watford. When he gets injured during an attack, his roommate Baz patches him up. 

out of reach by okbutbaz

It’s a form of torture really.Being this close to someone I love and not being able to hold his hand, stroke his cheeks, kiss him goodnight…

Sign Your Name Across My Heart by arituzz (tw)

The name of your soulmate will appear on your chest the day you turn eighteen. Simon is taken aback when he sees his. Baz doesn’t know whether to feel hope or drown in his own sorrow. 

simple by cosmeticaphelion

baz and simon are the best of friends. no-watford. baz broods over imposibilities. alcohol is involved. 

Speechless by arituzz

The silence of your enemy is better than their words. Because sometimes, silence speaks louder than your voice. 

The Kill Shot by qiu-jin (tw)

You’ve got him alone, and now you don’t know what to do.

Punch him? Kill him? Kiss him?

When I see you again by arituzz (tw)

The irony of it all is that I’m already dead. No, the cruel joke is that I don’t die. And there are things much worse than death for me to expierence forever. 

When You Lose, You Lose… by carry-on-kissing-snowbaz

Baz knew that he was waiting for something to go wrong. Every day he was around Snow, wanting him or wanting to kill him, he knew that he would lose something. His sanity, his heart, his hope…Baz was going to lose, he just didn’t know how yet.

Reader Insert Masterlist Part V

Reader inserts:

Guardians Of The Galaxy:

Teen Wolf:


Jurassic World: 

Harry Potter:


Criminal Minds:


Assassin’s Creed:


The Outsiders:


The Maze Runner:


Indiana Jones:

Mad Max:

Falling Skies:

Until Dawn:

The Internship:

Doctor Who:

Star Wars:

Dragon Age:

  • Heal My Wounds- (Anders/Reader) TW: Blood, pain, typical battle stuffs

Star Trek:

BBC Musketeers:


Brooklyn Nine Nine:

Star Wars:

Teen Wolf:

LOTR/The Hobbit:


The Maze Runner:

Star Trek:


The Outsiders:

Harry Potter:


Until Dawn:





The Internship:

Guardians Of The Galaxy:


BBC Musketeers:

  • You Always Know Better- (Porthos)



  • Support- (Peter Parker) TW: mild angst

Buffy The Vampire Slayer:

Resident Evil:

Doctor Who:

Jessica Jones:


8th year Masterlist

A Side of Me You Never Found by rosebudbasilton

Is it so hard to believe, that maybe I like you?

Come Back To Me by andonewillbringhisfall

I don’t let myself think about Watford over the summer.

I have a list that I made, years ago, of things that I tuck away in the back of my mind and don’t let myself miss.

Dreaming by pixiecodesnowbaz

I stare blankly at the ceiling, stealing long glances at Snow. Simon Snow. In my house. In my room. On my couch.

Netflix and Chill by isthata-period

“What about ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?’”

Simon groaned from his spot on the grass. “Isn’t that from The Sound of Music?”

Not Alone by bazwillendinflames

Since the ‘Numpty Incident’, I’ve been more exhausted than ever. As if being dead wasn’t hard enough. (Half dead? It’s not like I can google it.)

On the other side by bazwearsjeans (tw)

Simon Snow is a Shadowhunter assigned to Watford. When he gets injured during an attack, his roommate Baz patches him up.

shadows and moonlight by thepessimisticasshole (tw)

baz is in his coffin and all he thinks about is simon snow.

The Most Powerful Magic by arituzz

Words are very powerful. That’s what we’ve always been told. But what are words? Are they really just a combination of spoken sounds? No, they are clearly much more. Words are meaning. Words can be written. Words can be said with our hands, or with our body. And words can be left unspoken.  

you were never supposed to leave by eroticgropefest (tw)

What if Fiona hadn’t found Baz?

What did you say? by arituzz

Baz has recently learnt Dutch and has decided to practice it, to Simon’s sorrow.


requested by anon

You watched as Robb hoisted your little boy onto his shoulders and ran about, making your son squeal with excitement. No one besides you really knew that the child Robb raised wasn’t actually his. It was awful and you regretted the night that you slept with his brother every day. You would never forgive yourself for it. What was done, was done, and now, Robb cared and loved for the boy like he was his. Hopefully in years, Robb would know no different to what he believed now.

Crossover/Fusion Masterlist

A Coincindental Encounter by snowkatze

The snow is falling lightly and Baz’ breath sends little clouds in the air.

“Funny,” he murmurs, “you look like someone I used to know.”

On the other side by bazwearsjeans (tw)

Simon Snow is a Shadowhunter assigned to Watford. When he gets injured during an attack, his roommate Baz patches him up.

this place is heaven by rosebudbasilton (tw)

I do not deserve to be here.

Okay, sure: I’m pretty much a piece of shit stuck to the bottom of society’s shoe, and an ASBO is probably the only thing keeping me from doing something completely destructive and possibly permanent - but here?

Until Dawn by arituzz

“Okay, calm down, Izzy,” I tell her through the phone. “You say that Alec and Magnus have disappeared? Have you checked Magnus apartment?”

“Yes, Simon, of course I have! They weren’t there,” she says, hysterical. “I think the Humdrum has kidnapped them.”

You Are My LittlePuff by arituzz

Simon and Baz play Pokémon Go.

Your Hands Are Cold by pensievegraves

“Well, then,” he says, voice small. Their eyes meet, in the way the ocean’s deep blue seems to kiss the sky’s swirl of grey moments before a tempest. Snow has never touched him. Has he?

anonymous asked:


It was never my intention to get drunk with Simon.

But, as I should have figured out by now, things never seemed to go the way I intended.


Aunt Fiona had sent me a bottle of vodka in the mail. I don’t know how she did it. Or why. But the fact of the matter was that I had it stored under my bed, and I wanted to drink it. Summer was quickly approaching, and as the temperatures continued to rise Simon had taken to sleeping with his shirt off.

God knows what that did to me.

Nowadays, it was all I could do to keep it together.

Late one afternoon, when the sun was just starting to settle behind the treetops of the Wavering Wood, I took out the bottle and headed out to the grounds. I figured I’d be left alone near the edge of the forest, where the shadows would easily obscure me.

I walked fast, the bottle tucked beneath my shirt. I wasn’t sure what the penalty for this would be, and I didn’t want to find out.

I wanted to forget, for at least a little while.

So consumed in my own thoughts, my own priorities, I didn’t notice Snow barreling towards me until it was too late.

“What the fuck?” I snapped as his chest rammed into mine. The bottle slipped from beneath my shirt and I just barely managed to catch it before it smashed to pieces on the stone floor.

Simon took a step back, and I could already feel the magic pulsing beneath his skin. God, I didn’t need this right now. If he went off—

“I was just heading up to our dorm,” he snapped, crossing his arms, jaw clenched in defiance.

I knew I had to be careful. He was already on edge—I didn’t want to be the one that sent him over.

(Did I?)

We stood still for a moment, staring at each other, waiting. A sudden fleeting image of his bare skin raced behind my eyes, jolting me back into reality. I looked away, hoping my cheeks weren’t as red as they felt.

“Where are you going, Pitch?” said Simon. He glanced at the bottle in my hands,  now totally visible, and his eyes widened slightly.

I met his eyes again, forcing razors into my gaze.

“I’m going to get drunk,” I said with finality, pushing past him and heading onward.

I thought he had left me alone—surely, the boy couldn’t be that dense—but again, I was wrong.

“Wait.” His fingers were on my shoulder. I could feel the heat of him through the cloth of my shirt.

I turned slowly. He was standing much closer than before.

“I want to come with you.”

I let out a harsh laugh.

“No, you don’t,” I said.

He took another step closer, determination blazing in his irises.

“I’m coming with you. You can’t drink all of that on your own anyway.”

A million thoughts scattered through my mind at once. I wanted to push him away, send him off. I had to. Who knew what would happen?

But I couldn’t seem to get the words out.

“Fine,” I sighed.

And as we turned to walk towards the forest, I tried not to think about his bare skin.

(It was impossible).


He made the most ridiculous face.

“God, that’s awful,” he gasped. He clutched at his chest. “It burns.”

“What, you’ve never had vodka before?” I said with a smirk. I could feel the alcohol starting to work, letting me relax.

“No,” he said, surprising me.

We both sat on the hard-packed dirt of the Wavering Wood, leaning against a tree trunk. The bark dug into my skin, but I didn’t really care. I didn’t care about much, at the moment.

The sun had completely disappeared, and all the was left was a smear of burnt orange visible through the leaves overhead.

I took another drink. Personally, I liked the way it burned. I liked the way it traced a path from my throat to my stomach, lighting me on fire from within.

We were quiet for a long time, Simon and I. He was sitting so close, and for once I didn’t try to push him away. I thought about the way his back looked when he wasn’t wearing a shirt, the way it was peppered in freckles and moles. I thought about how silly it was that I was thinking about his moles.

Before I knew it, I was giggling.

“What?” asked Simon, the word sounding like it weighed a hundred pounds.

“It’s just funny,” I said, trying to hold back the laughter. No such luck. I laughed, loud and clear, and before I knew it Simon was laughing too.

He leaned against me, shoulder rubbing against mine as he laughed.

It took several minutes for us to calm down.

When he stopped laughing, he didn’t move away. He stayed where he was, leaning against me, like I was the only thing holding him up

(Really, it was the other way around).

“Tell me why we’re laughing so I don’t look like an idiot,” he said, poking me in the ribs.

“Too late,” I said, poking him back. He grabbed my hand before I could pull it away.

We sat there, shoulders touching, his fingers around mine.

I felt dizzy.

“No…Baz,” he began, shaking his head. “Tell me.” His eyelids were heavy.

I felt the words in my mouth before I said them. I felt them, and I tried to hold them back. But I couldn’t. What was the point? I was tired of fighting.

“I like you,” I said. Easily. Confidently. Like I did this all the time. Like those words hadn’t been tearing me apart for six years.

I waited for Simon to push me away. To let go of my hand.

Instead, he nodded.

“Figured as much,” he said, a sideways grin twisting his lips.

He kissed me.

It was the alcohol, I thought as his lips parted mine. There was no way this was real. But here we were, his hand holding mine, his body leaden and pressed against me. And I was dizzy. And overjoyed. And miserable.

All at once.

I knew I should stop. But his hands were in my hair now, and his breaths were my breaths, and my eyes were sealed shut…


As the world spun around me I held onto him for dear life, clinging to him like he was all I had left.

(In a way, he was).


Happy 10th Anniversary, Torchwood!

Yes! 10 years ago this very day, 22nd October, Torchwood broadcast its first ever episode on BBC3 at 9pm. Wooo!

I was there from before the start on my ol’ John barrowman Forum & on the Outpost Gallifrey* Forum bigging it up and enjoying it all and it’s been a blast ever since :o)

[*now Gallifrey Base, come join me on there someday to talk JB & TW, I’m Snow. :o)]