I’m sorry but if someone told you that they were interested in pedophilia in real life you would sure as hell be making a call to the authorities. Why is it different when someone is saying that they are interested in pedophilia in fandom? It’s all gross and can actually hurt people.

Your fandom needs are not more important than people’s safety. No I don’t defend your right to ship pedophilia and you absolutely shouldn’t support those ships. End of story.


It’s not every day that a super hot bearded guy hits on Stiles. Okay, so maybe the dude looks like a drug dealer. But he’s probably a really big softie who cries during romantic comedies and loves soft serve ice-cream. At least, that’s how Stiles tries reasoning getting into the car.

“Just so you know, my dad’s the sheriff.”

Derek laughs, a high pitched sound that sends Stiles’ heart into a frenzy.

“That’s okay,” Derek says. “I’m his new deputy.”

He flashes a set of extra pointy teeth.

Stiles gulps.

Little Moments to Imagine Your OTP in

•Late night shopping trips in nearly abandoned stores to buy ridiculous things
•Flopping down on their hotel bed after a long day of traveling
•Laying in the grass while watching the clouds slowly drift by
•Sitting on the roof on a starry night while sharing a bottle of liquor and venting about their life problems
•Drawing loving designs on each other’s hands
•Holding hands and staring out as the world ends
•Walking home after it rains and jumping in every puddle they see
•Chewing bubblegum and having competitions to see who can blow the biggest bubble
•Climbing into trees and sitting up there together as they talk about random things
•Staring out the window of a coffee shop as it snows and sipping their drinks as they forget about all of their worries
•Person A lightly kissing Person B’s forehead as B falls asleep on A’s shoulder