everyone stop listening to thicke for the love of dancesport and the friends you care about. it’s 4 weeks away from being the most popular song ever and *ugh* if we want everyone regardless of past experiences to dance their best at/enjoy a comp and not have awful memories, and if we want everyone in the audience/volunteering to have a good time watching the competitors, we’re gonna need people not to go BLUH BLUH IT’S THE #1 SONG EVER (OR EVEN A POPULAR SONG AT ALL) SO IT’S TOTALLY FAIR GAME FOR CHA OMG!!!!! no it’s an awful song that needs to go away forever.

*this has been a rant put into a dancesport context*

just had a panic attack in the car cos blurred lines came on the radio and my dad turned it up despite me asking him to turning it off cos he “loves this song”

do not feel great

Just had to get him to pull over so I could throw up

Should have thrown up on his head, arsehole