Fandom star sign jobs
  • Taurus:bitch slaps the haters.
  • Aries:screenshots "the butt" always. no matter what.
  • Capricorn:gives cookies to nice anons
  • Scorpio:visits different fandoms like an out of town relative. multifandom hoe. but passionate
  • Cancer:gifts us with the porn
  • Sagittarius:never loses hope. character death only counts when theirs a body.
  • Gemini:insightful bugger. notices everything. can spot foreshadowing in all forms.
  • Leo:keeps the peace. reminds us all that ship is love and don't let hate get mixed in it.
  • Virgo:Joker. will make all sorts of downright hilarious references. crack galore. keeps it lighthearted with a touch of naughty.
  • Libra:Creates true art and beauty. every moment for them is a gif moment. scenery porn is their first born.
  • Aquarius:spends whole life away on merch. worth it thought. cause their the coolest cat and they get all sortsa head nods from fellow fandomiters.
  • Pisces:knows their characters inside and out. even more than the actors. takes them in as a part of them.

kagami’s the only one who still takes those morons seriously

everyone else is 100% done, especially satsuki who has to bail them out

tatsuya knows nothing about it, leave him alone

[based on this]