Imagine: Derek wants to get back at Stiles for making him try on clothes that not only were much too small and had colors other than black and grey, but they had a pattern as well. So, he and the rest of the pack steal all of Stiles’ clothes except for a suit that doesn’t actually fit him.


IG Ivan Rakitic:

“@marcbartra, what a lap I gave you😋 I wish you the best in your new phase in Germany”
Marc Bartra’s Comment:

“How great you are! I will miss you so much my friend! I love you Goku!!!”

Prompt: Can you please do a oneshot when Nathan keeps on getting hit on a producer and the boys tease him about it but then Nathan gets raped and then the boys are all overly protective of him?

A/N: Might be crap ‘cause I’m not really sure how to write this. Hope you still like it though!

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