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Hihi, I'm not really sure that I age regress, I just have always felt younger, and not in a creepy clovergender way (i wasn't really allowed to grow up when i was younger, a lot of csa and abusive parents), I love all the cutesy kid stuff that agere offer but I feel like I don't really belong cause I don't actually regress and it makes me sad

hey, it’s okay if you don’t actually regress! you can still be here and enjoy our tags and community, you’re a child at heart! you may not mentally regress but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy childish things, feel nostalgic, and participate in agere content because you like it. you’re welcome here! ❤️

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Your abuser’s trauma does not justifiy them abusing you.
Your abuser’s disability does not justify them abusing you.
Your abuser’s gender does not justify them abusing you.
Your abuser’s illness does not justify them abusing you.

For everyone that needs to hear this: there is nothing you could ever do that’s punishable by abuse, and there is NOTHING anyone could ever say to justify the abuse you experience(d).


Just a theory Ive seen going around, bc her outfit and gem placement makes me wonder…

Im predicting WD is straight up evil, and has something to do with her Pearl’s scarring.

Please, god forbid, dont tag as any kinda ship name between them! The imagery itself is implied abuse – this is a dark theory, not something that should romanticized. Just a disclaimer…

I’m sorry but if someone told you that they were interested in pedophilia in real life you would sure as hell be making a call to the authorities. Why is it different when someone is saying that they are interested in pedophilia in fandom? It’s all gross and can actually hurt people.

Your fandom needs are not more important than people’s safety. No I don’t defend your right to ship pedophilia and you absolutely shouldn’t support those ships. End of story.

Y'all love to make Max and David angst but I raise you this:
Minor Character angst.

Give me Harrison trying so hard to live up to his brother’s talents and his parents’ expectations (really Harrison, be more like your brother) that when he does the Great Vanishing Act and his brother disappears, for a split second he’s relieved.
Give me Harrison trying day and night to bring his brother back while listening to his parents’ crying outside his locked door– a door not locked by his choice. Give me Harrison still trying, through all this, to impress his parents with magic tricks during dinner (small things– a rabbit from a hat, a random card picked) but only succeeding at being sent to a cheap summer camp where people doubt his magic even being real.

Give me Preston having to deal with the after-effects of being with Nurf, wearing sunglasses until he’s completely sure the bruise has faded and after insisting it was a fashion choice and nothing else.
Give me Preston still being loud and self-absorbed, but flinching every time someone moves a little too fast, raising his hand to his face instinctively when someone raises their voice.
Give me Preston who knows deep down Nurf was in the wrong, but still can’t find it in him to not blame himself.

Then give me Nurf’s side of the story.

Give me Nerris doubting her powers because really, if she was that great wouldn’t she be able to do some of the cool stuff Harrison can do? 
Give me Nerris taunting Harrison more and more to make her feel better about herself until he yells at her that he wishes he knew her from before– so he could make her vanish instead of his brother. 
Give me Nerris locking herself in her tower, her only real friends being stuffed animals, and wonder where she went wrong.

Give me Space Kid not realising he’s the brunt of everyone’s jokes and continuing to go along his merry way until it finally clicks.
Give me Space Kid slowly growing annoyed that no one seems to remember he has a name–it’s not Space Kid, it’s Neil, and how come Other Neil gets to have his name?
Give me Space Kid taking off his helmet one day when he’s older and when being asked about it saying he grew out of space and that he doesn’t want that to be the feature people remember him by, even while knowing that ‘stupid Space Kid’ is his legacy now.

Honestly, I guess what I’m getting at with this is: Please rip my heart out in more than two ways. I’m r e a d y.

Idfk how Chris brown is trending rn w his bullshit movie cause no matter what Rhianna did or said that bastard physically beat her to hell and back and y'all out here excusing his behavior? Saying it doesn’t matter anymore? This man has abused women numerous times and now that he’s suddenly relevant again y'all try to defend him? No matter how good his music may be or whatever, he is a man that beats women and that should be the only thing you consider when you think of him.

You’re entitled to your anger. You’re entitled to your bitterness.
It doesn’t make you as bad as the people who hurt you.
It doesn’t make you abusive to finally lash out and snap at your abusers.
It’s a recognized and common tactic for abusers to accuse their victims of being the perpetrator of the toxicity and abuse.
It’s not your fault though.
You aren’t as bad as them just because they finally pushed you to the breaking point.

You aren’t a bad person or a “bad victim” for your justified anger.
You don’t have to carry any guilt if the final straw ended in you telling someone how they hurt you. 
You aren’t the bad guy for resenting the way you were treated.
You aren’t deserving of it because you raised your voice or said harsh words.

You get to be upset. You get to be human.

just a quick reminder, whenever I make a positivity post that says “all boys,” or something similar, it is not unconditional - this never ever ever includes abusers, assailants or harrassers. My positivity never extents to them. Ever.

if you also post generalized positivity posts, consider reblogging this to give victims a little peace of mind. I know the message seems obvious to a lot of people, but if this makes a victim or survivor even a little bit more comfortable on my blog, it’s worth it.


First batch of easy answer images.

Easy to make and easy to use! Save these pictures and the next time an anti tries an overused argument, you’ve got an answer ready to go. Just post the picture instead of typing the same thing over and over again. Free for anyone to use with or without credit.

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with father’s day coming up here’s a shoutout to everyone who isn’t looking forward to it — those of you with abusive fathers, absent fathers, or fathers you just don’t get along with as well as those of you who had good dads who have passed on and struggle with spending father’s day without them.

i hope it will be a good day for you regardless of what your situation or relationship with your father is.  

Hogwarts Au, Tw: Mentions of abusive parents, abuse, etc.

Hogwarts was fun. It was way more fun than the magic school they had in Mexico- which Lance had opted to go to instead of the one in America. It was easier to learn the basics of magic in his native tongue and not just in a language that he was still working on.

But now he was a fourth year, and he was beaming. Things were different this year. For starters, he was going to Hogwarts which was located somewhere in the UK. Lance’s mom had been worried about it, especially since he’s be so far from home but his older brothers and sisters managed to convince her it was the best place for him to be at any time. Lance sorta agreed.

Hogwarts was enjoyable, it had bright colors, a warm atmosphere, and a kind demeanor about it. A lot of the times it as like the castle was alive- not that his old school wasn’t. His old school was just a lot more… small minded? They didn’t really like that he was a halfer- that his mom was a muggle and his dad was a pureblood. Hogwarts didn’t care, not really.

A lot of people thought that his house- he’s been sorted into Slytherin, a place for the ambitious, cunning, and resourceful- probably wouldn’t like him because he was, as the brits call it, a half-blood but his house just didn’t care. Slytherin had a very one track mind when it came to members of their own house. If you were loyal to one another, if you protected one another, if you created an environment that’s cunning and resourceful for one another, and you would be a part of Slytherin no questions asked.

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Sometimes the hardest thing to accept about abusers/toxic relationships is that these people care(d) about you, or at least thought they did.

It’s easy to think of stereotypical ‘abusers’ as these Big Bad Monsters who have no regard for your wellbeing.

It’s easy but it isn’t always true.

They may well be like that, but they might also be that one person from school who always texts to make sure you’re okay. They might be the family member that tries to cheer you up. They might be the friend you’ve had for as long as you can remember.

There is no template for abuse and there is no template for abusers, everyone experiences it differently.

No matter how much these people care about you or love you, if they are abusing you it is absolutely okay to cut them out of your life.

You don’t owe them anything because of how they might feel about you.

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What if… The oldest Todoroki sibling planned and waited and when he saw his father find a ‘successor’ he finally took things to court. The signs of abuse/training were fresh on Shoto and obvious on his own body. If this went public, even if most of the public didn’t believe it, it’d be bad for the number 2 hero’s reputation, bad for the hero industry. The settlement allowed emancipation and allowed the oldest son to take the youngest with him. As long as they didn’t ever mention any of it nor used the family name, Todoroki.


So, another AU. I’m not sure how long it’ll be. But I’ll try to make the main part short.


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The ugliest part about trauma triggered by non-physical abuse is how keeps itself going.

If you’ve been emotionally abused, you start to numb yourself because not feeling anything is the only way to avoid it. Additionally, your trauma tricks you to see emotions as a weakness. Because otherwise, your only coping skill would be gone.

If you’ve been psychologically abused, you either start to justify it by lowering your self-esteem or you build up an unhealthy amount of it to wear as an amour. Additionally, you either think you’re not good enough to deserve anyone’s attention or you’re too good for anyone’s attention because that’s the only way you can integrate your experience.

Trauma is ugly. It tricks you to make false and extreme assumptions about yourself and life in general. And it forces you to keep them up because otherwise your experiences might strain you or break you more than they already did. Trauma protects you. It gives you a false sense of safety because it was the only thing that you could do back then to save (a bit of) yourself.

But honestly, as a cptsd survivor, let me tell you…

Don’t listen to your trauma.

Don’t listen to that voice which tells you emotions are a weakness and kindness is dumb.

Don’t listen to that voice which tells you that you either have to be better or worse then everybody else because otherwise you wouldn’t have had to endure what you did.

Because it’s just not true.

Emotions aren’t a weakness. Yes, they hurt you. And they always will. But they will also offer you so many good things which are completely worth it.

The warm feeling after being kind to someone else. The stolen moment in the morning when the sun is rising and you know that today will be a beautiful day. The happiness of listening to your favorite song…

These are all emotions that trauma is often shutting off, too.

Emotional abuse doesn’t happen because your emotions make you weak. People don’t pick you because they see your emotions as a weakness but rather because they are unable to deal with their own negative emotions by themselves. Abusing you is to them the same thing that numbness is to you - a way to deal with the bad things that happened to them.

And you don’t desrve to be miserable just because other people are. You deserve all the good things emotions can bring.

And I know that your trauma voice is telling you that it’s too dangerous. That feelings are a nuisance. That you’re somehow better than others for not feeling anything because it makes you more rational.

But that’s not true. It’s simply your trauma voice. That part of you which is still so afraid of being hurt and abused again.

But there are other ways to prevent that than being numb. You can learn how to keep these people away from yourself. You can learn how to recognise who treats you and your emotions with respect and who only views them as a tool for themselves to feel better. And you deserve it.

Psychological abuse isn’t an indicator of your worth. It’s nothing but a thing other people operationalize again to feel better about themselves or cope with something they can’t handle. It’s a mirror of the abusers worries, insecurities and weaknesses.

And honestly, believe me when I say that you’re more than that. That your self worth is not, like your trauma voice probably tells you, depended on the actions of your abuser. Because again. That voice is only trying to protect you. It’s nothing but your fear of being treated like that again which turns into an expectation. Because after all - that’s again your trauma voice - it’s better to be afraid and avoid something then to risk being hurt again.

But that’s also not true. The same thing that protects you is now holding you back. It prevents you from trusting others, from getting close to them. And you don’t deserve to spend a life in isolation just because you’re afraid that something will happen which might never happen again.

There’s also a different way. You can again learn how to recognise people who want to abuse you like that. You can learn how to spot people who lift themselves up by putting others down. And instead of avoiding everybody else, of doubting that you’re good enough… You can just avoid those who want you to have this wrong believe because it gives them some sense of worth.

(This whole post is based on my own experience and observations. Only parts of it are based on factual scientific knowledge. If you don’t agree with something, feel free to comment but have in mind that this is my personal experience I’m talking about which I in no way claim to be universal.)

So this weekend I may have saved a little girl from a pedophile

So this weekend I was at a water park with my finance. I am on a lot of medication and overheat easily, and the park was almost empty so I would hang out in the wave pool to cool down while my fiancee went on the slides because I didnt want to slow him down but had to regulate my body temperature between slides.

In the pool I noticed a little girl, 6-9 years old, maybe. She was going up to adults and depending on their gender saying either “mommy” or “daddy” and climbing on them/being very physically affectionate (hugging, cheek-kissing). At first I thought these adults were family members but I noticed they all eventually abandoned the girl and went off with their own children. Eventually she came up to me and called me “Mommy” and the waves were going heavy so I thought at first that maybe she was confused/afraid/disoriented so I let her climb on me piggyback and held her above the waves and started to ask her where her mom was, if she needed my help getting back to her mom (in case the waves were making it hard for her to swim or disorienting her) and she told me “my mommy isnt here, you’re my mommy now” and i let her sit on my shoulders until the waves passed and another little girl called her over to play. I thought they were maybe together but realized they weren’t once they split up, so i watched her for a cycle or two before my boyfriend finished with the slide he was on and i asked him to keep an eye on her while I alerted some lifeguards because I was concerned for her safety/worried some perv would hurt her or try to leave with her. The lifeguards went to find her mom and I kept watching the girl from across the pool. Most adults reacted like I did, sort of alarmed and looking around for her parents but for some reason most of them just let her go without looking for her parents. Eventually she went up to a man who reacted in a way that appeared familiar, I thought he way maybe her parent but he started looking around the pool in a suspicious way. So i sort of walked over to them and the girl recognized me and immediately said “Mommy! I found daddy!” And the guy way too quick was like “Im her father.” And I was like “No, you’re not.”

I called a lifeguard over and over the radio we were told that her mother was located passed-out drunk in a room with her infant brother so I started screaming and pointing at the guy telling the lifeguard that hed tried to claim the little girl and they cleared the wave pool and I had to talk to the cops and shit but I guess the moral of the story is if you see something, SAY SOMETHING, because that pervert literally could have walked out of the water park and into the resort and hurt this little girl and she must have interacted with 10-15 adults other than me who just decided this kid wasnt their problem.

shoutout to the survivors who are not forgiving, who do not believe that what happened to them was ‘for a reason’, who know they did not deserve it, who are angry at what happened to them, and who do not show the typical 'good victim’ trope. You all get so much shit from people about how you should act from your trauma because only 'good victims’ are deserving of empathy and support. You deserve so much more than that.

bnha fans are weird because imo, tomura shigaraki is very overtly abused in the storyline but because it isn’t spelled out and shown graphically on camera or in the manga, people choose to ignore it. a lot of his traits stand out to me as an abuse victim, the fact that the flashback we see of him as a child is of him in tears and bleeding after (presumably) he lost his father, and all for one taking advantage of this trauma to kidnap (yes, kidnap) a child all points to a less than savory childhood. he has a lot of resentment and anger and pent up hatred towards the world because of how it’s wronged him and especially all might but i don’t think he would’ve targeted all might like that without all for one’s malignant influences. 

the way his villain costume is designed, with hands pulling at various parts of his body, two of them positioned on his neck – this is a trope that has been used in various manga series to portray abuse. the way he clings to “father” showcases a lack of a father figure in his life, presumably one that he accidentally killed. all for one is always referred to as master/sensei, shigaraki reveres him as something more akin to a god than a father in season 3′s first opening, and it’s not… healthy. none of that is. that isn’t the basis for a healthy relationship

i’m not sure where people get the idea that all for one is a good father. he’s not even a father, he’s shown as a terrible person who has hurt many people throughout his overextended life time, he horribly abused his brother as shown in the most recently chapters during midoriya’s dream, and he taunts all might about the death of nana shimura, who is all might’s mentor. none of this says “good”. someone who is so vile in so many different situations is not likely to be a good father to tomura, who, again, he kidnapped as a child to use as leverage against all might. tomura was a tool to him, not someone he was rescuing. he used tomura’s relations to nana as a way to break all might’s spirit during their last fight

all for one is not a father figure, and abuse in bnha does not always have to be painfully shown on screen – the word “abuse” does not have to be uttered by the character themself. him telling him he’d give tomura chances over and over again when he failed wasn’t him being kind, it was something that left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. i think it’s very obvious that shigaraki was abused by all for one, at the very least manipulated, and i would like for the “even afo is a good dad!” trope to die.