all the tattoos on my legs!

starting on the left: a little baby saturn, under that basic inky from pacman, then a green alien head, then next to that is just a simple bandage and above that is the Earth chevron from a tv show called Stargate SG-1 that I grew up with and needed on my body. this all need touchups and i’m just lazy.

On the right, my pink crown plus “PRINCESS” (i hastily did it upside down so i know the “S”’s are a little weird, but from my angle it looks great), a flower tattoo that is covering a horrible heart that my friend tried and failed to give me while we were drunk, the Harley Quinn symbol (needs fixing- red needs to be filled in and diamonds need to be shaped correctly but i’ll get to that eventually, again, lazy) then my favorite classic MOM heart tattoo, then a little UFO that my friend doodled and needs a second going over.

because these tattoos happened over a period of the last year-6months, i don’t remember all the tattoo needle sizes i used but obviously i used actual tattoo ink for the colors and just higgins india ink for any of the black. 


didn’t realize till now how repetitive I was with panels in this section lmao :U ;;;;;;;;;; Usually I’m more careful. O H  W E L L

/touches on multi-character backstory exposition that will probably never get explained / described in detail ever because I am the laziest person ever awyiss first class writing

y’all just gotta suffer through two more pages of this rambling self-indulgent artistic exercise, almost over! Trying to prove something to myself >:U;;;;