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Jews Being Allowed To Love Jews - by Natalie

So, I wanted to write a piece about a trope about Jewish characters I’ve seen a lot in the media (and specifically, in original fiction and fanfiction, as well from many asks on here.) that has been leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. The trope in question is: Jews marrying out. The thing is, that I need to put a pretty big disclaimer first.

1. I am an ashki Orthodox Jew-ess. White passing, from London. (My matrilineal side is displaced Lebanese, but being Orthodox, I believe I get my tribe from my patrilineal side, which makes me ashkenazi. I’m happy to talk to people about having displaced mena/Lebanese culture though. Just know that it’s part of my history, but not part of my identity). 

2. Interfaith marriages are totally legit, not at all something that should be looked down on, and in fact need representation! Like, interfaith families are super important. So many Jews - even Orthodox ones - I know are from interfaith backgrounds, and they need representation and need to be made to feel as if they are loved. Nothing here should be taken as an attack on actual interfaith marriages and couples.

-So, you might be asking, what’s the problem?

The problem is that any old representation is not always good representation. There are a number of problems with this trope, but the first & more glaringly obvious one being: it’s super common for gentiles to write about Jews marrying out.

(This may be applicable for other minorities too btw, but I see it for Jews all the time.)

You’ve all seen it. The two star crossed lovers: Julia McEnglish & Aaron Jewson. Aaron’s Jewish parents don’t like that he’s dating a goy, Julia can’t imagine giving up Christmas, but they just love each other anyway. Nearly always the minority character’s (although, sometimes it’s both characters as minorities) entire culture is eroticised and Orientalised. It’s their culture that throws up boundaries and difficulties to the relationship. And the tensions and upheaval of the stories are all found in the Jew’s culture being in the way. 

Now, does Judaism get in the way of interfaith marriages? Well, yes. Sometimes. Definitely in the Orthodox community. Do I think that this needs to be written about ad nausea? No, and definitely not by non-Jews. 

Other reasons why this trope should be put to rest is that it lies close to two other tropes: (1) the Jew marrying their oppressor & (2) Jewish men being repulsed by Jewish women trope.

(1) That first trope is a sliding scale, I’m sure many of these stories aren’t actually about Jews marrying their oppressor. Not every British person represents the dominant Christian society that oppressed Jews, denied them the ability to work, or obtain justice & periodically expelled them. The point is, that when you start putting your stories in vague sort-of history settings (fantasy or not) Jews reading it start feeling a bit uncomfortable. 

“Like sure… that Ottoman-esque empire definitely would be best friends with our Jewish coded minority character, everything looks totally legit here.”

“Hah - like, it’s 15th Century venice, but not. Super romantic, artistic, and beautiful. And the Jews are definitely not living in a ghetto.“ 

Jew’s have a long memory of their relationship with non-Jew’s throughout history, it is very easy to fall into this trope. (If I need to explain to you why this trope is bad, something has gone seriously wrong. Just don’t do it. It’s not even a new idea, it’s been done many times before.)

(2) This is an intra-Jewish issue, and something many Jewish women are speaking about in their own communities, but Jewish misogyny often manifests itself in Jewish men artists (writers, actors, producers, you name it) portraying Jewish women as the negative stereotypes hurled at us by antisemites. There’s a long narrative on this, one that I don’t think is appropriate for this audience. But the point is, even if you’re using what you think are Jewish sources to justify your men-marrying-the-pretty-non-jew story, it probably reeks of sexist antisemitism. 

So what should you be writing?

Well, the first thing is: let Jews fall in love with other Jews! What’s wrong with that? We’re great, we’re multifaceted, we deserve to get happy endings. Romance stories are wonderful, and although there definitely need to be more stories with female leads that don’t involve a romance plot (or even subplot) writing romance can be incredibly fulfilling to read. It’d be super awesome therefore  if you let us Jews actually feel valued and represented in it, and not make us feel like our culture is something to be fetishised for non-Jews. Or worse, that if you’re a Jew that is interesting/pretty/charismatic/worthy of someone falling in love with: then you’re not going to some lowly Jew to marry. “No-no, you’ve been elevated to non-Jew worthy!” (You get the idea?)

You can even have some exciting Jewish based tension: ashkenazi verses sefardi practices over pesach: “You made RICE for my OMA!?” “What? I checked every grain!” Or, “In my family we daven Nusach Ari.” “I didn’t know you were chabadniks, we use the artscroll siddur in shul, but we have koren at home.” “Oh phew, I worried you were going to say you read from the Birnbaum.” “Hey! We may be Baal Teshuvas, but we’re not stupid!”  See, the drama is endless. Jews literally love to crack open their practices and find out how what they do is significantly different. 

But what if you really want some interfaith representation?

Now, maybe you’re Jewish and from an interfaith background. Maybe you’re just itching to use some fun creative interfaith holidays for two communities to celebrate. Well, sure, I’m not banning you from writing it. (Although really, you should check yourself a little bit if you’re a non-Jew. Just why is this so important to you?) There are some one ways you can do it:

Make the interfaith relationship already established, this will work best if it’s instead the parents of the main character, but it can work either way. (Extra kudos is said child of interfaith couple gets to marry a Jew.)

Slice off all that creepy fetishisation, and show a loving & already thriving interfaith relationship, over coming hurdles and hardships from the outside world, succeeding because of the strength of their interfaith relationship.

Try to keep in-law drama to a minimum (especially if it’s only the Jew mother in law who is the problem. Don’t do that, it’s awful) and instead show that Judaism in a beautiful and intricate ethno-religious identity, that can survive and exist in an interfaith relationship.

Maybe write a story where there are other Jews also having adventures, and falling in love, but this time with another Jew! So the interfaith relationship doesn’t dominate the story, or make it seem like this is the only way Jews get to be romantic, or happy, in fiction.

One last thing: people, please write more Orthodox Jews. We love adventures too, and there’s so little Orthodox representation in media, that people don’t even know the difference between Orthodox, Haredi & Hassidic. All Jews are great though, y'all the best. 


Shira’s note:

It’s not just our women who are supposed to be undesirable, it’s also our men. There are more books out there than I’d like that pair our women with, and I am regrettably not exaggerating, literal Nazi officers. So obviously: don’t do this, but I think at least part of the reason it happens is that gentiles think our men are all Woody Allen or something. They’re not. As I’m fond of pointing out every time this comes up, slash fanfiction became a mass movement in fandom as a result of two of our men, Shatner and Nimoy, being too conventionally attractive to ignore. Natalie seems to have run into more of the other way around than I have, whereas I’ve see more of Jewish women with gentile men, but either way, the point stands.

Again, none of this is meant to say interfaith relationships shouldn’t be represented–heck, I’m in one since mine never went through with conversion and is a "Jewish-adjacent atheist” now–but when they’re all over the place to the point where we start feeling like gentile authors think all our genders are racing as fast as they can to avoid partnering up with another Jew, something is off kilter.

Remember, there are many scenarios that there is nothing wrong with in a vacuum because they exist IRL but when they’re overrepresented in writing by outsiders, they start to twist.


I love Matilda as much as the next person, but we need to get past the trope of abuse (particularly abuse of children) being bad because the person is so smart or so kind or has so much potential. Abuse is bad because it’s abuse.

Teddy & Tonks, Amnesia

for @llygaidwideshut

A/n:  So I thought I’d include Remus in this and oops angst and feels.  So sorry.  :(  

19.  Amnesia

Remus held Teddy out to his mother, the blank look in her eyes nearly broke his heart.  She’d survived the battle of Hogwarts, but couldn’t remember ever giving birth to their son.  

“Mummy?” Teddy’s tiny voice seemed to jog something.  

Tonks frowned, mouthing the word, as if she’d never heard of it before.  “Mummy?”

“Yes…darling, it’s our son?”  Remus ran his hand over Teddy’s hair.  Blue today.   

“We have a son,” she said, a moment of clarity.  “Of course, come here, Teddy…”  

so my guess about Julia’s “complications” is that they had to remove her shade to get rid of the fetus. it would make sense with the emphasis they put on how her soul and the fetuses were becoming intertwined and also there was so much foreshadowing about her shade being part of her soul that’d be easy to get rid of

#thanksbioware for all the krem transphobia comments made by the inquisitor

#thanksbioware for all the ableism directed at anders in DA2

#thanksbioware for the alienages and not letting us improve them

#thanksbioware for making the dalish forget how valuable magic is to them in DAI despite it being valuable to them in DAO because we needed to oppress the mages more

#thanksbioware for not giving Cullen an actual redemption arc in DAI, and instead just glossing over his issues.  AND not giving us the option to call him out on his bull shit in DAI if you WERE going to just leave him as a mage hating asshole on purpose

#thanksbioware for never letting us actually help the mages, and continuing to put the circles back via a poc woman mage in trespasser

#thanksbioware for hawke’s clearly ooc moments concerning merrill, blood mages, and anders in DAI

#thanksbioware for straight and white washed Cassandra Pentaghast

#thanksbioware for GREAT options like putting the mage hating seeker in the seat of divine, or giving Fenris back to Danarius, or killing Anders, sacrificing alienage elves for a blood magic ritual in DAO with Morrigan’s approval, killing the chargers and killing Bull, letting Celene live after what she’s done

#thanksbioware for not including the actual ending in DAI and making it dlc that people had to pay for, AND making it so ps3/360 players couldn’t get it anyway

#thanksbioware for making the rivalry trope in DA2 so prevalent all game, instead of actual good character development

#thanksbioware for not making Jowan recruit able in DAO like he was originally supposed to be

#thanksbioware for not making Nathaniel a companion in DA2 as was originally planned, despite there being a clear set up for him to be a companion in DA2 since Kirkwall doesn’t have a warden base

#thanksbioware for making Solas straight when he was originally supposed to be bi

#thanksbioware for all the wonderful healthy w/w side relationships in DA such as: Leliana x Marjorlaine, Briala x Celene, and Branka x Hespith

#thanksbioware for making it not so apparent that Wade x Herren are official, and having one of your writers tell everyone they were a couple on a website INSTEAD of making it apparent in the game

#thanksbioware for Sebastian Vael’s writing

#thanksbioware for Harvester Orsino

#thanksbioware for Isabela in the comics and drowning slaves

#thanksbioware for a comic named ‘mage killer’

#thanksbioware for white washing Zevran in DA2

#thanksbioware for making Loghain who was previously a hero, into a fucking SLAVER in DA:O

#thanksbioware for rivalmances

#thanksbioware for forgetting an entire fucking moon in DAI (there’s fan theories on why it’s not there but I’m still saying they forgot it)

#thanksbioware for lack of actual character development everywhere concerning companions in DAI

#thanksbioware for the fade mission in DAI, and emotional blackmail against Alistair fans and making them change their canon

I’m sure there are more, but I hope I covered this.

Platonic Maximoffs, Trapped in an elevator

for @adiarshira

10. Trapped in an elevator

Pietro’s eyes flitted around the interior of the elevator.  “Why did it stop?” he asked, his movements becoming more frenzied the longer they waited.  

“I don’t know, but we’re fine…” Wanda reached for him, her hand smoothing back his hair as she sought out his temples.  “We’re fine…” she repeated soothingly. 

He slumped back against the back wall, sliding slowly down to the floor.  Wanda hated having to do that, but she could feel his impending panic attack.  She had a feeling they were going to be taking the stairs a lot more in the future.    

I think that possibly maybe I’m falling for you

 (inspired by acejohnmurphy and her idea of the Drarry coffee shop AU in which they are stupid competitive boys in love)

Today Harry is Roonil Wazlib and it is a grande non-fat mochachino with soy milk and a dash of caramel, smelling heavenly and Malfoy is smirking at him across the counter. It’s raining cats and dogs outside and Harry’s still wet hair is partly plastered to his skull, some strands already beginning to stick up in odd angles and curling at the edges. He sighs and swipes an especially bothering strand from his face, sipping at the cup. 

He listens to the music from the loudspeakers and is kind of glad that his friends aren’t here because they would tear Malfoy apart and make fun of him and that is Harry’s job, really. And as he leaves he places a ridiculously high tip without thinking of it. Malfoy doesn’t really need the high tip since his family is loaded but it surely can’t hurt, can it?

The next time he is Happy Potato and a Venti java chip chocolate cream with soy milk (he doesn’t drink normal milk as he is lactose-intolerant) and an extra dash of chocolate and kind of amused because of the name and Seamus and Dean are here too and their names are right and it makes Harry oddly proud that he is the only one Malfoy deliberately names wrong on the cups.

Then there is a match and they are both on fire that day and of course Harry’s team, the Lions, win by a high margin and of course Harry celebrates his win with a tall caramel frappé with cream and chocolate shavings and Malfoy is scowling at him and he is ‘The boy who lived to endlessly annoy me, really, Potter?’ and Harry snorts into his coffee and leaves another high tip because Malfoy’s eyes remind him of a storm cloud and doesn’t care about the stares of his teammates.

He meets Malfoy a week after that, again in the pouring rain and they get into a huge spat, sneering and scowling at each other and calling each other names, but suddenly Malfoy yells that Harry should just shut up and Harry dares him to try and make him shut up and then Malfoy presses him against a wall and teeth clash and warm bodies touch and hands tangle into hair and they are kissing as if they are about to drown, animalistic and wild, soaked with rain, their shirts translucent and quickly gotten rid off and they fall deeper, deeper, deeper.

When they surface, faces flushed and clothes sticky with rain and breathing hard, Malfoy just quirks an eyebrow at him and smirks that goddamn infuriating smirk of his before he pushes away and jogs off, leaving Harry standing there with a hammering heart and a quite scaring but kind of obvious relevation. 

So he goes back to the coffeeshop and orders a regular black coffee without any specials and the barista is someone different this time and Harry can’t ignore the pang in his heart as he makes his way to his usual booth. But then he sees the small sticky note attached to the cup and begins to smile so widely that he fears his face will break.

‘Potter, this is Pansy. Draco’s best friend. He asked me to give you his number so here you go. And I am not a ruddy owl. Treat him well or I will gut you. Pansy xx’

He saves the number attached into his contacts and leaves, tipping her and leaves the shop.

‘Hi Draco, this is Harry.’ he types, painstakingly mulling over every word. You wanted my number, so here it is. How about a date next week? - Harry’ he ends and sends, waiting with baited breath.

‘Hello Potter. You seem a bit nervous about meeting up. Scared? - Draco’ is the answer after a few seconds.

Harry laughs and takes a sip of his coffee, watching Pansy scowling at him and types back two words while he gazes to the horizon and thinks of eyes like the storm and nimble movements and hot kisses and maybe also the start of a crush developing.

‘You wish.’

anonymous asked:

Question for you. I've often imagined what it would be like if humans were gender hybrid. I guess you could say sort of like a/b/o but with none of the power dynamic. Simply, woman could impregnate women with a penis and vice versa with men. Is it possible to write g!p fic with this kind of imaginary human in mind without it being offensive? I know that nothing exists within a vacuum so maybe it's impossible to entirely separate it from what we typically infer when we read a woman with a penis?

It’d still involve women with penises, who would be trans women by default due to our hypervisibility, which would mean that writers not treating those women appropriately would indeed by transphobic and trans fetishistic, not to mention the whole “gender hybrid” notion, as if trans women can’t impregnate cis women, and trans men can’t be impregnated by cis men.

Like, you realize we exist, right? That we’re not some imaginary human being ‘gender hybrid’? You literally just described trans people. 

The problem has never been the notion that trans women can impregnate cis women, or whatnot. The issue has been our bodies and genitals and their functionality being fetishized and treated like cis men’s 99.999% of the time in trans fetishistic works. It’s important to recognize that trans women are capable of this, while also recognizing that the large majority of trans women won’t want to use her penis, that being on hormones will change her body’s form and function, that we’re much much more than a hypothetical (because let’s be real, almost none of the folks writing and reading g!p fics would ever get involved with a trans woman unless they’re chasers) dick to ride and get pregnant from. That there are ways to write us where our pleasure and experiences are centered, rather than fetishistic fantasy of cis folks and non-trans women.

So uh, no. It wouldn’t be possible. Media isn’t created in a vacuum, and it’s impossible to separate fictional women with penises from trans women, therefore any such work will automatically represent trans women whether we want it to or not, meaning that such writers are responsible for not being fetishistic or misrepresenting us.

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But if the Hellhound exist doesn't that mean that Hell exists in TW? I mean it does in Supernatural..

Well we’ve had some references to Hell in this show and by that I mean as more than just a swearword, and I think most of them, perhaps even all are tied to Stiles… 

Sheriff: Oh, my God, I’m gonna have such a hangover. 
Stiles: You mean you’re gonna have such a good night’s sleep. I’m gonna have an eternity in the lowest circle of hell.


Stiles: More time to be in agonizing pain. I mean, did you forget about the part where you feel like your head’s exploding? 
Ms. Morrell: If it’s about survival, isn’t a little agony worth it? 
Stiles: But what if it just gets worse? What if it’s agony now and then - and it’s just hell later on? 
Ms. Morrell: Then think about something Winston Churchill once said - “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

athenadark has suggested that Beacon Hills is a sort of purgatory, so maybe not such a far-fetched idea. Perhaps the nemeton is one of the gates to hell? And is hell in this show really the same as we normally associate with it? Or is “hell” just another way of saying the supernatural, and that “heaven” is the human side. or perhaps fittingly even the reverse? Jeff loves to flip tropes on their heads. So far we’ve seen that humans are in most cases the worst monsters….  An beacon hills is just smack in the middle, neither here nor there? 

(and if hell is the human side, then is perhaps Morrell in her own cryptic way encouraging Stiles to keep going towards the supernatural?)

gwvnstacys-deactivated20150707  asked:

I'm writing a book about feminism in different time periods, and one of the people is a little girl who is Cherokee and is adopted by two women. In they book i was thinking about how they could keep her in touch her her Cherokee culture by calling her (like sunshine or my world. like what you nick name your child or sm) a name in her language and continuously teaching her about her culture. How do you think I could write that respectfully and do you have any ideas on how? Thank you for reading!

Keeping In Touch With Cherokee Culture

You may want to be sensitive to the idea of The White Man’s Burden, a trope about a plot where an ordinary, ethnically-European (white) takes pity on a non-Euro character’s plight, and selflessly volunteers themselves as the other’s tutor, mentor, or caretaker to make things better.  It’s loosely related to the concept of White Savior, a trope in which a white character rescues people of color from their plight.

Even if they’re not White, your Cherokee daughter should have her own agency in being proud of who she is and pursuing her heritage. She should be very clearly willing and capable of teaching her own self about her heritage and pursue knowledge of her own accord through sources that are not just her parents.

Asking her adoptive parents may be a logical thing for her to do if she sees them as authority figures. Depending on how old she was when she was adopted, it makes perfect sense for her parents to be the first people to tell her, “Hey, you’re Cherokee, not ______,” because you don’t just magically know your ethnicity.

However, her parents should not be the end-all of her resources in her pursuit of knowledge. If they are not Cherokee (which I believe is the case because they’re adoptive parents), then they should not be illustrated as her posted authority on what it is to BE Cherokee. To have non-Cherokee people be the ones who know all about the Cherokee can easily come off as racist and condescending because it suggests that the Cherokee are incapable and/or unwilling to understand and pass down their very own culture.  This principle goes for ANY race.  

It goes even deeper, however, for Indigenous/First Nations cultures. Consider the kidnapping of children, brainwashing and indoctrination that occured in Indian [sic] Boarding Schools, institutions imposed on the Indigenous by European (White) people.

These institutions taught children that their culture was savage and inferior to European/White culture.  They furthermore divorced them from their native languages, making them speak English, which served to divide them from their parents. These children were almost universally taken WITHOUT their parents’ understanding and/or consent about what was going to happen to their own children, and typically if the children ran away, they were HUNTED DOWN and TIED UP WITH ROPE, I kid you not, to be dragged back and put on display as an example to the other children.  


- Rodríguez.

Angry Barista Derek
Part 1/? Teen Wolf Tropes

This is for the trope Barista!Derek.  Why is he wearing Stiles’s shirt?  Well, you can use your imagination.  But, here’s my scenario:

All the Hales are alive, and Laura and Derek own a coffee shop together.  Laura’s just hired a new employee (Stiles), and since he’s a bit clumsy, he’s taken to leaving a spare shirt in the back in case he spills.  The day Derek’s wearing this shirt, Laura accidentally-on-purpose spills a pot of coffee on Derek.  So, he needs a new shirt, and he’s kind of pissed because Laura pulls this kind of shit all the time.  Laura swears up and down that the orange and blue monstrosity of a shirt is the only thing available to wear, and Derek’s annoyed because it doesn’t fit.  Little does he know it belongs to the new employee Derek not-so-secretly harbors a major crush on.

Darcy had, at one point or another, woken up in some peculiar places. Hospital, twice. Asgard, just the once. Mrs Vega’s azaleas, but she’d been 18 at the time.

And really, Darcy conceded as early morning sunlight tinted the room, this time the peculiar part wasn’t the ‘where’ (she was, thankfully, still in her own bed) but the ‘who’.

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I was already so completely done with BYG trope and the excuses writers will make up to distance themselves from this kind of damaging storytelling. But after what happened in Orlando, I’m really and truly FED UP because even though the LGBT community faces violence and hatred all the time, the majority of people are so unaware or ignorant of it. But when the largest mass shooting to ever happen in America happens to the LGBT community, there is no excuse for anyone to say that they had no idea that their taking part in such an age-old and violent trope would be upsetting to and/or feel like an attack on LGBT individuals.

So the next writer who tries to excuse their “creative” choice to shoot or murder their LGBT character deserves absolutely no respect whatsoever as they clearly have no respect for the community they say they want to be represented and supposedly give a shit about. They are taking part in the culture that perpetuates violence against this community.