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In an absolutely stunning turn of events, taking paracetamol two days ago didn’t put my rib back in place. Fuck doctors.

“My floating rib is out of place.”
“Take Panadol and if it’s still bothering you come back”
“I’m here because this has continued to happen and it’s painfully poking into things it shouldn’t be”
“Was there anything else you needed?”

Im here for boys who have been abused by a(n ex)girlfriend or female family member or a female friend. Im here for the ones who have been told “it’s not abuse because shes a girl”, or “you aren’t man enough”. For the ones whos stories have been discredited or made fun of. Your pain is not funny. Your abuse is not a joke. Youre here and you’re valid.

BUT LIKE the reason why the hug fucks me up so much is because it shows that it wasnt awkward at all??? it was just natural to them??? they literally just made out after all this time of denying their feelings and then looked at each other and HUGGED. because they’re not just in love they’re best friends too??? they’re best friends in love?????


Keith, always twice as anxious before a fight after he starts dating Lance because he’s not used to worrying so much about losing one specific, important person like this, dragging Lance away somewhere private to celebrate their victory just in case there’s not a next time


Do you know what they’re hiding in the bag under Scott’s bed?