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do you think Scott will forgive Liam?

Not immediately no(mainly because of the plot), but I do think it will happen eventually. I don’t think Scott blames Liam for what happened, he can’t because they both got played hard, and it’s not their fault.

Liam is Scott’s puppy, and Scott cares so much about him, and vice versa, but they were both under an enormous amount stress and stuff + Liam’s mental state(remember Liam is an IED) was being affected a lot by the Supermoon even a whole day before it happened. He was still getting use to normal full moons, so a Supermoon would be out of control. He couldn’t even comprehend the simple logic that Scott was telling him right to his face. Scott was also dealing with a million things + his asthma and the wolfsbane inhaler.

I think it’ll be more of Liam not apologizing to Scott until he(Liam) realizes he was wrong. Scott accepting Liam’s apology though, I do think he will. During that battle, Scott was never angry at Liam, he was just frustrated that he couldn’t get him to think and realize everything he was experiencing was misguided, wrong and being amplified by the Supermoon.

Friendly reminder that, before Liam held Hayden’s dead body,
before Scott held Allison in his arms as she died, and before
we saw how Derek had held Paige in his arms before giving
her a quick death, there was Lydia Martin, who watched her
first love die in front of her, not once…

but twice in the same night.

Lydia Martin who felt the death of her best friend that she tried to save

and the following night felt the death of her new boyfriend.

The girl who saw her banshee grandmother try to lobotomize herself…

The girl that heard her grandmother’s last breaths,
trying to save her banshee granddaughter from her
same fate of ending up alone and insane…

Before you talk about the poor babies losing their first love…
don’t forget the girl who lost everything she loved.

Including herself.

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Do you think Stiles and Scott can be best friends again? Idk I just see them growing apart...

I actually do think they’ll be best friends again because I know Jeff Davis loves Sciles more than anything on the show and it’s a friendship he always wanted in highschool. However, I do think after they get back together, it’ll be a bit different? Like this will definitely affect them, but who knows, maybe after all this and the air is clear and everyone knows everything, things will be better, maybe this will make them closer? You never know /shrug.

I’m sure they’ll have a petty argument about who was right lol… Stiles will be like “I TOLD YOU, I WAS RIGHT ABOUT THEO /hairflip” and Scott will be like, “YEAH BUT YOU SHOULD”VE TOLD ME ABOUT DONOVAN, I WOULDN”T HAVE BEEN MAD /hairflip” and then they’ll kiss and make up obviously.

Teen Wolf Season 5B Spoilers
  • The theme for season 5B is resurrection
  • This season is going to be Scott’s pack vs Theo’s pack
  • Hayden being a part of Theo’s pack will create some interesting conflict between her and Liam 
  • We’re also seeing a lot of characters coming back (Valack, The Desert Wolf, Braeden)
  • Braeden is going to help Malia find the Desert Wolf and take her down
  • Void Stiles will come back
  • We’ll see Kira in episode 12
  • Derek could potentially make a return
  • Lydia will be committed to Eichen House since Theo forcibly entered her mind
  • Teen Wolf season 5 will return in January 2016 with the final 10 episodes
  • Season 5, episode 11 will take place on the same night as episode 10, meaning there will be no time jump between the two parts.

Jeff Davis: There’s just something about becoming a chimera, dying, and being brought back to life that changes a person, you know? “All the chimeras that were brought back to life, there is something that’s settled over them, a kind of darkness, partially because they were changed by the Dread Doctors,” Davis said. “They were experiments gone wrong and now brought back to life, they’re all a little bit Frankenstein’s Monster so they’ll each need to be reminded of their humanity. While Scott and Stiles try to rebuild the pack to face what’s coming to Beacon Hills, Liam and Mason will be doing their best to remind the chimeras of their humanity and try to draw them away from Theo.”