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I really think Scott was just trying to help Kira gain control....I dont think they were fighting. I think hes gonna be the one that finally helps her to learn control and then that'll be another reason for them to fall more deeply in love and become the epic power couple they need to be! Im so exciteddd

Yes! The more I look at that scene the more I think that Scott’s holding her back rather than fighting her off. Like, it looks like Kira’s on the warpath to kill someone and Scott’s grabbed her by the wrists trying to restrain her from going any further. Maybe his voice is going to bring her out of the kitsune’s grip like it did last time with Lucas? (She responded to the sound of his voice calling her name, after all).

Also the idea of Scott being Kira’s “anchor”, or sorts, (or even Malia being Kira’s anchor) is just gonna utterly destroy me if they go with something like that.

And while I’m discussing Stiles and Lydia, let’s not pretend that this week’s episode wasn’t a golden hour of television for long-suffering “Stydia” supporters. The hand-holding, the look on Stiles’ face when Lydia woke up, her “Stiles saved me” line… it was almost too much to handle. I’d admittedly given up on them as a couple, but after this week’s episode — and this scooplet from executive producer Jeff Davis to TVLine: “This episode starts two characters down a path that’s been building for years” — is giving me new hope.
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Stydia fans, the Feb. 9 episode of Teen Wolf was for you. Stiles did everything he could to save Lydia from Valack’s clutches, and proved he’s the ultimate hero.


As soon as she was done, Stiles ran in to get Lydia. His face was pure relief. “You came back,” Lydia muttered to Stiles. Of course he came back! Regardless of what’s happened, Stiles has always loved Lydia. End of story. This was such an epic Stydia moment. Lydia begged Stiles to walk away before she hurt him. Stiles snapped, “Please shut up and let me save your life.”


As Scott raced to the clinic, Lydia was leaning on Stiles in the backseat. I can’t even deal. Stiles tried to keep her calm, but she kept screaming. Stiles didn’t even care that his ear started bleeding. He only cared about Lydia.

Stiles was the one to lift her up onto the table when they got to the clinic. Such a gentleman. Lydia then screamed so loud that the windows shattered. Stiles covered her body so she wouldn’t get hit by the glass. Meanwhile, Scott was on the floor. When Stiles lifted himself up, Lydia wasn’t waking up. She wasn’t moving. It was like she was dead. Stiles pleaded with her to open her eyes. The look on his face was pure panic and devastation.

Suddenly, she woke up. He cradled her face in his hands. They grabbed each other’s hands for comfort. Meanwhile, I’m crying my eyes out. Mrs. Martin witnessed all of this. When she hugged her daughter, Lydia said, “He saved my life, Mom. Stiles saved me.”

Okay, so if you didn’t already know, I’m a Stydia shipper. Tonight’s episode was the moment we witnessed things change between Stiles and Lydia. Stiles has always looked at Lydia this way, but Lydia finally saw Stiles for who he truly is: her hero.

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