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It’s like 4 am and I’m wondering what I’m gonna do with my life after Teen Wolf ends. Like there’s no more Scott being a precious alpha dad to Liam or Stydia or Theo Raeken development or EVEN Malia being her precious self. I don’t know how I’m gonna live without any of that

This moment is one that rarely got spoken about. Everyone always says Stiles never worried about protecting Malia but that is far from true. Yes he knew she was capable of protecting herself. She is good at fighting and protecting. But emotionally, even now, she isn’t the best at protecting herself or others. She is blunt and straightforward. Stiles knew that and he understood because he is the same in some ways.
Back to the photo though. Stiles tried going after Malia because he was worried about her. Lydia made him stay to fix the jeep. She didn’t care about if Malia and Kira would get hurt. She was scared for herself. You could see how much Stiles wanted to go after Malia with how his body language and the frustrated glance he gave toward the way Malia ran off. Even after the jeep was fixed and they were driving, Lydia still didn’t care that Malia got hurt which was a given by her tone of voice when she pointed out that Malia was still cut and bleeding.
Malia still gets a ton of hate for how she was at the beginning of season 4 but because Lydia is “queen” and a series regular who gets shipped with Stiles you all brush off the rude and hateful things she does. I love Malia as a character and I completely admit she has her flaws and she has made mistakes, all the characters have. No character in Teen Wolf or any fandom ever is completely innocent.
Stiles cared and loved Malia by his own choice. His actions speak to that. It wasn’t the Nogitsune that made their relationship happen. He didn’t have to be with her when she found Scott. It was his decision to be with her. Stiles is a stubborn, smart guy and no one could force him to be with someone he didn’t like.

When I first saw Nolan I was omg he looks like a sweet guy why is he so lonely.He needs friends I’ll be his friend and then I saw when he stabbed Corey and I was like oh so that’s why 😂😂


Sterek AU: Stiles’ first mission working with the FBI includes one alpha Peter Hale, the trafficking of very dangerous and very illegal species of Wolfsbane and the Alpha’s nephew who just so happens to also be Stiles’ ex boyfriend Miguel. (When “Miguel” told him he worked with plants, Stiles probably shouldn’t have assumed he meant regular flowers.)