tw s01e01

It’s Teen Wolf Rewatch Time!

Okay, rewatching Teen Wolf, Season 1, episode 1. Here we go!

¤   Ah yes. Scott is doing his night time routine before school starts up again. Preparing his lacrosse gear, working on those muscles, brushing teeth. He seems to have his aim set on what he wants to achieve this school year. It’s cute!

¤   Scott grabs a bat and goes outside to investigate a strange noise?! …wearing a red hoodie. These are all things I associate with Stiles to be honest.

¤   My first lol! moment: Scott and Stiles screaming in surprise/fear at each other!

¤   Sitting here surprised I’ve forgotten so much, but then I realize it’s been at least four years since I watched it last, and only once, so…

¤   What was Stiles doing on the roof though?

Stiles: “You weren’t answering your phone!”

Well, that explains nothing. You have a key. You made it yourself. …I’m thinking way too much. But while I’m at it, was it ever explained how it was possible for the McCall’s to live in that house? It’s a nice house.

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Derek: You’ve been given something that most people would kill for. The bite is a gift.
—  Teen Wolf: Derek Hale to Scott McCall - 01x01 Wolf Moon