Mark Ruffalo is currently taking questions about the Dakota Access Pipeline. My first question is why is HE taking questions as opposed to the Sioux tribe and water protectors that have been there protesting from the start? Did he show up at the protests like Shailene Woodley or nah?

I understand wanting raise awareness, but a rich white celebrity is not an expert in what indigenous folks have been protesting for months, and risking their lives to do so. (I know I certainly dont have all the facts because I wasnt there day in and day out at Standing Rock, nor have I experienced racism/white supremacy/genocide as a white person.)

My second question is about presumably that ‘conversation’ he’s looking to have with the trans community about casting a cis dude a trans women, when he wasnt ready to have that conversation with Jen Richards.

I’m in tears right now, I can’t stop shaking:

Some racist hooligan assaulted a black couple who just came to Italy from Nigeria as war refugees. He killed the husband, Emmanuel Chidi Nnamdi , who was defending his wife, Chimiary, after that man started calling her racial slurs out of nowhere. He is dead, the hooligan killed him WITH A ROAD SIGN. He hit him again and again, in front of his wife.

This happened in Fermo, Italy, twenty minutes away from where I live. This has shocked me so much. Racism is a serious problem in Italy, fascism and intolerance are escalating, horrible politicians like Salvini (the Italian equivalent of Donald Trump) are encouraging racism and are actively trying to block the refugees from entering out country.

Please don’t let this go unnoticed: tumblr is pretty US-centric, but people need to know the names of all the victims of hate, from all over the world. Emmanuel needs to be remembered and mourned. Please, don’t let racism win. I’m still shocked, this happened so close to my hometown. Don’t let them win. Fight this horrible hate.

Why are people crying that everyone is bullying Kylie and acting like an adult dragged her? Amandla is a teenager as well. A teenager called out another teenage for her racist behavior. Amandla is a year younger than Kylie btw. Like everyone wants to act like Kylie is so grown until someone drags her for all the shit she stirs and then ALL of a sudden it’s like no poor baby! Leave her alone!

Just days after a national campaign was launched to highlight the effects of casual racism in Australia, this appears. Racism is far from being a thing of the past. Racism is alive and kicking today. Absolutely no doubt about that. And y’know, whites are proud to say that British invasion was necessary and justified. They are proud to state that the genocide that was committed upon Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples was necessary, too. They are completely and wholly proud to be treating us as sub-human. Whites are proud to be the descendants of murderers and invaders. This is now and it’s terrifying. Stay safe everyone. We are living among these people.

If your first reaction to seeing a grown man brutalize a teenage girl is: “Well she MIGHT have raised her voice/made a sudden movement/been rude/etc.” you have a problem and pretending its because you want to “wait for the facts” is just plain dishonest.  You didn’t see any of that, but your already inventing a scenario that fits your bias.  Somehow a “what if” scenario made up by a random person trumps what you see on video. 

I don’t like how people project their racialized misogyny onto young black girls and automatically assume we have it coming from the get go.  And I hate how they treat us like we’re inherently dishonest and need to “wait” for proof because our word isn’t enough.  How do you justify hating someone that much that you see that level of violence and say “Yeah I need to defend that.”  Why, because you would do it too if you had a badge and could get away with it?  Because you wish that you could put us in our “place” just like that?  You feel “safer” now?    

I also hate how people keep just circulating the gifs and the videos like that.

I know you have been eating curry since you were a little kid, but I don’t think you having just had it, because of cultural relevance, really appreciated it in the same way a foodie like me does.
—  Senior Business Major

This person just followed me on Instagram, they are a French ‘makeup artist’ and this is a shoot they did.

I don’t need to explain how disgusting and offensive this is on so many levels (the shoot is called ‘Geisha Noir’- I know right, I want to throw up)

I have reported this image as well as two others posted from the same shoot as hate speech/symbol- please followers do that same.

We need to let people who perpetuate this kind of racist imagery know that this isn’t acceptable.

The account is MROMEROMAKEUP

Go! Go! GO



Thank you so much to everyone who reported the images and reblogged the post to get the word out, you guys give me so much hope

This is not my pic. I got it off twitter to warn those who are in NC on here. The KKK is passing around these flyers on black people properties and around towns in NC. I saw some people say they found flyers in Greensboro.

Why I Refuse To Support PETA

As most of you know, PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) produces lots of sexist, racist, fatphobic, and even ableist ads. Their ideologies match, unfortunately. They are incredibly unreasonable, too, and they effectively want to remove companion animals from human contact entirely.

Members of PETA have done the following to me.

  • Attempted to take my service dog’s leash
  • Threatened to take him away
  • Sent me death threats
  • Threatened to euthanize him out of “mercy”
  • Claimed that I am a “slavedriver” and “active participant in the speciesist h*l*caust” (Ah yes, please tell the romani-german-native girl that she’s basically a Nazi. Good idea.)
  • Left threatening voicemails on my phone.
  • Scared me so badly that I had to move house at one point
  • Grabbed my service dog
  • Tried to pry my hand off of my service dog’s harness
  • Threw paint on a faux fur-lined coat I was wearing (the paint got matted in my hair to the point where I had to shave my head)
  • Speaks openly on their hatred for service dog handlers.

Brazilian Mythology October: The Little Black Herding Boy

Possibly one of the saddest legends of Brazilian mythology, The Little Black Herding boy is an African-Christian tale of the southern region, popular in the 19th century to defend the end of slavery.

Although the tale is older than that, it was first published by writer João Simões Lopes Neto, and tells the story of a very small enslaved boy, an orphan who believed himself to be the godson of the Virgin Mary. His master was an extremely cruel and rich estancieiro who had the habit of punishing and torturing him. Once, as he fell asleep after being harmed by him, he lost his owner’s horses, and was beaten mercilessly. He found the horses and slept for a second time, and again the animals were gone. This time, the master not only tortured him, but threw his moribund body over an anthill, leaving only after the ants covered the young boy.

Three days later, the estancieiro returned, and no more he saw the youngster suffering. He was there, but his skin was healthy and soft, his wounds had been healed, and the last ants were leaving his body. Virgin Mary was by his side, indicating his death and the divine compensation for his pain.

Oral tradition gave the boy immortal life and supernatural powers, turning him into some kind of a popular saint with devout followers, who believe he can find lost objects if you light a candle for his Godmother. 
On another note, the patroness saint of Brazil is Our Lady of Aparecida, after a statue found in 1717. The Virgin became very popular with Afro-Brazilians for being a black Madonna, and because one of her first attributed miracles was freeing an enslaved man called Zacarias.

Sources: Wikipedia | Jangada Brasil | Universidade Federal de Pelotas

I’m so fucking tired of hearing people say that having “white pride” is ok.  Here is why it’s not-

1.  Whiteness is shown in all forms of media to be the norm and the default.  People of color are othered.  White people are told from the day they’re born to the day they die that their color is the default and they never face being told that being white is not ok.

2.  Pride movements amongst PoC such as black pride arose in response to constant attacks on people of color.  PoC actually need pride movements because society and media tell PoC constantly not to be proud of their race.  It is in DIRECT response to racism that pride movements arose.  White people do not face racial oppression and therefore the notion of white pride is only a direct knee jerk response to the “audacity” of PoC to be ok with who they are.

3.  The term “white pride” has always been used by white supremacist groups (including Nazis and neo-Nazis) to support racism.  Those who say that it only means being “proud to be white” ignore how this concept has been used to oppress and murder people of color all over the world.  Trying to divorce the term from its historical use as a tool of white supremacy is racist and ignorant.

So no.  It’s not ok to have “white pride.”

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: I really don’t understand how Kira, a female Asian lead, had her powers revealed and develop in the last season and was literally fucking BOOTED off of Teen Wolf while Peter, a piece of shit character that should be rotting in hell right now (and who literally does NOTHING and DOES NOT contribute anything to solve ANYONE’S problems) was brought back. It’s literally like throwing a diamond away for an ugly ass, deformed rock with dog shit on it.

I fear for any Muslim people in Australia right now, the news has been broadcasting details of alleged terrorist plans that have been ‘thwarted by heroic police’.

Apparently the plans were to randomly take a hostage from the streets of Sydney and excecute them publicly for the Islamic State of Iraq.

But why is the news being broadcasted? Congratulations you successfully did your job?
They shut down national security risks EVERY DAY.
Every single DAY they catch someone or other planning to blow up something, or assasinate someone. 

And part of their job is to keep it quiet, because public knowledge of threats to national security is dangerous and makes people uneasy and becomes a threat itself.

I’m really suspicious as to why they’re releasing such detailed information about the terrorist plot, when it is against their own policy.

Because if you wanted to start another Cronulla Riot, that’s exactly how you would do it.

Australia is racist and full of vicious, violent, hateful young men. At any day of the week these jumped up white boys are on a hair trigger when it comes to hate crimes.

You add this kind of inflamatory news and you’ve got racist vigilantes hunting in the streets again.

They deliberately released detailed information about a terrorist plot for the Islamic State, when it is against policy.

When you realize that BBC Sherlock only has one instance of two women talking to each other in its first two seasons, and they’re talking about clothes:

When you realize that the original Sherlock Holmes books, written in the Victorian era, had more black people than BBC Sherlock

  When you realize that BBC Sherlock only has LGBTQ+ characters to use as punchlines

When you realize that BBC Sherlock turned Kitty Winter, a feminist icon who threw acid on the man who sexually abused her, into a reporter who tries to seduce Sherlock in order to use him to further her career

When you realize how problematic BBC’s Sherlock is: