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My favourite thing about Mason is that he helps, without any questions at all. When Scott told him to find a way to shut off the music in Perishable because it was hurting him, Liam, and Malia; Mason did it. Even though he didn’t know what was going on, he didn’t know why any of them were hurting but he did manage to turn off the music because it was harming his friends. Any other person would probably not do that. So many Mason feels honestly.


#When even the bad guys know they’re pretty good together.

Week Nine of Teen Wolf
  • Noooo Deputy Angelface!
  • Geez, what are you???
  • Stilinski family feeeeeels
  • Poor little Liam :(
  • Stydia feels up the wazoo with this one
  • Lydia being obsessed with The Little Mermaid and wanting to be called Ariel tho <3
  • Braeden looks HOT as a marshal, ngl. Can she dress like that always?
  • Go Mason! I like him. I’m gonna keep him.
  • Derek + Braeden = Power couple
  • Deputy Angelface FTW
  • Tbh it makes sense if you think about it and how she was used by Lydia’s grandmother
  • But geez, I did NOT see that coming.
  • Overall rating: 4/5 for Stydia and Deputy Angelface

anonymous asked:

The thing about the new "dead pool" list, the one with Stiles' name written in on, in next week's episode is that there's no number next to any of the names, any theories on that?

YES!! We noticed that as well!! And here’s another thing guys - None of the names on Lydia’s list (the one where Stiles is added underneath)

  • Peter McElroy
  • Taylor Freeman
  • Terrance Shuman
  • Lorraine Martin

They’re not on our deadpool list. You can compare them here

Sooo this is what I’m wondering. Maybe this is an old list? Maybe the Benefactor has done this before and that’s why Lydia’s grandmother faked her own death - Because as you can see, she’s on the list… Maybe she went into hiding so she wouldn’t be killed…? 

Not sure, but feel free to toss some ideas around :D