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Jessica Phyllis Lange (born April 20, 1949)

I would encourage you, with all my heart, just to be present. Be present and open to the moment that is unfolding before you. Because, ultimately, your life is made up of moments. So don’t miss them by being lost in the past or anticipating the future. Don’t be absent from your own life.


Dark Matter (SyFy) — There are moments in history when things become more fluid, patterns change, and in those moments the actions of even a single person can make a huge difference.


author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: dylan x reader 
word count: 797

authors note: in case you guys get confused, Y/F/N = your friends name, and Y/E/N = your ex’s name. 

summary: teen wolf cast are doing an interview, but dylan is head over heels for a co-worker. 

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GAYCATION is a new travel series hosted by Ellen Page and Ian Daniel that documents what it means to be LGBT all around the world.

In the first episode, Ellen and Daniel explores LGBT culture in Japan - home to one of the world’s most famous ‘gayberhoods’, mainstream homoerotic manga, and silent but pervasive homophobia as echoed by the lack of anti-discrimination laws towards LGBT people.

A truly educational and enlightening episode, watch it HERE.

Dina’s Fun Aunt Holiday Bonus Part 2 (Trixya) – Ellen Thwoorp

Summary – Their first day at the resort is a rollercoaster. There’s ups and downs but they come out of it wobbly but happy. Katya makes friends, some she wants, some she doesn’t. But no matter what happens shes happy to end the night with Trixie.

A/N: I’m sorry this is late but I thought I’d finished it, reread it and hated it so it’s had some work done. I hope you enjoy it. Did somebody say 1/3 smut? Because that is factually accurate.

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Dina’s Fun Aunt Holiday Bonus Part 3 – Ellen Thwoorp

Summary – There’s nothing like a day out when you’re on holiday, whether it’s to the Dinosaur museum or the local market, things are learned, jokes are made and the subject marriage is brought up a little more than Katya may have initially appreciated.

A/N: So this is back. Sorry it’s been a long time but since the last update I’ve fallen in and out of an unrequited love, electric shuffled in and out of the closet, become a bio queen and designed one of the most complicated final major projects my tutors have ever seen so… Hi again. Woop woop.

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Dina's Fun Aunt (Trixya) - Ellen Thwoorp

Fun Aunt AU

Summary: Trixie is a closeted school teacher who has literally no love life for fear of losing her job. All that changes when she meets the crazy Russian Aunt of one of her favourite students.

Nothing ever goes as planned.

A/N: So here we are at the end of things (or is it???). I hope you all like this last chapter. Its 10k of fluff, angst and happy endings (and a surprising amount of tears both happy and sad). Enjoy!


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Different Worlds (New Year, New Au) (Trixya) – Ellen Thwoorp

Summary- Katya is a misunderstood Goth who everyone thinks eats bats and Skype calls with Satan. In actuality she’s just a bit of a dork with the biggest crush on Trixie, the cheerleader. This is the story of the first time they met and how things never quite go as you expect them to.

A/N: Obligatory High School Au.

This is the first installation of my ‘New Year, New Au Series’. I’m challenging myself with a bunch of random AU oneshots because my usual is long multichapter fics. The more random the Au the more I like it so things might get a bit crazy. Enjoy! (These will likely all be lesbian Au because I find Brian and Brian hard to write but we’ll see.)

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Dina’s Fun Aunt (Trixya) - Ellen Thwoorp

Summary: Trixie is a closeted school teacher who has literally no love life for fear of losing her job. All that changes when she meets the crazy Russian Aunt of one of her favourite students.

First meetings don’t always go as planned.

A/N: This is a (kind of) parent/teacher AU as part of the Holiday Fic Exchange. My first Trixya. Meant to be a oneshot, turned into a long multi chapter and I still don’t know how it happened.


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illusionofwill-hiatus  asked:

Supernatural daemons? How would they be affected by the massive amount of times the characters have died?

Dean has a broad-chested American bulldog, a junk yard scrapper with one ear scarred from where she launched herself at a werewolf and got its teeth. They were both fine afterwards, swaggering back to John and John’s alligator daemon in order to hide how they were limping, grinning at each other thought the mess of pain.

After Cas grips him tight (et cetera whatever who cares) she’s got more scars, though—Dean is whole and clean, his skin soft as a baby’s ass, but Kela looks like she got the wrong end of a dog-fighting ring, and there’s so much of it, so much damage that it takes him a while to recognize the mark of the blade Alasteir pressed into his hand, his own signature written into her skin.

It is Hell’s oldest trick, Cas says. The double-sided blade—what you do unto others, you do unto your own soul.

(I’m sorry, Dean whispered that night, with Kela curled into his side and trembling. I didn’t know—I didn’t know I was cutting into you, I never would have, I never—

She licks his tears away, whining.)

Sam has a swallow, which—Dean gives him so much shit when she settles, this little twittering bird, with feathers the color of sky turning to night. But swallows search out the eaves of houses in which to make their nests, and in heraldry, they represented younger sons who had no land of their own. He loves her, for flitting above his head, over John’s, for being a free creature.

(Pretty thing, is Lucifer’s only comment, but his eyes glitter like a hawk’s and Sam—Sam thinks of broken wings and claws and is afraid.)

She’s left in Hell, when Crowley resurrects him—sometimes he thinks that’s what freaked Dean out the most, watching his brother walk around with no daemon and perfectly content. Sometimes Sam wonders how he got to sleep, all those nights, without her peeping in his ear.

It isn’t until later, until the trials are making it hard to see straight, to stay upright, to keep putting one foot in front of the other, again and again, until he is so close to being pure he shuts his eyes and sees only light that he remembers—the swallow hovered over the cross, crying “consolation!”

Aesina’s wings brush his face, and it comes close.

what i get from tumblr:

  1. oitnb is important
  2. tatiana maslany is a fucking genius
  3. nash grier should just disappear
  4. harry potter is forever
  5. we will never get over allison argent’s death
  6. johnlock should happen now
  7. benedict cumberbatch is life
  8. feminism 
  9. yes to sebastian stan
  10. we all want to live in the marvel universe
  11. ellen degeneres is an actual angel
  12. think like jaden smith’s tweets
  13. jennifer lawrence is the biggest most talented derp ever
  14. we all want to date kristen stewart, dont fight me on this
  15. disney movies
  16. everybody wants to be in comic con
  17. tom hiddleston tom hiddleston tom hiddleston
  18. dylan o'brien should be illegal he’s too beautiful and talented
  19. avatar the last airbender movie should never be talked about

Supernatural version

I am not merely a woman.

I am my own person.

I am a daughter, sister, mother, niece, aunt, cousin, and friend.

I am a goddess, and

I will NOT let you treat me as anything less than that.

- Alora S. (me)


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