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I mean if “You have to tell me why we’re committing a felony before we do it. Not that that’s going to stop us, but at least I’ll have all the facts.” doesn't scream Coliver idk what does

This is also for the anon who asked for: “How inconvenient. I guess I have to deal with you.” X coliver? :)

“Hey Oliver”

Mildly jumping at the sound of his name, Oliver turns from his locker to see a smirking Connor Walsh standing on his left.

Oliver blinks once, then twice as if unsure what else he is supposed to do, “Em, hi Connor.”

Connor’s smirk diminishes ever so slightly, not by much. In fact it’s rather unnoticeable to anyone except someone who knew Connor really well.

Which is odd because Oliver feels like he doesn’t know Connor even remotely well after all this time.

Oliver tries not to let old feelings of betrayal and resentment rise to the surface at the thought of how long it’s been since Connor looked him in the eye, let alone the last time they spoke.  

“How are you?” Connor asks, leaning his shoulder against the locker beside Oliver’s. Oliver’s stomach twists at how familiar this all is, even though they haven’t been friends in so long.

“I’m fine.” Oliver replies courteously, returning to taking books from his locker and hastily stashing them in his bag, “I’m happy that school’s over for the day, you know? Same as everyone else.”

If it were anyone else who had asked, Oliver would have responded with the same answer but finished with politely returning the question. But Connor Walsh was not everyone and Oliver doesn’t really care how Connor’s doing these days anyway.

Well that’s probably a lie. Oliver just doesn’t feel like hearing all about the great sex Connor had last night with some junior guy in the all-boys school across town, or maybe he’s even branching out into fucking college guys now.

He doesn’t feel like listening to Connor complaining about his homework or how much studying he’s supposed to do because he’ll come out with all As anyway and he certainly doesn’t feel like listening to Connor’s fake attempts at small talk after they haven’t talked in so long.

“That’s eh, that’s good.”

Oliver hums an affirmative noise as he fumbles to close his bag and shut his locker at the same time.

Oliver huffs and wonders why lockers must be so complicated to close.

“Here let me help-“

“It’s fine Connor.”

“No please let me-“

“I said that it’s fine!” Oliver’s voice rises dangerously towards a shouting height that echoes in the deserted high school hallway.  

Connor’s wide brown eyes blink in shock and Oliver knows he’s mirroring a similar expression, except his is more of horror at his own behaviour.

“I didn’t- I didn’t mean to yell” Oliver stutters softly

Connor nods in understanding and Oliver isn’t sure whether he feels resentment or relief that Connor still knows him so well after all this time. That they both still know exactly what the other means in the vague words they say.

It’s an uneasy sort of comfort that Oliver isn’t familiar with.

After finally shutting his locker and swinging his closed bag over his back, Oliver turns to fully face Connor again.

“What do you want Connor?”

“I just wanted to-“

“And don’t bother coming up with some bullshit reason about how you just want to chat or see how I’m doing, I won’t buy it.” Oliver snaps sharply “You’re clearly here for something otherwise you wouldn’t even be looking at me so why are you here?”

Something flashes across Connor’s face, an emotion that Oliver either has never seen on Connor’s face before or one he simply can’t remember seeing Connor wear but Oliver doesn’t have enough time to analyse it before Connor speaks again.

“I need you to hack a phone for me.”

Oliver couldn’t stop the small laugh that escapes past his lips.

“Really?” Oliver asks, his eyebrows darting up to his hairline, “You haven’t spoken to me in two years and now you’re asking me to commit a crime for you?”

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Arrow/Teen Wolf Mash Up!

Pairing: Reader x Roy, Reader x Jackson

Requested by Anon

Prompt: Roy Harper and Jackson Whittemore are twins, and they both like the reader. 

A/N: This was super fun to write! I may have gotten a bit carried away with it, so it’s pretty long and I plan on writing a Part 2!

*not my gifs*

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hold up

you anti-laurel people are gonna make fun of her addiction, but gonna support and feel bad about oliver’s PTSD.

both are serious things and even though these are purely fictional characters, can we stop joking about this?

seeing people hate on Laurel for being an alcoholic (I’ve seen some about Quentin also), but are stanning Oliver and his PTSD. I don’t understand this. Why does he get respect, and Laurel gets hate?

These are serious conditions. These are real things. Stop treating them like a pity train or joke material.

Olicit//y is not going to sort out Oliver’s PTSD with the snap of a finger, by the way. I’m afraid that’s what will happen.

Katie Cassidy won an award for portrayal of a character with an addiction. I’m sick and fucking tired of this being treated by a joke by Anti-Laurel people.