So I looked up some stuff about Banshees for something I’m writing and I found this. The first ability it talks about is a shockwave that “Banshee emits a sonic shockwave that pushes targets in range with enough force to incapacitate or kill attackers.” 

that’s what I see here, a shockwave. i know that information is based on a video game, but they talk about how the ability stems from power strength, which i’m assuming means electricity, which would be in line with all of the flickering lights in the season 5 trailer. 


I probably should have noticed this sooner but his shirt in this BTS photo is actually bloodier than I originally thought it was.

I hadn’t noticed the drip of blood going down his shirt or the wider range of blood around the wound/tear in his shirt. It is hard to see it because of how dark the shirt is. Maybe you can see it better if you manipulate the photo color/shading???

Also I need to know why he is hurt!

I assume this is related to the Car Crash/Explosion in the Official Season 5 Trailer.

I think he’s wearing the same shirt in the trailer as he is in the BTS photo.

You know I both love and hate spoilers and BTS photos. It’s like I want to know what happens but I also don’t. And I’m so addicted I can’t stay away usually. Though really BTS photos don’t give that much away.

I think I know who is going to die in 3B.

I don’t know if anyone has thought of that yet, but I was lying awake in my bed not thinking anything at all but suddenly it hit me like a brick. I could be totally wrong, but in my head it all makes sense, I feel like I found all the answers of the universe and it makes me so mad I haven’t thought of it before because it’s so simple.

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Teen Wolf Theory

I’m sort of new to the fandom, okay? I watched the WHOLE SERIES around the time season 3B premiered (in a marathon-fashion might I add). So, to help myself better understand things that are going on in new episodes, I decided to go back and re-watch season 3A. 

Today’s episode for me was 306, “Motel California”

I was just carrying on like normal while I watched but then a sentence stuck out to me. I was at the part where Scott was attempting to kill himself because he felt guilty over Derek. He felt guilty over people dying. He was not in the right mental state. But then good ole’ Stiles comes in to save the day and says something familiar. 

Scott, listen to me, okay? This isn’t you. This is someone inside your head telling you to do this”

Woah, hold up, where have I heard, “this isn’t you” before? Oh yeah, this promo, where it is said dozens of times: 

I have ultimately come to the conclusion that Stiles tries to commit suicide this season and I’ll explain why. 

By now, we know that there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with Stiles and his mind. Either he’s possessed, or being controlled I can’t say. But we know he was the one who wrote the message that meant Kira and he is aware of that. What else could he do?

 There are several things that catch my attention in the “this isn’t you” clip, but let’s start off with Scott. 

Eerily similar to Stiles’ words in Motel California, Scott says, “This isn’t you” and tries to stop Stiles from going to the mirror. But okay, why? There’s no basis for Scott to stop Stiles in this dream or hallucination or whatever this may be. 

Let’s continue with Lydia. 

She is in obvious distress and cannot scream (something to do with Illuminated, I’m guessing) and tears are streaming down her face. What strikes me is that she looks to be reaching for Stile, meaning that something is terribly wrong. Perhaps she’s not wanting him to do something (parallel to the first scene in Anchors?)

Okay, NOW HERE’S where it get’s interesting…. 

Here we see Allison holding a wolf, to which I guess signifies Isaac. She looks upset and is cradling the wolf, so is Isaac dead? Notice, if you will, that Allison is the only one in the group of friends who is not trying to stop Stiles.

Then we get an AUTOMATIC flash to Stiles looking down at his hands. 

And then we see the Sheriff and guess what he says?

“It was you”

EDIT: And this was recently brought to my attention. 

It looks like Isaac got burned. He is laying on a stretcher. And then we hear “We’regoing to destroy all of them. One by one”

This PROVES that whoever speaking is controlling Stiles and perhaps to kill everyone who was branded with the number 5 in Illuminated. Isaac was the first to be branded so he could be the first to be killed. 

Apparently Stiles goes missing in episode 318, so the summary says. And shall we read the summary for episode 319? “Scott and the others try to prevent a disaster

Ladies and gentleman, I believe whatever going on with Stiles’ mind is going to push him to do something huge. And ultimately, he might try to take his life in perhaps guilt. 

anonymous asked:

Your meta always makes my brain whirl. New thought, inspired by the post with the shot of Derek vs. the shot of Theo and your comment that he might be (yet another) Hale: I personally really, extremely want to see him connected to the Desert Wolf, and I know that there's all this meta floating around about how Malia might not be Peter's daughter/only child. What do you think of the possibility of Theo being her brother, raised by the Hales maybe and taken in by the Desert Wolf after the fire?

If it makes your brain whirl, imagine what a mess mine is :) Not even half my thoughts ever make it into a post, which is probably just as well. 

Anyway, yes the Theo/Derek parallel. Here’s the caps for those wondering what we’re talking about.

Theo in a very antagonist pose in the season 5 trailer

vs Derek looking down on Isaac hiding in Kate’s newly dug grave in 2x01

As for Theo, i do think we will learn that he fits into the narrative through people we already know. It’s so late in the series, I don’t think they’ll bring in entirely new elements and families, but instead elaborate or bring together some of the others. or at least I’m hoping. TW is always so filled with plot, I don’t want to spend time setting up yet another family. But that might just be me…. 

Let’s review our “options” for Theo

Theo is a Peter’s son and Malia’s brother/half brother

Just looking at his appearance Theo could easily be a Hale. He’s got the right eyebrows for it, the right coloring and look. Actually i think he looks more like a Hale than Liam does, and he’s been the most popular candidate for Peter’s offspring so far. 

I’ve been in the “Malia is not Peter’s daughter” camp since the start, but her mother being the desert wolf is entirely possible. Which could mean that Theo and Malia share a mother, but only Theo is Peter’s. 

I find little in the text that supports Malia being Peter’s daughter other than Lydia claiming it - and she’s the only one who could hear the whispers. I still think the idea of Lydia mishearing the whispers from Talia’s claws and assuming it was Malia and not Liam is a great theory. At the time they didn’t even know any Liams, so it was an easy assumption to make. There’s a long way phonetically from Theo to Malia… :) Also Peter did seem to go from excited daddy wants to meet daughter to polite disinterest in the span of a second when they first met. 

Liam is Peter’s son, Theo is his half brother (desert wolf is their mom)

This would fit the theory of misheard name, and still connect Theo to the story with a werecoyote as a mom. Is he confirmed as a werewolf? I think so, which means his dad must be a werewolf whoever that might be. 

Malia and Liam are siblings, Liam is Peter’s son. 

They did set them up as mirrors of each other in the promos from season 4, even down to the colors of the clothes. Could fit into the star wars parallel of siblings not knowing about each other. we have lots of star wars references already. 

Theo is the missing Hale from the fire

There is still one Hale unaccounted for after the fire. could Theo be that person? It doesn’t seem plausible with Scott and Stiles knowing him from when they were young. If they knew he was a Hale why not mention that earlier when getting to know Derek. And then surely Scott would’ve heard about the fire.  


None of the above

Chances are I’m way off base and Theo is just related to Scott/Stiles to create tension and to some of the villains of the season. I think he’s mostly a red herring, meaning probably not as antagonistic as he’s set out to be. But i’ve been wrong before. More than once :) 

Out of the scenarios above I’m more attached to Malia and Liam possibly being siblings than Theo being part of the mix. 

So I noticed something about the Beacon Hills Nemeton, which may ultimately be irrelevant, but bear with me.

Back during Visionary, Gerard and Chris had gone down into the Nemeton and Chris started explaining what it was

Gerard: What is that?

Chris: A Celtic five-fold knot. It’s a druid symbol. …The air’s different in here, do you feel it? I think I know what this place is.

Gerard: Is that blood?

Chris: Sacrificial blood. We’re in a nemeton. It’s a sacred meeting place; Ancient Celtic would usually choose a large, older tree in a grove to represent the center of the world. There’s a belief that cutting or harming the tree in any way would cause serious problems for the surrounding villages.

Gerard: What sort of problems?

Chris: Fires, plagues, strife.

We didn’t see what it looked like above ground until this episode and


a stump.


Let’s take a look at all of this, shall we. First up, Derek goes down. Then, we see a reaction shot of Peter which however you feel about Peter, makes sense. They’re family and it’s hella complicated, but still. Then you see Stiles which could still be decently ambiguous since Derek doesn’t know anyone else there that well. BUT THEN-

We go to a two-shot of Braeden and Derek. Take note we never see her reaction. She doesn’t get a close-up until way later and it’s pretty much only so we can cut to Derek’s wound and the blood on her hand.

Then we cut to the whip-pan to Stiles. I know everyone has pointed out the reaction shot nature of this, but I’m here to point out something even worse about all of it.

Look at the this gif and then look at the one right before it. Derek is clearly not in the same body position, this means that this is a flub in continuity. Guaranteed most people don’t notice these things on a casual watch, but it is a goal to avoid them as much as humanly possible. You only don’t avoid them if the emotion is more important.

This means that once we show Derek being helped, it quickly pans to Stiles who is clearly in close proximity. Ignoring the sterek of it all, it puts Derek and Stiles in very close range because Stiles wants to help Derek, the only thing stopping him is the fact that Braeden is already there. Stiles is even closer than Peter.

Then look at the last gif, it’s Peter. They could’ve cut to this and then the one before it and kept continuity, but instead, they cut to Stiles first. Why? Because his reaction was most important (or they really just enjoy fucking with us).

The shot was completely deliberate, but the editing was even more so. Many many people made decisions so that we all would see Stiles’ reaction to Derek dying and even more so how that connects to Braeden separating them.

TLDR; I can assure you absolutely everyone knew what they were doing when they shot/edited it like this to emphasize the importance of Stiles (and Peter) to Derek

anonymous asked:

Do you think there is still hope for Sterek in TW S5?

I get this question a lot, and I totally understand that people are curious and worried about this.

The short and sweet of it - we can still get Sterek. Even if Tyler Hoechlin never return it can still be confirmed with Stiles getting text, getting in the Jeep to meet Derek at Grand Canyon, him just verbally confirming that the text he just got was from “his boyfriend Derek”. It won’t be as satisfying of course, but if Hoechlin can’t return for some reason, like scheduling conflicts for example, then this could be a solution.

If Derek returns I think we will get confirmation. We know they reshot part of the 4x12 finale since he was leaving. But they still decided to include the sterek moments in the van, all seven of Stiles’ reaction shots to Derek being injured and the lingering look filled with dread and realization that Stiles throws over his shoulder before going after Scott. That tells me that Sterek is still go, or at least a very likely possibility.

Did Sterek have a chance to begin with? Hells yeah! I feel like I’m repeating myself, but I feel that all the ducks are lined up perfectly in a row waiting for sterek to burst into canon. Derek is ready. Stiles is getting there and will hopefully use the time without Derek in season 5 to become ready. athenadark likens the story of stiles and derek to elizabeth and darcy in Pride and Prejudice. It’s a very good comparison. Those characters also spent much of the book apart, growing, evolving and it wasn’t until the very end that they got it together. That is sterek.

So would anything be drastically different if Hoechlin had stayed on as a series regular? Maybe not drastically, but I think we would have gotten even a smidge more sterek in the finale, so that the signs would have been clearer. But that is just my personal belief, and I have no proof to back it up. Stiles would still have a way to go regardless, so for their story specifically, I’m not so sure it would be drastically different, but we’d probably get more interactions and scenes if he’d stayed on.

At any rate, we need to separate fanfiction Sterek and canon sterek. I enjoy fanfiction sterek immensely, but many of those stories are like parallel universes and don’t belong in TW the series. Those storylines would feel OOC if set in the show. But the lines blur, especially with the long hiatuses.


So, earlier today our dear friend Amy pointed this out to us on twitter and it made us do a total double-take! 

Image 1: Season 2 & 3A opening credits
Image 2: Season 3B opening credits
Image 3: Season 4 opening credits

Fairly interesting, especially with the endless eye-color meta floating around for how long now? It would seem the opening credits may or may not have inadvertently been showing off the wide array of Derek Hale eye-colors!

Intentional or a fun coincidence? :D

(Disclaimer: We looked and looked to see if there was a similar post like this already on tumblr, so we could give credit where credit is due, but we couldn’t find anything. The inspiration and credit for this post is totally thanks to this tweet right here!)


Okay, maybe someone wrote about this already but it’s really early in the morning and I don’t recall seeing anything about this so… ((EDIT: Kai actually wrote about this in August, and sent me a link today. I feel better knowing I’m not alone in this revelation))

Remember that time in season 2 when Lydia drugged Derek and bled him out to revive Peter, and then Derek “woke up” to Deaton being there? And remember how in between all that he was in a place with white light?

And then later Deaton ice-bath killed the golden trio and they went to a place with white light… which ended up being, I dunno, like the last shred of consciousness that the Nemeton possessed. It gave them the help they asked for, revealing its location so they could reach their parents. Are they in its debt now?

And I’m just suddenly very sure that Derek actually did die in 2x10, and that the Nemeton held onto him until Deaton could get there; maybe even called Deaton TO Derek. I can’t decide if I think it repaid its debt to Derek, or if it created a new one, but either way, it marked Derek. It put a darkness in him that carries through to the next season.

And maybe Deaton knew it, and maybe he watched all of these TERRIBLE AWFUL THINGS happening to Derek afterward, watched him go into such a very dark and horrible place all through season 3, mentally.

So maybe when Deaton tells the golden trio that there’s going to be a darkness around their hearts, he’s not just bullshit guessing.

Maybe he knows because he sees it every time he looks at Derek now.

And if that’s true, I’m suddenly very scared for our young pack.

Stiles is something – or how agent McCall totally didn’t kill the chemist!

I’ve been saying Stiles is something for ages and I know the entire Meta Pack is with me on this. We’re not entirely sure what yet but I have a suspicion it has to do with belief

Some have perhaps already seen the promos and previews for next week and knows that Lydia adds Stiles’ name to a list (i suspect the one from her grandma’s code.) That just drives this argument home, and truthfully I didn’t see that until after I had spent a minute shrieking with glee for 10 minutes scaring my coworkers after watching episode 4x08. (Does that make me a BanGlee? Terrible pun I know, moving on).

I know I’ve CSI’d this scene earlier and given a somewhat plausible explanation for which direction the bullet came from and why the bullet didn’t hit Stiles. I still think that could explain – or at least serve as an explanation that Agent can use when writing up his little report - that is what he see and hear him do in the beginning of 4x08.  But I don’t think that is what happened and this episode gave us the final proof!

Now, credit must be given where credit is due, because this is a joint meta pack effort and we have spent a lot of time discussing the shooting scene from 4x07 and we found some strange discrepancies.

Let me present them for you.

  • It is a miracle the bullet didn’t hit stiles. It is possible, but takes a VERY SKILLED MARKSMAN to pull off that shot. And we have no evidence Agent is one. He admits to Scott in 4x08 that he’s only shot and killed someone twice before. Not a lot of experience. The Sheriff probably have more skill than agent McCall. He did shoot the rope holding Deaton remember. AND agent was wearing full hazmat suit which would make it virtually impossible for him to do this with any kind of accuracy. Hardly ideal conditions for a Jack Bauer level shot.
  • The bullet wound in The chemist’s forehead is dead center, like a third eye. If agent made the shot, we’d think he’d aim more to the side to ensure the bullet had a bigger chance of avoiding Stiles.
  • The bullet wound does not look like an exit wound. First of all it is very small and second of all it has gun powder residue around it. Look at the black tinges around the wound. Entry wounds has this, not exit wounds!

  • We see a light go off at the same time as we hear the shot fired (see gif below), but it’s too bright to be from the gun. It lights up the entire room. Stiles is associated with flickering lights…
  • Look at this gif – we clearly see that the chemist’s head whips backwards, then forwards before he slumps to the floor. That indicates that he’s been hit from Stiles’ side and not the back.

  • Add to this Stiles’ bewildered comment to agent when he emerges from Coach’s office : “Where did you come from?” If this was the savior with the gun, wouldn’t he be exclaiming “Thank god you came!”

So based on this the meta pack concluded the shot came from Stiles’ side and we believe it was Stiles who caused it. Take a look at the gif again – he does look scared, but not as scared as he should be. He’s concentrating. Using his power, saving himself.

Okay, and now for what we see in 4x08 that I believe supports this theory.

We get a scene with Agent McCall making his report on the incident. We see him removing the bullets from the gun and putting it in a plastic bag.

This is his gun                                                        

This looks very much like the same type of gun that Braeden shows Derek later in the episode

Okay, not the best screencap, but we see it’s a similar handgun. And more importantly – she even gives us a lecture on it.

Braeden: You’ll like this one. The legal clip size in California is 10, you always will remember how many shots you’ve fired. Running out of bullets can get you killed.

Thanks for that Braeden. Now let’s go back to Agent McTall (snickers)

If the legal clip size is 10 and he’s fired one shot that leaves…. 9 bullets left. But wait a minute – how many bullets are in that bag? Let’s count them shall we.

Well, i’ll be damned! It’s 10 bullets! Agent McCall didn’t fire any bullets - meaning the bullet that hit the chemist must have come from his own gun - remember it was pointed straight at stiles’ head and he was in front of him. Somehow Stiles has the ability to make the gun turn on it’s master so to speak.

Here’s another shot of the bullets if you want to do your own count

Still 10!

You might think that sounds outrageous, but let me quietly remind you of all the other “impossible” things Stiles has managed. And if we do a rewatch there might even be more!

  • stiles streched a handful of mountain ash into a line of several meters
  • stiles managed to hold a paralyzed werewolf afloat in a swimming pool for more than two hours
  • stiles is shit at lacrosse, but managed to score numerous goals during the final game in s2
  • stiles managed to hold up a support beam and a shitload of shaky ground with a simple aluminum bat
  • he managed to overpower ethan - an alpha! - at the creepy motel when he wanted to take a saw to his chest
  • maybe he even saved cora in the ambulance because he believed he could? it was a werewolf infected by mistletoe and he saved her by giving her the kiss of life…!
  • Stiles fixed his jeep without having the first clue how to do it
  • Stiles seem to have extraordinary strength for a human - managed to hold on to the lacrosse stick with one hand while simultaniously studying his crime scene photos - Coach was yanking on the other end using both his hands. And also when holding down the werewolf Brett at Deaton’s he held his own. And also Scott in 3x01 when Derek burned the tattoo…

And now with Stiles added onto a list made by a banshee, i’m thinking things will finally come into light- and yes I use the word light deliberately - He is the light of Beacon Hills according to the MTV Character bio :)

"Everyone has it..."

Okay so again, on anon with teenwolftoday, I had a bit of a revelation. (My Tumblr app won’t let me send things off of anon? Does anyone else have this problem? Anyway…)

We know there was a heavy emphasis on the riddle, “Everyone has one, but no one can lose it.” The answer given is ‘shadow’, as we know. And that made sense in the context.  

However, there is another solution to this riddle. 

The other answer is 'name’. Now any other time, I’d totally dismiss this as them choosing the response that best suits their needs. But which character are we dealing with here? What is the mystery that hangs around Stiles Stilinski? The thing that…hell we don’t even know if Stiles himself can pronounce? The thing that they purposefully showed his doctor withholding while they were in the very room that Stiles would soon be fully possessed? In the very room that he would soon be asked this riddle?

His name. 

But what could this mean? My theory is this: Stiles’ name will play an integral role in him being released from the influence of the nogitsune. 

The first clue was Holland’s quote (which I first thought would mean we were due to be seeing some Mama Stilinski) stating that Stiles saying, “Thanks mom,” was hugely foreshadowing. Now of course there’s also the possibility that she was talking about his saying it to Melissa specifically, but that’s just an entire other story.

Because who, specifically, did the Sheriff say that name came from? His wife’s side of the family. Stiles’ mom. 

What power is there in a name though? Ah that’s what’s interesting. 

See there is a belief in Japanese mythos called “Kotodama”, that states mystical powers dwell in words and names. In essence, this belief assumes that a name can be used in ritual to affect everything around us. The environment we live in, the people in our lives, our bodies, our minds…

And our souls.

“Thanks mom.”

just throwing out to you that

  • kitsune are also known as ‘coyote of the orient’
  • coyote are said to often deceive humans
  • coyote are trickster figures
  • coyote also fit in the native american myth as the joker, clown and wild card - whereas foxes fit into the same role in the orient
  • coyote are said to be neither good nor evil, yet to be both of them
  • both kitsune and coyote are said to take the form of humans to trick them out of food or out of favors of sexual nature

think twice about malia guys

so, this edit suddenly made something ping in my brain about kate’s resurrection

this scene in 2x01 always really bothered me. it kept getting explained away as the omega that appears in this episode but it still really bugged me, and for lack of a better explanation i let it go. but now i’m thinking that was a red herring (which isn’t unusual for teen wolf at all).

it was said during the AfterBuzz interview with jeff davis after the 3B finale that they’d been wanting to bring kate back, but they held off on the reveal for s2 because of peter and they felt like it’d be too much, and then scheduling issues (probably b/c of wipeout) had them push it back even more.

but looking back on this scene, it’s looking like kate healed/came back to life after her funeral, before isaac finished filling her grave–which is also why no one had noticed her body had gone missing beforehand.

anonymous asked:

Just a thought I had! So when you pause the opener on Stiles's board and flip it you can read some of the stuff on it, there are articles about a virus and quarantine at the school. That would maybe explain the guys in the yellow suits and Kira not being able to see anything in the trailer, some kind of virus going around?

You guys are so clever it’s disgusting. BUT YES OMG!! I wanted to take a look myself so I made some super high quality caps and sure enough I’m also seeing stuff about a ‘Mystery Virus’ 

Mystery Virus hits California High _____’ to be exact. 

And under that ‘The symptoms are ____, fever and ____

Then I’m seeing ‘_____ killings suspect is identified as “The Mute”’ 

And on the far right it’s ‘2 People Found Dead at Local Mall’ 

You guys should definitely keep looking though, because I know you’ll be FAR BETTER at decoding this stuff than I will.

And just in case tumblr resizes the images, you should be able to download each image here from Photobucket. (On the right is a download button - Just hit that to get the full 1080 resolution caps.)

GOOD LUCK!! And make sure you let us know what awesome stuff you find!! 

Shirt thoughts

I don’t know if anyone have pointed this out yet, but the shirt Scott wears in the promo for 3x17..

..Looks a lot like the one Stiles will be wearing later this season, if you go by what we’ve seen from BTS. I would even dare to say it’s the same one, maybe?

And this is in Scott’s bedroom. Like, why would Stiles be in Scott’s bed wearing his clothes? 

I don’t have any clever theories about this, maybe after being missing, Stiles shows up at Scott’s house without any clothes (now wouldn’t that be something). Thoughts anyone?

If you need more reference watch this and this 

Ok so, Reyes & Noshiko shared a pretty sweet moment and he says m’embrasser which means “kiss me” in French.

Also, it was their last real moment (kiss) right before he was about to die.

Noshiko said that she called out to her ancestors for a possession by a fox spirit, but the problem is that she wasn’t the one who was possessed it was her love Reyes.

So, what happened? Why was Reyes possessed and not Noshiko?

We see right before she starts summoning her ancestors or whatever they flashback to their last moments together. Was her connection to Reyes the reason he was possessed and not her? Maybe.

Coincidentally all this can be paralleled with what’s happening with Stiles & Lydia.

Stiles & Lydia shared their first kiss right before stiles was about to die (I would also like to point out the similarities between both kisses, the lighting and everything.)

Right before stiles gets into the tub he takes one last look at Lydia.

Looks familiar? This shot was shown right before Noshiko summoned her ancestors. 

Noshiko said it was the sacrifice that brought its power back but why did the nogitsune cling to stiles?

Linden Ashby said in one of his nycc interviews (here start 11:11) that the kiss between stiles & Lydia will have some consequences. Does that mean the kiss between stydia played the same role in stiles’ possession as it did reyes?

And finally we find out that she buried the firefly deep in the roots of the nemeton. Oh, you mean that big ass tree Lydia keeps drawing aka the picture that stiles has framed in his room with a note that says FOR LYDIA?

Notice stiles framed it right side up.

So yeah, that’s my meta lol.


Ignore that video, it was bs.

OKAY SO HERE WE GO (im only gonna cover the important shit):

(* means the date is wrong, but that’s what they gave us anyway)

1976* - Peter Hale born (okay this one is iffy bc it seems like Peter was captain of the basketball team around 87-88 (there’s a trophy between his two trophies with that date) which would make him *ahem* the 11 yr old varsity captain, woohoo)

1977, March - Alexander Argent was bitten (by the Alpha Deucalion??)  and committed suicide

1981 Kali born - putting her at 30 in canon

1982 - Laura Hale born - she would’ve died at 29

1986 - Julia Baccari (Jennifer Blake) born - putting her at 25 in canon

1994 - Stiles, Allison, Cora, and Heather born (Allison turned 17 in the show in 2011, Stiles’ bday is April, meaning he had to be 16 during seasons 1 & 2 to drive)

1995 - Erica Reyes born - putting her 16 in canon, this is probably also when Scott was born.

1996* - Vernon Milton Boyd III born (putting him at 15 in canon…. >_>)

2001 - it’s been heavily implied that Paige’s death/ Deucalion’s blindness occurred 10 years before the present date - which is all 2011 btw

2003 - Claudia Stilinski’s death.

2005 - Hale Family Fire


  • January - Wolf Moon: Scott bitten, Laura dies (Allison’s bday?)
  • February - Peter dies, Kate dies
  • March - the mysterious two moons bc Peter comes back on the Worm Moon, which is in March, but it’s the 4th of the show sooooo, Matt dies
  • April - Jackson dies/undies
  • May-August - Summer months. Derek and pack look for Boyd and Erica. Erica dies somewhere in here. Allison is in France, Scott in summer school. Jackson leaves for London. We can only guess about Lydia and Stiles.
  • September - Season 3 starts with Isaac dealing with Alpha pack, Cora returns, and Darach starts killing people. Heather’s 17th bday. Ennis dies.
  • October - Lunar Eclipse. Kali and Jennifer die. Scott becomes Alpha

2012**** We don’t know, we haven’t gotten this far yet. No one died in 2012. No one. Everyone died in 2011 so far. Unless of course they will be brought back to be killed again in 2012. 

Teen Wolf Promoshoot: Wardrobe colors

With the promoshoots released today of Scott and Derek, fans started commenting on a “switch” of shirts between 3A and 3B. Although the shirts aren’t exactly the same, they have similar colors like you can see right here.

I really don’t think this is a coincidence. 

Notice that red is the color we associate with the alpha status, due to the red eyes of the alphas. Now, on the 3A photoshoot Derek is wearing an almost red shirt, giving away the alpha status. Now on the 3B photoshoot, the red is now on Scott’s shirt, the new alpha in town.

On 3A, Scott was basically an omega. He didn’t belonged to Derek’s pack or any other. He wore black on the photoshoot. Now Derek, the one who lost his alpha status and his pack, the omega that left town, is now wearing black.

I just found it interesting how the colors of their shirts revealed exactly what happened to them on the last 12 episodes and how the roles switched.