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It’s so sad how no one listens to Lydia’s banshee intuitions anymore. Instead, they question her sanity and cause her to lose faith in herself. You may say that’s ooc for the pack, esp Scott, but if you think about it, Stiles was the first one who believed in Lydia’s abilities. He trusted her and listened to her (“You knew it. You felt it.”) and encouraged her to use her powers (“Then scream, Lydia, scream.”) He never let her question herself (“so don’t start doubting yourself now”) and didn’t make her feel like a weirdo. She could open up to him when she was confused about her powers and now she can’t do that, she pretends that she’s fine even when she’s crying. If Stiles wasn’t around Lydia might have been struggling with her powers throughout the last two years.

I have a feeling that when Lydia peels the wallpaper off, that there won’t be anything there. Not even an empty room… And it’ll have to be the Sheriff who needs to look through the opening in the wall for his room to appear again since it is their family home and that’s what ties Stiles to him. That might explain why Lydia is completely broken down and crying on the floor. She probably feels panicked and useless at not being able to find it when she’s much closer than she thinks. The jeep will be the relic for Lydia to find and the room will be for the Sheriff.

Okay, so I just noticed something.

Cody posted this pic on his twitter yesterday and it caught my attention (x):

We all know that TW isn’t the most reliable show when it comes to birth dates, but according to this Theo is 14.

Now while watching last night’s episode, when Lydia is checking on info about Claudia, we get this:

No birth year for Claudia, which is odd, but it’s the same date. Both files say November 23rd!

Coincidence? How could they both be related?

Peter passing through the barrier and getting burned all over just made me even more sure that Lydia or Parrish (maybe both) will be the “bridge” that is needed to get to where Stiles is because she’ll be immune and Parrish with his hellhound form will possibly be able to break the barrier like he did with the mountain ash in Eichen and that will help with Stiles getting back without any harm done to him. And we’ve also already seen a preview where Lydia is reaching through a mirror, which we figured is most likely her discovering that she can reach the other side. I just wonder if it matters which mirror Lydia goes through. 

I had CA: TWS playing in the background at work today, and something caught my attention that I have idly wondered about before, but this time, it was like a great big flashing sign. So much so that I had to go back and replay the scene.

Pierce: The timetable has moved. Our window is limited. Two targets, level six. He already cost me Zola. I want confirmed death in ten hours.

I saw that then I watched the scene on the bridge. Watch the Winter Soldier. He comes in for the attack, and the first person he takes out of the equation is Jasper Sitwell. AKA the man who let the Lumerian Star get captured by pirates. AKA the reason Fury got the intel and had his suspicions raised. AKA the reason that the timetable was moved. AKA the reason they lost Zola.

I always assumed it was Steve and Natasha he was coming after, but no. Steve is Level 8.

Just watch the way TWS attacks. He doesn’t go for Steve or Sam directly. He takes out Sitwell, the easy target, first then aims through the roof of the car at Natasha first. And when the car crashes, he doesn’t go after Steve.

Instead, he fires towards Natasha, and only misses because Steve pushes her out of the line of fire. The blast sends Steve hurtling over the ledge. You would think he would be a priority target after that, but TWS ignores him. Instead, he calmly stalks after Natasha like a predator.

The other HYDRA operatives are firing like mad, shooting at everything, but he just watches for Natasha. He doesn’t fire until he has her in his sites. He only fires three times when she’s still on the bridge, and each shot only just misses her. (Speaking of, I love that the only thing that makes him lose his cool and fire as wildly as the other HYDRA agents, is when she manages to land a hit on him. That’s the one time he doesn’t aim)

When he gets given the machinegun, he also doesn’t waste his ammunition once she’s out of range. He hops over the edge of the bridge and goes after her on foot. The only time he actually bothers himself with fighting Steve is when Steve attacks him.

Also, I think this whole scene really demonstrates the difference between the design of the Winter Soldier as a weapon and the way HYDRA have used him. HYDRA tends to be very much smash in and “KILL THEM ALL WITH FIRE!” style, whereas the Winter Soldier is very much carefully aimed and positioned. Just watch the way he moves when he’s hunting. Or even when he’s firing. He is absolute stillness and quiet, compared to the chaos and destruction of the HYDRA boys. He just walks into a scene, lifts his gun, fires, and just like that, is gone.

Imagine how Lydia’s feelings for Stiles have evolved since the kiss. How they must have grown with each scene between them from 3x11 to now. Every time he trusted her, reassured her, saved her, she must have fallen in love with him more and more. How she squashed them down when he was with someone else, and how when he came back for her in Eichen everything came rushing back. And now she remembers everything again and can’t believe she could have forgotten all that he made her feel, can’t believe how she never told him, and she’s finally going to get to tell him.

why this scene is so wonderful

I was looking for metas about this scene, but I couldn’t find anything, so decided to say several words myself.

Firstly, I made one gifset and captioned it as glare of death and people wrote that Bucky looks like he’s about to cry or has already cried. Tbh, I think it’s both. Great thing about this scene, to my mind, is not if he’s feeling anger or pain, but the fact that he’s definetely feeling something here!

As I remember, we only see two moments where Bucky is feeling something. First one is this:

Here, he’s angry af. Before this moment, we see hydra agents shooting wildly, but WS is calm, he casually walks and shoots for like two or three times only. But when Nat breaks his glasses(sorry, don’t know what they’re called), he becomes crazy and starts shooting without aiming properly. He feels anger and frustration.

Second one is a bit of confusion and hesitation:

(not my gif)

Throughout the whole movie, what catches our eyes is how calm ws is. He isn’t running, he never is in a hurry. Of course, he kills people, fights like an assassin, but he is always laid-back and really relaxed.

But in the final scenes, he acts like a crazy. WS’ actions are so brutal. Although he is sent to missions to kill people, I don’t think that winter soldier is allowed to make them personal. I mean that he must finish the missions succesfully, but he must know show his personal attitude towards it.

But here

He slaughters hydra/shield agents in a way that is screams to be really personal to me. He freaking shot that pilot and didn’t even care to throw away the body. He’s just to eager to get to Steve. Yes, it is his mission, but so was that causeway scene and his actions in these situations are so different from each other.

Considering all of these, I believe that in that scene he is not unemotional. WS is about to finish his missions, not only because hydra ordered him, but because Steve makes him feel things that causes him pain and confusion and uncertainity.

Is he angry? Yes. Is he ] eager to kill Steve in the most brutal way? Hell, yes. Is he also feeling pain? He IS! I think that he’s torn between too many emotions and that reflects in his eyes. They are deadly, but at the same time a bit red and look like he’s gonna cry.

To be sure I have to look once again at this moment:

He looks so childish and it feels like he’s suffering. But then:

See how he narrows his eyes for a second? Yes, he’s in misery, but that eye narrowing thing also tells me that WS is also furious and wants to visiously kill his oponent.

P.S. Please, add your thoughts ‘cause I’m so interested in the interpretation of this scene.

The problem I have with the argument that “Tamlin didn’t know the note Feyre sent was really written by her, especially since he didn’t know she could write and read now. He had every reason to think it was suspect” is that it so closely mirrors the type of rhetoric that people use to forgive abusers and reshape narratives of abuse in real life?

I mean it’s pretty simple:

Feyre = domestic abuse victim

Velaris = safe house

Inner Circle (and specifically rhys and mor)= people who help her escape abuse and get to the safe house

I mean, how many times, in real life, do we see domestic abusers angry and upset that their victims have escaped them? How often do those abusers go after their victims? I mean, that’s why the locations of safe houses are secret! That’s why there are entire networks of people devoted to keeping those houses safe and secret (the wards on velaris!!!!) Because abusers will try to prevent victims from leaving. And the reasons they give? “No one loves you like I love you” “I’m whats best for you” “I won’t do it again” “You can’t leave me because if you leave me I’ll do x, and x” 

I mean, abusers, don’t exactly listen to what their victims say.  They don’t listen to what the victim wants. They just…abuse and abuse and don’t really care about the victim’s opinion or wishes.

Fairly often, abusive husbands are angry when their wives and children escape and go to safe houses. They literally….will hunt women down. 

So Tamlin’s reaction to Feyre leaving is…fairly in line with how abusers react in real life. He doesn’t listen to what she wants. It’s fairly clear that Feyre was unhappy…I mean her depression and eating disorder are obvious. She vomits from nightmares every night.  It’s clear that she wasn’t being hurt by Rhysand all those times she went to the Night Court for a week and came back unharmed. She told Tamlin she was okay. She told him she was uninjured. So…Tamlin ignoring Feyre’s note is just another instance of him, an abuser, ignoring his partner’s wishes. It’s not a mistake on his part, nor is it an example of him trying to protect her. 

It’s an example of an abusive man thinking that he knows better than the woman he is abusing. 

Tamlin sends Lucien to HUNT FEYRE DOWN. He literally hunts her…to try and forcibly bring her back to the Spring Court. And yes, Feyre pretends to be all evil so that Lucien won’t know about Velaris but…Tamlin still doesn’t give up hunting her. He allies with Hybern in order to get her back. It’s sick and fucked up.

So I really…do not care that Tamlin might have had reason to think the note wasn’t from Feyre. Because at the end of the day, it’s just more of him being an abusive prick. And the logic of “but he didn’t know if she was okay!” mirrors how people in real life try to frame abuse. We constantly see this narrative in literature (fifty shades!) and real life that the abuser was just trying to do what was best for this victim and “didn’t mean” to hurt her. Okay well…ultimately it does not matter that Tamlin “didn’t know the note was actually from her.” 

Would Tamlin have listened to it even if he had known, unequivocally, that it was from Feyre and represented her wishes?

Nope. Because…he doesn’t listen to her wants and needs even when she’s speaking directly to him. He didn’t allow her any freedom in the Spring Court even though it was killing her. Literally, she was wasting away. He didn’t care then, so why can we assume that he would have listened to the note had he known it was from her? We can’t. So you can’t really make the argument that “Tamlin didn’t know it was from her” because either way…his actions would have been the same.

He’s interesting in controlling and “protecting” Feyre, aka abusing her, he isn’t interested in listening to what she wants. 

The argument that Tamlin didn’t know the note was from her implies that had he known, he would have acted differently. And that’s a false argument given what we know of his direct interactions with Feyre in acomaf (abusive! ignores her wants and needs). And…not only is it a false argument…it’s the type of argument that in real life…would be really detrimental to abusive victims.

Sheriff never wanted Stiles to be named after his dad.

Every time he said Stiles name out loud he would have been reminded of the abuse he and his mother suffered growing up.

There is an unconscious internal resentment imprinted on Stiles name. No wonder his relationship with the Sheriff has always been low key strained. It wasn’t just Claudia’s death, but his own father’s abuse.

And Stiles had fears of his father wanting to abuse him too.

I’m impossibly sad, and I’m fervently suspicious of Claudia Stilinski.

This malia storyline is making me think about anchors and how we never seen stiles and Lydia explicit having one. An anchor is supposed to keep the other on the ground, keep the other in control and yes, stiles is human but even humans need that sometimes. I believe their dynamic is different from the usual anchors, tho. I think their emotional tether does almost the same thing but instead of Lydia helping stiles and stiles helping Lydia, it creates a balance and they help each other. it’s like it needs the energy from both of them to keep them safe, it only works because both of them want this connection, because both of them feel what they feel. The feeling is mutual, they love each other on the same level, they both are willing to die for the other, they are equals. They make their emotional tether stronger. they both give it power to keep each other grounded.

So, if Chess is Stiles’ game. Stiles making Derek his King meant that he believed Derek was to be saved at ALL COSTS, or the game was over. 

While under torment from a trickster spirit wanting chaos & strife, Stiles basically pleaded with anyone who knew him well enough to understand the board, to protect Derek at all costs.

The scene with Derek/Peter, about the board, Derek cannot fathom someone actually caring about him so much. Peter gets it.

I just want to say something. John Winchester was abusive. Whether or not it strayed into the physical realm is debatable (though personally, judging by a lot of Sam and Dean’s reactions I would not be surprised), but John did, without a doubt, neglect and belittle his children. That is abuse.

Leaving extremely underage kids alone for weeks at a time? Abuse. Abandoning your child at a group home out of spite because he tried to win more money for food for himself and his brother since you didn’t leave him enough? Abuse. Treating your children like soldiers? Abuse. Verbally berating, and sometimes shunning your eldest son so that he will follow your orders without question, leading him to have very little self-esteem? Abuse. Forbidding your youngest son to achieve his dreams just because they don’t fit your agenda? Abuse. Drinking yourself into rages or to the point of passing out, leaving your kids to fend for themselves and emotionally support you? Abuse!

All of that is abusive behaviour. Whether or not John hit his boys is somewhat besides the point. He was not a healthy influence or a good father.

And you know what? I believe that he did love Sam and Dean, I really do. There were moments of genuine caring. He gave up his soul for Dean’s, that’s not nothing. But you can love someone and still be terrible towards them/bad for them, just like you can love someone who is being terrible towards you. Just because he cared about them doesn’t mean he properly cared for them.

The train tracks are all over Beacon Hills. They’re at the school, the Beacon Hills preserve, the hospital, etc. In the promo you hear someone (possibly Parrish after he snaps out of it) say “He’s merging the worlds so the ghost riders can cross over.”

MTV posted a spoiler-ish photo months ago that I felt was gonna be important at some point.

In the promo, you see some of the people that were taken “hanging out” in the library that has been merged with the train station and they erupt into the green-ish blue smoke. 

I think that’s Mr. Douglas changing them into ghost riders. And those ghost riders are the ones trying to get Scott at the Beacon Hills preserve, since Mr. Douglas says “You’ll make a fine ghost rider, Scott.” 

This is why i’m moving towards thinking that Lydia, Scott, and Malia failed to create a rift out of their memories of Stiles and that the person coming out of the rift is actually Mr. Douglas who created his own rift to merge the two worlds.

Lydia, Scott, and Malia will realize it isn’t Stiles and try fighting him and Parrish who is still under his control. They’ll be inside the train station for a minute or two, we’ll see Chris, Melissa, the Sheriff and others and they’ll all end up separating. Scott will end up with Liam at the Hospital where they will be fighting Douglas and Parrish, at some point Stiles will show up and knock out Douglas. Lydia will be with Malia for a moment, they’ll realize the worlds are merging and Malia will end up at the Beacon Hill preserve later with Scott. Lydia will meet up with Stiles at the school and feelings will be quickly talked about, possibly before he goes to help Scott and Liam and that’s when Scott and Stiles finally see each other and hug, and later Lydia will fight off either Douglas or the ghost riders alongside the Sheriff. And maybe they all end up at the Beacon Hills preserve and that’s when the showdown happens.   

Sheriff Noah Stilinski

As I was thinking about “Sundowning” at work today, I realized that we learned far more than his name in this episode.  In my opinion, Teen Wolf answered a lot of questions about his character in this episode.

What it didn’t do is convince me that this was planned from Season 1.  I get the feeling that this may have been a “fix-it” episode.  In other words, they realized that the Sheriff’s characterization had been all over the place, and scratched their heads to find a way to explain it.

I will write this post as if this was intended from Season 1.   I simply find the more positive possibility the more attractive.  Call me a Pollyanna.

Elias “Stiles” Stilinski gave us a model for how to look at the Sheriff’s actions.  Elias was both a war hero and an abusive husband and father.  How often does this happen in real life?  The answer is – all the time.  No one is either all good or all bad, and that has been one of the main themes of the show.

The sheriff’s relationship to Stiles which has been described as neglectful, distrustful, and yet protective, verging on over-protective.  It seems that one minute the Sheriff “hasn’t believed a word he’s spoken since he learned to speak” and that the next minutes he’d “burn the sheriff station to the ground to protect you.”

I believe that the show is saying that the sheriff has a deep fear of turning into his father – thus, we see a reason he can be furious at Stiles and then suddenly forgive him or walk away.  Stiles got him fired and he just brushed it off – he didn’t even ground him, after his fury at stealing the prison van in the first place.  He repeats this behavior throughout the seasons – the Sheriff grows angry with Stiles and then suddenly relents and does what Stiles wants – in “The Girl Who Knew Too Much,” in “Echo House,” in “Smoke & Mirrors,” and in “Damnatio Memoriae.” It’s as if he is ready to ‘put his foot down’ but then he is reminded of his own father, who went too far, itching like glass under the skin trying to works its way out.

The show is seeming to say that this has set up an unstable dynamic in the Stilnski household.  Stiles knows his father’s behaviors and pushes to do what he wants (he does) but Stiles always fears that one day he’ll go too far and his father isn’t going to pull back at the last moment.  

I really wonder – has Stiles ever met Elias Stilinski?  I’m betting not.

anonymous asked:

Hii. So theory that Stiles is bi is now kind of a main topic so i'm wondering what do you think of it. Do you think he is bi??

I absolutely think he’s bi. In fact I’m pretty much of the opinion that it can be considered a “canonical fact” at this point. I realize many might not agree with me since he haven’t shouted out from the roof top at the hospital or told someone explicitly, but it’s a topic that’s been hinted at since the beginning of the show. 

Stiles has never defined his sexuality. Scott has, when coach asked him if he found Danny attractive, responded that yes he thought Danny was an attractive guy, but he liked girls. Danny and Mason are openly gay characters. Caitlin was openly bisexual and it could be argued that Brett is as well, even if it’s not explicitly stated. Other than that none of the characters have stated their sexuality. We only know their dating history, or to be fair part of their dating history.

We can assume that a character like for instance Lydia is straight because we’ve only seen her with boys, but that doesn’t mean she is. Stiles has so far only been linked with girls romantically, but with just one them has he been in a relationship with - Malia. Heather and Caitlin came on to him and kissed him first. And Lydia is someone he’s crushed on for a while, but that never came to anything.

What little information we have about Stiles’ love life before TW starts is comprised of him being obsessed with Lydia since the third grade. 


Stiles: Fine, yes, from Lydia to me. Look, I need to know if I have a chance with this girl, okay? I’ve been obsessing over her since the third freakin’ grade.

That doesn’t mean he couldn’t have obsessed over boys during this period. That might just be something he hadn’t shared with anyone. And as the series goes forward we do get a lot of hints that he might swing both ways.

Let me count the ways….. click the link for more :) 

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From re-reading the books I felt like it was implied that Jokaste is an abuse victim. The “I don’t think you chose” was a very strange line, and it insinuates that Jokaste was shoehorned into siding with Kastor somehow.

Consider: Jokaste gives birth at the end of KR, so she is heavily pregnant by the time that the coup actually happens. This means that she *got* pregnant six months or so before the coup. We don’t know how long Kastor was planning it for, but it wasn’t the most artfully orchestrated or subtle coup in history, so probably not long. If she were pregnant six months before then the relationship must have started before that, at which time it would have been possible for her to warn Theomedes, if not Damen. She could have sounded the alarm somehow, possibly by sabotaging Kastor if they would not listen seeing as at this point that’s still in her best interests - unless it’s an abusive relationship, in which case she is unlikely to do this.

At this time it wouldn’t be apparent that Kastor was going to actually succeed considering how botched together his plan was. Jokaste isn’t one to stake her claim on the losing side.

We also know that Kastor covets what Damen has. Damen is the crown prince. He has better prospects, better slaves, and a beautiful, incredibly intelligent girlfriend. I think she was forced into a relationship with Kastor because he wanted to *be* Damen and have what he had. We already know that Jokaste was willing to drop Kastor at the drop of a hat because she fucked off as soon as she got the opportunity, and if Laurent knows Kastor is the weaker man then Jokaste knows it too. Kastor is a wildcard; I honestly don’t think that if Jokaste wanted influence she would have chosen him, considering how trusting Damen is and the relationship they had beforehand.

So! The conclusion I’ve come to is that the relationship was not willing, per se. I don’t think that Jokaste intended to get pregnant by Kastor or to be with Kastor at all, but when it was apparent that she was it became also apparent that backing Kastor was her best chance. If Kastor were king her child would be a prince - if Damen were king he would be a bastard. She’s not an idiot, and I don’t think she’s stupid enough to take that kind of risk unless she absolutely had to. She also keeps Damen alive, which shows some strong sentimental value considering she knows what he’s capable of, knows the reputation of Laurent, and knows that he’ll probably come back. She wouldn’t be Queen with Damen, but keeping him alive if that’s her goal is extraordinarily foolish; if that were her true motive she would have had him killed, or else her position as Queen with Kastor is no more stable than as mistress to Damen.

Just my thoughts. :0

“Why don’t you tell me your name?”

This is what Sheriff Stilinski says to Stiles, with the irony being that Sheriff is about the only person who even knows Stiles’ *real name*.

We have been told this season will finally reveal Stiles’ true name, and it was said that Lydia would be present when it’s announced.

I believe the foreshadowing that Teen Wolf has given us is that Sheriff Stilinski will have to remember and call out Stiles true name, in a claim to pull him back into reality.

Names have power. And that’s exactly why Lydia was able to save Mason from the beast, by calling his name and making him remember who he was. That’s the cure for damnatio memoriae, which we learned last season.

I’m fairly certain that Sheriff will be the one to call out Stiles true name, since he’s the only one that really knows and understands its origins.

We will see the season come full circle then, beginning with the sheriff forgetting Stiles name, to him finally being the one to reveal it after 6 long seasons.

Either sheriff will be the one to call his name, or sheriff will tell Lydia so she can use her banshee scream to say it.