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Yuuri is fucking amazing

TW: mention of blood/blisters/wounds

Flashback to Episode 4 of YOI. 

If you are like me, this brief shot broke your heart. Here, we see that Yuuri has worked himself so hard that there are blisters/raw spots all over his feet. Have you ever gotten a blister at the back of your feet from perhaps walking too much in tight shoes or socks that were just too short? It’s painful as fuck. It really is. 

I’m a swimmer/lifeguard so I can only assume but can you imagine how painful it must’ve been for Yuuri to continue skating/jumping/spinning WITH GRACE with his feet hurt like that? One blister is enough to make me curse everything. 

Not only that, but upon being more observant, you’ll see that these blisters aren’t just forming, but Yuuri has already broken his skin and his feet is actually BLEEDING.

Yuuri’s socks are damp with blood. A little bit of blood wouldn’t be noticeable on black. It must’ve been a considerable amount for it to discolor the fabric.

Yuuri must’ve been in incredible pain.

Yet look at my boy.

He’s treasuring Victor and their time together. The only thing on his mind is achieving victory, keeping Victor by his side, and improving himself. 

While Yuuri Katsuki definitely experienced an immense amount of physical strain and doubt/uncertainty, he pushes onwards. Victor definitely helped Yuuri but so much of Yuuri’s final success was built upon his own hard work and passion.

Yuuri Katsuki is so amazing, strong, and inspirational.

Why Did Derek Look

Ok, so I’ve officially seen the Jennifer clip and it is absolutely as gross as everyone’s saying. I loathe that the show brought Derek back just to put him through that, one more disgusting torment by an abuser.

I’m also seriously unsure what the creature was supposed to be representing, because there was so much talk about fears but apparently most of the characters faced people they cared about instead (Peter with Malia, Jackson with Ethan). Scott faced the Nogitsune, though, which has the face of someone he cared about but was a dark, twisted version of him. And Derek faced his former abuser. So this was less about ultimate fears, and more about using something that could get under your skin and torment you..?

Now, I’ve been through a whole gamut of emotions since I saw this clip –– upset, disgust, and absolute heartbreak. And here’s what I’ve come up with.

Last night, I compared TW to a toxic relationship –– it’s really bad most of the time and you know you’re better off without it, but some small, stupid part of you will still miss it when it’s over. Because not all of it was bad, and your stupid, nostalgic brain will still cling to those moments and make you miss it for those parts despite knowing better.

Jennifer was more than toxic to Derek, she was abusive, but the same principles apply. Derek was happy when he was with her –– because she manipulated him, used her magic to enthrall him, forced him to be… but that didn’t make it feel any less real to him at the time. And he remembers that happiness, feeling good and carefree with someone for a short while, even if it all turned out to be a lie.

That’s the worst part of betrayal, I think –– that you’ll still miss what you thought you had.

And there’s probably some part of him, small, irrational, wounded, that does long for that feeling of happiness he had when he was with her. He knows better, and god, he hates her and would never actually want to go back to her. But because of her spell on him, because she’d used magic to get under the defenses he’d spent years building up, being with her was probably the only time Derek’s felt any kind of carefree happiness since before Kate. It’s not about Jennifer. It’s absolutely not about Derek caring for Jennifer. It’s about Derek remembering how good it felt to have all his walls down around someone, even if the truth came out and shattered him afterward.

Because, let’s repeat this: Derek has never had his guard totally down with anyone since then (or for years, even, before then). Not with Cora, who he’s still finding his footing with. Not with Braeden, who was a convenient distraction but still a near-stranger he’d have been an idiot to totally trust (remember that scene where he got out of bed, restless and clearly uncomfortable?) Not with Stiles, who Derek absolutely trusts, but he’s still had to hold back on his feelings for. He’s never been totally carefree with him. The image of Jennifer represents how good it felt to be able to absolutely let go with someone.

And all that creature needed was a second of weakness, a second of Derek giving in to the memory of that feeling, and it had him.

This wasn’t about Derek caring for Jennifer.

I had CA: TWS playing in the background at work today, and something caught my attention that I have idly wondered about before, but this time, it was like a great big flashing sign. So much so that I had to go back and replay the scene.

Pierce: The timetable has moved. Our window is limited. Two targets, level six. He already cost me Zola. I want confirmed death in ten hours.

I saw that then I watched the scene on the bridge. Watch the Winter Soldier. He comes in for the attack, and the first person he takes out of the equation is Jasper Sitwell. AKA the man who let the Lumerian Star get captured by pirates. AKA the reason Fury got the intel and had his suspicions raised. AKA the reason that the timetable was moved. AKA the reason they lost Zola.

I always assumed it was Steve and Natasha he was coming after, but no. Steve is Level 8.

Just watch the way TWS attacks. He doesn’t go for Steve or Sam directly. He takes out Sitwell, the easy target, first then aims through the roof of the car at Natasha first. And when the car crashes, he doesn’t go after Steve.

Instead, he fires towards Natasha, and only misses because Steve pushes her out of the line of fire. The blast sends Steve hurtling over the ledge. You would think he would be a priority target after that, but TWS ignores him. Instead, he calmly stalks after Natasha like a predator.

The other HYDRA operatives are firing like mad, shooting at everything, but he just watches for Natasha. He doesn’t fire until he has her in his sites. He only fires three times when she’s still on the bridge, and each shot only just misses her. (Speaking of, I love that the only thing that makes him lose his cool and fire as wildly as the other HYDRA agents, is when she manages to land a hit on him. That’s the one time he doesn’t aim)

When he gets given the machinegun, he also doesn’t waste his ammunition once she’s out of range. He hops over the edge of the bridge and goes after her on foot. The only time he actually bothers himself with fighting Steve is when Steve attacks him.

Also, I think this whole scene really demonstrates the difference between the design of the Winter Soldier as a weapon and the way HYDRA have used him. HYDRA tends to be very much smash in and “KILL THEM ALL WITH FIRE!” style, whereas the Winter Soldier is very much carefully aimed and positioned. Just watch the way he moves when he’s hunting. Or even when he’s firing. He is absolute stillness and quiet, compared to the chaos and destruction of the HYDRA boys. He just walks into a scene, lifts his gun, fires, and just like that, is gone.

I see a lot of people are disappointed that Lydia isn’t dressing wearing as many pretty dresses or doing up her hair as before. I agree, her costuming and makeup isn’t as good as it can be this season but consider:

  • She has packed everything but her bare essentials and doesn’t want to take them out because she is determined to go to college eventually
  • Holland said something at one of the fan cons about how as Lydia becomes more self-confident, she doesn’t feel the need to dress up as much, she lets herself wear pants and leave her hair down etc. By this stage, she no longer feels the need to doll herself up.
    • Sure, she probably still likes dressing up, pairing clothes together and all that, picking out nail colours etc, but refer to point 1
  • A large part of her time between 6a and 6b was spent with Stiles, and there were probably multiple occasions where they just woke up and lazed around at either one’s house doing nothing all day so they never changed out of their comfy pyjamas, and Lydia gets more and more used to spending an entire day in casual clothes and without makeup.
  • Teen Wolf ran out of budget to buy her fancy clothes
Rhysand, High Lord of Me Crying


  • Grew up facing racial prejudice (likely from both sides of his heritage) whilst also being taught to racially discriminate against part of his heritage
  • Adored his mother and had to watch her be trapped in a relationship with a man she hated for fear of her losing her wings.
  • Was repeatedly brutalized and whipped from the age of eight and onwards, taught that the only way to survive was to fight and win against others.
  • Had his parents brutally murdered by his best friend and his family (and still tries to stop his own father from returning the favor to said best friend)
  • Inherited a title and court known for its cruelty and malice, despised and feared by the rest of the kingdom, where his own court’s Capital and nobility would view him as weak if he tried to show kindness or mercy
  • Was repeatedly, systematically, and mercilessly raped for fifty years after being robbed of all of his powers
  • Watches the love of his life die before his eyes, and then later has to watch her endure emotional and physical abuse at the hands of Tamlin

Also Rhys:

  • Spends his entire life fighting to destroy racism and unite all species in equality, from lesser fae to humans to high fae. 
  • Tries his damned hardest to be a feminist, despite growing up in a culture where you KNOW feminist critique and writing either wouldn’t exist or would definitely be censored/unpublished and probably considered treason given this whole ‘High Lords Only’ club. Ensured women were a part of his group of advisers to try and learn from own voices on how to be better than society teaches him to be, and made sure that should he ever fall, power should fall to them, not other men.
  • Uses violence as a means to justify the ends (see Feyre’s arm breaking, resolving conflict through battle and war, fighting Cassian to release his post-mating aggression) because he was raised to believe violence was an everyday part of life and a key element of learning and self-imrpovement. Is still able to recognise that these acts were not ideal and apologizes for them (to Feyre) as he did to Cassian and Azriel, who, through he way in which Illyrian conditioning works, he was first set up to antagonize and fight. 
  • Despite his best friend getting his family killed, abusing his mate, aiding in the mass genocide of racial prejudice, he still tries to settle the discord with him without violence and tries to be the better person, be it for morality’s sake or for the sake of others and the kingdom.
  • Finds his own way to exploit the reputation he inherits, preforming as an evil dictator whilst all of his actions are used to help people and try and protect those the system he was born into oppresses and abuses, even if he cannot change it all at once and still struggles at times to identify what is right and what is wrong, and to learn what helps, what doesn’t, and what problems exist with his current attempts to be better. Eventually gives up his ‘evil’ persona when his mate shows him that it is okay and that together they will be strong enough to deal with the backlash and STILL protect the people they care for and have a duty of care to.
  • Has dedicated his own library to victims of rape and abuse, is infinitely careful around his mate who suffered similar issues, and despite never really getting to talk about or reconcile with the hell of sexual abuse, manipulation, and psychological torture he was put through, he still makes himself keep his shit together and stay sane and as compassionate as possible for what he believes in, to the point where the only time his pain is allowed to be expressed is when he’s asleep at night and literally cannot control the nightmares that haunt him
  • Protects his mate and those he loves to the point of being destructively self-sacrificing because he has lost them time and time and time again, but still tries to acknowledge this and let them have their choice, do what they feel they need to do, and not freak out at them when they act on their own accord and endanger themselves because he knows they have freewill and that is their right even when it scares him the fuck to death and probably induces so many flashbacks of all the times he has lost everyone he’s ever loved.

Also Also Rhys:

  • Doesn’t claim to be perfect or the epitome of feminism or ideal morality
  • doesn’t use his reasons to excuse his behavior, but to explain his reasoning as to why he acted as he did
  • Makes mistakes that he still needs to acknowledge, especially regarding Morrigan, but hey ACOWAR is not the end and we know SJM can progress characters a fucking ton over the course of one book (see ACOMAF)
  • Unlike Amarantha, Jurian, Tamlin, and countless others, he never once says he’s ‘the way he is’ because of his past experience. He never uses his own suffering to justify inflicting it upon others. Always, his reasoning comes down to what he thinks will be the best for others and what he thinks will win them safety and protection and happiness in the end, even when those choices are fucking difficult and there is no obvious answer.


  • He just, he tries so hard and he is so fucking strong in the face of all he’s endured and he cares so much and he just *sobbing* I don’t care if he’s hot or pretty or has the biggest wingspan, he just is such an inspiration for those of us who make mistakes and were raised with views that are harmful to others or perpetrate systems of oppression. HE TRIES AND I RESPECT HIM FOR THAT SO MUCH.

(p.s thanks @my-name-is-fireheart for reminding me why Rhys deserves the world)


I know some people have been disappointed with the blink-and-you’d-miss-it sterek scene in 4x11. Fret not my friends, more is coming in 4x12, of that i am certain. But short as this scene was it was actually a thing of beauty..

Now strap on your shipper goggles! Enter Stiles - look at Derek and how he hesitantly turns towards them. And not just Derek - also his reflection - it also moves towards stiles and and moves “out of the frame” towards him. And above Derek’s head a single light bulb is shining - Derek’s getting a clue. He’s seen the light. Actually ryvetted4 has a much better gif of this - check it out.

Next Stiles asks what happened here. Check out his body language. He does his best to act cool under the circumstances - i mean his dad is right there with him for christ sake! He looks to Derek for answers.

Derek looks hesitant. Uncertain. His whole body screams of awkwardness. He’s also looking at stiles. Notice how Braeden is blocking them and how we never get them in the same shot for close-ups. She’s cock blocking :) And that is not a happy face!

Braeden continues to act standoffish and hostile. Derek is still awkward and shifty-eyed. The light bulb is still by his head.

Stiles fumbles, acting like a spaz. The phone rings, breaking the weird mood. Scott has been taken - they have other shit to think about - feelings will have to wait.

Shipper goggles off. Okay, even without the sterek lenses on, i still find this scene very interesting. Primarily because of Braeden. She’s very defensive, she’s looks geniunely pissed when the stilinskis walk in. Why?

Is it because she’s something and stiles has a very finely tuned spidey sense that can spot that easily. Is it because he’s the only one Derek ever really listens to? I don’t know - but i do know that Braeden does not look happy with this new development.

And if i remember correctly the only other time they have interracted was in Mexico.

Let me get one thing straight though… Even if Bucky didn’t have innervation in his arm (aka he couldn’t feel anything other than just pressure, ergo couldn’t feel the arm being blown off) he most definitely felt the searing hot metal that was attached to his fucking shoulder. The metal was glowing red hot where it got blown off. Like if you leave the end of a spoon over an open flame and then grab the other end you still burn the shit out of your hand. So imagine your entire shoulder/biceps is made out of metal and the end of it is so hot that it’s glowing red. You don’t think the skin and bone and muscle it’s attached to wont be burning? Like imagine hot metal touching your bones. Bone pain is literally some of the worst kind of pain you can feel and Bucky had searing hot metal attached to his bones. And beyond that it’s still burning his skin, his ligaments, and his muscles. It’s beyond just burning your hand on a hot object because the metal is integrated into his shoulder. And worst of all he can’t get the thing off. He can’t drop the hot spoon because it’s part of him.

So yeah tell me again that Bucky wasn’t in excruciating pain after that

cali-loves-you  asked:

Derek being shown as creepy while Scott endangers everyone. I know TW didn't intend to do it this way, but I always like to think of it as a PERFECT example of the Unreliable Narrator. If Scott is our main boy, and we're meant to see the story (mostly--this doesn't always hold I know) from his side/angle, then we get that glimpse of "indignant teenager who believes they can do no wrong/is hero of all, and wow who is that weird ass stalkerish guy over there yikes" Ugh. Bless Derek Hale tbh.

Yes, this! I would have loved if the show decided to go in this direction, and I could picture this perfectly in line with the first couple seasons. And really, how interesting would it have been if this was the plan: having everything set up through the eyes of our main character, our hero, watching him get the girl, get on the team, the show staging each step up the social ladder as some kind of epic victory while framing Derek as this creepy burden who keeps disrupting our hero’s life, dragging him back toward the stupid, dangerous, annoying supernatural world that he’d just really rather forget about. (Except for how it cured his asthma and gave him superpowers to get on first line, that was pretty sweet huh?)

And then over time, through one threat –– battle, loss –– after another, just seeing our hero’s world-view get shaken. See the things that used to mean the world to him fall away, see the show start to reframe around his shifting priorities. Make him realize how wrong he’d had it at the start, how naive and self-involved he’d been. Have him approach Derek after the loss of Boyd maybe, or maybe just after some “epic plan” that doesn’t go Scott’s way despite his absolute blind confidence in it, where he falls on his face and realizes that… maybe he doesn’t have it all figured out. And it’s not as though TW has Scott win every battle, but the thing is… the show still frames him as the person who wins every battle, who’s unbeatable, who’s always right, and who above all never has to apologize. But if they’d taken the self-involved teen from the early seasons and focused on that? Showed him re-evaluating his assumptions? (Saw him recognizing Derek, maybe for the first time, as a person?)

And recognize himself as a person with flaws. Hit the audience with that revelation too while you’re at it. Make them realize that the guy they’d been rooting for at the beginning and all the assumptions you saw him making maybe weren’t the way to go after all.

Or even if Scott never has that realization, have the show’s focus shift later on to start taking things in from the other characters’ perspective. Have the show go dark, Breaking Bad style, to start reflecting Scott’s shortcomings even if his own pride won’t let him see it. That would have been pretty fascinating too.

But obviously the show didn’t mean to go in this direction, and the unreliable narrator meta gets stepped on pretty hard in the later seasons since every character continually treats Scott like the greatest man, greatest werewolf, greatest anything, basically, you can think of. Yeah, we could take the unreliable narrator to the extreme and say Scott’s imagining their universal praise and adoration, imagining the world pretty much universally revolving around him, but in the early seasons we were never lied to outright about the other characters’ actions (and frustrations toward Scott. Both Derek and Stiles were shown to be fed up with him at times in s1. Their feelings just didn’t amount to much ultimately). So I think we have to take the Messiah Scott shown later on as canon too. Just… badly written canon.

star-anise  asked:

I challenge you to retell any piece of Jack or Bitty's college years as a series of in-universe RPF callout posts

**whispers** dammit this is clever and I’ve never done a real callout post so let’s see how this goes

*clears throat, we’re now in the land of my UBER SUCESSFUL in-universe rpf blog. My character will be one of an ex-Pimms shipper who’s been jaded by the discourse surrounding Jack’s OD.* 

Here’s a brief coverage of Fall Semester of Year Two: 

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The Jennifer scene was my least favorite part of the episode. It basically implied that he missed her and would give her a second chance

petals42 replied to your post “Come talk to me about the finale”

the jennifer scene was dumb bc everyone else was tempted like by the person they “loved” in some way (peter by malia; jackson by ethan) so it really made no sense for derek to be tempted to open his eyes to “see” this random ass woman – it was a long scene too. one of the low pts.

*curls in slowly and dies*

Damn, ok, that’s…… upsetting.

I honestly really feel like I need to see it now so I can make sense of it, headcanon it into a way where it makes sense. People were seeing people they loved, not what they feared..? (Or… what they loved twisted into what they feared..?)

I guess Derek felt at one point like he loved her, since he was spelled and compelled to. And I guess since his love and trust in Stiles is so strong, he wouldn’t have been a possible vision for the creatures to exploit –– Derek simply didn’t fear Stiles or believe that Stiles would ever hurt him. The person Derek loved was just literally unavailable for the creatures to use against him, because Derek would never believe it.

So if the creatures could only take on the form of a person to taunt them, and they needed someone who was able to get under Derek’s skin, Jennifer could make sense as a possible choice because she represents something he cared about (despite being forced to care) and was betrayed by?

Especially if, as I believe, Jennifer actually used Derek’s feelings for Stiles as a conduit to slip under his defenses. So Derek loves Stiles, but his faith in him is too strong for the creatures to exploit, so they manifested as the warped, corroded version of Derek’s love for Stiles –– the false thread of love that she used to manipulate him back then.

anonymous asked:

I'm curious: what do you think Stiles is attracted by in Scott? What do you think Scott is attracted by in Stiles?

Oh gosh.

I think Stiles has a list. Itemized. Sub-itemized. Carefully collated and probably in constant re-arrangement as things move up and down the list in terms of rank of attractiveness. Right at the top is Scott’s smile, and then the little dip between his collarbones that Stiles still thinks of as Scott’s Fun Dip. The Alpha Roar. The line of his body from shoulder to waist. The way his hair curls when it’s been wet or sweaty and he’s let it get a little long. The little moles near his eyes. Scott’s ‘newfound heroism’ which isn’t actually very newfound at all. The softness in his voice when he feels fond or tired, the way Scott sees the best in everyone. Any time he’s mischievous or takes charge of the situation and saves lives by being brave and clever. The way he bounces on the balls of his feet when he’s really excited, how he tips his head to the side and squints when he’s confused, the way he looks in a longsleeved henley (so, so good). Tiny little hyperfocused details and the broad picture.

I don’t think Scott’s actually written any of the things he’s attracted to down, but I think he’d have an endless list if he was asked. Stiles’ loyalty is a big one, I think; despite the nonsense that went on in S5, most of their lives Stiles has been steadfastly and 100% in Scott’s corner. He likes the way Stiles always seems to have the perfect addition to any plan or prank he wants to pull off, how he’s ready and willing to follow (or, occasionally, lead) Scott into all kinds of trouble. The way he laughs when he actually laughs, with his whole body and his arms around his middle like it’s going to fall out. All of his little moles and speckles. His long, long fingers, the way he falls out of his Jeep every time and catches himself at the last second, how he was an utter failure at lacrosse but played it anyway just to be with Scott, the way he manages to (mostly) keep his head above water and survive despite being ‘only’ human, the way he tries so hard to be one of the ‘good guys’ despite his many flaws that make that difficult. His mouth, his tongue, his oral fixation. Just–everything Stiles, really.

But mostly I think, for both of them, it’s the way they just fit together, so easily most of the time, the way they come back to each other, the way they come back for each other, no matter how much sheer bullshit life keeps throwing at them. It’s Stiles’ hand on Scott’s shoulder and Scott’s touch stealing his pain and clutching at each other after being separated for too long (minutes, hours, weeks, whatever). 

anonymous asked:

Can you talk about Lydia had admitted her feeling for Stiles sooner for you headcanons?

this turned into not headcanons but a meta about Lydia and Stiles feelings and their development. 

  • Im 100% convinced Lydia felt something for Stiles in 1x11 when they were dancing but i also believe she loved Jackson then so im skipping to season 3 which is prime time Stydia. 
  • 3x03 Stiles takes Lydia home despite her having a police escort. Lydia by this point is friends with Stiles. She likes him and she knows him well enough to know his motives. We are in solid friendship territory and under rated Lydia moments. 
  • Okay 3x06 Motel California. I.e the best teen wolf episode of them all. Here we see Lydia and Stile working together, using their smarts and balancing each other out. I think this is also a time where Lydia fully commits to the pack and to Stiles. And weirdly the time i started using my url(flawlessbanshee) and they are…100% related. 
  • I don’t even need to talk about Stiles and Lydia’s bon because the look they share in the Jeep in 3x07 is enough 
  • AND LOOK WE HAVE REACHED 3x11. This Kiss and truly the start of something. We see Lydia and Stiles both shook after the kiss. Literally awkward and weird which has never ever been the case before and literally in the same episode they’re called “emotional tethers” THIS IS THE MOMENT. THIS IS EVERYTHING. They both sit there stunned by LYDIA taking that step and thinking that kissing someone with a panic attack is a good idea dumbest thing the girls done but honestly it triggered so much. 
  • queue the rest of the season where Lydia is literally mentally attached to Stiles and spends the entire rest of the season trying to save him. YOU THINK IM LYING BUT THERES VIDEO EVIDENCE. 
  • Im going right to the end and 3x24. Lydia runs into Stiles arms. She turns, knowing he’s going to be there, knowing that she needs comfort and finds him and stays there. Lydia’s been through so much. The death of her best friend and now the death of her…something and she goes to Stiles for comfort and support. There’s no denying the feelings she has for him now. Death is apparently really help their romance???
  • I wanted to skip over season 4 because while there is Stydia moments i think its such a vital period of like…growth and development for them both where they are still attached but they go through things almost separately BUT THEN I REMEMBERED 4x01 MARRIED STYDIA. HONEYMOON ABROAD MARRIED STYDIA BANTER AND I REMEMBER WATCHING THE START STILL WORRYING OVER IF STYDIA WOULD EVER MAKE IT AND THIS CEMENTED IT.  
  • also classic moments from S4 include; Jealous lydia, Eichen house stydia, the hug through the window Stydia and never forget Kidnapped together and used against each other Sydia. CLASSIC. 
  • We’re onto S5. and despite TW not having found a freaking lightbulb the Stydia comes shining through. Follow me to 5x04 WHERE WE LITERALLY GET SLOW MO STILES SEEING LYDIA HURT AND NOT BEING ABLE TO COPE?? Like oh sorry anti’s did you think stydia was dead HERE IS THE MOMENT WHERE IT COMES ALIVE AGAIN. 
  • Then we get 5x05 and people are STILL like “Lydia doesn’t care about Stiles” AND BAM Lydia is happy for herself to go to the weird asylum but nope NOT STILES. also try telling me he hadn’t text her he was sick and she hadn’t gone to check on him with this as an excuse. 
  • by this time i think we all felt it coming. This ship was full steam ahead everyone on board STYDIA IS GONNA HAPPEN. 
  • Stiles saved me. AKA the moment my heart stopped beating. 
  • And so….we went into season 6 and…ya know….if the world forces you to forget someone and you refuse and fight it with every fibre of your being….well then you know. You know that person is more important then being safe, more important then moving on, more important then anything else. It’s love. 

So basically, i used this as excuse to do a history of Stydia’s relationship and im not even ashamed. 6 Seasons it took them and i waited through 6 season for them to finally work it out. But,I honestly don’t think i’d change that. They needed that time to let their relationship grow and mature. They went through so much together and their love was steadfast and their friendship was even stronger. 

I like to think that now Lydia and Stiles are together. That’s it. That’s for life. So waiting 6 seasons for it seems like it was worth the wait. 

When, exactly, did the Hales die?

Inspired by the discussion on @halekingsourwolf ‘s blog about Teen Wolf timelines, I got kiiiinda into figuring out when exactly the Hale fire might have been set. 


So yeah, Teen wolf wiki has Deuc being blinded in fall of ‘03, right after Derek turns 15, Jennifer happening in spring of ‘04, and then Kate and the death of the Hales happening in January of ‘05 (referencing the webisode that suggests it went down during the Wolf moon, which was Jan 25 in ‘05, claiming that born wolves have massive reunions/celebrations for that full moon every year, thus explaining why everyone was together), right after Derek turns sixteen… so it would have been just over six years since all that, when S1 starts.

But Peter’s comment is just that Derek was a Sophomore, and 15. While there are always exceptions, most folks I knew in California school systems, if they had a fall birthday, turned fifteen during their Freshman year. So I posit the timeline: Derek is 15 at the beginning of his Sophomore year, ‘03, when He and Paige start up. The shit with Deuc and the alphas and Paige’s death happens that fall, Derek has the shittiest sixteenth birthday, and Kate starts preying on him while he is exceptionally vulnerable that next semester (there’s probably some bullying/blowback/ostracization from his peers to deal with, if only because of his changed behavior, let alone any connections anyone has drawn to Paige’s disappearance and death, not to mention his mother’s distraction with pack politics and hunters, and him having gone from top-of-the-world to fuck-all self-esteem wise… plus, y’know, crushing grief and guilt). Kali attacks Jennifer that spring (2004), Talia is even more preoccupies there, and Kate makes her move sometime before the end of the semester, since Derek and Laura were presumably at a school function/practice/etc instead of home when the fire happened. This also Lets Derek and Laura be two years apart in school if she’s a senior, which I like better. Also lets her graduate (although, what a shit-show that probably was. Holy shit). And then it’s a full seven-years-and-a-summer before they come back and S1 starts (which would make him 23 when we meet him, instead of 22) (or, if you prefer, move all the years up one, duec attacked in 04, jennifer dies in 05, shorter time Derek and Laura were gone… or make Derek younger, make Paige happen his freshman year when he is 14/15, and Kate happen either that spring/summer he’s 15 or during his sophmore year, maybe, at 15/16).

This ignores the webisode/Wolf moon breadcrumb, which attempted to explain why all the Hales were gathered together, but unless it was, like, a lunar eclipse, which it was not, why would they have been inside the house, instead of out running with the moon? I would expect a moon celebration to involve, y’know, being under the moon.

I would argue that there doesn’t need to be a reason that they were gathered, at least, not beyond the fact that there were lots of dangerous things happening in the territory at that time. Maybe it was just a meeting to deal with that. Maybe it was a pretty regular occurrence, during times of strife like that, and so it was predictable. Hell, maybe they were in the house planning something for Laura’s graduation??? This is also suggesting that they didn’t all live there???


However, if you dig the Lunar Eclipse theory, do you know when there was a lunar eclipse? A total Lunar eclipse? That might explain the Hales gathered together someplace defensible? Like the Alpha’s house? 2004. 2003-2004 feature a tetralogy of full lunar eclipses, two a year, one in spring and one in the fall. On May 4, 2004, there was a total lunar eclipse, but it was not visible in California. And then there was another on October 28, 2004. The October lunar eclipse was visible from all of North America (if any of y’all were into baseball at the time, this is the lunar eclipse that took place during a a world series game, the first time this had happened, and was the world series where the Boston Red Sox won for the first time in 86 years, ending the curse of the bambino. ;) trivia!) . The penumbra started about 5pm in California (if I’ve done my math right), partial started at 6:15, Total at 7:23, and by the time of the greatest eclipse at 8:04, the Hales would already have been dead, since the canonical time-of-fire seems to be about 7PM.

But, if we assume the moon has some effect on you whether you see it or not, then I like the May 2004 moon. Even though it would be on the wrong side of the planet, the penumbral eclipse would start about 10:50am, with the greatest eclipse being at 1:30 PM… and the whole thing is done by 4:09 pm. But what if the goal is not so much having the wolves powerless as together?  Because… I have a theory/headcanon/plot bunny about eclipses.

We know that the wolves lose all their wolfy powers during the short window of the full eclipse… but what about the rest of the time? What weird/new thing happened right after a full eclipse, probably still during the partial or penumbral part?

Scott breaking through an Ash Barrier. (which, I know, isn’t the only time he’s done it, but what if the eclipse stuff helped?) 

So what if the hunters have figured out, and are desperate to never let the wolves know, that during the eclipse, yeah, they’re weaker but also sometimes they’re immune/resistant to weaknesses they normally have?

Were that the case, hunters would want to be very careful going after wolves on lunar eclipses because, if you screw up the timing like Jennifer did, you might wind up missing the “powerless” window and landing in the “pissed off, wolfed out, and mountain ash only works some of the time” window… which, hey, may be where the canonical “rumors” and speculation about wolves getting more powerful on lunar eclipses comes from.

So the October moon might not have been the best one, esp since they didn’t need to weaken the Hales, just get them together.

And on the evening/night of the May moon, the “danger” from their “weakness” would have passed, as far as they knew, they would be feeling safe (and from the hunter’s POV, they would be safely vulnerable to mountain ash once again), but they would likely still be together in the aftermath of a “dangerous” moon, and strategizing over the hunter issues and the alpha pack issues.

They’d feel secure.

And that’s when Kate would strike.

anonymous asked:

I kinda want to talk about derek's dream with stiles. For some reason while watching that scene i always felt like Stiles was really there. That it was a dream but both derek and stiles were actually there. Derek was really talking to stiles and not just some dream version derek's mind made up when he needed him. I think it was because Derek asks Stiles how to tell he's dreaming but derek wasnt there the other times during the season that stiles said those things so how else would he know?

Anon, this was my immediate thought after 3B ended. I actually ended up writing a THEORY and then a DRABBLE and then a FULL FIC about Stiles dreamwalking post-3B because it just seemed so much like that’s what was happening.

(Also… wow, guys. I’d forgotten I started writing fics for this fandom when I was still over on my Walking Dead blog. Craziness.)

So anyway, we are 100% on the same wavelength with this. Stiles never told Derek about his “in dreams you have extra fingers” theory… not on screen, anyway. It only came up when Stiles started having nightmares, losing track of reality, and Derek never interacted with Stiles (yes, the Nogitsune, but not Stiles) at any point throughout 3B.

So either it was Stiles dreaming, touching Derek’s mind with his own spark or some leftover trace of the Nogitsune’s power (which makes perfect sense, because how did the Nogitsune reach out to Stiles? Through mind tricks, delusions, and dreams), or Stiles and Derek spent some significant amount of casual time together, off-screen, before 3A. Long enough for Stiles to start sharing random facts he’d googled (as in: casually, not just during a crisis) and Derek was listening to Stiles well enough to remember those facts four months later.

But would Stiles have even known about the extra fingers trick then? Sure, Stiles is absolutely the type of guy to google randomly, but I also feel like he would have delved into hardcore dream research once it became an issue, once he started having trouble sleeping due to a darkness in his heart. So I think it’s pretty likely he wouldn’t have known the finger trick until post-3A, meaning he wouldn’t have had a chance to tell Derek.

Except for a third explanation, I guess: if Stiles and Derek stayed in phone contact after he left in 3A. Sharing casual, late night phone calls when they couldn’t sleep, Stiles admitting eventually that he had nightmares, mentioned that he was doing research, murmuring the finger thing with an air of forced nonchalance –– “Still have five fingers now. Guess you’re really here talking to me.”

Either of those theories pretty much prove Derek and Stiles were a hell of a lot closer than canon overtly shows, and we pretty much know one of them’s canon because Stiles never mentioned dreamsharing afterward.

But I love the dreamwalker!Stiles theory.

let's talk about Bucky’s brain

I dunno if anyone’s done this before but whatever. Specifically, I want to talk about Bucky’s brain in relation to the cannibalized MRI thing they strapped on his noggin in CA:TWS. Like what the hell is that thing, how old is it, what are you trying to do HYDRA, is this one of those weird dryer things you stick your whole head in at the hairdresser’s? They have had 70 years to perfect this technology and it looks like a high schooler’s science fair project. There aren’t even any electrodes. Seriously there should be electrodes not only because they’re kind of necessary for this sort of thing but also because who would object to Bucky Barnes looking totally punk rock with a partially-shaved head? No one, that’s who.

But I guess let’s just assume the plate things themselves are in contact with his head and transmitting the charge themselves. Okay. That’s a big area they cover and approximately zero opportunity for finesse, so they can’t localize the damage at all. And there’s still all that hair in the way. But whatever, I’ll shut up about the hair.

So the plate things are basically concentrated on the prefrontal cortex, which is at the very front of the brain, behind the forehead where the plates are located. I mean there looks like there are plates going around around the back of the head but if it only goes as deep as the cerebrum they don’t want to damage anything back there because it’s all motor skills and balance and sensory perception and language centers, all of which were vital in the Winter Soldier’s functioning. 

So yeah, the prefrontal cortex seems to be what they’re targeting, and the prefrontal cortex is for short term memory and decision making. However, it would be indescribably stupid to damage short term memory retention, so I don’t think they’d just fry the entire prefrontal cortex. Especially if it could compromise his ability to make quick, logical decisions in the field because the prefrontal cortex is important for logic and impulse control. So I would assume that they’re targeting the connections between the short term and long term memory storage systems rather than taking away his short term memory altogether. 

Basically, recalling a memory that’s stored in long-term is just the brain returning it to the short-term memory center, or the working memory, concentrated in the prefrontal cortex. From there your brain literally refires all the neurons that fired during that experience, without compromising awareness of current circumstances. So severing those connections between long and short term memory would not only stop him retaining new memories, it would stop him recalling old ones.

They could be messing with his long term memory, except there are no intracranial bits and bobs that could actually penetrate deeper than the cerebrum without frying everything in between, and the hippocampus and amygdala where long term memory is stored are in there deep. 

This picture doesn’t do justice to how deep in the brain the hippocampus and amygdala are, but it works well enough as a visual aid. You don’t want to damage the amygdala in a super soldier at any rate because that’s where the survival instincts are kicking around. Also, damaging the hippocampus on both sides of the brain would turn him into a potato, unable to retain any information at all, not even how to discharge his weapon, so you’d basically have to retrain him anew for every mission. And this contraption has clearly no finesse at all, as stated above, so I really don’t think they’d be able to destroy anything only partially or make any localized alterations.

And sure, maybe they actually opened up his head at some point in the past to get at long term memory storage, and the cryofreeze might stop that from healing, but I think the understanding of the brain was so ridiculously limited at that time that they didn’t really even know how to avoid excessive damage, and I don’t think they would have risked rendering one of their best assets brain dead. Honestly, I think the most likely thing they did was supplement the physical stuff with more traditional brainwashing and conditioning techniques.

So really, all Bucky needs to do is repair the connections between his long term and short term memory. Even with all this damage, the brain is adaptable even in normal humans. When certain parts are damaged, other parts can take over functioning in their stead. Although in this case, if the connections between long and short term memory were cut every time he went into the cryogenic chamber, he never would have stored any of the information gleaned as the Winter Soldier past the short term unless he managed to catch enough sleep to transfer those memories into long term storage before he got zapped or frozen again. So he would potentially remember everything about being Bucky Barnes fairly quickly, assuming his super soldier healing could repair those pathways or create new ones to compensate, and he would never remember most of his time as the Winter Soldier except what they wanted him to remember and let him encode before they took out those connections again. So basically, his combat training, his obedience training, and all that hydra indoctrination crap.

His old memories as Bucky would remain relatively pristine, because the more we view a memory the more current circumstances during the recollection alter it, and what you remember becomes less and less similar to what you actually experienced at the time. So instead of memories slowly changing and evolving as the person themself changes, which is what normally happens as we revisit memories and subtly alter them over time through new perception, Bucky would have this huge, disorienting, sickening divide between the well-preserved, untouched old memories of how he used to be and any new ones he managed to create as the Winter Soldier. The Winter Soldier memories will be less fleshed out, have more holes, be generally more ghost-like because of how they fucked with his brain and memories, so it would be easy for him to dissociate with them and to ignore them, but in order to ignore them Bucky would also have to ignore their consequences. He would be denying a part of himself. And he wouldn’t be able to deal well with their fallout, with the ways those experiences changed him, because he wouldn’t let himself examine them.

Honestly this is horrifying in its own way. All the fic I’ve read talks about how horrible it must be for the Winter Soldier to forget Bucky Barnes, but very little touches on how horrible it would be for Bucky to be all there and have a stranger in his head that he has few, dissociated memories of, but still retains a lot of that conditioning and finds himself acting like someone he doesn’t even remember being. He would feel betrayed by his own body and his own mind, doing things without knowing why he was doing them. I feel like not being the same Bucky as the one who went off to war would be so frustrating to him. Fics paint it as Steve being frustrated by the fact that Bucky’s no longer the same person, but I think Bucky himself would be far more frustrated by that fact than Steve. I think the fact that he’s not the same would bother him more than Steve’s longing for him to be the same, because he would understand that longing, share it even. I think he would dissociate from the foreign Winter Soldier part of himself, would try to bury it or force it out instead of facing it, would hate whatever memories he did retain from that time, because the Winter Soldier terrifies everyone but I think he would terrify Bucky most of all. And it would make sense, too. After all, the winter soldier was always supposed to be a ghost, the unseen threat, the silent killer, and I think, rather than inhabiting Bucky, the Soldier would haunt him, something he can’t prepare for or fight unless he’s willing to look through the dark to find it and confront it.

(All images blatantly stolen)

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Hi, I was the anon with dissociating!Derek. Thanks for taking the time to reply, I love that you always seem to be open to explore different ideas for characterisation and are able to bounce off new ideas so easily. I was actually thinking that Derek disscoiating would've, in a way, also made sense with his S4 arc, concerning the kidnapping and losing his werewolf power. I mean, in so far, as that maybe while Kate wanted to have Derek back at a younger, more trusting age, where she'd have [1/3]

more influence on him, the whole losing his power could have been an unwanted side effect born of a psychological aspect. I doubt anyone’d say, that being abducted by your former abuser is anything short of traumatic. We’ve seen in Motel California how Scott did not let himself heal out of psychological trauma.

As well it’s been stated (several times, I think) that sometimes the shape you take, reflects who you are. So, Derek feeling powerless and that showing by not being able to tap into his powers anymore’d kind of making sense, right? And maybe this would even make the finale with Derek dying and Stiles reluctant to leave him so much more intense. Derek seeing that Stiles believes in him (bc that’s what sparks do, don’t they?) and that being the thing that pushes him to fight again, to evolve.

[From X. I’m sorry it took so long to reply!]

Ok so I just… really love this concept. Derek’s arc in season four is one that never made basically any sense to me –– the fact that we spent most of the season assuming Kate had done something to Derek, only to “discover” at the last second that his lost power was simply a symptom of his evolution. Despite this, Derek (who grew up in a werewolf household, with at least two family members who could full shift) has no idea what’s happening to him, so this can’t be the normal process for that “evolution.” Not to mention his general attitude/behavior throughout season four, which seems like such a disconnect with both who Derek is as a character and with what he just went through with Kate.

But the idea that Derek’s own emotions are repressing his power… that’s honestly brilliant. Shifts and control are tied to a wolf’s emotions, and a Derek who’s dissociating from his emotions, from his trauma, burying down his feelings about Kate’s return and what she did to him again –– and that’s the only explanation for how calm and unaffected Derek was throughout season four, that he was forcing his feelings down and pretending they didn’t matter –– could easily lose touch with his wolf. Derek’s so sure he needs to be together, refusing to react to Kate, to give her that satisfaction, to fall into that pit of guilt-despair-misery that almost consumed him for years again, and he has no idea that his desperation to hold it all together is exactly why he’s falling apart.

But Derek’s choice to face down Kate at the end of the season –– triggered by Stiles’ reaction or his own imminent death –– would be a wellspring of power and control breaking through to the surface, putting him more in control of himself and his wolf than he’s ever been. Finally giving him the chance to evolve.

This is honestly so beautiful and so perfect that I just want to stamp alt!canon accepted all over it. This is like Jackson Hale and the True Alpha theory to me now, I want everyone to read this and I don’t think I can accept anything else.

Alright to add to my previous post about rowaelin vs tamlin’s abusive ass:

Do you know what Rowan does when he realizes the extent to which Aelin has suffered in her life? He flies off, to go demand answers from his queen, fucking Maeve, because he’s furious she hid those important details from him. He’s going to question Maeve, his master. Then he realizes that Maeve likely left those details out for a reason, so he flies back, worried that Aelin will think he left her alone intentionally. He moves her into his own room so he can tend to her and care for her himself. He pampers her. This is the exactly what Aelin needs and the perfect response given her character. She loves being pampered and she had expressed previously in HoF the desire for even one person to care for her. Rowan starts to care for her as soon as he realizes that she needs it- was he a dick before hand? yes. absolutely. but as soon as he realizes her pain and how much she needs someone, he quickly becomes utterly devoted to her.

Now Tamlin?? How many times does Tamlin ignore Feyre’s requests to have more independence? How often does she try to ask him for freedom? How much does it take out of her to ask and be denied each time? How long does it take Tamlin to realize that he’s hurting his partner and the woman he claims to love? What does Tamlin do to help Feyre when she is depressed and suffering from PTSD and an eating disorder? Does he care for her? Does he comfort her? Does he do everything in his power to help her? Does he listen to her needs and her wishes? Nope. Nah. He decides to lock her up in the house, doing the one thing, the one obvious fucking thing that someone who spent time locked in a cell under a mountain wouldn’t be able to handle. He does the opposite of caring for Feyre. He does not listen to her cries for help. He systematically perpetrates abuse and emotionally manipulates her. 

Rowan listens as soon as he knows Aelin needs him to care for him. He is there for her, unwaveringly, from that moment onwards. And what’s more, Aelin doesn’t ask him to care for her or stay- he picks up on her need for him instinctually and does what is best for her. Feyre was fucking screaming at Tamlin for him to help her and he did the opposite. 

Finally, Rhysand is completely different from Tamlin as well. Once he has the opportunity to help Feyre- and UtM he was incapable of truly helping her in a way other than indirectly and under the guise of being loyal to Amarantha- he does everything, everything in his power to help her. He answers her plea for help at her wedding. He takes her to Velaris, which essentially functions as a safe house for her as a victim of domestic abuse. He gives her power, and independence and freedom and most importantly: he listens to what she wants. When Feyre gets angry with him, he adjusts his behavior. When she needs space, he gives it to her. 

So don’t try to argue that Rhysand and Rowan are abusive in the way that Tamlin is. Because while both Rhys and Rowan make mistakes and hurt their mates, as soon as they realize the hurt they have caused, and as soon as they are able to help, they do everything in their significant power to heal, care for, and love Feyre and Aelin. 

And that, my friends, is the difference between an abusive relationship (Feylin) and a normal relationship that has its flaws and ups and downs. Listening and respecting your partner is the key.


stydia week 2017: day 1, #when it all began

This was the second episode of Teen Wolf I ever watched (after giving up on the pilot) and I fell in love with these two instantaneously. It’s such a perfect moment that demonstrates both characters so perfectly and the way they see each other. Lydia; intelligent, strong, masking her vulnerability and Stiles, tender, seeing right through it, and speaking genuinely from the heart - words that are exactly what Lydia needs to here. Lydia melts instantly, and gazes with bewildered, hopeful eyes in the way she only does at Stiles. When they link arms, it’s a physical representation of how well they work together, how naturally they fit. How could I not fall in love with them??