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Oh god why did I make this (based on a vine I can’t find)

of course we all know the fandom trend where Grantaire is always covered in paint.

what if Les Amis are always confused by his paint-stained hands because???? you haven’t been around paint all day????? I saw you washing your hands five minutes ago??????? WE’RE AT THE FUCKING BEACH HOW DO YOU HAVE PAINT ON YOU?????????????

it turns out that Grantaire actually went out and got paint-stain tattoos because he’s just that much of a pretentious asshole. 

your loud, vocal annoyance and disgust towards children is not neutral just because you don’t have/plan on having children. you are still adding to and upholding a culture that allows child abuse to happen. it doesn’t matter if this is your intent or not.

children cannot communicate very well, they don’t know that adults can be wrong, and they don’t understand concepts like abuse. all they know is that they’re hurt and upset, and when this happens their behavior changes. their cries for help are written off, they’re just “crybabies” or “acting out.”  abusers know this and use it to their advantage. 


★ Phan Vines ★

Viner: iDanHowell

also while we are here 

in canon Feuilly loved Poland because at the time it was being partitioned. in a modern au he would care about Palestine. 

calling all borderlines

does anyone else with BPD feel that they are very sensitive to noise? 

i notice the tiniest noises that nobody else seems to notice, and loud noises make me really angry and frustrated, and out in a crowded, loud place i feel i need to cover my ears to feel like I can breath.

just wondering if thats possibly a borderline thing or if its the aspergers in my genes~