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Calling All A-SPECs 💖💞

As someone that’s panromantic and demisexual, I’m super duper tired of reading about the “ace discourse” and experiencing the constant dismissal and aphobia

Instead of continuing to let that get to me, I’ve decided it’s time find my fellow peeps on the ace/aro spectrum. Our experiences with allosexism are real and valid, and we do NOT need to take anyone’s bigoted bullshit anymore. 

Let’s stand together in saying “NO MORE!”

Please BOOST (and message me if you’re aspec, we need to connect!!!)


(minor flashing/loud/spoilers)

a summary of the fandom during the last few chapters

junko, please have mercy



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seventeen boomboom mv but every time they say “boomboom” or “hit me” it’s LOUD 

#BoostAroVoices & #BoostAceVoices

This is MY education campaign meant for aspec positivity

So, naturally, guess what I found today while searching the #ace discourse tag causing me to do a somewhat comical double take….

Exclusionists that don’t even claim to be on the a-spectrum are co-opting our positivity tags left, right, and center. I love (sarcasm) how they tell us to “go find your own community/safe spaces”, so that’s what we try to achieve with our positivity tags, and in no time at all they get aggressively infiltrated by aphobes. *groans*

Not surprisingly but definitely importantly, OP is only 16 so that’s why their URL has been removed. Please do NOT try to find this person or harass them in any way, shape, or form; leave them in peace. This is not a call out or about public shaming, I am only pointing this out as a receipt.

calling all borderlines

does anyone else with BPD feel that they are very sensitive to noise? 

i notice the tiniest noises that nobody else seems to notice, and loud noises make me really angry and frustrated, and out in a crowded, loud place i feel i need to cover my ears to feel like I can breath.

just wondering if thats possibly a borderline thing or if its the aspergers in my genes~

dear homophobic parents who's children watch nickelodeon;

if you’re uncomfortable with your kids watching shows like Loud House and/or Harvey Beaks because you think them being exposed to gay characters will mess them up some how, but totally fine with them watching shows like fanboy and chum chum, any spongebob episode past season three, and/or Breadwinners, then you should seriously re-evaluate your skills as a parent and/or mature adult.