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“I’m never going to get this!” Dex exclaimed, slamming the baking tray down onto the counter.

“Of course you will sweetie,” Bitty reassured him, picking up some of the cookies that had fallen. “It just takes practice.” Dex said, as he sat down at the kitchen table. “Why can’t I make some cookies?”

“Maybe we could try somethin’ else? And come back to these vegetarian peanut butter cookies?” Bitty suggested.

“No! I have to get these right Bitty! I have to!” Dex said. He hid his face in his hands, and missed the look Bitty was giving him.

“Is there…any particular reason?” Bitty asked carefully.

Dex looked up quickly.

“What do you mean?” he asked slowly. Did Bitty know?

“Just…is there any reason you have to get this particular type of cookie exactly right?” Bitty clarified. “Is there some event you want ‘em for? Or someone maybe?”

“Maybe.” Dex admitted, knowing Bitty must have worked it out by now. It wasn’t exactly hard, given he knew everyone’s favourite dessert.

“So they’re for…someone. Anyone I know?” Bitty asked innocently.

“Yes” Dex said. He knew Bitty knew who they were for, but that didn’t make it any easier to say out loud.

“Dex,” Bitty said with a sigh, “This is harder than getting blood from a rock. Are you gonna say it, or will I?”

“They’re for Nursey.” Dex admitted, hiding his blushing face in his hands again.

“That’s so sweet Dex.” Bitty said cheerfully. “Don’t worry, we’ll get these cookies baked and you can give 'em to Nursey.”

“Thanks Bitty.” Dex said. “But I have a class now.”

“Okay.” Bitty said. He let Dex leave, even though Dex was pretty sure he could see through his lie. Dex just wanted to be alone right now. “Next week?”

“Sure. Thanks Bitty.” Dex said as he left.


Dex groaned in annoyance as he took the cookies out of the oven. He’d burned them again.

“Great.” Dex muttered to himself. He should have waited for Bitty to be free to help him, but he had had a free class and wants to try the cookies again.

“Hey, anyone ho- whoa whats that smell?” Nursey asked, as he entered the kitchen. Dex groaned - this was not the plan.

“You burning something Poindexter?” Nursey asked, seeing the cookies in the counter.

“Shut up Nurse.” Dex muttered, directing his annoyance at Nursey.

“Seriously dude, what were these even meant to be?” Nursey joked.

“Fuck off.” Dex hissed. “Just, fuck off.”

“Chill Dex, they’re just cookies.”

“Just- They’re not "just cookies”! Dex yelled.

“Dex, what the hell?” Nursey asked.


“What? Dex, why were you making me cookies?”

“Just forget it Nursey. Forget I sad anything” Dex muttered as he began to leave the kitchen.

“Wha-? Dex?” Nursey called after him, but Dex was already gone.

“Nursey?” Bitty called as he came downstairs “Was that Dex?”

“Yeah…” Nursey answered “He just left. He was kinda upset…”

“Yeah…I heard.” Bitty admitted “I’m guessing his baking didn’t go well this time either…”

“This time?” Nursey asked “How many times has he tried bake me cookies?”

“Um…” Bitty paused as he counted mentally, “This would be the 5th? 6th?”

“That’s…that’s a lot”. Nursey said. He didn’t realise Dex cared.

“Yeah, he must really like you ” Bitty commented, as he started cleaning up his kitchen.

“Yeah…” Nursey agreed. “I uh…I gotta go.”

“Okay, hun. Good luck.” Bitty said, as Nursey left.


“Dex? Dex, I know you’re in there.” Nursey called, as he banged on Dex’s door. It opened so suddenly Nursey nearly fell in.

“What do you want?” Dex snapped. He tried to sound annoyed, but Nursey could tell he’d been crying, and was still upset.

“I wanted to apologize for earlier” Nursey started. “That wasn’t fair of me to chirp you for something that probably happened because of the oven.”

“That oven is fine Nursey, I put it in myself.” Dex snapped. “If that’s all you wanted…” he said, as began closing the door.

“Thank you!” Nursey said quickly. Dex paused. “Thanks for…for trying to make me cookies. No one has ever tried that hard for me before. Thank you.”

“Its nothing.” Dex shrugged, trying to hide his blush.

“No, its definitely something Dex.” Nursey said. “Thank you. It means a lot.”

“I still didn’t get them right.” Dex huffed.

“But you tried.” Nursey said, stepping closer to him “Because you care, right?”

Dex nodded quickly, unable to say anything

“Thank you” Nursey said, before kissing him. Dex wrapped his arms around Nursey, and kissed him back.

“I’m gonna get them right for you.” Dex said, after they pulled back. “I promise.”

“I know you will Dex.” Nursey said. “I know you will.”


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