tw i'm gross

  • radfems: The whole of feminism can be broken down into two basic camps - 1) wicked awesome radfems, and 2) weak minded libfems. We clearly know SO MUCH MORE about womyn and feminism than other womyn and feminists.
  • radfems: We need to overthrow the notion of Gender, but you have have HAVE to have a V at birth to be a womyn. Obvs!
  • radfems: No Muslim womyn ever could EVER choose for herself to wear Hijab because Islam is a nasty Patriarchal religion that takes all of womyn's rights and agency away. Nevermind that we come from Patriarchies too - We should still get to choose FOR them!
  • radfems: Our ideas are so gosh darn RADICAL, why can't you libfems keep up already?!?!!?

so i went to the bathroom to take a shower and this huge ass spider was just chillin on my bath mat, so i shake the mat to throw the spider off to get rid of it, and a shit ton of tiny baby spiders came scurrying out like honest to god i think there were at least a hundred of them and i’m fairly sure i got rid of them but i am… shaken