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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 14 : The Sword and the Spirit

Teen Wolf S5E13 : Codominance Teen Wolf S5E13 : Codominance

Teen Wolf S5E12 : Damnatio Memoriae

Teen Wolf S5E11 : The Last Chimera

Teen Wolf S5E10 : Status Asthmaticus

Teen Wolf S5E9 : Lies of Omission

Teen Wolf S5E8 : Ouroboros

Teen Wolf S5E7 : Strange Frequencies

Teen Wolf S5E6 : Required Reading

Teen Wolf S5E5 : A Novel Approach

Teen Wolf S5E4 : Condition Terminal

Teen Wolf S5E3 : Dreamcatchers

Teen Wolf S5E2 : Parasomnia

Teen Wolf S5E1 : Creatures of the Night

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Here’s that ribbon worm of the Nemertea phylum now as a gif! 
If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s expelling it’s proboscis (nose sort of) in an attempt to cover the hand with a neurotoxic mucus. So it can digest the hand and eat it! But they’re pretty harmless to humans.