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26 activities to help your mind, body and soul. 

  • stretch
  • cuddle with a pet
  • go for a walk
  • put on music and dance
  • clean your room for 10 minutes
  • take a hot bath or shower
  • write down your honest thoughts
  • go cloud watching
  • take some deep breaths
  • cook a healthy meal for yourself
  • swing on a swingset
  • scratch something off your to-do list
  • go through your closet and donate clothes
  • go exploring with your camera
  • sing a motivational song out loud to yourself
  • unplug from all electronics for an hour
  • burn a scented candle
  • dress up in your favourite clothes
  • soak up the sun for 15 minutes
  • take yourself on a date
  • paint something huge
  • watch videos that make you laugh
  • write a gratitude list
  • give yourself a pedicure or manicure
  • treat yourself to dessert or a glass of wine
  • try something new

some important facts to remember about self care:

  • self care makes you more energetic and mentally present.
  • you technically don’t have to do anything and it can still be an act of self care. self care is about genuine fun and relaxation.
  • self care can help you build self esteem.
  • self care does not mean you are choosing between yourself and others. it does not make you selfish.
  • self care is important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and others.
  • self care is essential.
Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango

I once had this at a Thai restaurant and the taste haunted me in the best way. I had to learn how to make it at home, and it’s good if you have some prep time on your hands! It’s become a go-to dessert for me, and while it says ‘with mango’ (and admittedly mango is the superior fruit) I’m certain it’d go good with other fruit too. Experiment!

If you don’t have a rice-cooker, you can always cook the rice in a saucepan. I admittedly don’t have much experience with stovetop rice cooking, so this set of instructions will assume you’re using a rice-cooker.


*1 ½ Cups Sushi Rice (you can typically buy a bag of it in the international aisle at walmart or something; a bag’ll last you a surprising while)
*2 Cups Water
*1 Can Coconut Milk
*½ cup sugar (if this makes it too sweet for your taste, I think 1/3 cup should be okay too)
*Pinch of salt (optional? Still experimenting with this)

*A mango (or whatever fruit you think might go with this)

*A sauce pan 
*A rice cooker 


Take the rice and water and plunk it in your rice-cooker. Set it to the correct setting (if you have a cheapo one, don’t fret; mine only has ‘cook’ and 'warm’ and it came out all right). 
While the rice is going, take the coconut milk and pour it in the saucepan; add the sugar and the salt and stir until it’s dissolved and it starts to thicken up, about 5-10 minutes. You can either do this ahead of time or closer to later; doesn’t matter until your rice is done.
When the rice is finished, take the coconut milk mixture and pour it over the still-hot rice (I typically like to put my rice in a plastic container before I do this, but that’s because I’m lazy). Let this sit for about an hour so that the rice absorbs all that yummy coconut milk.
Serve some of the rice with generous slices of mango.

The nice thing about this is that it makes quite a bit of sticky rice, so you can even save some for another day, or another fruit! I find it’s a great comfort food when you’re feeling sad and just want something sweet to make the day a little better.

I’ve found it to be a tricky bitch trying to figure out which of the Foxes would put Pineapple on Pizza but I’m going to give it a good honest try:

Andrew: Of course he likes pineapple on pizza. First of all, he prefers his pizza to be a cookie pizza made entirely of chocolate chip and covered in frosting. But pineapple is a sweet enough substitute that he’ll take it. And though he pretends to not give a flying fuck what others think, he secretly enjoys being an absolute menace about this. For instance, during a good ol’ fashioned foxes movie night, Andrew orders two large pies. The entire team perks up, completely flabbergasted by Andrew’s sudden generosity, before realizing that they are both completely covered in pineapples. And for those few on the team who do like pineapples, he doesn’t share anyway.

Neil: Food is food? Andrew shares his pineapple pizza with Neil only because 1. Neil doesn’t make a fuss about what’s on the pizza and 2. this pisses everybody who is anti-pineapple off. Neil just shrugs and says, “I don’t get what the big deal is,” as he puts away his fourth slice.

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5-Ingredient Oreo Pancakes

I adapted this from a video by Brothers Green on Youtube (they only used four ingredients but I added salt), and it’s something I whip up the night before school for breakfast! Tastes pretty good for something so easy, and a great way to turn leftover Oreos into a meal.


6 Oreos (or any generic but similar sandwich cookie)

1 Egg / egg substitute

a ~splash~ of Milk (any will do, and you don’t really need a lot. I personally use almond milk)

Baking Powder (like barely a teaspoon)

pinch of Salt


Crush the oreos and combine with the rest of the ingredients in a bowl till it has the consistency of pancake batter. If the batter’s too thick, add some more milk. If the batter’s too watery, add some baking powder. When it reaches the desired consistency, make over an oiled and heated pan like you would regular pancakes. If you have some lying around, whipped cream or peanut butter would be a nice touch.

Yields: 6 - 8 mini pancakes

Okay but listen, please, because Magnus calling Alec “shadowhunter” in that voice with all that affection, looking at him like that, was hot af but please fandom do not try to make it a thing that can go both ways. Because no matter how much Alec comes to love and respect Magnus, calling him “warlock” will never be an affectionate thing. There’s way too much racist weight to the way shadowhunters call downworlders by their specific race as if that’s all that defines them. And it’s just never going to be cute. Besides Alec really does love and respect Magnus too much to try to use that as any kind of pet name. He’s seen Magnus’ face when other people do it. He just wouldn’t.

Microwave Scrambled Egg Sandwich

This is something my stepdad made up a while back that I’ve modified to my liking. It’s ridiculously easy, so great for in the morning when you haven’t quite woken up yet, and of course things can be added to it to make it even better.


  • 1 egg
  • Two pieces of toast, lightly buttered (bagels and English muffins are great as well)
  • Shredded cheese (optional)


  1. Beat the egg in a small, microwave-safe bowl. If you are choosing to add cheese, stir the shredded cheese in with the egg. You can also use a small dash of milk to make the egg fluffier and retain more moisture during the cooking process.
  2. Microwave the beaten egg for one minute on ‘high’. If you added cheese, it may take a little longer – I usually do a minute and fifteen seconds.
  3. Take the egg out of the microwave and flip it to the other side (it should be mostly cooked by now and easy to flip, but if it gets a little messy, it’s no big deal).
  4. Put the egg back in the microwave for another 15-30 seconds.
  5. Once the egg is fully cooked, take it out of the microwave and serve on toast.
DC villian types

 Wonder Woman Villains: 

  • connected to a mythology
  • cross dresser
  • has a doctorate
  • nazis/neo-nazis

Superman Villains

  • aliens
  • made of kryptonite
  • super smarts
  • some mix of the above

 Batman Villains

  • has a theme with a good amount of horrible puns at the ready
  • furries 
  • clowns
  • members of a secret society that is totally not the Illuminati 

Here’s to those of us with abusive parents or guardians that still love them even when we want to hate them.

That lend them the support they did not give to us. Who worry about them being hungry or cold, distressed or hurt.

Who feel like we have to be in our abusers lives to not hurt them -which they do not deserve from us.

Here’s to those of us with abusive parents or guardians that had/have addictions or mental illnesses.

To those of us still in the presence of our abuser(s) because of younger siblings we always fear for.

To those who wonder if us being in our siblings lives is a blessing or a curse.

That babysit and put up with the triggers, panic attacks, etc, of being there or of seeing another innocent child in the hands of their abuser(s).

Here’s to those who’s abusive parents or guardians are still actively present in their lives even though they may have escaped.

Who may still have to associate with their abuser(s) for help financially, transportation, etc.

Here’s to those of us who’s escape only ever feels restricted.

anonymous asked:

Was gonna follow you, but I saw that you were a Filipino Smh, Filipinos are disgusting

By all means, thank you for not following me, as I’d hate to have someone like you on my blog. Feel free to call me disgusting, I agree, but you have no reason to drag my entire race into this.

With all due respect, please stay away. I’d like it if I didn’t have people like you tainting my blog with your racism.


Anyone reblogging that post about Chaol and how to have sex with him in a wheelchair without criticism, or as though it’s funny, is likely to get an automatic block from me. It’s vile, it’s disgusting, and I really hope I don’t see any mutuals reblogging it. It is not funny and if you think it is, we have less in common than I thought.

If you’re reblogging it to call it out, that’s different, but I seriously feel sick every time I see it on my dash so let’s not overdo it? 

Lazy(ish) Chili

Lazy(ish) Chili

For all of us who love stuff that tastes like it took a long time to cook but don’t want to wait 4 hours for their food!

I really like making this when I’m super tired but I still feel like having a homey little meal. Everything non-vegetarian or vegan is easily omitted or replaced.

This recipe uses a mirepoix; Celery, Carrots, and Onions– the holy trinity of French cooking and also your best, cheapest and most flavorful and versatile combo of vegetables on the planet. These guys are in all of the classic American recipes and they usually cost less than $5 to get them all, I love them so much! You can even sometimes buy all three chopped up together, but you usually get less and it’s more expensive– it’s worth it to chop all of them together yourself and store them in airtight plastic bags or containers in the fridge, which helps you stretch them and conserves fridge space.

You’ll need:

- 1 can of ranch-style beans with jalapeños OR 1 can of whole beans (add jalapeños, and ¼ tsp of brown sugar and it will mimic the taste of these ranch beans hella easy)
- 1 can of tomatoes with green chiles (I like Rotel the best, but literally any kind works) OR 1 can of diced tomatoes and 1 can of green chiles/jalapeños
- 1 lb lean ground beef/turkey OR 1 pkg medium firm tofu (you can use a little bit of Worcestershire sauce or brown sugar/tomato paste to mimic the beefy flavor)
- ½ cup each of diced/chopped celery, carrots and onions
- Olive or Vegetable oil
- Garlic powder, pepper and salt to taste.


- A large skillet
- Spatula or flat wooden spoon, something to break up your meat or tofu with.

Heat your skillet on medium heat, add 1 tbsp of oil and when it starts to get slick/shiny, add your veggies and a little pinch of salt. Sauté until onions start to look translucent, and then add your beef or tofu. Season your meat or tofu to your taste and break it up to your preference.

Open your beans and your tomatoes; when the beef is browned, add the tomatoes, stirring to combine. Let the mixture reach a boil, then add your beans, stirring again. Let it reach a boil once more, then lower your heat and let it simmer uncovered for 15-20 minutes or until your carrots are tender the way you like them. Hooray! Chili!

This tastes awesome with tortillas but if you’re willing to make the extra effort it’s also great with some cornbread– the Jiffy brand mixes are usually pretty cheap, you’ll find them on the fringes of the baking aisle usually for less than a dollar and they only require an egg and I think a cup of milk? Both of which are easy to substitute with whatever you please.