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I was going to say 'I love your art', but then I realized that wasn't enough. I love your art, and your decision to actually give the Hetalian dudes some physical presence and meat on their bones. I wish I had found you sooner. Here's to broad shoulders, gnarled hands, and barrel chests!

Thank you! I love different bodies for both men and women, and just people in general. There’s so many types of bodies, and the representation matters! 

SMOKE AND MIRRORS; a trans!stiles mix

i. true trans soul rebel - against me! | ii. take on the world - wavves | iii. someone purer - mystery jets | iv. my body is a cage - arcade fire | v. soul meets body - death cab for cutie | vi. smoke and mirrors - gotye | vii. we exist - arcade fire | viii. a better son/daughter - rilo kiley

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I need a little help

I have two binders that help with my disphoria, or well, I used to maybe.

A week ago I wore one of my binders, a tri-top from underworks that was given to me by a fellow transguy from the US. I was very happy to wear it and proud because it flattened my chest enough to feel confident in it. I got it before my homophobic/transphobic dad and brother found out I was transgender so I kept it hidden.

Shit hit the fan a month ago and they haven’t talked to me naturally ever since.

As I was saying, a week ago I wore it and it disappeared, vanished, I left it in my room and now I can’t find it anywhere, I looked everywhere and it’s not here, I didn’t take it somewhere else, I asked my mom (who supports me 100%) and she didn’t take it either, asked my young siblings and nothing.

I’m pretty sure my older brother took it and hid it or maybe threw it away.

I feel so sick, I only have one binder and I can’t wear it everyday, I have to wash it and it doesn’t bind my chest enough and I’m terribly dysphoric.

I can’t buy a new one because I have literally no money and I can’t ask my parents to give me money either, they don’t even sell it here in my country (Chile, South America) so I’m reaching out for you because I’m desperate.

If you have a binder you no longer use size Small and you’re willing to send it to me it would be amazing and it would help me go through all this, I can afford the shipping costs but not a new one.

I usually don’t do this, I hate asking for stuff, but my dysphoria is always creeping in the back of my head, I’m literally so tired of living here and being around toxic people.

It would help me a lot if you could reblog this and help me boost it.

Thank you in advance

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