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Dissecting a fat hating meme

CN for fat hate & a photos of human organs.




So, you may have seen the below- some of the text is chopped off- it also includes language about fat “strangling” organs (pretty sure, not a thing).

Where does this photo of a heart come from? It’s from a slide show about heart transplants, photo number 9.

The photo’s original text is below.

This is a healthy heart, being transplanted INTO a person who needs a heart transplant. 

It is NOT a heart taken out of a dead fat person who died of Fat Heart, which is not a thing.

Fat haters lie. They do it all the time. 

Never forget that.


It stands to reason that if you’re the sort of person who enjoys hanging out in online groups with names like “Fat People Hate,” you’re probably the sort of person who pitches temper tantrums when those groups disappear. So thanks for being completely typical, Reddit trolls.

Last month, Reddit announced changes were coming, explaining, “We are unhappy with harassing behavior on reddit; we have survey data that show our users are, too. So we’ve improved our practices to better curb harassment of individuals on reddit,” and vowing the changes were “specifically designed to prevent attacks against people, not ideas.” Then on Wednesday, Reddit made the declaration that “We are removing five subreddits that break our reddit rules based on their harassment of individuals. If a subreddit has been banned for harassment, you will see that in the ban notice. The only banned subreddit with more than 5,000 subscribers is r/fatpeoplehate.”

A popular subreddit is shut down – cue the outrage

me: rose quartz is fat


me: she’s confirmed XXL and her arms are really clearly fat


me: she has a roll when she bends over

fatphobes: *panicked screaming*

me: there is 0% chance she doesn’t have cellulite

fatphobes: *flesh melts off their faces like in raiders of the lost arc*


in addition to this being an outfit post, I wanted to talk about something a little more personal today, too.  this is to the people who are new to body positivity or who are just struggling right now.  for those who look at others and think they’ll never get to where that person is.  I’m here to tell you that even the most positive, confident people still have bad body days.  which isn’t at all to say our bodies ARE bad, but just because we have learned to question how we look at ourselves - it doesn’t mean we also don’t fall into old familiar patterns of doubt and insecurities.

today I wanted to dress a bit more androgynous.  I figured a cute feminine button down with suspenders and high waisted shorts would do the trick.  I got ready, felt like a total babe when leaving the house, and then came taking the ootd pictures.  I always check the first few that foxy takes to check the lighting and when I did this time, I found myself instinctively cringing.  

what was I focusing so hard on?  my legs.  you see - despite being in the body positive/fat posi world for many years now..I still rarely see legs like mine.  my limbs are obviously very large.  so large that I’ve even had people ask if I have lymphedema.  nope - just fat, like they’ve always been.  as I’ve gained weight they’ve just gotten would be expected.  my legs are not smooth, they are lumpy and have rolls all their own.  like I said, I don’t see legs like mine a lot despite spending a fair amount of time looking at fat babes.  a lot of fat people seem to have slimmer calves/ankles which is definitely not the case for me.  trying to fit into thigh high socks or ankle boots is laughable, really.  so I haven’t gotten a lot of representation for my legs and I feel a tad guilty saying that when I first saw them today via picture - I didn’t feel so confident anymore.

I’m mostly just telling this so you can know that the ‘popular’ body posi people still have days like these.  days where we feel totally confident leaving the house and catch a glimpse of ourselves in different lighting or angles and that confidence dissipates.  you know what though? despite the insecurities and feeling a bit more bare than I was comfortable with, I still went into the bookstore and had a good time.  I still let myself exist openly because no matter what my legs, or myself, look like..I still deserve to take up space like anyone else.  despite not feeling 100% confident with them, I know that my legs and my body in general are not offensive for existing.  my body is not offensive.

I’m posting these photos and this story because it scares me a little bit to do so.  I know these pictures are more likely to be targeted and posted on fat hate boards, but you know what..I’m not ashamed of how I look in them or for existing as I am.  nobody’s bodies are shameful - and that includes mine and it includes yours.  so just know even when you’re feeling those unsettling feelings about your body, that it’s okay and you’re okay.  despite it being hard - we’re all okay.

and now - ootd details :p
top ~ modcloth (4x)
shorts ~ newlook (US 26)
suspenders ~ ebay
shoes ~ journeys


Re: problematic fat-shaming video

Excuse me if this is a little unintelligible because I’m really pissed off. So I watched this video of this troll of a YouTuber essentially spending 4 minutes through jump cuts explaining how she’s better than people who are overweight and just a SLEW of fucked up things…and she’s SO full of herself she thought she could get away with it. But then… then she has the fucking audacity to turn off the comments and ratings on the video which were just showing EVERYONE how big she fucked up. Like the girl had 4 times the dislikes to likes. This piece of shit was happy to dish out insult and potentially hurt SO many impressionable people with the trash coming out of her mouth but she couldn’t handle a dislike? Girl loves herself so much she can’t bear to see herself proven wrong so she hides her dislikes and comments. Sure she can make whatever vile video spouting garbage she wants, but then to just turn off the conversation when it’s not in her favour? Fuck her
I wasted decades feeling fat and ugly
By Erica Manfred

I was a fat kid, a fat teen, a fat adult, and have been “fat shamed” ever since I can remember. When I was a kid they just called it “teasing.” But there is one moment that stands out as the most humiliating of my life. I was getting on a scale at the doctor’s office when I was 10. He looked at me with disapproval bordering on contempt, then, turning to my mother, said, “She’s fat. And unhealthy. Put her on a diet,” and handed my mother a list of the usual 1,000-calorie-a-day bland mini-meals she was supposed to feed me. He didn’t say exactly what kind of health problem my weight was causing. Considering that I was very athletic, a great swimmer, ice skater and tree climber, it was unlikely that my weight was affecting me at all health-wise, at least at that time, but this was the beginning of a lifetime of dire warnings about the dread fate I was doomed to suffer because of my weight. At the top of the list was dying young. Ironically, at that time, I wasn’t even fat. I’ve seen pictures of myself at that age and at most I could be called pleasantly plump.

All my life people have told me to lose weight or else. At 74, I’m fat, healthy and done apologizing

Having my photo used by Project Harpoon was a pretty terrible experience but I learned a lot from it especially how we can be better to each other when something shitty like this happens. So I wrote about how to be an ally to plus size people when they’re fat shamed because I really just couldn’t be told one more time to “get over it.” You can read it here

A summary of my reading on the "obesity epidemic"
  • McGinnis and Foege's 1993 Study:300 thousand deaths per year are partially correlated with some dietary factors and particularly sedentary activity patterns.
  • McGinnis and Foege:No, no that's not what we said. We have no way of knowing how much any one factor contributed.
  • McGinnis and Foege:Literally said nothing about weight.
  • McGinnis and Foege:We said nothing about body fat either.
  • Media:
  • McGinnis and Foege:Nothing.
  • Media:
  • McGinnis and Foege:Nada.
  • Media:

I’m really tired of the same people that have been trying to get me to diet with them for years sending me Tess Munster interviews and articles. Your clicking of a “share” button on a social media network doesn’t erase the years of “friendly” fatshaming you’ve been sending my way. And while I really like the hashtag #effyourbeautystandards, Tess is not the representation I want.

I want representation for fats without money. I want representation for disabled fats. I want representation for poc fats. I want representation for super fats. Lgbta fats. Fats with bad skin. Fats that aren’t proportional. Fats with body hair.

I don’t need another financially stable conventionally pretty white girl as my representation, especially in light of recent comments (with an apology that was anything but.)

Its just so frustrating to have “friends” not understand why having ONE pretty white girl modeling plus size clothes not be enough to pacify my want for body positivity and fat acceptance.

Stay Healthy

Obesity isn’t fun. Obesity isn’t cool. Obesity isn’t something to be celebrated or accepted.

If you’re obese - take control! You have the power to change your life around - some exercise added to your routine, a tweak to your diet, patience and perseverance - you can be healthy again!

Do not fall for Steven Universe’s obesity propaganda. They want you to stay inside your houses doing nothing watching cartoons that make you feel falsely good about yourself all day. That’s not a good lifestyle!




Three years ago, Melissa McCarthy couldn’t find anyone to design a dress for her to wear to her big night at the Oscars. She asked six designers — “very high-level ones who make lots of dresses for people” — and each said no. At the time, the incredibly disheartening news brought some fleeting attention to the struggles plus-size women face — even wealthy, successful, Oscar-nominated ones — and provided McCarthy the momentum to start working away at her very own clothing line.

McCarthy speaks candidly with MORE Magazine: “[My] store is upstairs hidden by the tire section”

I want to see more fat Asians in media - for some reason, in white culture’s fetishization of East Asian women, it’s always a glorified notion of what being Asian should be: thin, complacent, cute, fashionable, large eyes, thin noticeable nose bridges etc.
never do you see chubby cheeks, rolls, thin eyes, comfy clothing, which is fucked up–
notions of “kawaii” girls and yellow fever have created mass institutions that are killing East Asian women’s self-image…
South Korea is now the largest powerhouse of plastic surgery, and most Korean high school girls do not want to look like themselves, and y'all think your fetishization is so “harmless”

stop altering our women

Rant on concern trolls about Ginny Goodwin

For the second time today, there are reblogs on my dash hitting back at anon concern trolls bodysnarking about Ginnifer Goodwin, who, according to the concern trolls, apparently:
a) gained too much weight during her pregnancy, including god forbid eating <I> an ice cream sandwich at least once </I>
b) failed to lose said excess baby weight fast enough and continues to dare to be seen in public, <I> let alone in television </I> without being slim again.

I HATE these posts. One of my strongest bad brain fears is that I will somehow gain “too much” weight when I become pregnant and won’t lose it “fast enough” and somehow become a social pariah after decades of enjoying thin privilege. I am deeply ashamed of this internalized misogyny. Looks like basically everyone else has the same internalized misogyny problem I do.

Let’s unpack that, shall we?

It is none of our fucking business what Ginny or any other pregnant woman (or any woman regardless of uterine occupancy status!) does or does not eat. We have NO standing to be “concerned.” We are not her, we are not her doctor, we are not even Josh Dallas, who arguably has some standing to be concerned about his wife’s health.

Maybe ice cream was the only thing she could keep down. It has fat, protein, calcium, vitamin D, carbs - all very necessary nutrients for building a fetus. It is cold, so it doesn’t trigger hypersensitive sense of smell some pregnant women develop that hot foods can. It can soothe nausea, with a creamy cool coating for an irritated tummy. Maybe her throat hurts from barfing from morning sickness so much and ice cream is one of the few things that still feels good going down.

Maybe she just felt like eating ice cream every day because she just did and it is none of our goddamn business what she eats at any time.

Her body is not open for public comment either before, during, or after she is pregnant.

And then many of the reblog comments say things that boil down to “she’s not (that) fat!” or “she’ll lose the weight in time, back off!”

Which I think also misses the point.

It is also none of our business if she is fat, or how long she is “fat”

Saying “she’s not fat!” implies that that there is some magical number on the scale which would in fact authorize us to concern troll her weight, the point at which she is actually “fat”, but since she hasn’t reached that point, so it isn’t time for our “concern” yet. Which is a totally fucked up thing. It’s called fat shaming and it is a horrible thing to do to anyone.

It is also none of our business if she “fails” to live up to misogynistic societal expectations that women owe it to society to be attractive at all times, that being attractive is the rent we pay for being allowed to exist, for taking up space, for being tolerated in public.

She owes it to no one to lose any weight at any time, let alone as quickly as possible, in order to justify her presence in public and in television, something she somehow owes to not only to her incredibly hot husband but also to the public at large. Like she doesn’t “deserve” Josh unless she is thin as quickly as possible. Good thing Josh isn’t a shallow asshole.

So what if she never loses the weight she gained when she carried her first child? So what? How does that hurt anyone? How is that any of our business EVER?

Basically, if you’re commenting on Ginnifer Goodwin’s weight, you’re demonstrating internalized misogyny at best, and outright misogyny, fat shaming, and sizeism at worst.

Stop reblogging these concern troll posts. You’re just perpetuating the conversation, which I realize is rather hypocritical of me to say at this point. But just stop it. And realize that many of you defending Ginny are actually saying pretty awful things too.

Her body is not our business.

anonymous asked:

I understand body positivity, but supporting obesity is unhealthy. A person who thinks being obese is a good thing is disgusting. You're beautiful, but there's no way in hell you're healthy.

you do not understand body positivity if you believe there are circumstances/criteria a person must meet in order to like themselves.  that is the opposite of what self love/body posi teaches.  if you actually even remotely looked at my blog or what I post/talk about - you would find that I do not even talk about health because it is irrelevant.

HOWEVER, since you all think me being horribly unhealthy is the basis for the steady harassment I receive..I’ll just leave this here.  

I’m sure that you, a random person on the internet, knows so much more about my body than the doctor I just visited a week ago and who I visit regularly/yearly for check ups.  I’m sure that you, anon, know more about my health status than my own lab results.  

The fact of the matter is that it does not matter if I am seemingly healthy, if I go to a doctor and all of my results/stats are normal, if I have no joint/knee pain/anything else you can blame on my weight. people who want to hate fat people and have them believe they are lesser because of their bodies will always find a way to justify it in one way or another.