tw fat phobia

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like this whole movement for fat people is fucking ridiculous because everyone worships a fat person for being "brave" when wearing a bikini. like those people will die by 45 because of the self control they don't have. stop promoting bad eating and exercising habits it isn't the same thing as self love. like people can love themselves but still change the way they are. they can show their body love by eating the way their supposed to and not slowing killing their body with meat and carbs.

you: *sees someone with more thiccness than yourself or what you’re used to seeing*

my dude, my guy……….just because someone has a lil more body fat to them doesn’t mean that they’re obese or their eating habits are so bad that they’re gonna die. that’s blatant fat phobia. not all “fat” people are in critical health conditions. not all “fat” people have horrible eating habits. don’t be ignorant. everybody dies. you can’t tell when someone is gonna die just by looking at them, unless you’re a doctor. and by the sounds of how hurt you are by a big woman loving herself and the body she’s been given, I don’t think you are one.

take a step back. reconcile with yourself, and learn not to judge others off of their body type. other people’s bodies is none of your business or your concern. i love women and if you have an issue with me spreading all these beautiful ladies on my blog, block me. i don’t want anything to do with you or your horrible way of thinking. thank you.


It’s time for another segment of: Jes’ sister and her sister’s boyfriend are idiots.

So I’m in my room plucking my brows, as one does, and through my door I can hear my sister and her boyfriend having the most bullshit conversation.

“Having a baby isn’t an excuse to stay fat.”, "Why would he marry her she’s so fat.“, "That’s disgusting.”, "It’s unhealthy.“, "Fat chicks are so gross.”

So I open my door, fuming, and I just go “Do you have any idea how ignorant and cruel you’re both being?”

And he just lays into me “Oh so I can’t have an opinion?”

He can have an opinion. But it makes him a cruel person. So I told him so.

And he goes into “Oh it’s not healthy” and I say you can be perfectly healthy and look fat and I told him it was such bullshit to police people’s bodies–he doesn’t know their lives. 

And Jen (my sister) just runs towards me and shuts my door and I am just so worked up right now.

My sister and her boyfriend are shitty fucking people. Lazy, rude, opinionated, and crude people. 

A list of things to do if you get hate

Log off
Talk to a close friend
Play with an animal
Watch something fun
Watch a musical, I suggest Rent (tw for death, illness, minor violence, drug use, alcohol use), Hairspray (tw racism, fat phobia), Annie (tw abuse?)
Play a game

If anyone has anything to change or add, feel free