tw fanmily


Bringing this back because it is perfect and their harmonies break me


Idk if there are any of you out there still. 


Its been three whole years can you believe it? And all the boys are doing so well for themselves i’m SO PROUD 

three years on though and it still makes me so sad to see how many blogs and fanfiction writers left or changed urls; so many awesome people gone just like that…

You cant even search “The Wanted” anymore without getting just a bunch of crap and maybe a pic or two of the boys.

No matter! I’m STILL sticking to my guns, im still torturing my soul with TWL, old fanfics, old interviews and livestreams, ect…

I honestly also want to get back into preference/one-shot writing for the boys… I used to write them but not publish them and they are all on a destroyed ipad so i’ve lost the original stuff forever :((((((((((((((((( 

I do have a Wattpad i don’t check anymore with all the stuff i wrote when i was like, 14 XD SO embarrassing omg! LOL (its thewantedaremybabies i think)

Anyway i miss my fanmily so if you’re still here hmu or something! 

I follow a lot of cool and beautiful people on the 5sos fam, but it ain’t my only fandom ya feel?
So if you post any:
~ Supernatural
~ 5 Seconds Of Summer
~ The Wanted
~ Sherlock
~ Avengers
~ Arctic Monkeys
~ Bands, Fandoms, and Soccer in general
Reblog and I’ll check you out because I’m following but they never follow back and it’s sad but hey, new people!


“ Nathan don’t only uses his voicehe sings with heart and soul. Nathan was born for this, it’s simple that " 

— Max George.


" he’s out there in the middle of a huge stadium. This is someone who we’ve met when he was 15 years old and he just sang his heart out " 

— Jay Mcguiness.


Nathan Sykes voice: A bit raspy, a bit deep. he sounds quite relaxed, laid back, easy going.

can touch your soul when ever you hear him it’s like harp strings are playing and angels are singing ” a bit of an overkill “ !

I could listen to his voice and watch him performing all day long ♥


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