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Ghosts, poltergeists, spirits, and demons. Is death the end of the road, or a transition to another realm? From the National Radio Alliance, and Minnow Beats Whale, it’s The Black Tapes Podcast. I’m Alex Reagan.


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asoiaf AU fancast: tom wlaschiha as gerion lannister

Old Tytos Lannister’s children are quite a crowd.  There’s Tywin, everything his father’s not; Kevan, the loyal suck-up; Tygett, strong and mercurial; Genna, whose age doesn’t stop her from being the most capable of the bunch; then there’s Gerion, the youngest and yet somehow the most unfettered by all this Lannister weight raining down on him.  The Laughing Lion’s what they called him from the time he was born.  The Lannister legacy was almost a joke to the boy, and he turned out the kind of guy that makes girls swoon and their mothers approve despite his leather jacket and easy smirk.  The kind of guy who’s loyal, but only to those who deserve it.  The kind of guy who buys kid-size motorcycle helmets for his nieces and nephews so they can ride safely with him up and down his favorite stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway.  Even Tywin couldn’t find a way to keep him down.

A few years ago Gerion went.  He up and went, leaving behind his bank account, his credit cards, everything but his brand-new Harley.   Where’d he go?  No one knows.  He always loved the idea of adventures as a kid, spinning the globe on Tytos’s desk over and over and jabbing his little fingers into the most out-of-the-way spots.  He could be anywhere.  Tywin had the cops searching for him day and night, scanning the cliffs of the Pacific Coast Highway for wreckage, for a body, for anything, but they didn’t find squat, and after a while Tywin decided his coin was better off devoted to other matters. No one’s ever heard from Gerion again, but sometimes if you roll down your windows on the highway at night, and the radio’s off and the wind’s just right, you might just hear the sound of Gerion laughing.


Black Game of Thrones Fancast: House Tyrell and House Greyjoy

“Growing Stronger”

“We Do Not Sow”

Cicely Tyson as Olenna Tyrell

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Margaery Tyrell

Corbin Bleu as Loras Tyrell

Danny Glover - Balon Greyjoy

Zoë Kravitz - Asha Greyjoy

Elliot Knight - Theon Greyjoy

Check, Please! Fancast: Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Eric “Bitty” Bittle

And now! I would like to offer y’all sweaters or pie. But not both! ‘Cause I’m hazing you!!


Black Game of Thrones Fancast - House Lannister

“Hear Me Roar”

Idris Elba - Tywin Lannister

Beyoncé - Cersei Lannister

Jesse Williams - Jaime Lannister

Jaden Smith - Joffrey Lannister

Willow Smith - Myrcella Lannister

Marcus Scribner - Tommen Lannister

Tony Cox - Tyrion Lannister

Annie Ilonzeh - Shae


Black Game of Thrones Fancast - House Stark

“Winter is Coming”

Denzel Washington as Eddard “Ned” Stark

Viola Davis as Catelyn Stark

John Boyega as Robb Stark

Amandla Stenberg as Sansa Stark

Quvenzhane Wallis as Arya Stark

Trevor Jackson as Jon Snow

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