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Elemental Correspondence- Luck

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Tertiary Element
Jeweled Court Member: The Emerald God

Alcohol - Absinthe
Animals - Rabbits, Ladybug,
Astrology - Aquarius
Colors - Light Green, Silver, Gold, Rainbow
Crystals - Amber, Citrine, Jade
Emotions - Confident
Flower - Clover
Fruit - Kiwi, Kiwano, Banana
Herbs - Mint, Honeysuckle
Keywords - Unexpected, Fortune
Meme - Deal With It
Metal - Platinum
Musical Expression - Ukelele
Mythical Animal - Dwarves
Paint Swatches (Sherwin Williams) - Frosted Emerald (Sw9035)
Physical Expression - Personal Superstitions, crossed fingers
Sense - Chance
Symbol - Four Leaf Clover, Horse Shoe 

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*These are my personal associations for The Elements, I am not looking for critique. You are free to use this for your own stuff, you do not have to ask me if you can use it. YMMV.

// tfw the silence falls on diana killing ludendorff and a 3 year old girl just goes ‘yeah !’ with such enthusiasm that the cinema starts clapping her and u start having feelings about young girls with good strong women role models hol dme i’m having feeling s

Elemental Correspondence- Chaos

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Tertiary Element
Jeweled Court Member: The Pearl Empress

Alcohol - Tequila
Animals - Scorpion, Spider
Astrology - Scorpio
Colors - Bright Red, Black,
Crystals - Malachite, Sugilite
Emotions - Exasperated
Flower - Snapdragons
Fruit - Durian
Herbs - Belladonna, Foxglove
Keywords - Wild, Unpredicatble
Meme - Disaster Girl/Leroy Jenkins
Metal - Mercury
Musical Expression - Vocalization
Mythical Animal - Poltergeist
Paint Swatches (Sherwin Williams) - Tricorn Black (Sw6258)
Physical Expression -  Emotions
Sense - Nociception (Pain)
Symbol - Symbol of Eight, Spiral

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*These are my personal associations for The Elements, I am not looking for critique. You are free to use this for your own stuff, you do not have to ask me if you can use it. YMMV.

                                                   You are 𝔣𝔦𝔯𝔢. 
                      You are 𝓅𝒶𝓈𝓈𝒾𝑜𝓃. Light. Hope in the darkness. 
                      You are 𝕕𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕣𝕦𝕔𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟. Power. A reign of terror.

                                         You are both, and neither. 

                                          You create, and destroy. 

                               And just like fire, damn do I love you.

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Hello~ I love blog! Please don't ever stop <3 May I request scenario where Agni, Snake, Finny and Bardroy are extremely jealous about his s/o been flirted by another man.

//Wow, thank you so much! I will keep going for as long as people want me to :) I hope you enjoy//

Possible Trigger: Very slight mention of non-con actions in Finny’s scenario. Nothing actually happens, and there is no description of it.

Agni was not a confrontational person, as he hated making a big deal out of things. However, when he saw his partner being flirted with by another man, he felt so much anger bubble up inside of him that he could’ve exploded. That being said, there was no way he was going to interrupt–as jealous as he was, he wasn’t going to be ungentlemanly about it. He knew his partner could deal with the situation, but kept a close eye on the two just in case.

After the other man left, Agni still refused to say anything about his jealousy to his s/o–although it was written on his face. He didn’t want to burden them with his problems, and, honestly, he was embarrassed that he got as angry as he did. His partner didn’t show any signs of infidelity, so there wasn’t much reason to get upset.

Even so, later, when his partner teased him about getting jealous, he knew there was no way he could hide it, yet he still denied the claim, blushing and stuttering and avoiding eye contact. He must remember to keep his emotions in check next time.


Although his partner had never given him a reason to, Snake always felt self conscious whenever his partner was around other men. What if they left him for someone else? What if they didn’t actually love him? Even though his partner had showed their love numerous times, these irrational thoughts still plagued his mind.

There they were, today, friendly chatting with a man over tea–well, it was friendly on his partner’s part. They, however seemed to be getting a bit too friendly. It was very obvious that he and his s/o were together, so why was this guy openly flirting in front of him? It surprised Snake a bit that he got angry at the man–that wasn’t typical of him. But maybe he could just accidentally let one of his snakes loose…

He was brought back to reality when his partner kicked him under the table. Apparently he’d almost set one of his snakes on the man, without noticing, while he was scheming–but his partner sure noticed. His s/o tried to look calm, but when the other man took a sip of his tea, they looked at him, wide-eyed, confusion and alarm playing across their features. Boy, was he going to have a hard time explaining this to them later.


Finny absolutely adored his s/o, and his s/o adored him. They were both aware of that fact. He had never really felt challenged before, or like he needed to compete for his partner’s attention–until today.

His partner had a meeting with some nobleman–something business-related that he couldn’t remember. He knew the meeting was important to his s/o, so Finny did his best to stay out of their way. But when he noticed that the new flowers he’d planted were finally blooming, he couldn’t wait to tell his partner, and rushed into the meeting room without thinking of the consequences. His s/o looked at him, wide-eyed.

“What are you doing in here? We’re in the middle of something important.”

The other man just gave a lopsided grin. “Yes, we really should be alone,” he said, grabbing Finny’s partner’s hand across the desk, interlacing their fingers. Finny’s eyes widened and he bolted out of the room. How could his partner do this to him? He thought they loved him. He ran outside and plopped down under a tree, tears streaming down his face. What did he do wrong?

That was when he heard his partner from inside yelling at the man to get off of them. WAIT. YOU MEAN HIS PARTNER DIDN’T WANT THAT GUY? Finny got up as quick as he could, running toward his partner while furiously wiping the tears off of his cheeks–a look of absolute murder on his face. How dare that guy touch his partner without their consent. How. Dare. They.


Bard wasn’t the most levelheaded person, however being around his partner usually kept him quite calm. Except for this time.

They were both out, shopping for groceries when it happened. They had brought everything up to the counter to pay, when the worker at the desk asked, “Did you find everything you were looking for?”

It would’ve been a nice question, had the worker acknowledged that Bard was there, too–and stopped focusing on his s/o. 

“Yes, we did. Thank you,” his partner answered for them. That should’ve been the end of the uncomfortable encounter, but of course the prick couldn’t have stopped there.

He looked at Bard’s partner up and down, “Me too.”

And next thing you know, Bard was up in the guys face, yelling about how they were his, and he’d better keep his mouth shut next time, and that the he was lucky he didn’t get his face beat in. His partner had to pry him off the terrified guy and drag him out of the store, forgetting about the groceries. You can bet the next time they went in there, the worker kept his gaze anywhere but Bard’s s/o.

Animals - Part II

Read Part One Here

A/N: So I just couldn’t stop typing and got this done a lot sooner than anticipated. (Probably because Finn looked so damn good last night on Raw, it definitely helped).

warnings: smut, bdsm elements, infidelity tw, and more smut.

Baby I’m preying on you tonight
Hunt you down, eat you alive
Just like animals

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This is prinxiety/logxiety so feel free to hold off, context can be anything but i really want to see Logan and Roman pinning down Virgil, Roman massaging his stomach roughy, the both of them trying to force him to piss into a diaper? (Im the anon who asked about noncon)

// Keeping it just Logan no Roman. / TW noncon elements //

“Virgil, we both know that holding it is extremely unhealthy,” Logan says, carefully massaging Virgil’s lower stomach, right above his bladder. “You can do serious damage to yourself if you continue to hold it like this.”

“Told you, ‘m not using the diaper.”

Logan gives him an annoyed look and presses just a little harder. When Virgil tries to cross his legs, Logan shoves them back apart and sits between his thighs. “It’s okay to let go, Virgil. There’s no need to be embarrassed.”

He whimpers and suddenly stops squirming. It’s pretty obvious that he’s finally lost control, and as Logan watches, the diaper expands with how much Virgil pees. A couple minutes later, after Virgil’s done, Logan picks him up and carries him to the changing table. 

“It’s okay, you did so good,” he says softly, kissing Virgil’s tear-stained cheeks.

Quickly, he undoes the straps of the diaper to take it off and throw it away, but before he can even think of putting on another one, he sees that Virgil’s pathetic little cock is red and hard.

“Aww, do you like being embarrassed, sweetheart?”

Virgil won’t meet Logan’s eyes.

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About werewolves being monstrous in TW I’ll never understand why they did that. I mean majority of American supernatural shows I saw always painted supernatural beings as bad, dangerous things. Why all this violence? In Japanese and Korean shows/movies/fairytales I came across some of them are usually very much agreeable, intelligent beings. Some beings can’t be reasoned with and that’s fine sometimes it makes more interesting stories but why paint all of (1/2)

them bad? I wanted to watch TW because werewolf/supernatural elements and what I found? You put wolf in the name of the show but after watching hey wolves are bad. Our main character is a hero because he refuses to be one of them don’t worry though he’ll reap the benefits ;) Everytime I came across JD’s ‘it’s a show about werewolves’ excuse I want to apologise supernatural fantasy writers who took their stories seriously and put their hearts into them (2/2)

It’s really cheap storytelling, and the thing is we know that werewolves aren’t all bad in this world. Satori wasn’t, and clearly the Hales weren’t if they lived for so long peacefully in the area with nobody coming after them. 

But every wolf Scott meets has to reinforce his negative stereotype so he can tell himself that he’s better than they are. When, if you strip away the trauma from both Peter and Derek (and even Deucalion), there’s no indication that any of them began as monsters, however far they eventually ended up along the oath. In fact, all of the “monstrous” things they did were because hunters hit them first. 

And yet Scott never seems to realise that, does he? 

Stay - Teen Wolf (Lydia Martin)

“You know, Lydia. You can let them be for one night, right?” I tried to reassure a pacing Lydia who was far too worried about her little pack. 

 "What if something happened to them? What if there is something I could have done?“

«Lydia..» I said, trying to calm her down. 

«I mean, yeah, I’m not a good fighter or anything, but what if?» She rambled on. 


«What if death is upon them?» She said dramatically. 

«LYDIA!» I shouted, this was getting out of hand. She turned adroitly to look at me. 

«What?» Her voice was calmer now as I had drawn her out of her little worry trance. 

«Come sit.» I gestured to the spot beside me on the bed. She sat down beside me with a sigh and a roll with her eyes. 

«Yes?» She gave me a forced smile, trying not to tap her foot. 

«Let’s make a deal.» I started, making sure I had her full attention instead of her phone lying on her bedside table. I took her hand in mine, looking her deep in the eye. 

«If you stay here tonight, to watch some movies that I so desperately need, I promise I will help next time your little pack needs help. Okay?» I said, knowing this would get her to agree.

«Would Danny be okay with this? Would he be okay with you exposing yourself and him, in the process, as an elemental?» She asked worriedly, but at least she was paying attention to me now. 

«Yeah, he said I would be the one to decide when to show myself, both as a person and as an elemental.» 

«Wait, does that mean that you’re finally going to quit being home schooled and come to school with me?» Lydia asked, a smile growing on her lips. 

«Well, since it seems that all the fun is happening at Beacon Hills High School, I guess I am.» I said, smiling back at my best friend. 

“Besides, my cousin can’t have all the fun watching you guys mess up.” I added, jokingly.

«Finally!» Lydia embraced me into a warm hug, shaking me a little in the process. 

«Now I can finally prove to the rest of the pack that, yes, I do have friends outside of our little pack.» She said, more eager than ever.

«But this is only if you stay home and watch movies with me tonight.» I said sternly. 

«Ai ai, captain.» She mocked, making me giggle at our old cartoon reference.  

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Did someone explain how Braeden left a bank logo bruise on Allison and Lydia? It's also a celtic knot right? So, she a druid?

I don’t think it was ever confirmed anything about how Braeden made that bruise or what she is, but there are probably brilliant meta about it out there somewhere :)

Let’s look at what we do know about Braeden (this is just off the top of my head, so I might have forgotten something)

  • Claims to be a former US Marshall who had to leave the job because she got too invested in one case concerning the Desert Wolf. Still has her badge and access to federal vehicles, which indicates that she might still be connected to some sort of government agency
  • Hired by Morrell to rescue Isaac
  • Managed to make a logo shaped bruise on Allison and Lydia’s hands, which indicates some sort of extraordinary ability
  • Refereed to Scott as an alpha before he got the red eyes. Either been told this information by someone else with information about the future, or has some sort of precognitive ability (or time travel. never forget that one)
  • Claims to be a highly skilled mercenary who will do whatever if the pay is good enough
  • Was hired by Deucalion to rescue Peter and Derek
  • Deucalion gave her the scare on her neck
  • Was hired by the Calaveras to find Kate
  • Was hired by Derek and Peter to find Kate
  • Never found Kate, didn’t even seem to try
  • Was found shot in the woods with Satomi’s infected pack. Said some other assassin shot her.
  • Kept a close eye on Derek, seemed very interested in his new state as “human”

So basically we know very little about Braeden, but so far she comes out on the side of “friend” to the pack. But there are enough inconsistencies and unanswered questions for me not to want to watch her closely (providing she makes an appearance in season 5. I think Meagan Tandy tweeted about her going to set “soon”)

So - is she a druid?

We know that Morrell sent Braeden to get Isaac in 3x01. We know that Morrell and Deaton are druids, this has been more or less confirmed in the series, and also confirmed by Jeff Davis in a tumblr Q&A

That in itself isn’t evidence that she’s a druid of course, but it connects her to them. Leaving such a bruise in an exact shape - that does imply some sort of extraordinary ability.

I have previously theorized that Braeden might not be entirely human. She does have the scar after Deucalion hurt her, so she doesn’t heal like werewolves do. Unless she’s kept it like that deliberately to hide her true “form” and appear human.

Her wound from when she was shot in season 4 also healed suspiciously fast. She was out and about teaching Derek how to use a gun and having sex with him a day or max two after being shot in the stomach. But this might just be lazy TV errors.

In conclusion - I’m still not sure what to make of Braeden, other than the fact that her story doesn’t really add up. She does seem to have a tie to the emissaries, but whether this based on a true bond or just money is another matter. But the fact that she could make that bruise does imply that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Celtic/druid symbol

The symbol of the bank, or logo as Allison calls it, is definitely Celtic inspired if nothing else.

This is the symbol

If you remove the black triangles and close up the ends it is Celtic cross

This is an old symbol with various meanings across cultures. some of the most common ones being that each arm represents one of the four elements:

  • Earth
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water

In the past this was called the ‘Cross of the Elements’ since these elements were considered to be the basis of the universe.

We know that elements are tied to seasons in TW. Also whenever we talk about the elements of the universe, i can’t help but think back on the mantra of the druids/emissaries to “maintain the balance”.

As for the two black triangles I’m not all that sure what to make of it. The elements are often also represented by triangles like this

The Beacon Hills First National Bank logo has the triangles horizontal, so it doesn’t fit perfectly. But if we’d flipped it 90 degrees, the triangles would ft with the elements of fire and water. These were the elements of the first two seasons.

I find it interesting that two triangles on top of each other is the symbol of ether or aether as it states above. This is the fifth element of “spirit”.

Could the list possibly read like this

  • Fire = Red = Empowerment
  • S2 - Water = Blue = Damnation
  • S3 - Earth = Gold = revelation
  • S4 - Air = White/Grey = secrets
  • S5 - Aether/spirit = ??? perhaps “void”?

I’ve wandered off track as usual. But to sum it all up - Braeden has elements to her that indicates that she’s more than just a mercenary. She’s quick to label and define herself as that, just like Deaton is quick to state that he’s “just a veterinarian”. I find that parallel intriguing.

The symbol is definitely Celtic inspired and seem to relate to the elements that corresponds to each season. The Bank is also situated on the telluric currents, and don’t forget that the vault is made out of stone that scatters the moonlight and makes me very curious as to who build and maintained it and why it was closed down and now looks like it’s part of Silent Hill.

In fact many parts of the town is abandoned and neglected like the mall, the train depot, the distillery and the bank to name a few. I have a feeling this is connected to the cutting of the nemeton - and once again we’re back to druids…

If anyone has ideas on this topic, please chime in :)

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Out of curiosity, what about youtube do you dislike?

(People are going to disagree with me on this as it’s quite a polarising issue, which is absolutely fine - I feel like this is the sort of issue where your opinion is really influenced by your own experience of it. Please be aware that this an opinion based on around 10 years of personal experience and it’s not going to change. This is quite a lengthy explanation and there are also trigger warnings here for abuse and issues of consent: you can press J on your keyboard to skip this post on your dash.)

There are so many things! It’s mostly the nature of the fandoms, most of which are comprised of very young and impressionable people, and the failure of YouTube itself to ensure the safety of these fans at meetups, which I know are not necessarily organised by YouTube itself, but they are affiliated with it - for example, SITC is streamed live on YouTube’s front page. The recent spate of abuse revelations within the community and the fact that the priority of both YouTube itself and the content creator agencies (eg Channel Flip and any others of that ilk) seems to be making money off the ‘stars’ rather than keeping the fans safe is really worrying to me. The current method of dealing with abuse seems to be simply sweeping it under the carpet - agencies drop the creator, people unsubscribe, job done. There’s no action taken to combat the problem as a whole, through education or any other path (I have no idea how this could be achieved, I admit, but I’m certain that it could be; YouTube is not a small operation). Any educative action seems to have been undertaken by individual creators themselves - Laci Green is a great example of a creator who has put a lot of effort into making fans aware of the dangers of the platform and how to stay safe, and there are several others who commit to it as well - but it ultimately shouldn’t be down to individuals to do that. It should be on YouTube itself. I don’t like that it gives a platform to certain individuals who are ill equipped to deal with the fame and exposure, and I think that there’s a real lack of accountability when things go wrong. 

And yes, underneath it all, there is probably a thread of discomfort that people get paid to sit in front of a camera and review products that they’re sent for free by companies, without any necessary obligation to mention that it’s essentially advertising - for example, you have beauty gurus doing exalting ‘reviews’ of products that they’ve been paid to promote, and I don’t think it’s either responsible or moral. I have no problem whatsoever with YouTubers using product placement or advertising, but I do feel that there should be some sort of accountability and obligation to make it clear that they’re being paid to do so, because otherwise you have a whole host of problems about people essentially using their position to coerce their fans into buying a certain product, all for the content creator to make more money off the advertising deal, and that’s a bit of a psychological minefield. Obviously, there are still some creators - indeed, some very popular ones - who aren’t in it just for the money, but a lot of them are. 

I was quite involved in the YouTube community back in around 2008-10, and I have a lot of friends who are still very involved in it, and I’ve seen the community change and become more and more of a hierarchical model for profit at the expense of safety, and I don’t think it’s the best use of the platform. It’s the most obvious use for it these days, but I think it could be a lot more than it is. I’ve had to cut ties with several friends who became popular on YouTube and began to treat their fans appallingly, expecting them to send them gifts (and occasionally money) and getting really angry when they didn’t make a certain amount a week from sponsorship deals, speaking disparagingly of their fans as something they had to put up with in order to make money. The attitude of some creators towards their fans is not always well known, because the inevitably more palatable public persona of the individual is so well established in place of it, but as someone who genuinely has a lot of inside knowledge into how certain people operate, take it from me - a lot of them (not all; probably not even most!) are not what they appear, and again, that feeds into my concerns about how the mistreatment of fans is often permitted in order to make money.

Meetups are a good example of how YouTube can be both an incredible force of community and a very toxic environment. They have content creator panels, with discussions of incredibly interesting, salient and important topics, like mental health awareness and LGBTQIA+ issues, but then they also have signings where hordes of screaming fans queue up for hours to get their poster signed by a 25 year old man who makes money off their adoration. It’s not so different from the normal media model of fanbases and stardom (I would queue up for 6 years to get Tom Hiddleston’s autograph) but it’s jarring to see the juxtaposition between that and the incredibly productive nature of the panels. I’m not at all trying to say that these fans shouldn’t enjoy watching videos, or that they shouldn’t get excited to meet their idols, or that these idols aren’t worthy of their attention - I’m just genuinely concerned that the levels of idolatry for people who are not always who they appear to be are problematic and essentially act as gateways for potential abuse. 

Of course, YouTube is not the only dangerous platform in terms of fan safety - wherever you have fame, you unfortunately have the potential for the star to take advantage of it; the BBC is the best example of this - but the particular YouTube demographic combined with the parasocial relationships formed between the content creator and the viewer (the viewer believes they know everything about the content creator due to the perceived personal nature of the videos, whereas the content creator has actually - understandably - created a fictitious or partial version of their own life, and there’s no real connection between the two people) makes for an atmosphere that has a really dark underbelly. 

It’s not that I hate all the people of YouTube at all, either fans or creators; I admire people who have the business acumen to make it their livelihood, and I’m in awe of the creativity, talent and skill of a lot of the content creators. I’m a huge fan of the potential that YouTube has as an alternative media platform, and I believe that it’s proven to be a really useful tool for raising awareness of social issues. It’s raised money for charity (StickAid, for example) and it brings young people together as a really supportive community. Meetups are still great events to meet people and express your shared interests. A lot of my closest online friends were made through YouTube, albeit many years ago. It’s done a lot of good, and I don’t mean to negate any of that. I’m just very wary of the potential - and indeed history - that the current model has for abuse, and I find it quite hard to support a platform that so far hasn’t done enough to combat a really prevalent problem, primarily because continuing to nurture the environment that facilitates the problem is better for profit margins.

tl;dr it’s become an environment where making money is more important than keeping people safe, and that fact is incredibly well hidden because, well, money. 


The earth elemental nudged the witch, smelling mushrooms, but noting she had empty hands.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she muttered tiredly. “I had a long day, my date was a total wash, and, oh,” she continued in a single exhausted exhale, “you smell the mushrooms on my breath. We didn’t even make it through the appetiz… ah, hey, are ya hungry?”

An hour later, the witch raised a pizza slice to the sentient stones piled in an organized heap across from her. “To old friends,” she toasted. In return, the elemental blushed a merry pink and raised a portobello.