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The earth elemental nudged the witch, smelling mushrooms, but noting she had empty hands.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she muttered tiredly. “I had a long day, my date was a total wash, and, oh,” she continued in a single exhausted exhale, “you smell the mushrooms on my breath. We didn’t even make it through the appetiz… ah, hey, are ya hungry?”

An hour later, the witch raised a pizza slice to the sentient stones piled in an organized heap across from her. “To old friends,” she toasted. In return, the elemental blushed a merry pink and raised a portobello.

Elemental - Teen Wolf (Stiles Stilinski) Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

You couldn’t sleep. It really was just the night after the breakup night all over again. The picture of them kissing imprinted behind your eyelids, and of course the sound of stones hitting your window. Stiles had been going at it for some minutes now, going on your nerves. Which you knew he was aware of. He was alone though, you could feel that. Thank god for that. 

Danny was awake as well, you could tell he was getting irritated at Stiles now. You could say Danny had a shorter temper than you, which says a lot, because Danny’s temper isn’t even close to short. But here you both were, lying in two different rooms, listening to the never ending sound of small stones hitting the glass, and of course the sound of Stiles shouting your name from time to time. 

«Y/N!» There he goes again, you though.

 Some shuffling were heard from Danny’s room, before his bedroom door was opened and he proceeded down the stairs over to the front door. He was talking to Stiles outside for a second, before they both went inside again.

He invited him inside?! Is he nuts?!You buried your face in the pillow. Sometimes, just sometimes your cousin could be a pain in the ass because of his constant need to fix things. Only this time, it was maybe more his precious sleep. 

«Y/N?» It was Danny, he was standing outside of the room you were sleeping in. He didn’t wait for any answer before he entered though, knowing full well you wouldn’t have answered him in a million years when you were in this mood. He sat down on your bed, a hand reaching out to your shoulder.

«You know you will have to face him in the end right?» He said softly, trying to reassure you.

«But the end is not now, Danny.» 

«It’s the end of my patience, so in fact it is the end. You know I need my beauty sleep!» He half-joked, which made you smile for once. 

You let out a deep breath, turning to face your cousin. 

«Okay, okay, I will talk to him.» You surrendered, standing up from the bed, not caring what you were wearing at all. 

Stiles was pacing back and forth in the living room, looking more nervous than that one time he had planned this very complicated date. He was more in his own world, so he didn’t even notice you when you came down. 

«You’re going to ruin the floor if you keep going like that.» You said, almost making him jump from surprise. 

«Y/N.» He said, relief in his voice. Stiles didn’t spare a second before he walked over to you and embraced you in a tight hug. As if on reflex you hugged back, burying your face in his neck. 

«God, I’ve missed you.» He whispered into your ear, his voice sending shivers down your spine. When you finally pulled apart, he looked you up and down, seeing your red irritated skin all over your legs and arms. This usually happened when you used to much flame energy. 

«Are you okay?» He looked at you with worried eyes. 

«As good as I can be.» You kept your face straight, not showing any emotions, especially not the pain from your burned skin. 

«Doesn’t look so good then.» Stiles said, taking your arm in his hand, making you hiss slightly.

«Didn’t you stand out of reach for the flames.» He asked while studying your arms more closely. You wanted to hiss from the pain, but thought better of it. 

«I did.» You tried not leaving him any  information. The less he knew the better. Your world was a lot more complicated than his, even though he had the pack to deal with. 

«Then why?» He looked confused up into your eyes again, his brain working on overdrive. 

«There is always a price to pay, Stiles.» This time, what you said had a double meaning, and it seemed that he picked up on his, as he straightened his back.

«Y/N, listen. I…» He sighed, not knowing where to start. 

«I’m sorry. I’m so sorry that it all happened. I didn’t mean to. But it just did. And I know nothing I ever say could pay for what I did, even if I didn’t have control myself. That’s still no excuse. But I am truly and honestly sorry.» He looked so sincere, his eyes wet as if he was going to start crying any second. 

«It’s too late, Stiles. What is done is done.» You looked away, not taking it to look into his gorgeous brown eyes anymore. 

«I know, I just….» He sighed, seeming to have no words for once. You knew you had to tell him at least some of the truth, because the truth was, you knew why he was at a loss of words. You knew why he had kissed Malia. And you knew, that it had only been a kiss. Because you knew he had rejected her. Or else he would have smelled of her. 

«Do you know what I am, Stiles? Have you figured it out?» You asked, completely changing topic. You went over to the couch, sitting down and patting the spot next to you so Stiles could sit. He looked at you with confusion, not really understanding where you were going with it. 

«If you’re not a wizard, then I have no idea.» He said, as he sat down. his eyes still a little glossy. 

«No, wizards aren’t real, but I am the closest thing you get to one.» You gave him a weak smile, seeing he was still listening. 

«I’m something called a Elemental. Which ruffly says I control the elements. It’s different from each person to what or how many of the elements you possess the power to control, but I have all of them. Leaving me to be the strongest at the moment.» You looked over at the picture of you and Danny on the table.

«And if you are wondering, Danny is one as well. You will have to ask him yourself what his elements are, I’m not allowed to tell.» 

«An Elemental…» Stiles was still taking everything in, but for a human boy he was doing good. Which was expected from someone who had seen as much as he had. «

Now, over to what I really wanted to tell you with all of this.» You paused, seeing you still had his attention and not that his thoughts hadn’t completely captured him. «You’ve heard of Soul Mates right?» 

He nodded. «Well, those excist. Only a slightly different.» «You see, there are three types of them. We have the most common one, which mostly happens to the loyal ones aka werewolves etc. This is the common Soul Mates as we know.» Stiles nodded. 

«Then we have Twin Flames, being the more powerful bond than Soul Mates.» « Lastly we have Twin Souls, which normally don’t involve anything romantic, and are twins only in soul. They can’t be separated.» You stopped for a moment, waiting for Stiles to actually get all you were saying. 

«Now You and Malia…» You stopped, this was the hard part of all of this. «are Soul Mates. Which is a love bond, but can be rejected, which is not commonly known, only with rare cases. As if one part had another part in the other soul mate categories.» Stiles frowned, still not knowing where all of this was going. «Now you see Stiles, Twin Flames can only happen to some spiecies. Like Elementals. But one part can be human.» You looked at Stiles, seeing him realizing where all of this was going. 

«Flame Twins are passionate lovers, and can’t be rejected. If one of them dies, the other dies as well. The bond is extremely strong. and dangerous to play with,» 

«Are you saying that we…?» He didn’t finish his sentence, as he was in too much of a shock. 

«Yes, Stiles. We’re Flame Twins. Which is why you were able to reject Malia as easily as you did. Which is why you are in a lack of words when it comes to us.» You finished, feeling the burden being lifted from your shoulders. He finally knew the truth. No more secrets in that category. 

«Does that mean that you forgive me, or take me back, or what does it really mean?» Stiles looked beyond confused, and to be honest, you kind of enjoyed it. 

«As I said Stiles, there is always a price to pay.» You tried to hide your smile, knowing that Stiles was so confused, looking more and more like a little lost puppy by the second. 

«With time, Stiles. With time.» You said at last, seeing Stiles relax, letting out a big breath. For the second time this night, you found yourself hugging Stiles. His arms securely wrapped around you, almost afraid of letting you go ever again. 

mesmerizemme1  asked:

Did someone explain how Braeden left a bank logo bruise on Allison and Lydia? It's also a celtic knot right? So, she a druid?

I don’t think it was ever confirmed anything about how Braeden made that bruise or what she is, but there are probably brilliant meta about it out there somewhere :)

Let’s look at what we do know about Braeden (this is just off the top of my head, so I might have forgotten something)

  • Claims to be a former US Marshall who had to leave the job because she got too invested in one case concerning the Desert Wolf. Still has her badge and access to federal vehicles, which indicates that she might still be connected to some sort of government agency
  • Hired by Morrell to rescue Isaac
  • Managed to make a logo shaped bruise on Allison and Lydia’s hands, which indicates some sort of extraordinary ability
  • Refereed to Scott as an alpha before he got the red eyes. Either been told this information by someone else with information about the future, or has some sort of precognitive ability (or time travel. never forget that one)
  • Claims to be a highly skilled mercenary who will do whatever if the pay is good enough
  • Was hired by Deucalion to rescue Peter and Derek
  • Deucalion gave her the scare on her neck
  • Was hired by the Calaveras to find Kate
  • Was hired by Derek and Peter to find Kate
  • Never found Kate, didn’t even seem to try
  • Was found shot in the woods with Satomi’s infected pack. Said some other assassin shot her.
  • Kept a close eye on Derek, seemed very interested in his new state as “human”

So basically we know very little about Braeden, but so far she comes out on the side of “friend” to the pack. But there are enough inconsistencies and unanswered questions for me not to want to watch her closely (providing she makes an appearance in season 5. I think Meagan Tandy tweeted about her going to set “soon”)

So - is she a druid?

We know that Morrell sent Braeden to get Isaac in 3x01. We know that Morrell and Deaton are druids, this has been more or less confirmed in the series, and also confirmed by Jeff Davis in a tumblr Q&A

That in itself isn’t evidence that she’s a druid of course, but it connects her to them. Leaving such a bruise in an exact shape - that does imply some sort of extraordinary ability.

I have previously theorized that Braeden might not be entirely human. She does have the scar after Deucalion hurt her, so she doesn’t heal like werewolves do. Unless she’s kept it like that deliberately to hide her true “form” and appear human.

Her wound from when she was shot in season 4 also healed suspiciously fast. She was out and about teaching Derek how to use a gun and having sex with him a day or max two after being shot in the stomach. But this might just be lazy TV errors.

In conclusion - I’m still not sure what to make of Braeden, other than the fact that her story doesn’t really add up. She does seem to have a tie to the emissaries, but whether this based on a true bond or just money is another matter. But the fact that she could make that bruise does imply that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Celtic/druid symbol

The symbol of the bank, or logo as Allison calls it, is definitely Celtic inspired if nothing else.

This is the symbol

If you remove the black triangles and close up the ends it is Celtic cross

This is an old symbol with various meanings across cultures. some of the most common ones being that each arm represents one of the four elements:

  • Earth
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water

In the past this was called the ‘Cross of the Elements’ since these elements were considered to be the basis of the universe.

We know that elements are tied to seasons in TW. Also whenever we talk about the elements of the universe, i can’t help but think back on the mantra of the druids/emissaries to “maintain the balance”.

As for the two black triangles I’m not all that sure what to make of it. The elements are often also represented by triangles like this

The Beacon Hills First National Bank logo has the triangles horizontal, so it doesn’t fit perfectly. But if we’d flipped it 90 degrees, the triangles would ft with the elements of fire and water. These were the elements of the first two seasons.

I find it interesting that two triangles on top of each other is the symbol of ether or aether as it states above. This is the fifth element of “spirit”.

Could the list possibly read like this

  • Fire = Red = Empowerment
  • S2 - Water = Blue = Damnation
  • S3 - Earth = Gold = revelation
  • S4 - Air = White/Grey = secrets
  • S5 - Aether/spirit = ??? perhaps “void”?

I’ve wandered off track as usual. But to sum it all up - Braeden has elements to her that indicates that she’s more than just a mercenary. She’s quick to label and define herself as that, just like Deaton is quick to state that he’s “just a veterinarian”. I find that parallel intriguing.

The symbol is definitely Celtic inspired and seem to relate to the elements that corresponds to each season. The Bank is also situated on the telluric currents, and don’t forget that the vault is made out of stone that scatters the moonlight and makes me very curious as to who build and maintained it and why it was closed down and now looks like it’s part of Silent Hill.

In fact many parts of the town is abandoned and neglected like the mall, the train depot, the distillery and the bank to name a few. I have a feeling this is connected to the cutting of the nemeton - and once again we’re back to druids…

If anyone has ideas on this topic, please chime in :)