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I’m so sick of hearing “you don’t know what tired is until you have children.” I have an autoimmune disease and multiple chronic illnesses and I work 40+ hours a week. And I know damn well what it’s like to be tired. Further, one of the reasons I don’t want children is because I don’t want to pass along these illnesses. Parents, I’ve got tons of respect for you — but you do not have a monopoly on being tired.

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「∅」– Upon their eyes meeting, hairs along the younger doctor’s skin began to stand on end. Anxious hands shivered and wrung around themselves. Her mask tilted down slightly as her feet began to retrace backwards.

“…..” She had never felt dread like this in years. An unwelcome feeling welled up inside her. There was no doubt about it: they were coming to get her again. Immediately, a sickly crowd of people appeared literally out of thin air behind the other. Their postures slumped, skin tinted grayish blue, and some lacked limbs or gains others in places not possible. All of the closing in humanoids had skin ridden with swollen patches or blackened layers.

‘Pestilence: Yersinia’. Yvonne knew the by heart one thing an Eir doctor feared the most: Disease. She only wished these zombies would literally tear this monster to pieces, but upon realizing this fact, Yvonne slowly began to unsheath her cane gun and quietly loaded it with tranquilizers while disappearing into the forming crowd. ”You’ll be right at home in my chamber.”


the kids +  this improbable duo I’m weak for + Doctor dreamboat Stone + lowkey hardenshipping for your gay soul

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Arthur hasn’t left his room since the night of the strip-tease. He’s stayed mostly in bed, with the occasional brief foray to the bathroom. He hasn’t eaten in that time either, save for one attempt that hadn’t worked long. He’s lost a little weight, and his skin is pale, and clammy to the touch. Today he seems barely coherent, shifting from either asleep plagued by nonsensical nightmares to a zombified state of consciousness, if one could even call it that. When he coughs, it is red, though he has been careful to hide that fact from a few certain people by stuffing it in the bin by his bed. 

A magical disease won’t have a natural cure, and he doesn’t want Lewis or Vivi or Mystery to worry, when they can’t really and truly help. 

At least his stomach has finally stopped revolting against him (though that might be in part that there is nothing left inside it for the sickness to react to). Arthur doesn’t move much, half covered in sticky sheets swathed around him like a cocoon he has partially broken out of. The most that can be heard from his room is the occasional wet coughing fit, and raspy breathing if anyone should venture into his room. 

Open RP || Evan

Evan had not expected this day to turn out like this. He had only taken his daughter to the doctors because she’d had a fever for almost a week now. He’d thought that the doctors would just tell him that she had the flu or something. Not that she had leukemia. She had been so brave at the hospital, smiling happily at the doctors despite being ill. Evan had just gotten her down for the night and for the first time that day he was completely alone. And he knew it was only a matter of time before he completely broke down.

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{{ ☾ }} She didn’t heed his advice in the slightest, and immediately dashed over to Lefou. Her breath was heavy, and there was actually emotion in her usually-lifeless eyes–she was worried that he would die before they ever got the chance to become friends.

But… hadn’t the Plague died out years ago?

“No, no… how did this happen?”

“I am going to put an end to this disease. I am going to treat you properly. You are going to live.”

today was hard

I didn’t make it to the gym, I plan on going tomorrow instead. 
My stomach has been in knots for 3 days, waiting and wondering. 
I made really bad food choices for the last two nights and tbh it all came back up.There’s so much pain. I’ve been so dizzy, nauseous and stressed out. I don’t want to have Crohn’s. 

I don’t want any of this. 


I was going through some old iPhone photos this afternoon and realized that I never posted anything about the sheer grossness that was the prosthetic I made for my leg when I did my Jean-Paul Marat costume back in early 2013. Unfortunately, my breeches cover it in most shots but we did get one that shows it to decent effect. Stoked to queue up some more intense makeup jobs over the winter!

the doctor says I have unusually advanced/large lesions for a woman as young as I am

this isn’t even supposed to be a concern until you’re in your 40’s

your body tends to clear polyps on it’s own but the doctor says my body will not be able to get rid of them

and I mean yeah I’m glad they caught it before it progressed to the cancer stage but the surgery will make it difficult for me to have children??

I am scared
I am sad

With all of this talk about Ebola going around i would like to let you all know that hypochondria /panic disorder are very serious issues that somehow seem to be overlooked by “anxiety/depression” (very loose and basic terms that people have been throwing around a lot very disrespectfully recently which is why it is in quotes) or whatever and can cause very painful bouts of anxiety/despair for a lot of people including myself and i understand how much it sucks so i want you all to know to be cautious of what you post/try and stay educated/ do whatever to help someone from having a sleepless night of worry, panic and tears 

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How about Dutchie were Crutchie gets sick/davey gets hella worried it's the polio coming back. Idk. Just something with sick Crutchie

“Hey Dave.” Said Crutchie, once inside the apartment. “Bleached sugar was too much so I got that brown kind, hope that’ll work.”

“It’ll do, do you need help with the bags?”

Crutchie peeked around the wall separating the front hall/kitchen from the bedroom/living room.

“If you think there’s more than one bag here you should check the financial section.”

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