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I won’t ask you to please remember me…

It doesn’t matter if you forget about me… I want you to be happy no matter what.

You need to be happy… You must, MC… My first and last love.

Y’all know which call I’m referencing. ;-;

Teruki: Hanahaki Disease

I’m try out a couple different sketching styles cause I don’t have a very good one at the moment :’D

I’m not a huge fan of Hanahaki because the idea you’ll die if someone doesn’t return your love is a bit melodramatic for me. Is it painful to not be loved? Of course. Is it going to kill you? Well. So I think the real danger of not letting go of those types of feelings is that they dig deep inside you until it breaks something and you end up hurting the person you supposedly love.

I was also chatting with @hydrachea about the idea that the plant would differ depending on the way that person loves and the pain they feel. I gave Teruki the Kudzu vine. Invasive, possessive, strangles and kills everything around it, pretty flowers. Sounds like Teruki.


Owainigo Week Day 1: Flowers

[花吐き病。]// [ Hanahaki disease. ] 

After years of experiencing the worst periods I could ever imagine, after spending countless weeks rendered unable to walk or even function properly without wanting to cry or give up because of the pain, after years of having doctor after doctor telling me that ‘It’s normal, just take a couple Tylenol and you’ll be fine in a few days’, after days upon days of being physically and mentally exhausted, unable to garner even the smallest bit of energy to talk, did I finally get a name for what I have.

Periods where you feel like you’re being slaughtered from the inside out; where it feels like your body is unabashedly attacking you for some unknown reason aren’t ‘Normal’. Periods where you get physically and mentally sick, periods that are viciously painful aren’t ‘normal’, periods where you feel like you’re bleeding to death and that you’d rather be dead because of the severity of discomfort and pain aren’t ‘normal’. Abdominal pain, fevers, nausea isn’t normal and it  isn’t always ‘the flu’.

I’ve been told for three years that what my body is doing is ‘normal’ and that people get sick every so often.

I’ve been told to just ‘Suck it up because that’s what a woman’s body does once a month’ despite my telling them that it wasn’t just once a month. It was constant. It was all the time.

Until, yesterday, when I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. 

A chronic disease in which the tissue that is supposed to line the inside of my Uterus grows outside of it and causes symptoms that many people often dub as ‘being a bad period’.

  • Heavy and often times painful periods that result in extensive days of being riddled unable to sleep because of the pain, unable to move because of the pain, unable to garner even the smallest bit of energy to go to work / school.
  • Painful abdominal pain / bowel movements.
  • Bleeding / spotting even when you are not on your period.
  • Fatigue.
  • Bloating.
  • Nausea.
  • Digestive problems.

Those are just some of the symptoms that can come along.

It can take years to be diagnosed like it did for me, because many Doctors and even friends and family believe that you’re just exaggerating your symptoms, often times telling you to just get over it or that it’s not as bad as you’re putting it.

Now that I can put a name to the face of pain that had been riddling me for years, I want to remind all of you who may have excessively painful periods and even constant pain afterwards; you are valid as is your pain. You do not deserve to be told to just ‘get over it’ when getting over it takes seemingly months and more energy than you care to admit. Be persistent, remind your doctors that you are in pain and that it’s not being ‘exaggerated’. Many times, Menstrual problems aren’t a hot topic unless the topic exclusively includes infertility or it’s being coined in the debate against birth control.

Make them a hot topic.

They’re nothing to be ashamed of.

One in Ten people with a uterus in the United States has Endometriosis and it’s estimated that 176 million people with uterus in the world are suffering with Endometriosis, some of which are doing it in silence.

Your pain deserves to have a name and does not deserve to be swept under the rug. Let your pain be known.

10-22-17 || Goretober Day 22- Hanahaki Disease

The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient coughs up flowers or flower petals. The only cure is to have that love reciprocated, or to somehow wipe away all one’s memories of their beloved person. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.

If you make fun of addicts online, you are a piece of shit. It’s not funny to make fun of people who are struggling with addiction. I’m sick and tired of seeing videos on YouTube of people who are “visibly” addicts getting publicly humiliated and ridiculed. I see the comment sections of videos like that and am sickened. Some people truly forget that the people they are ridiculing in the “smackhead nodding out on bus” or “crack whore in Walmart” videos are real people. Addicts are human beings. We deserve to be treated with respect. We deserve basic human rights.

Addiction is a disease. Being an addict doesn’t make you a bad person. You are not a good person because you don’t do drugs. You’re definitely not a good person if you make fun of sick people who are struggling with a disease.