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Teruki: Hanahaki Disease

I’m try out a couple different sketching styles cause I don’t have a very good one at the moment :’D

I’m not a huge fan of Hanahaki because the idea you’ll die if someone doesn’t return your love is a bit melodramatic for me. Is it painful to not be loved? Of course. Is it going to kill you? Well. So I think the real danger of not letting go of those types of feelings is that they dig deep inside you until it breaks something and you end up hurting the person you supposedly love.

I was also chatting with @hydrachea about the idea that the plant would differ depending on the way that person loves and the pain they feel. I gave Teruki the Kudzu vine. Invasive, possessive, strangles and kills everything around it, pretty flowers. Sounds like Teruki.

If you make fun of addicts online, you are a piece of shit. It’s not funny to make fun of people who are struggling with addiction. I’m sick and tired of seeing videos on YouTube of people who are “visibly” addicts getting publicly humiliated and ridiculed. I see the comment sections of videos like that and am sickened. Some people truly forget that the people they are ridiculing in the “smackhead nodding out on bus” or “crack whore in Walmart” videos are real people. Addicts are human beings. We deserve to be treated with respect. We deserve basic human rights.

Addiction is a disease. Being an addict doesn’t make you a bad person. You are not a good person because you don’t do drugs. You’re definitely not a good person if you make fun of sick people who are struggling with a disease.

Confession #1,849

I’m so sick of hearing “you don’t know what tired is until you have children.” I have an autoimmune disease and multiple chronic illnesses and I work 40+ hours a week. And I know damn well what it’s like to be tired. Further, one of the reasons I don’t want children is because I don’t want to pass along these illnesses. Parents, I’ve got tons of respect for you — but you do not have a monopoly on being tired.

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Hiiiii I'm writing a book and the mom of the MC has a disease that kills her. What are some diseases or sicknesses (are those the same thing?) that you can think of?? In the real world. Because I can't think of any at the moment.

Hello! Here’s some common, fatal diseases:

• Cancer
• Heart disease
• Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
• Tuberculosis
• Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases
• Diabetes + complications
• Chronic Liver Disease and cirrhosis
• Septicemia
• Influenza + pneumonia

I was thinking if I should title this post as ‘Fuckboys and ableism‘ and I’m gonna scratch that. So, I am in a relationship already and this guy who used to be a friend of mine was hitting on me lately really mercilessly and shamelessly despite the fact that I’m already in an almost 10 years old relationship. And he knows about it, might I add.

I was hesitant to talk to him about my condition for… reasons. I think all of us spoonies know all too well how hard it is to be open about our condition and we can be extremely self-conscius about our medical needs, symptoms and side-effects. Not to mention chronic pain. I was secretive about the details of my SLE when I was talking to him, because when I first mentioned it he went: “But you’re too pretty to be sick!“ I am not pretty with my moon face, bloated stomach and balding head, WTF are you even on? Obviously he just want so smash and go on his merry way while thinking “easy prey.“ But maybe I’m just too salty and fed up with people, who knows.

But he knew I was in hospital, and he wanted to know why. And I’m fed up lying about my condition so much, that I told him about the chronic kidney failure diagnosis. His reaction?

He practically questioned me why I believe my doctors, because they must be giving me false diagnosis to make me believe that I’m ill which I cannot be. Also he came with the typical “pharmaceutical companies only care about money” topic and told me to ditch my meds and look for alternative cures and proper diets. Also according to him either I need a good beating so that my mind would switch back into “proper”, “logical” thinking or I need sex because the lack of sex definitely worsens my condition.

Like. WTF.

All I could say was: “Because of people like you I really wanna overdose.“ Which is not the best response but I’m still in shock, confused and out of my mind. I mean I just got a really terrifying diagnosis and had a hell of a week in the hospital, and this is how you react? Is this how you “care“? Choke on your ableism.

“Tethered (I’m Sick)” | AbbyLeigh | Verbal Blend’s Take The Mic Winter 2016 Poetry Slam
December 8, 2016
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My first time doing slam poetry ever. Please excuse any shakiness in my voice; I was ridiculously nervous. After a lot of hesitation and deliberation, finally decided to upload it here… Hope you guys enjoy!

Open RP || Evan

Evan had not expected this day to turn out like this. He had only taken his daughter to the doctors because she’d had a fever for almost a week now. He’d thought that the doctors would just tell him that she had the flu or something. Not that she had leukemia. She had been so brave at the hospital, smiling happily at the doctors despite being ill. Evan had just gotten her down for the night and for the first time that day he was completely alone. And he knew it was only a matter of time before he completely broke down.

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"Gender indoctrination" You realize that most children are cisgender? It's very likely that your daughter is going to end up cis. It's psychologically damaging to raise her as something she's probably not going to be. Also, children don't start forming their gender identity until they're 5, so you're hindering her development. And I hate anti-vaxxers too, I'm saying that you guys sound exactly like them sometimes.

so this person thinks it’s abusive for me to not be constantly saying to my toddler “you’re a girl,” and for me to dress her in sparkly cute clothing that doesn’t literally have the word “girl” on it, and for me to let her play with whatever toys she wants without reference to gender, and for me to tell her she can be whatever she wants.

what a terrible tragedy that if my child turns out cis, she was not forced to adhere to gender roles, and this will be ~so damaging~ to her development

what a terrible tragedy it is that my child will grow up feeling like gender roles were not forced on her by her parents, it’s just like dying of a preventable disease

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Headcanons on how Oda would be with an s/o who has an incurable chronic condition that isolates them and makes them frustrated because their whole life and lifestyle revolves around their condition?

  • He’ll feel sorry that his s/o is in such a situation, and wishes that he was able to help in some way to at least make his s/o’s condition a bit better
  • Oda knows that they’re frustrated, seeing how everyday they have to deal with their condition and such. However, he’ll try to make his s/o happy, or at least get his s/o’s mind off their condition, where they can be themselves without worrying about their condition too much
  • If it’s possible, he’ll take his s/o to a few places where they can just have some fun, or at least a place where his s/o’s condition won’t affect them too much
  • Whenever he has the time, he’ll always go and be with his s/o, since he knows that they’re isolated because of it. Even if it’s just him being there for something small, he’ll ask if they’d like to do something, like maybe watch a movie (going to a theater or just watching a movie at home is fine with him :) )
  • Oda will always try to make a conversation with his s/o, in an effort to cheer them up and get their mind off things. Seeing their smile makes him happy, since it’s probably something he might not get to see a lot 
  • No matter what kind of condition his s/o is in, he’ll always love them and overall make sure to look after them. He’ll come around to his s/o to spend time with them and talk to them, and do a lot of things with his s/o i they’re able to (or maybe something that s/o would like to do aha)

I was going through some old iPhone photos this afternoon and realized that I never posted anything about the sheer grossness that was the prosthetic I made for my leg when I did my Jean-Paul Marat costume back in early 2013. Unfortunately, my breeches cover it in most shots but we did get one that shows it to decent effect. Stoked to queue up some more intense makeup jobs over the winter!