tw dead babies

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" the baby won't stop crying, i don't know what to do anymore! " /dad problems :')

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     Anorýn  sees  the  frustration  bubbling  up  beneath  his  features,  a  distress  that  he  could  not  yet  soothe  the  baby  he  so  EAGERLY  attended.  It  warmed  her  heart,  a  picture  of  perfection  even  in  the  circumstance,  but  a  doting  mother  could  not  part  with  whimpers  and  cries  foreshadowing  the  evening.  “He  is  YOUR  son,  why  should  he  not  cry  when  he  does  not  get  his  way?”  She  teases  lightly,  stepping  forth  to  regard  the  small  bundle  of  joy  tucked  beneath  ornate  linens.  A  tender  touch  is  placed  upon  him,  smoothing  the  crinkles  of  his  chubby  cheeks  before  regarding  another  pair  of  fine  eyes.  How  very  much  like  his  father  he  looked,  even  if  he  was  no  bigger  than  a  sizable  dinner  plate. 

       She  plucks  him  ever  so  carefully  from  his  cradle,  pulling  him  into  her  arms  with  a  hush  of  comfort  and  adornment.  Once  held,  rather  quickly  does  the  crying  MELT  into  bubbling  whimpers  before  cooing  ensues.  Anorýn  smiles  brightly  down  at  the  gorgeous  sight,  free  hand  quickly  stolen  by  tiny  mighty  fingers  that  clung  to  his  mother  with  a  fierceness.  Oh,  how  he  made  her  swoon  with  joys  so  unprecedented  in  life.  How  grander  he  made  her,  by  just  in  his  presence  her  heart  would  BURST  with  love.  

      But  such  things  she  does  not  savor  only  for  herself,  and  the  desire  to  dismiss  any  frown  on  her  husband’s  face  was  too  great.  Quietly  she  approached  him,  sinking  down  beside  him  to  ever  so  delicately  pass  the  now  sweetly  TEMPERED  child  to  him.  Legolas  made  not  a  peep  in  his  father’s  arms,  only  squirming  to  better  see  the  face  so  accustomed  and  grab  hold  of  something  other  than  his  mother’s  fingers.  Even  if  the  long  silver  locks  of  hair  from  the  King  had  to  do  it,  which  in  turn  made  her  grin  most  amused.  “Mischievous  like  his  mother  already,  hmm?”  Her  nose  wrinkling  as  she  glanced  between  the  two  most  precious  things  in  her  world. 


and that’s how i technically brought a dead baby to show and tell

Okay so advice time, tumblr. Every once in a while when I’m driving to campus I’ll pass a truck hauling a trailer and on the trailer are graphic and triggering pictures of abortion and dead children.

Now I’m all for freedom of expression and freedom of speech and all the jazz, I understand that it’s one of our basic rights, but not at the expense of the safety of the people around you. He’s driving that truck most often on the highway with people going speeds of upwards of 80 mph. The first time I saw his truck I almost lost control of my car and I could not even tell you the number of other times I’ve seen other cars do the same. 

He was driving today and I finally managed to grab his license plate numbers, but the question I’m asking is what should I even do with this information now that I have it? What he’s doing sucks but is it even technically illegal?