tw dead babies

My cat died yesterday.

For nearly thirteen years, he was my baby and my best friend and I am so incredibly heartbroken that he is gone.  His bravery and buoyant personality masked the gravity of his condition until the very end.  In the last twenty-four hours of his life, we learned that his heart, which was so big and loving and strong, was afflicted by a tumor, and that that cancer was spreading and metastasizing to his other organs.  In a small act of mercy, we were allowed time with him before the end.  I was given time to explain how happy he made me.  Time to pet him while he purred.  Time to kiss the silky fur beneath his ears once more.  Time to tell him just how much I love him (present tense, always present tense).  

I don’t know how to be anything but devastated.  I don’t know how the aching hole he left in my own heart will ever heal.  I don’t know many things; but I do know that he was loved and cherished and he lived a good life–spoiled and doted on, treasured.  I do know that he was happy.  I do know that he suffered very little.  I do know that he loved me.  I do know.  

In the spirit of maintaining normalcy as, perhaps, a way to begin to heal, I am going to continue trying to keep up with my daily #GradblrChallenge posts.  But I apologize in advance if I miss a day, or do not interact as much, or if I am less enthusiastic.  I’ve so enjoyed being a part of this community for the last few weeks and the accountability is valuable.  I do hope to continue–but if I don’t or can’t, my sincerest gratitude to everyone who I’ve interacted with. (Cc: @gradblrchallenge)


and that’s how i technically brought a dead baby to show and tell

Okay so advice time, tumblr. Every once in a while when I’m driving to campus I’ll pass a truck hauling a trailer and on the trailer are graphic and triggering pictures of abortion and dead children.

Now I’m all for freedom of expression and freedom of speech and all the jazz, I understand that it’s one of our basic rights, but not at the expense of the safety of the people around you. He’s driving that truck most often on the highway with people going speeds of upwards of 80 mph. The first time I saw his truck I almost lost control of my car and I could not even tell you the number of other times I’ve seen other cars do the same. 

He was driving today and I finally managed to grab his license plate numbers, but the question I’m asking is what should I even do with this information now that I have it? What he’s doing sucks but is it even technically illegal?