tw crop tops


hello just bc ur chubby doesnt mean u have to feel like u cant wear shorts or crop tops or whatever other clothing ur told u shouldnt wear!! i havent reached my goal weight yet but that doesnt mean i gotta make myself feel bad about my appearance at the moment so @ all my cute chubby people wear whatever u want, ur allowed to wear clothes that make u happy and make u feel pretty 💖💘🌸💕🔥

I thought bout that O Magazine fashion “tip” saying you should only wear crop tops if you have a flat stomach.

Inspired by dopenmind and all the other fat/chubby/thick/big black beauties, I wanted to show them. I thought about posing in a crop top.

But tips like those, messages like those are the reason I don’t even own a crop top. They are the reason that I won’t even go through with it.